Friday, 12 December 2014

They'll all be wanting the right next to watch us having it off!

By Stanley Collymore

Are you absolutely sure that you’re really ready for this? Since,
to be perfectly honest with you, making love, as apart from
just gratuitously having sexual intercourse, can never
nor should it ever simply be considered as a
physical activity whose decidedly
consensual interaction among
likeminded persons involved ought by anyone
to be regarded as a legitimate subject liable
for external proscription, or only allowed
to be honourably indulged in, in what’s
deemed to be sensible moderation
that is itself completely free of
the evidently ridiculous but
also, would you credit
it, the contaminable
vice of excess?

Notwithstanding, and totally ignoring of course,
that what is being joyously, voluntarily and,
moreover, mutually and beneficially
engaged in is clearly what the
two adult participants - of
whatever race, social background or standing,
sexual orientation or gender they may be
and who are evidently committed to
each other in actions noticeably
and consistently shown to
be absolutely compos
mentis - are jointly,
undeniably and
always fully
of this.

In other words, and I sincerely hope you’ll
agree with me, that our sex life together,
were it ever to be assessed, is perfectly
reasonably, I firmly insist, strictly a
private matter between the two
of us that must permanently
remain our exclusive domain,
and isn’t nor should it either be
deemed or misguidedly
ever looked upon as
anybody else’s

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 December 2014.

Author’s Remarks:
Have you noticed as I’ve recurrently observed that those who are the most hopeless, inadequate and the least knowledgeable about or properly prepared in relation to having sex; those who frequently and most miserably fail to cope with the consequential effects of their own activities of what’s basically and quite inescapable a bodily function – whether indulged in unilaterally: you know what I mean, or consensually engaged in with someone else – and consequently envelop themselves with a multitude of ludicrous and self-indulgent, sexual hang-ups to conceal their failings, are the very ones who invariably think that they have the unchallengeable right to arbitrarily foist their pathetic, lame-brained, hypocritically induced and basically coercive indulgences onto others while at the same time self-importantly dictating to them how exactly they should conduct their own sexual lives.

Attitudes that instinctively prompt my advice to all these sanctimonious, particularly vainglorious and utterly disingenuous nerds, regardless of who they are or what influential or powerful roles they rather nepotistically hold in our society, to stick to minding their own bloody business, try chilling out instead, and as a personal favour to all intelligent and thinking members of our society to shut it and permanently get lost in the process!

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