Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Farewell Deidre Barlow

By Stanley Collymore

In a world of rampant disingenuousness; of studied
narcissism overtly and preponderantly parading
itself and deceitfully masquerading in the
process as honesty and truth, and
where dissembling has become an art form
of its own, you Anne Kirkbride were the
complete opposite of all these things,
exemplifying instead a refreshing
and blooming oasis of heartfelt
humanity and genuine talent
that was professionally yet
endearingly dispensed in
what’s still mainly and
otherwise a barren,
run of the mill and
talentless desert
of established

And for this, all the cherished memories which you’ve
left me and millions more and the affinity, coupled
with that characteristic Lancastrian charm
that you dispensed so well both on and
off our TV screens but most notably
and immortally for me in
Corrie Street, I shall eternally be most grateful to you.
So farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow –
and with the curtains having finally, but
alas and regrettably for me and many
millions more of your adoring and
grieving fans, prematurely and
permanently fallen on your
earthly performances, I’m
absolutely sure, even as
your earthly credits
are being rolled out, justly lauded and rightly
applauded, that the stage is already set
celestially for an even bigger, more
rewarding and eternal role,
specially scripted for
you, and waiting
to be played!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 January 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
There are times when situations unexpectedly impact so seriously and emotionally on one’s self that regardless of how competent one actually is verbally words just simply aren’t enough to convey the shock and profound sadness that that specific occurrence has engendered.

The untimely death of Anne Kirkbride – affectionately, endearingly and enduringly known to millions of us as Deidre Barlow, the character which with her consummate and natural skills she so convincingly and professionally played in the long running and iconic British television series, Coronation Street, also lovingly referred to as Corrie or Corrie Street – is one such occurrence.

So in grateful appreciation for all the cherished memories you've personally given me Deidre Barlow, I’ll simply say: “Farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow – and thank you; and although you’ll be sorely missed, you’ll never be forgotten! R.I.P.”

My condolences to your husband, other family members, your close friends and the cast and administrators at Coronation Street.

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