Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hail, all-conquering ISIS!

By Stanley Collymore

We will no longer allow our people and lands to become
either expedient or expendable pawns in your white
Caucasian, criminal, hubristic and utterly barbaric
geo-political games, themselves consistently
and implacably embarked on with
complete indifference to our individual or collective
rights as fellow human beings – although you
don’t see us in that light – or what we
honestly and most properly want
for ourselves in the greater
scheme of things.
For we are ISIS: the uncompromising liberators of
our people and, therefore, fearlessly committed
by any and every means at our disposal to
inflicting the maximum harm on our adversaries
until they’re forced to go away, permanently
stay out of our lives and leave us in peace
to freely and independently choose
how best we want to live in
this world - to which
we also belong - with the same
due respect and inherent
dignity that our evil-minded
abusers egotistically and
inhumanly arrogate
to themselves

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 June 2014.

Timely Observation:
When your moral entitlement to natural respect, basic human dignity and even the right to life is concertedly, inhumanly and arrogantly challenged by those who disdainfully and unlawfully choose to regard you as markedly inferior to themselves and furthermore proceed to callously treat you that way - as significant numbers of white Caucasian and other Europeans do towards other peoples and races; then the only realistic and self-redeeming alternative to cowardly accepting this unjust and erroneous analysis of yourselves that your abusers throw at you is to fearlessly fight back; and ISIS, thank God, demonstrably shows how this should be done. And continued good luck to them, I say!

David Richards: Ex-Chief of the British Defence Staff, unequivocally states: “History is clear. There will sometimes be no alternative to standing up for oneself; for one’s friends [regardless of how criminal, murderous or discernibly loathsome these friends are presumably as long as they’re white Caucasians, for that’s the only thing that does matter where these friends are concerned ] or for what is right [his sick version of that concept undoubtedly]. Adding: “Too many people, the intelligentsia to the fore, are in denial [as he undeniably is in relation to the 1 million Iraqi babies that needlessly and knowingly died because of punitive and callous western-imposed sanctions ruthlessly imposed on Iraq, which animatedly induced the insidious, thoroughly repugnant and covert, East European Jewish dyke - according to very reliable sources and who even looks butch - Madeleine Albright: the United States Secretary of State at the time, to sadistically declare that the cruel deaths of these babies were worth it; yet wastes no opportunity to ad nauseum condemn Europe’s holocaust but only in so far as it affects her Yiddish lot; plus the extra 1 million Iraqi civilians who were mercilessly and quite unrepentantly slaughtered, together with the additional 10 million of them who were externally and internally displaced as a direct consequence of Britain and the United States’ illegal war against Iraq].

But for all that David Richards nevertheless unsurprisingly and idiotically, to the likes of people like me, opines that a country’s first duty is to its citizens; even when those citizens are British and both physically and vocally demonstrated in their millions that they didn’t want for their country to prosecute an illicit war against Iraq? Where, pray tell, is your logic David?

And if as you say David Richards one should boldly stand up for one’s friends how about doing the same thing for one’s relatives, kith and kin and others of one’s race that pillocks like you like to slaughter in their millions without even condescending to count the total of those murdered; since to you and your loathsome ilk they’re simply collateral damage and to your sort of no value and their lives of no consequence at all. And why so? Because of your imperialistic and white supremacist exceptionalism and the stark fact that these people aren’t white Caucasians as you and your murdering lot are.

You want security in Britain you say David Richards? Then here’s my blunt advice to you and other likeminded white Caucasian morons. Get the fuck out of other peoples’ countries where you march in uninvited; stay out of them; and stop meddling in their affairs! Quite simple really!

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