Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It’s official! Socialism for the privileged rich but Capitalism and Austerity for the poor.

By Stanley Collymore

The rich don’t commit crimes, only the poor do the rich arrogantly assert. Yet what is being widely observed and well-informed individuals have known for several decades is that the rich employ every means they can with the complicit assistance of national governments and law enforcement agencies and even high ranking officials in the HMRC that they either bribe or else buy outright to intentionally and hubristically behind our backs both evade and avoid paying taxes they ought to have done. And in this regard also have or easily acquire the overwhelming support of well-heeled law firms and banks, some of the latter heavily baled out by the general and hard-pressed taxpayers, who dutifully pay their taxes, to aggressively ensure that these wealthy tax dodgers who can well afford to pay their legitimate taxes don’t pay any taxes at all.

And when one of the main bosses at the Swiss arm of HSBC, under whose watch this despicable scandal was most virulent, can then be casually recruited by the incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron, hurriedly made a life peer, promptly slotted into the House of Lords and with indecent haste as well made a government minister in David Cameron’s Con-Dem Coalition government in 2010 the same year that the Conservatives with the assistance of the Lib-Dems came to power, and this notwithstanding the fact that the Conservatives and David Cameron in particular have a very unflattering record of appointing dodgy individuals to very influential positions – remember Andy Coulston and David Cameron’s forced mea culpa that “I diodn’t really know what he was like guv and as soon as I found out I instantly sacked him;” my words but Cameron’s sentiments all the same, and anyway that wasn’t how it happened for we all know that Cameron didn’t fire Andy Coulston immediately and even resolutely defended his decision to employ him, not only blatantly cocks a nose at the rest of us that wouldn’t be able to get away with this highly immoral and, let’s call a spade a spade, criminal behaviour in spite of the euphemistic gloss lavishly put on these people’s activities by likeminded hypocrites and inveterate purveyors of brazen double standards that tax avoidance is perfectly legal and these financial criminals are in effect doing no wrong, but nevertheless vociferously and vitriolically promulgate a wholly different tune if the odd working class or council house tenant fiddles their benefit claims and improperly gets money that he or she isn’t entitled to.

And while getting hold of money in this fraudulent fashion is both legally and morally wrong the amounts of money scammed off the state is nevertheless a mere pittance compared to what these affluent crooks are premeditatedly stealing from the state by not honestly, lawfully, dutifully and morally part with the taxes they should be paying. And the high point of irony in all this is when a banker working for a bank which was massively baled out by the state through the beneficence of the standard legitimate taxpayer’s money; a bank that clearly would no longer have continued in business let alone continued to exist were it not for this specific act of fiscal generosity which had been applied to it and its staff members including the one I’m including here, and who would have been without a job himself, notwithstanding all that, this specific banker none the less in the aftermath of his bank’s bale out was instantaneously put in charge of a division of that said bank with the distinct responsibility to advise wealthy clients of that bank, as well as other prospective affluent ones on how best to circumvent paying taxes to the state; a task that this most ungrateful bastard went about with aplomb and moreover pursued most aggressively.

So all the conspicuous claptrap from the UK government, the official opposition in the House of Commons and the rest of these stinking sewer rats in parliament that something needs to be done about this striking financial travesty of justice and that they’re all committed to doing just that, is so much hot air. Not least so because some of the most egregious avoiders and also evaders when it comes to tax affairs – dastardly criminals is my definition of them – are principal donors of the foremost British political parties as well as these MPs themselves and, truth be told, you can bet your very last Pound Sterling at your local bookie that these MPs and House of Lords peers and peeresses, irrespective of their political colours, are together with their respective families doing precisely the same things when it comes to their avoidance and or evasion of paying their rightful taxes. Socialism for the rich but capitalism for the poor; for as one individual spoke to succinctly put it: “Offshore bank accounts are essential if one doesn’t want to pay taxes; for why else would they exist?”

So now you know or really should do, if you didn’t already, that you’re seriously, patronizingly and arrogantly being had by those whom you consider to be your social betters.

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