Monday, 22 December 2014

The alluring juxtaposition of class, beauty and sexuality!

By Stanley Collymore

Beauty, it’s often said, is in the eye of the beholder;
and while that is essentially a rather subjective
analysis of this particular situation in hand
there is nevertheless some semblance
of truth to that propagated supposition. For me
though beauty is much more of a phenomenon
that’s intrinsically embedded in the character
of that specific person I’m either casually
observing or else am perceptively, pro-
actively and favourably disposed to
and who I’ve evidently and quite
intentionally decided to place
under a more intimate albeit
a distinctly good-natured
yet simultaneously a
largely, but equally
too, a discreet
scrutiny. And in both of
these categories my captivating stranger your infectious
charm, alluring femininity and consummate affability,
themselves liberally juxtaposed with a gregarious
and highly appealing conviviality; and meshed
harmoniously with what transparently, on
your part, is at the same time a striking
and exquisite beauty too, transport
themselves in such a way that
connoisseurs, like myself,
can rather easily and
happily relate to!

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 December 2014.

Author’s Remarks and Christmas Greetings:
To all of you – the overwhelming majority of the population I would imagine – fervently and intentionally imbued during this festive season with the predictable emotion of love and or lust – and in the latter case why not – together with the intensely yearning expectations through whatever innovative means, including the subtle art of flattery, you may employ in successfully managing to realize either or more fortunately both of these ambitions, do have a superb time making the most of your acquired and hopefully fully and appropriately utilized romantic opportunities; and also while you’re at it have in every regard – and don’t just leave the stuffing to the turkey – a truly fulfilling and Merry Christmas!

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