Friday, 3 October 2014

Carry On Killing!

By Stanley Collymore

We need a war:
as we have no answers of any kind for the
repeated failures and full-scale collapse
of the economy, which we’ve
persistently botched up with such
stunning regularity through our
exceptional mediocrity; so
a war would do nicely,
wouldn’t you say,
in helping to
focus our

We need a war:
to consolidate and further stimulate the
expanding arms industry; our solitary
outstanding success, rivalled only
by our extraordinary zest in
unmasking our incredible
arrogance and amazing
stupidity in not having
learnt anything at
all from our
very recent

We most definitely need a war:
to help eradicate large sections
of our communities - the
flotsam and jetsam of humanity who
constitute the sick, aged, disabled,
unproductive, unwanted, and the
long-term unemployed; people
that we really can’t abide
and from whom it would be
most uncivil and deceitful
to conceal our absolute
contempt and justified
hostility, for they’re
evidently such a
huge financial
millstone on
the rest of

We need a war:
as fighting with others, and even among
ourselves, is what we’re gifted at
doing; and it’s such great fun
killing then making martyrs
of the dead and icons of
the injured living –
those who were
fortunate to have
survived the

So let’s have another wonderful war
that we can joyfully celebrate in
songs, propaganda films, and
hypocritically but oh so
majestically in our
characteristic and militaristically
ceremonial parades lay costly
wreaths at cenotaphs for,
just like we do each
year for the
last one.

For let’s not forget that we have the
technology and the pedigree as
well as the power lust to
engineer and sustain a
nuclear holocaust – and won’t
it just be fun, especially if it’s
done in someone else’s
backyard, and as far
as possible away
from our

ã Stanley V. Collymore
27 March 1998.

Author’s Notes:
The banks, other financial institutions, multinational corporations and the military industrial complex, all of whom are a law unto themselves and therefore absolutely unaccountable to no one else but themselves, together with the gannet of political stooges that they totally control and who in the interests of their aforementioned paymasters avidly feed off the public they’re supposed to serve but don’t, are the only ones that benefit from wars.

Yet the voting public, those that bother to vote at all that is, never seem to learn from the lessons of the past, or the lies they’re constantly being told and quite incredibly and stupidly keep on voting into office the very same craven and venal morons that intentionally deceive them, blight their lives and furthermore place the rest of the world in constant danger.

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