Wednesday, 13 August 2014

White, intellectually challenged, brain-dead ignorant and racist with it!

By Stanley Collymore.

Honestly speaking one’s mind, even if the arguments which are advanced in that discourse aren’t in the least cogent or logical, and in the process the views that are expressed turn out to either intentionally or otherwise upset someone or even a group of other people by virtue of the antagonist forcefully stating how he or she really feels, I personally have no problem at all with even if I myself am the target. However, to gratuitously and deliberately embark on targeting others with mindless insults that have no meaningful context to them and moreover that in every apparent way are completely and unjustly unwarranted, in my honest opinion says a lot more about the architect(s) of such actions than it actually does about those who’re being specifically targeted or else find themselves on the receiving end of that person’s vitriol.

And not least among the noticeable observations pertaining to that individual or the persons directly involved in such conduct is that what they’re doing is at best significant puerile - the conduct of immature cretins who haven’t mentally matured into prescient-minded adults and who additionally and quite evidently as well haven’t got or are else completely incapable of acquiring the capacity to assume that status; or are otherwise just moronic attention seekers with an obsessive need to constantly draw attention to their idiotic selves.

Regrettably for Jeremy Clarkson and those around him at the BBC, and specifically at Top Gear but not exclusively so, those involved fall squarely into both these categories, and so rather than dignify these rather pathetic scumbags by bothering to take them to task for their asinine behaviour and simultaneously unnecessarily giving them the oxygen of publicity that these distinctly feral and detrital specimens of the lowest form of humanity crave, the most compassionate and civilized thing that one can intellectually do is to totally ignore them and simply let them carry on hollering all they want to in their echo chamber of rank stupidity and the vacuum of indifference that you contemptuously impose both on them and whatever it is that they have to say.

A solid stance that should and must be assiduously applied to these utterly purblind prats of the first order and their avid supporters of the likes of Jennifer Anderson and James Bentley who were both featured in the Metro (Tuesday 5 August 2014) newspaper as proudly saying that those who don’t likewise approve of what Jeremy Clarkson says should “get a grip” and furthermore in Jennifer Anderson’s case as well, and I quote her verbatim : “I have never heard of the word slope used in a racist context” and therefore by her incredibly and rather indefensibly stupid deduction it doesn’t make it racist.

Jennifer Anderson unmistakably strikes me very much by her asinine remarks as very much in that category of morons who’re intellectually challenged and constitute proof positive of what are clear examples of the persistent dumbing down of the English educational system – if one can justifiably dignify what absolute cretins like Jennifer Anderson has acquired as any sort of a relevant or worthwhile education that is. A perverse raison d’être that says that just because she or others like her have not heard of something or equally the manner in which it’s commonly used that of itself de facto means that it doesn’t exist, and therefore for others of her ilk who nevertheless undeniably and consciously know what its adverse connotations are to gratuitously use that word to insult others for no logical or apparent reason is perfectly in order; that anyway is according to Brains of Britain – I don’t think – Jennifer Anderson.

Ignorance of the law in legal terms is no defence in court. But what Jeremy Clarkson clearly does is to make it a specialized remit of his to quite bizarrely research even the most obscure of racially offensive words and intentionally so it’s quite clear just for the sake of expressly offending specific groups of people and additionally to give himself the much needed sexual buzz and purported macho appeal that noticeably questionable “males” like him are wholly incapable of achieving through normal heterosexual relationships, well aware that he has a like-minded male and female following who themselves also have complex and deep-seated sexual problems in their own personal lives and instead of constructively dealing with them in the manner that all rational people do by seriously, sensibly and through professional help tackling them, seek instead to deflect them by turning their acute inadequacies into hateful and racist diatribes against those who’ve not done them any harm and who they don’t even know; but somewhat ironically, given their own inadequate circumstances, nevertheless feel they must look down upon and vilify.

Many adept users of the English Language have never heard of let alone do they understand the terminology that’s colloquially associated with the usage of the word “slapper”, Jennifer Anderson; but I’m absolutely sure you are well aware of what it means and are probably one yourself. And slut quite commonplace in usage during the 1960s and also the decades before that for women who had children out of wedlock or who were commonly known to otherwise sexually put it about also came into the very same condemnatory category set aside for those who contravened the then societal norms of conduct. Nowadays most children in Britain are born out of wedlock, many of them without any conscious planning on the part of those that conceived them, and for all I know Jennifer Anderson you might be one of them or else fall into that category of the irresponsible promiscuous type.

This notwithstanding the fact that some 36% of British women generally, routinely cuckold their husbands, partners, boyfriends and even their lovers getting them to father, financially support, care for and raise children that unknowingly they didn’t sire and furthermore in their lifetime usually never get to know of this rather disturbing reality that was foisted upon them. But irrespective, Jennifer Anderson, of whether you personally are or aren’t in either or both of these categories I am absolutely certain that you wouldn’t like to be branded a slapper, slut or even a whore and would take great exception to being described as such.

It’s a speculation no different from that employed by Jeremy Clarkson relative to his usage of the word “slope” and his additional condescending application of that term to a man of Asian descent that he didn’t know, hadn’t previously met, and most crucially had no dealings at all with, but none the less to whom this Caucasian-originated terminology is very much a racist insult and no different from similar white Caucasian ones, the sort that folk like you Jennifer Anderson relish, adore and love using in your daily and pathetic lives – you know well those I’m referring to: Nigger, Nig-Nog, Wog, Darkie, Coon, Blackie, Dego, Frog, Sambo Chink, Paki, Half-Caste etc. But I don’t expect inbred morons like you Jennifer Anderson to grasp the subtlety of that remark, as intelligence and commonsense are evidently not your forte or will they ever be.

Both my parents and grandparents generations and beyond used the English word “queer” to refer either to a state of ill-being, as in “I don’t feel particularly well” or “I feel quite out of sorts at the moment” or in its other frequently used context, “that’s queer” meaning “that’s odd” or “quite unusual.” However, in more recent times the word queer has morphed into a somewhat monstrous terminology that’s also attendant with very insidious connotations; and moreover whose careless usage can quite easily get one into hot water generally, even when employed in its original context, or more specifically attract the attention of the police, most certainly so in the UK, relative to the individual or persons who use that word on the largely accepted basis that queer is now perceived to be solely associated with homophobic antipathy together with a spectra of nasty, decidedly sinister and even highly pernicious sentiments and attitudes specifically linked to this particular propensity of sexual orientation by some and/or those who practise it.

Conversely the word “gay” – indisputably in my view one of the most beautifully descriptive words in the English Language – has unfortunately been appropriated and vilely corrupted to ludicrously portray something that even in the remotest connotation of its original meaning it had no linkage at all to. Bastard likewise is another word that has gone through a massive and unflattering transformation. And, moreover, several female ancestors of David Cameron, for example, were the alleged willing mistresses of British royalty and the upper crust members of Europe’s aristocracy; and as we all know David Cameron prides himself on his “regal” but nevertheless undeniably bastard lineage, in so much that these female ancestors of his while both sexually enjoying themselves and social climbing at the same time – and good for them I say certainly in the case of the former – be that as it may they produced offspring that were conceived and born out of wedlock.

A rather fitting situation that makes political opponents of David Cameron or persons who simply don’t like this man, who like Jeremy Clarkson is an active and supercilious member of the infamous Chipping Norton Set – that apparently exclusive breed of grandiosely self-delusional, white Caucasian and Master Race exceptionalists – the archetypal Bastard both biologically and ancestrally, as well as being so in contemporary sociological and societal terms.

So words within any language can and not infrequently do change their meanings by default, gradual modification or through intentional design over a period of time, and the same also applies to the language itself as has happened on numerous occasions with English; while more conservative languages like German are not so susceptible to such wholesale changes as the more recent English Language is. And as I’ve reminded several German students of mine particularly at graduate and postgraduate levels over the years, if Goethe or Schiller were to return to Germany then these two German literary luminaries wouldn’t only be able to quite effortlessly converse with but would equally fully understand what the modern day German was saying to them. However were William Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy to be likewise from their individual era be transported forward in time to 2014 let’s say, they wouldn’t have a clue what the overwhelming majority of modern day Brits were saying when as is normally the case for our modern day speakers of the English Language, and most certainly so here in Britain, they rather noisily and highly inarticulately espouse their usually nonsensical opinions.

Come to that it’s the identical severe handicap that the average intelligent Brit in our midst routinely has foisted upon him ore her and regrettably has to contend with on a daily basis.

Earlier I analogously used the term slapper to make a point. Now to reinforce that point were someone unfamiliar with that term to get hold of a reputable English dictionary and look up the word slap, which would instinctively come to mind, they would quickly see that it’s both a noun and a verb. Logically therefore and unfamiliar with “slapper” no one could blame that individual for assuming that a slapper is someone who – either playfully or otherwise – slaps another person. But we Brits are fully aware that’s not what slapper means, and the untutored user of that word could easily but also inadvertently and quite innocently as well cause much offence to someone that they directed this word at. And it might take a lot of fence mending to make the offended person forgive the unwitting offender, and not unusually without being forcefully reminded that he or she shouldn’t willy-nilly go around using words whose initial or corrupted modern day meanings that they’re clearly unacquainted with either to or about other people.

And that’s exactly the line of attack that cretins like Jennifer Anderson would obviously use; yet because the person(s) or race that Jeremy Clarkson is attacking significantly chimes with her own entrenched prejudices, what Jeremy Clarkson does, as far as Jennifer Anderson and James Bentley are concerned, is quite okay with them. Well fine! But how would you like it Jennifer Anderson if someone or likeminded persons were to let’s say hash tag on twitter or any of the other social media outlets: # Jennifer Anderson is a Slapper Extraordinaire! Now that wouldn’t go down well with you, would it? Or that # James Bentley was a sick queer! Sick not as in ill but sexually and nauseatingly perverted.

So, against that precise backdrop, why then can’t you and others like yourselves just for once in your rather pathetic and infuriating lives try walking, even for a brief moment, in the shoes of those whom evidently imbecilic assholes like Jeremy Clarkson and people like yourselves gratuitously and racially pick on; and see how it feels to be on the receiving end of deliberate and purblind prejudices?

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