Thursday, 25 September 2014

Physically Strangers but emotionally Soul Mates!

By Stanley Collymore

In reality we’re actually complete strangers to each
other not having previously met or even spoken
to one another before, yet intrinsically and
quite astonishingly strange, although by
no means peculiar in the least, a
consummate and remarkable
understanding seems to have spontaneously
developed between the two of us, that
had it occurred in circumstances
where, however transiently so,
we’d physically met before it
would instinctively have been
specifically categorized I know
and generally accepted by
those aware of it, including
ourselves, as a tangible
sign of mutual chemistry between us.
But in the clear absence of any concrete physical
or clear-cut emotional stuff, the pertinent and
engrossing question is, how should we
realistically define what’s really going
on between us, knowing that the
present situation alone if left
entirely to itself is quite
evidently from both
our perspectives
not enough?

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 September 2014.

Author’s Remarks:
The poem: “Physically Strangers but emotionally Soul Mates” and that is featured here, is written specifically for all those who think and even happily convince themselves on the basis of strictly subjective and personal reasons that are themselves encapsulated either in a lack of courage, will power or capacity on that individual’s part to skilfully transmit their perceived emotions to the person whom they most desire in the world to receive them; a situation  compounded by the additional and absolute failure to appreciate or significantly grasp the fact that loving someone in total silence is all well and good if the person who is actively involved in such a pursuit is fully content to live in a fantasy world of their own making.

However, in real life and the actual world of pragmatism it is not only and unambiguously a non-strategy but likewise an unmistakable non-starter in itself, as well as an utterly absurd exercise if the desired end goal is to formulate any kind of meaningful relationship that has even the remotest bearing on or any probable success in relation to a truly constructive and beneficial, let alone a long-lasting relationship of the amorous kind.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Foremost among the Finest!

By Stanley Collymore

Absolute trust and unfettered cooperation are key characteristics
of every meaningful doctor patient relationship, for without
them nothing of substance really exists. No such schism,
however, did ever raise its ugly head in the several
years that thankfully and most gratefully as well
you’ve been my GP, and I shall eternally be
indebted to you for everything you’ve
professionally done for me coupled
with your innate compassion,
intuitive understanding of my
medical needs and your
adept skills in always
efficiently dealing
with them.

Therefore the pending retirement from your present
and longstanding position as a highly competent,
thoroughly respected, greatly admired and
deeply loved practising GP and friend
although a consummate loss I know
for everyone of us who knows you
and have over the years benefited
enormously from your commitment,
untiring devotion to your work as well as
your friendship is somewhat tempered
by the joy and knowledge that you
won’t be departing entirely, but
rather in that altruistic spirit
for which you’re very well
known will as a medical
counsellor continue to
minister to the same
community which
quite justifiably
holds you in
such high

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 August 2014.

For Dr John Blechynden: professionally and in every other regard a most remarkable human being, on his recent retirement. You’ll be sorely missed!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scotland’s Choice – National Sovereignty or the Continuance of UK Political Slavery?

By Stanley Collymore

Sovereignty or Slavery? The former impeccably and implacably upholding a people’s inalienable right and duty through their own consummate and immutable ability to decisively chart and without either external forces or intentionally divisive influences, even from within, unduly seeking to or actually interfering in such decision making processes imperative to the creation and consolidation of the future betterment in the lives of those endeavouring to make these choices, and whose wellbeing is directly affected by them, versus slavery that is the complete opposite of all such altruistic aspirations and which assiduously seeks to rigidly and coercively assert its own tenets of absolute control over and the unquestioning submission to them by those unlucky to fall within its grasp; basic commonsense alone, apart from everything else in the constructive armoury of logic, surely dictates what can only be the positive way forward.

Therefore, as someone whose ancestors were brutally enslaved, despicably mistreated and as “chattel” mercilessly and exclusively exploited for the collective societal, financial and crucially too the hegemonic benefit and personal aggrandizement of others, but whose descendants remarkably in the case of Barbados, for example, notwithstanding these myriad, wholly unjustifiable and barbaric adversities that were inflicted upon their people and even themselves under the aegis of colonialism but who nevertheless grasped the thorny nettle of misfortune, secured their independence and spectacularly transformed their homeland and society into the bastion of a modern, highly educated, exceedingly healthy, transparently equitable, financially prosperous, well-informed, vibrant, self-assuredly committed and stable democracy that it now is, there is no earthly reason then why Scotland and its people, notwithstanding that as part of the United Kingdom it was culpable for the ills and woes meted out to others in the former British Empire must, like a Siamese twin unfortunately joined at the hip to its sibling, forever stay shackled to England’s side.

The former colonies of England and then afterwards of Britain following the formation of the United Kingdom - other than a few minor ones like Montserrat, Gibraltar and Bermuda that voluntarily chose not to do so - are now independent and sovereign states in their own right, and I’m absolutely confident that although they’re all quite content to be, and are even enthusiastic about the actuality of being members of the Commonwealth with their erstwhile colonial ruler Britain, enjoyably sharing, consolidating and positively advancing their common and mutually beneficial interests, that none of them, and that discernibly includes the so-called kith and kin white Dominions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand  - far less so the former North American colonies that morphed into the United States – logically wants to be again ruled from Westminster.

So firmly bearing that in mind why then should Scotland, similarly a country in its own right even though it voluntarily became a part of the United Kingdom, be arrogantly deigned by the elites in England, their likeminded satrapies within Scotland and their joint corporate paymasters not to have the same entitlement to exclude itself from Westminster rule and confidently plough its own political and sovereign independent furrow so to speak; just like all the others that opted to do so?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Please don’t lose your head just because you think ISIS is coming to your neighbourhood!

By Stanley Collymore

Listening to David Cameron and Theresa May pathetically droning on about how dangerous ISIS is to the wellbeing and security of us Britons – take that to mean themselves and their odious kind – and how vital it is to raise the UK’s level of security to defend Britons and de facto our country at all costs from the threat of ISIS just reinforces my opinion, if that could possibly be done anymore than it already was, that the UK, EU and, of course, the United States that systematically pulls the collective as well as the individual strings of these all too obliging puppets aren’t only interlinked in their accumulative idiocy but that these so-called leaders that collectively couldn’t proverbially successfully plot their way out of a sodden paper bag are, not to put too fine a point on it, a quite incorrigible bunch of bullying, demented, self-serving and, bearing in mind their abject cowardice in the face of those who aren’t in the least afraid to and actually do appreciably relish the prospect of fighting back against these domineering westerners when their premeditated criminal activities backfire on them and blow up spectacularly in their faces, are in effect when it really comes down to it nothing more than a snivelling coterie of utterly shit-scared cowards obsessively preoccupied with saving their own lousy hides and aren’t man or woman enough to independently and bravely stop hiding from the very problems that they quite intentionally were more than keen to impose on others in combination with the gratuitous mayhem they also rather contemptuously and sadistically inflicted on the societies of these “others”.

To start with and in helping you to understand the mindboggling hypocrisy and double-standards of the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May, William Hague, the multiplicity of EU leaders and across the Atlantic the likes too of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry et al, I suggest that you do your own independent research and get hold of video recordings or news broadcasts of the orchestrated speeches made by the aforementioned relative to their prescribed solution of military intervention in Syria, the illegal toppling from the office of President of Syria of Bashar al-Assad, the subsequent execution of brutal regime change specifically favouring the dishonest goals of the west in his country, and these unambiguous objectives markedly and unabashedly underpinned by the west’s open recruitment, training, arming and profuse funding of Islamist Jihadists specifically to sustain its dirty work in the Middle East region, which was itself attendant with its open-ended backing – politically diplomatically and quite obviously militarily – for what the west exuberantly and rather stridently through its sycophantic and embedded media lauded as “moderate Islamists”, democrats and in their completely farcical, dishonest and lying mantra the only “legitimate voice of the Syrian people”, never mind these three key factors that negated all that but which from the perspective of these utterly brain-dead western assholes were nevertheless inconsequential matters; namely that the Syrian people hadn’t been asked by these western leaders who had unilaterally and arbitrarily decided what was best for them what it was that they themselves actually wanted, hadn’t of course never been consulted on the issue or afforded the option or the prospect to unconstrained and democratically express their own requirements or preferences nor was this notion ever mooted by the west that already knew what the outcome would be since those it paraded as the saviours of the Syrian people were considered anything but that by the overwhelming majority of the Syrian population and particularly so its voters.

So western leaders were simply playing the old con game that across the political chess board they, very much like their predecessors and no doubt their successors already waiting in the wings to do same and will likewise do so if unchecked they’re both allowed to carry on with business as usual, as they know quite well how easy it is to manipulate their western public which is a mixture of the uninformed, the docile, the village idiot, the unthinking and the educationally and intellectually as well severely challenged and who time and time again believe all the crap that they’re told and still carry on doing so, even when irrefutable evidence subsequently proves that they’ve been cynically had by those who theatrically claim to have had their interests at heart. And doubtlessly the Syrian scenario was replete with all these lies, inconsistencies and manipulative misinformation. Like the publicly stated and lying “fact” that those participating in the proposed ouster of President Bashar al-Assad were Syrian patriots when in actual fact the vast majority of them were foreign Jihadists that had no physical or biological connection whatsoever with Syria.

Likewise was the absurdly promulgated notion both by western politicians and the west’s media alike that these Jihadists they were individually and collectively sponsoring in their catastrophic exploits in Syria would be the panacea for everything virtuous that would subsequently and rather gloriously emerge in Syria once the evil regime of President Bashar al-Assad as they subjectively saw it and kept on telling the world that it was, and him along with it were totally eradicated from the Syrian scene. So the war that these Islamist Jihadists, including those either sent from the UK or else vigorously encouraged by the British government and our security services to go and fight there was a just and honourable one; provided of course that all the mayhem, the killings the quite horrifying massacres, other inexcusable catastrophes, and even the unabashed cannibalistic eating of an opponent’s heart cut from his live body were jolly amusing things Old Boy, providing they were exclusively confined to Syria and the other perceived and publicly stated enemies of Britain and the west and didn’t intrude on Israel or the west’s other major geopolitical interests across the Middle East and North Africa.

In other words this had nothing at all to do with the welfare of the Syrian people or bringing what the west lyingly claimed was democracy to that county – issues that were never on the agenda of the west any more than they were in the cases of Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya – but were decidedly and concertedly utilized manoeuvres by the west to shore up its crumbling hegemonic control of the Middle East and North Africa; fawningly appease the obsessive and paranoid delusions of its Animal Farm-type attack dog in the region, the apartheid and Nazi-Zionist entity of Israel and in the aftermath of the west’s premeditated and orchestrated demise of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Colonel Gaddafi in Libya respectively – collaborative enterprises that we all know brought much required democracy, peace, stability, political accord and maturity, transparency in governmental affairs, prosperity, the end to sectarianism and the instituting in its place religious cohesion in the case of both Iraq and Libya as is so noticeably and patently obvious from those myriad of images revealed daily on our TV screens regarding what’s going on there, and where the western powers responsible for these highly altruistically created Utopian societies, fashioned exclusively in their own image don’t even require any more, and most certainly so in Libya’s case, to expend money or other precious resources having embassies or even consulates in that country; for so successful has been the west’s NARSISIES’ humanitarian and aerial carpet bombing of Tripoli coupled with the savagery of its on the ground Special Forces Units and their jihadist mercenary assault against Colonel Gaddafi and his regime in 2011 that such instructions as embassies have to all intents and purposes become rather passé and or surplus to requirements in this post Colonel Gaddafi, western created and  North African Utopia.

You – and I’m explicitly referring to the intelligent ones in the UK – and I know quite differently though, that these arrogant and cowardly western fuckers having along with their diplomats made an absolute mess in Libya that in all reality let’s face facts is now a failed state, are now so totally petrified for their own bullying but nevertheless cowardly lives, and quite unsurprisingly so seeing the absolute chaos that these purblind western cunts intentionally engineered and actively assisted there that like all such moronic bullies too shit-scared to face up manfully or womanly – recall the infantile, hubristic and chilling triumphalism of Hillary Clinton the then United States Secretary of State in the immediate upshot of the US sponsored public assassination of Colonel Gaddafi: “We Came, We Saw, He died!” - to the destructive consequences of their reprehensible crimes and like the distinctly feral but detrital elements of humanity that they obviously are, are hightailing their pathetic asses out of Libya before one can say Jack Robinson. Quite okay it seems is the sickening philosophy of these western bastards to wantonly murder others whom they unwarrantedly despise but when these “others” or even those who they energetically employed for these murderous tasks invariably, and even quite inevitably, turn on them it’s a different story altogether that they want to relate to the rest of the world about these people, while simultaneously not only doing their utmost best to corral the global community into their sick squabbles with erstwhile “allies” but would you believe it expecting the very same people both at home and abroad whom they conceitedly held in complete contempt while they were engaging in their murderous campaigns to empathize with and even come to their rescue.

The escalatory problem for these manipulative psychopaths and odious sociopaths however is that a growing number of people globally and among the intelligent ones at home in Britain and the rest of the west are increasingly beginning to recognize and totally dismiss their load of propagandistic shit for what it actually is, have heard the disingenuously plaintive cries of loudly shouting wolf on the part of these western leaders for far too long and much too often and quite simply aren’t buying any of it anymore.

But rather than learn from these reactions directed at them these same western leaders, the willing sycophants whom they surround themselves with, their embedded media and even elements within their armed forces all of them quite energetically egged on by their corporate paymasters and their sponsors in the military industrial complex persistently refuse to listen to the justifiable and lawful concerns expressed by their longsuffering public and instead look for and even come up with more devious plots and manipulative misinformation to deceive and win over that same public that deep inside they really despise and routinely, albeit covertly so, simply regard as useful and convenient cannon fodder to continually abuse at will.

The current, August 2014, escalatory and rather nonsensical “security” alert introduced by Prime Minister David Cameron, Home Secretary Theresa May and their Con-Dem regime and was itself acquiescently adhered to by Ed Miliband and the plethora of likeminded, lemming-like jerks and most particularly so those within the hierarchy of the Labour Party that he “leads” from the rear, is one such glaring and blatant example of the kind of concerted, insidious, pernicious and downright misinformative propaganda exercise specifically tailored and cunningly executed to deceive while at the same time meticulously laying the groundwork of an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the one that is publicly and erroneously promulgated, and that I’m referring to. For if nothing else the body language of both David Cameron and Theresa May while visually speaking on air to the media and explaining the necessity for Britain to upgrade its security alert quite literally gave the game away by letting the proverbial cat out of the bag as it were.

For while David Cameron and Theresa May are unquestionably feral and demented specimens of Homo sapiens and additionally congenital, highly practised, professional and pathological liars to boot who even believe their own lies – and in all of these regards not indistinguishable from either their Cabinet colleagues in the current (2014) British government and furthermore across the entire spectra of likeminded politicians that infest both houses of the UK’s parliament and to whom lying is instinctive, second nature and a way of life, effectively manipulating or even seeking to manage their respective body language is an entirely different matter altogether that requires not only great skill and an adroit presence of mind to implement and unalterably counteract whatever challenges it’s presented with, something that these aforementioned jerks don’t possess and are incapable of, but furthermore is incredibly difficult to fake.

And perhaps sensing this, even though she still persisted with her absolute nonsense that Britain was under an imminent threat from ISIS, while clearly distancing herself from David Cameron’s assertion that the purportedly impending threat to Britain from ISIS was the worst menace ever to confront our country – greater than World War II David; the IRA’s major bombing campaigns on mainland Britain from February 1974 – May 2011 (please check out Timeline – worst IRA bomb attacks on Mainland Britain – Reuters); or how about Saddam Hussein’s anticipated Armageddon assault on Britain with state of the art weapons of mass destruction and scheduled to take place in under 45 minutes according to Tony Blair’s intentional lying and perjured statement to the House of Commons and whose dishonest purpose for doing so was avidly swallowed by the likes of you David Cameron?

This attendant with your somewhat frenzied drumbeat for an illegal war against Iraq compounded by the subsequent invasion and exceedingly lengthy occupation of that country with all the known and disastrous consequences that befell Iraq and its people then and are still very much in evidence to this day.

Theresa May none the less did contradictorily go on to say that there were no categorically known threats by ISIS relative to Britain. Could the realistic explanation for this be that Theresa May was knowingly spouting a cacophony of deliberate lies whose solitary purpose was to misinformatively generate an atmosphere of unwarranted fear, disquiet and even intense paranoia among susceptible sections of the British population aided and abetted by those warmongering aficionados ensconced within it. And doing so because she well knew that no such threat from ISIS presently exists, but in keeping with the western precept of robustly vilifying whoever their latest selected bogeyman is – and ISIS is quite that at the moment – then in the absence of any genuine threat from it, it naturally followed that some seemingly plausible ones had to be manufactured.

And that’s precisely why the British security level was upgraded and accordingly given the status and preferential treatment that it was. Since in actual fact it’s all about manipulatively conditioning the British public for what’s rather dishonestly and calculatedly portrayed to it as an inevitable and enormous danger from ISIS if that “evil” organization isn’t stopped immediately and permanently in its “terroristic” tracks by the western forces for good who, by the way, are also the irreplaceable defenders of law and order, civilized standards of conduct and the upholders of democracy.

In short those exceptionalist western state entities and players alongside their ethical leaders like David Cameron and Theresa May who would also have you all believe that Britain is a principal and indispensible contributor. So while in essence they don’t give two hoots about your personal interests they nevertheless clearly don’t mind in the least manipulatively and oh so dishonestly in the process whipping up your fickle sentiments for their own self-serving agendas.

Including the perfidious prosecution of yet more illegal and profit-mongering wars for the personal aggrandizement and financial benefit of themselves, their military industrial complex sponsors and corporate paymasters while garnering the acquired sentiments and even the tacit cooperation which they derived from you through their devious exploits, to psychologically prepare and condition you for these additional, cruelly executed and continuously exploitative wars which they always had in mind. In the assured realization that you will forever condone this militaristic adventurism of theirs and the actions of “our boys” pathetically dispatched to fight wars that had nothing to do with them or the “foreigners” – in their own countries let’s remember – who our boys are given carte blanche to dehumanize and therefore abuse and kill with consummate impunity; and all this lyingly carried out under the deceitful banner of protecting and permanently safeguarding the security and welfare of the west, and in our case the UK’s, domestic population.

And if you want to know the truth this is really what the concerted and propagandistic media blitz waged by all these western leaders, including David Cameron, who were instrumental themselves in both the formation and assiduous fostering in all its aspects of ISIS’ developmental structure in the first place is actually all about. What unqualified mindboggling hypocrisy from them, eh? And what absolute stupidity on your part for constantly allowing yourselves to be so abysmally conned by an inveterate bunch of moribund morons, and if you were to be straightforward with yourselves not all that different from what you are, wouldn’t you say?

And speaking of Grade 1 idiots they don’t come any more qualified in this particular category than one David Richards, until quite recently Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff. For I’m entirely sure that those bright Brits in our midst – a fast dwindling number it must be said – will wholeheartedly agree with me that the sobriquet Grade 1 Idiot is the most charitable one that could be attributed to this classic imbecile that few Britons until now perhaps had never previously heard of and possibly wish that they hadn’t when I convey to you all what as head of the combined British Armed Forces this lunatic and prized cunt David Richards wanted to do in our collective names.

Dumb, dim-witted and brain-dead David Richards: the classic military donkey leading lions as per World War 1 and put in charge of our Armed Forces, seriously I don’t kid you, wanted to and even suggested to the British government that the United Kingdom should recruit, train, arm and finance and all the rest of it 100,000 – I’ll repeat that figure in case you thought it was a typo error that I’d made, so here goes ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND – Jihadists who would then be unleashed from nearby Turkey, Jordan and Iraq with committed British military, Special Forces and RAF bombing support on Syria.

All this with the express purposes of carrying out regime change in that country, instituting in the place of the ousted government there one that Zionist apartheid Israel, the UK and the rest of the EU and of course the United States favoured, and that these British created Jihadists at face value anyway controlled. Fuck all reference to or any concern at all you might have noticed about what the ordinary member of the Syrian public actually wanted for his or her own country let alone the fact that no role was ever envisaged by David Richards in relation to the Syrian public having any say or practical involvement in what was being rather one-sidedly decided by outsiders relative to their fate, their future and those of their families.

Nor did it occur to David Richards that in branding President Bashar al-Assad as a ruthless dictator with no concept of or any ability or willingness to assimilate through his actions the principles and application of democracy in Syria that what he David Richards was himself doing blatantly flouted every principle connected with the very same democracy, which he most haughtily alleged that his plans would phenomenally bring to Syria. Irony and rank inanity impudently juxtaposed with each other in a chillingly but spectacular manifestation; but that’s what you inevitably induce when utter moronic, demented and social climbing nerds like David Richards are put in charge of anything.

And here’s the sting in the tail of this implausible and idiotic plan put forward by Taffy-boy David Richards. We the British taxpayers at a time when most of you are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet through exceedingly harsh measures of austerity imposed on the majority of the British public by a privileged and immune from such restrictions 1% of the populace that controls the UK, would be the ones left paying for this harebrained scheme of David Richards.

In other words money: and heaps of it, available for insane schemes like the one put forward by David Richards but none, mind you, for the NHS, proper schooling for your children, decent and affordable housing – both social and private sector accommodation; improved wages, meaningful jobs and all the other things that the average and compus mentis Briton is justifiably in dire need of but is repeatedly told by those who regrettably are allowed to run this country of ours that he or she can’t have them because they’re much too costly to put into practice, and quite ironically as well as insultingly that financially the country can’t afford them.

The quite sickening thing though is that had David Richards been allowed to have his way, Bashar al-Assad was ousted as a result and as he particularly wanted these Jihadists of his were resultantly and arbitrarily put in charge of Syria the catastrophic chaos that we’re now routinely witnessing in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia and which is distressingly for the residents of these countries intensified by the hour would likewise have been indiscriminately visited with an even greater and sustained concentration than is currently the case in Syria.

And if ISIS: the west’s Frankenstein Monster and intentional creation is such a threat to Britain as David Cameron, Theresa May and their eager and brain-dead mouthpieces in the British media are constantly telling us that it is, can you just imagine employing the same skewed logic that they’re advancing in relation to ISIS, what the discernibly unmitigated harm 100,000 unfettered Jihadists fully trained and well equipped militarily in terms of substantially state of the art British and other western supplied armaments would constitute to those whom they concertedly decided to relieve their ire upon, including those in Britain and its so-called Middle East and North African interests, or even more global than that?

Yet that consummate cunt David Richards who quite seriously advocated this utterly preposterous plan of his rather than being instantly psychiatrically sectioned and summarily dispatched off to an appropriate and secure lunatic asylum where he obviously belongs has instead been ennobled – he now sits in the House of Lords with other nutters like himself -for his services, what these are God only knows, to Britain, and from where he just as corruptly when he was in the military peddles his whacky ideas, while simultaneously selling his so-called expertise to the highest corporate bidders whose CEOs that clearly have more money to splash around than commonsense, that’s provided of course t they’ve ever had any of the latter in their thick skulls to start with, handsomely oblige this lunatic’s fantasy. But they naturally would as they too are deeply embedded with the same military industrial complex that David Richards was immersed in when he was in the armed forces. A venal situation that demonstrably makes him the military equivalent of another avaricious and British but political bastard called Tony Blair.

ISIS is condemned in some quarters and particularly so in the west for its unabashed ruthlessness along with its uncompromising penchant for beheadings. Personally I have no problems with how ISIS goes about its own business and don’t mind in the least openly saying so, as its approach to matters it feels compelled to deal with echoes my own instinctive and undeviating beliefs relative to those with their entirely spurious but nevertheless superiority complexes and who furthermore quite ludicrously assume that they can treat others who don’t look or think like them however they want to because that quite intentionally picked on individual’s so-called ethnic origin doesn’t gel with theirs; never mind that that person sees himself or herself and moreover has always acted as a fully fledged and competent member of the same human race that their hubristically and equally as well idiotic adversary would like to asininely claim that they alone exclusively belong to; which is something that folk like me just aren’t buying. And why should we?

Therefore I can and do fully empathize with ISIS and its methods, and the primary motivation that western leaders and politicians are so shit-scared of ISIS is that like me ISIS doesn’t really give a fuck what these western assholes or anyone else come to that do think of us; or for that matter will either of us – ISIS or me – be dissuaded from killing their sort, irrespective of who they are, if we have to, as the existence of our individual lives are secondary to our principles and the inalienable right to live in unfettered freedom and with the dignity that is unquestionably ours as fellow human beings and which we intuitively and respectfully across the board of universal humanity freely and compassionately, mutually accord to other human beings who reciprocate our feelings.

Other than that, and speaking personally and only for myself, all bets are off; and don’t waste time I honestly implore you in employing your outdated scaremongering tactics by telling me that either your prisons or the likelihood of death at your hands or those of your hired agents will temper what you conceitedly and even contemptuously identify as impertinence on my part, for neither of these two alleged constraints, as you perceive them to be, will ever induce in me the slightest fear of you or what I know you’re quite capable of; for I’ll always give as good as I get whatever the ultimate outcome of my fate happens to be.

And furthermore, the one predictable and permanent scenario that can befall me is death, which is inevitable to us al. So why worry needlessly, I firmly believe, about something that none of us can change? Unless, of course, you are one of those silly turds that like to carry on asininely storing up your ill-gotten gains even to the point of becoming obsessively paranoid about safeguarding them here on earth; a futile exercise in my opinion since, regardless of whatever you do, you can’t take any of them with you into the After-Life! Additionally, who’s to say that irrespective of who you leave these materialistic treasures for when you’re gone that someone or persons won’t do exactly to them what you yourself did to others to acquire these ill-gotten gains in the first place when you were alive obviously? All pointless then what you’re doing now, wouldn’t you say?

So I understand ISIS rather well as we’re both on the same wavelength and it also accounts quite understandably for why ISIS’ membership is growing by leaps and bounds globally. For while the existing western hegemonic powers can kill, seriously main and displace in their exploitative and barbaric assaults on the Global South tens of thousands and even millions of people and feel that with impunity they should be allowed to get away with it, it’s impossible even for these absolute barbarians to eradicate an idea whose time has come, and bearing in mind too that all empires do ultimately cease to exist, as the American one certainly will despite the vainglorious King Canute shenanigans of its leaders in thinking that they can hold back the tide of time while in the process rather ludicrously and outrageously giving the dishonest impression, contrary to what all prescient minded and discernibly intelligent people know, that the predictable fate of extinction won’t ever happen to their precious American Empire.

That said the rest of humanity occasionally encounters people that in my opinion are so bloody evil that there’s no justifiable reasons for any of them to be permitted to continue living among the rest of humanity. And here are some of my choice picks in that specific regard although I will say in no particular order of preference, as they’re all equally odious scumbags, and those who’re mentioned below don’t constitute the definitive list of those I have in mind. So here goes:

Tony Blair, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Hillary Clinton, Erick Pickles, Ian Duncan Smith, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Abbot, John McCain, Charles G. and David H. Koch, Avigdor Lieberman, Tzipi Livni, Dmitry Yarosh and his entire Rights Sector group; Carl Bildt, Stephen Harper, Greg Dyke, Aidan Burley, David Vance, Mark Lyall Grant, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Victoria Nuland, Benjamin Netanyahu, the entire leadership of AIPAC together with those of their counterparts in the UK and the rest of Europe, Luis Posada Carilles, Oliver North, Richard Littlejohn and, of course, David Richards. I’m sure that ISIS has a similar comprehensive list of their own.

Recently while researching for an article I’m currently writing I unearthed some utterly fascinating and thoroughly informative data on beheadings, one of the methods of execution that ISIS is much vilified for in the west, and in the process of my research came up with some very interesting facts as well that I’m absolutely sure will cause many of you to sit up, take stock of your prejudices and reflect on the concentrated level of brainwashing you’ve been subjected to both systematically and quite deliberately and have even willingly allowed yourselves to inculcate.

With the state that the so-called English educational system is presently in and has been for some time now – parlous is how I charitably describe it, some of you might be possibly aware that an ex-king of England, one Henry VIII did have several of his unwanted wives beheaded, the customary method of execution in England at that time and for Henry VIII a remarkable and effective means of divorce without him having to cough up any alimony to these ex-wives of his in the aftermath of him gaining his freedom from them. However, it wasn’t until 1747 that beheading was got rid of in Britain and substituted with hanging.

Meanwhile across the English Channel the French happily carried on chopping off heads from the Middle Ages right up to 1977, and between 1787 and 1799, the episode of the French Revolution, thoroughly engaged and likewise spectacularly enjoyed themselves in a terrifically national, public and ongoing jamboree of orgiastic bloodletting as they methodically disposed of those elements in their society – chiefly their establishment elites – whom they conclusively determined were surplus to requirements. Two hundred and fifteen years on there are those in Britain but largely in England who approvingly yet at the same time rather enviously look to that French precedent and relative to our own situation in the 21st Century privately ponder if only, or why not here as well?

Moving on, Germany ceased its beheadings in 1938, Norway in 1905, Sweden in 1903, Denmark in 1892 and Japan packed it all in at the end of the 19th Century; however Iran and the Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans dispose of their condemned in this way. Always regarded by every single country both past and present that used it decapitation was for a predominantly long time considered by the authorities of the countries that used it as well as their citizenry as a cheap and effective method of getting rid of those who they no longer wanted to be alive or in their midst. So why single ISIS out for condemnation when the current and most popularly used method of execution in the USA – the so-called lethal injection regime – is, as has been repeatedly shown in a number of high profile and recent executions there to be anything but humane killings.

And what’s more if one is going to gratuitously have a go at ISIS about its beheadings these state executions in the United States have also quite miserably failed the crucial tests of accountability and transparency legally required of them; since neither of these two concepts can realistically be said to apply against the evidently flawed backdrop of the authorities that are involved resolutely refusing in a noticeably blatant contradiction of both the US Constitution and international law to rectify these matters. Which very much raises the Biblical precept of first removing the beam in your own eye - and this is particularly apt in the case of ISIS’ detractors and opponents – before undertaking to find fault with and even openly criticize the mote in the eye of someone else who you don’t, for purely subjective reasons, don’t very much care for.

ISIS isn’t perfect by any means – on one or any organization is, come to that – and I’m not aware that ISIS unlike some others that I know of makes any hubristic or even mild assertions of its own exceptionalism. And personally I much prefer any day of the week to deal with those - individuals or organizations – that are consistently honest and straightforward in what they do while similarly having enormous respect for whatever methods they might be forced to employ in order to achieve their necessary and lawful aspirations; rather than even consider insulting my intelligence let alone squander my time dealing with inured pathological liars, the infuriating and odiously manipulative, or those who I instinctively know that I can’t believe or place any trust in whatsoever.

It’s up to every society and country, I genuinely believe, how they ultimately deal with their errant politicians, state paid officials like civil servants, the judiciary, that country’s military top brass or anyone else who intentionally and principally for avaricious venal purposes brings that country its citizens or its residents into disrepute. And just as passionately I also think that it’s in the very best interest of every country that regards itself as a civilized state to openly embrace and also without any equivocation reward those that often against the odds and at great personal risks to themselves altruistically do their utmost best to restore the equilibrium of common decency, respect for others and their fundamental right to live in dignity as fellow human beings; civilized standards, fair play, unhindered justice and the key principle of equality of opportunity for all in whatever countries or communities they live in.

And I’m referring here specifically to truly noble individuals like Annie Machon the former MI5 operative turned whistleblower and Edward Snowden who needs no introduction to the world for what he courageously and honourably did in exposing the widespread, intrusive and quite illegal surveillance of billions of us around the world by the NSA, GCHQ and others, together with the corrupt and out of control practices, still ongoing as I write, of these control freaks who not only carry out such operations of their own accord but are also ardently instructed by their likeminded nerd controllers to do the same. And it’s my heartfelt belief that without doubt the Annie Machon and Edward Snowdens of this world should be universally lauded for what they conscionably did and that others should similarly follow their commendable examples; not have them unjustly and viciously vilified by purblind idiots and the conspicuous brain-dead in our midst as traitors which they most evidently are not!

Crucially I don’t believe that trying to attain and uphold these intrinsic values are pipe dreams but on the contrary are very much attainable goals. So I ask you, why is it that remarkably courageous, principled fellow citizens and worthy human beings like Edward Snowden and Annie Machon are raucously castigated and vilified as traitors, and sickeningly unjustifiably so, while simultaneously feral and consummately detrital elements of humanity like David Richards are ennobled? Beats the hell of me why that’s so? One reason perhaps could be that the entire ennoblement system is itself strikingly corrupt, needs to be scrapped in its present format and should be replaced by something that is truly worth having.

David Richards likes to vaingloriously pride himself as being something of an historical expert, in which case then he should know a great deal about Tower Hill in the environs of London and what for quite a sustained period of time it was habitually used for. And were it left completely up to me to determine what David Richard’s fate would be, he would unquestionably after several concerted sessions of highly intensive and for him profoundly and excruciatingly painful torture experiences: the kind that he and his utterly contemptible sort relished having administered to others who didn’t look like them and who they look upon as their racial inferiors, at places like Bagram, Abu Grahib, Guantanamo Bay and the multitude of other criminal, torturing and murderous black holes globally that Britain along with the United States and their sycophantic allies vigorously subscribed to and abundantly supplied with hapless victims on a recurring scale, be derisively disposed of in the time honoured fashion of public beheading, preferably by ISIS, and most fittingly on Tower Hill.

The very same organization that he and the UK regime whose evil and totally immoral geopolitical interests not only within the Middle East and North Africa but also internationally he avidly served referring then to ISIS and the other Jihadists that Britain clandestinely dispatched to Syria to fight President Bashar al-Assad’s government, intentionally create chaos in Syria on Israel’s behalf and that of the Nazi-neo-cons both in the United States, Britain and the rest of the EU with the sole and ultimate purpose of effecting regime change in Syria, as moderate Islamists and the only legitimate representatives of the Syrian people, while contemptuously never ever bothering to confer with the Syrian people about their thoughts on this or any other matter that actually concerned them.

Furthermore also wilfully turning a protracted blind eye to the thousands of known beheadings in the region where these UK sponsored Jihadists were operating, and still are, because those being murdered weren’t white Caucasians and as is always the case with whites and keeping strictly in line with the sick mindset of the likes of David Richards the loss of these non-white lives didn’t matter in the least as they were dispensable causalities.

Collateral damage, in other words, butchered in the Global South and fortunately not the west and who moreover weren’t white western citizens, and whose deaths anyway were indispensably in the cause of white Caucasian and most particularly western economic and exploitative geopolitical and hegemonic interests, until James Foley’s beheading happened and the mindboggling hypocrisy and sickening double standards of the west and its willing satrapies were glaring put not only to the test but also in the spotlight of global focus. While ironically it belatedly occurred to these said western leaders and their privileged elites - that aren’t of any high calibre either individually or collectively regardless of what benchmark of truly outstanding standards one might care to objectively apply to them – that they’d been taken all along for a ride, and spectacularly so, by ISIS that knew from the very outset of their relationship with the west what a bunch of idiotic cunts its leaders and fawning surrogates like David Richards really are.

As for the rest of you who either manipulatively or idiotically assume that ISIS wants to decapitate your heads and put an end to your miserable and valueless lives please don’t delude yourselves on that score as you’re not all that important for its accomplished beheaders to soil the blades of their knives or swords with your worthless blood. For what ISIS, not dissimilar from the absolutely war fatigued and victimized peoples of the Middle East, North Africa and those throughout the Global South want, is to be left completely alone to live their lives, individually and collectively, in peace and security; to unimpededly control, run their countries and manage their own national resources as they see fit and, furthermore, principally for their own benefit and not have white Caucasian and dominated western countries do so for their selfish and avaricious purposes.

Contemptuously engaging, these same white entities, while in the process of doing so in what can only be charitably described as their intentional one-sided and non-consultative practices with the local populations of those lands they arbitrarily, coercively, exploitatively and even militarily take over, condescendingly interfering in their domestic affairs; and as was pointed out earlier not even having the graciousness or common decency to engage in any form of constructive dialogue on the way forward with those that lawfully belong to and who own these countries.

All the British political parties together with those throughout mainland Europe and with a similar attitude in thieving Australia, Canada and the United States for example who having between them stolen enormous continents from their indigenous populations and routinely peopled these pilfered lands with their own white Caucasian kith and kin, while industriously maintaining a synchronized immigration strategy of and a corrupt policy to absorb even more of their own kind, nevertheless at the same appear to be wholly incapable of grasping even a segment of let alone fully appreciate the full dimension of their extensive and racist folly.

For while embracing more of their kind and enthusiastically exhorting them to migrate to the lands they’ve brutally stolen they just as passionately vigorously and virulently exclude non-whites from doing so; yet don’t seem able to get it into their thick white Caucasian skulls that just as they desire to tenaciously hold on to what they regard as theirs – even when it’s actually stolen – people in the Global South likewise have an attachment to what lawfully is theirs and particularly so in terms of  their land and natural resources.

And which begs the obvious question especially when whites in Britain talk about immigration, as they frequently do, as if it’s a reincarnation of the Black Death and their counterparts in the EU do the same, why then is it so difficult for those same whites in the context of how they react to what they categorize as foreigners – take that to mean all non-whites whether locally born, raised or not in their midst – to both recognize and concede that those living in the Global South could possibly hold the same views about them relative to their own countries?

ISIS is very media savvy and knows well the constituencies of the infidels they’re dealing with. As such I can’t realistically anticipate any probable ISIS cohorts itching to invade Britain, let’s say, to take over its council estates that even the privileged and wealthy white Brits who live in the United Kingdom wouldn’t want to be seen dead anywhere near these forlorn places let alone willingly opt to reside in them, so why on earth then would ISIS voluntarily sign up to assume responsibility for these social and economic discards of the privileged and well-heeled within our country?

Furthermore why would ISIS conscionably or otherwise want to psychologically wrestle with the dumbed-down and educationally challenged jobsworths nitwits that like swarms of rapacious and utterly destructive locusts predominate across much of the UK, and would be a severe intellectual challenge for them as well as an unwanted burden to boot and that they’d be forced to deal with? I certainly didn’t want to be lumbered with that lot and accounts for why I happily escaped it when I moved to Germany; so again why would ISIS stupidly opt to do what I as a Brit chose not to?

If ISIS ever deigns to come to the UK I’ll surmise that it will be to deliver a much deserving and harsh kicking up the asses of those in our affluent neighbourhoods like Chipping Norton and our appreciably affluent shires and their exclusive suburbs, and as you already know or have probably guessed by now these are the areas where David Cameron, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Ian Duncan Smith, Ed Miliband and the rest of them live with their families, and accounts for why these posh, privileged and metropolitan elites are so shit-scared of the possibility of ISIS come to Britain. But don’t kid yourselves that David Cameron et al really give two hoots about your miserable lives as they see them, and therefore all this alarmist crap about the ISIS threat and security levels are just ploys to necessarily but also dishonestly get you fully onboard, on their side, and hopefully as well a bulwark to restrain ISIS in the eventuality that it does come to Britain and decides to attack them and the affluent communities where they and those of a similar disposition to themselves live.

Essentially the typical strategy of the characteristic bully boys and girls; quite game when it comes to dishing out on a customary basis their medicine of savagery and collateral damage to others and most particularly when they feel safe in doing so but hurriedly resorting to pissing themselves with fear when those who aren’t afraid of them, never will be and something which they themselves are fully cognisant of, look like having a serious go at them. As for me and from where I’m especially and amusingly observing all this my honest response to the arrival of ISIS in Britain, given all the circumstances I’ve earlier outlined, will be one of drolly parodying that well known TV credit card advert: “That would do nicely!”