Friday, 19 September 2014

Foremost among the Finest!

By Stanley Collymore

Absolute trust and unfettered cooperation are key characteristics
of every meaningful doctor patient relationship, for without
them nothing of substance really exists. No such schism,
however, did ever raise its ugly head in the several
years that thankfully and most gratefully as well
you’ve been my GP, and I shall eternally be
indebted to you for everything you’ve
professionally done for me coupled
with your innate compassion,
intuitive understanding of my
medical needs and your
adept skills in always
efficiently dealing
with them.

Therefore the pending retirement from your present
and longstanding position as a highly competent,
thoroughly respected, greatly admired and
deeply loved practising GP and friend
although a consummate loss I know
for everyone of us who knows you
and have over the years benefited
enormously from your commitment,
untiring devotion to your work as well as
your friendship is somewhat tempered
by the joy and knowledge that you
won’t be departing entirely, but
rather in that altruistic spirit
for which you’re very well
known will as a medical
counsellor continue to
minister to the same
community which
quite justifiably
holds you in
such high

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 August 2014.

For Dr John Blechynden: professionally and in every other regard a most remarkable human being, on his recent retirement. You’ll be sorely missed!

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