Friday, 29 August 2014

The witless arrogance of your average racist!

By Stanley Collymore

So you think you’ve the right to dictate to me
how I should live my life; providing, of
course, you should condescendingly
determine that I’m even entitled
in the first place to a life of my
own. How can that be, that
you can simply look at
me and moreover quite
arrogantly and solely
on racial grounds
alone arrive at such an utterly absurd
conclusion? Where does commonsense
begin or logic come into any of this; or is
your brain so addled and you yourself
so completely pissed out of your
head as to be in dire need of
being pathologically put
on the terminal list of
what’s self-evidently
the absolute and
brain dead?

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 August 2014.

Author’s Remarks:
What would some individuals – correction, let me amend that remark to significant numbers of people – do if they didn’t have their favourite hobbyhorse of racism to readily mount and ludicrously charge at the phantom of other peoples’ alleged inferiority, eh? By the way, which cavalry are you in – that of sensible pragmatism and intelligent deduction that the marvellous diversity of the human race is a quite natural, and thankfully so to anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head or who has a brain at all, an astonishingly splendid and unchangeable phenomenon and therefore all for the good of humanity?

Or are you simply and unworriedly contented to unthinkingly sit in the saddle of reactionary opinion and freely ride with a rogue outfit that’s rather blatantly seeking to defend the indefensible, while at the same time glaringly and pathetically demonstrating your own innate and most conspicuously inescapable inferiority, itself based analytically on salient and very solid grounds?

Like your own personality and what positive contributions or otherwise that you’ve made to your own community generally or humanity in particular for example, and things that you have control over and consequently can either freely change or otherwise opt not to – rather than asininely resorting to an individual’s skin colour, and which includes your own and that of others who you determine look like you, but something that neither you nor those individuals whom you gratuitously vilify or else celebrate according to your somewhat subjective choices that were reached on this quite specious basis alone, had no role whatsoever, or could they have done, in determining the ultimate outcome – namely what race or skin colour they had allotted to themselves.

And frankly only someone who is an absolute idiot would fail to recognize and acknowledge, however reluctantly so, all of this. And the fact that you haven’t done so only serves to firmly confirm my conclusions about you. Namely, that you and others who think and act as you do are incorrigible idiots. QED!

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