Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fine tune your policies ISIS; but otherwise you’re on the right track!

By Stanley Collymore

All due respects to you ISIS and peace be with you! I’m not a Muslim but am in fact a Christian; however neither my religion nor my principles, come to that, do I allow to interfere with or will they ever deter me from giving credit where it’s due and to those that are truly deserving of it, whoever they are or wheresoever they come from, hence this communication not only to you as an organization but also as a direct plea to your leaders that command it.

Against that backdrop, therefore, this communication is essentially an open request to ISIS that you seriously consider and with all the resources at your command and disposal, together with your notable commitment in doing whatever you undertake with meticulous efficiency and resolve, implement the following measures.

That you reach a mutually agreed, practical, workable and honourable compromise with the Syrian government of Bashar Assad and the people of that country; that likewise in association with the government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Hezbollah Movement in southern Lebanon that you desist from and agree not to engage in any kind of warfare, acts of hostility or other activities that are in any way inimical to the general interests or welfare of the aforementioned parties or are themselves detrimental to both sides of such an agreement, doing so with the common aim of creating and promoting what’s best for all concerned, concomitant with the endeavour to make every effort to fully understand and appreciate each other’s legitimate needs and wherever possible readily and constructively assist in facilitating these.

However, in marked contrast to all of the above and other positive measures and approaches adopted towards Syria, Iran and Hezbollah that you robustly do everything in your power elsewhere across the Middle East and the Persian Gulf area to uncompromisingly and permanently destroy the physical and historical legacies of the iniquitous Sykes-Picot Agreement along with the ongoing and insufferable humiliation, divisiveness and the endemic colonial mindset that collectively have for generations now been repressively imposed on the peoples of the region internally, and also from the several outside western sources that control these internal and treacherous entities.

Thoroughly dismantle the Arab Bantustans that resulted from the imposition of the Sykes-Picot accord, and in their place re-establish the almost forgotten dignity, self-sufficiency, scholarship, civilizing influences, and the inalienable right of the peoples of these regions to once more independently determine their own future and how they live their lives without the unwarranted intrusion of others preventing them from doing so. Such a move not only makes sense but is also in the overall best interests of everyone concerned.

For let’s not forget that many of the civilizing influences inculcated into what’s now arrogantly ascribed by white Caucasians as indigenous European culture came from the Islamic world and long before anyone, most certainly so within Europe itself, had ever heard of what later became known as the Americas or the United States let alone knew of the existence of the people who lived there and had for millennia created their own unique and advanced civilizations that surpassed anything that Europe at that time was remotely capable of. So if the resurgence of an Islamic Caliphate is the positive answer to restoring to the Arab peoples what they brutally and treacherously had taken from them, then so be it!

And what particularly strikes me about you ISIS, and something I’m tremendously impressed with, is your unreserved commitment to whatever you’ve decidedly chosen to embark on, regardless of the obstacles that you face or might knowingly, or even unwittingly, be confronted with; actions that are well thought out, sensibly and logically articulated, and significantly ruthlessly implemented. Not least so, this admiration coming from me, because that’s also my own dedicated approach to life and the specific objectives that mean a great deal to me. So you can say ISIS that we have at least one fundamental thing – and possibly even more – in common with each other, and which is best summed up in the words of the renowned Roman poet Lucius Accius, or Lucius Attius as he’s also known: “ODERINT DUM METUANT” – whose English translation from the Latin is: “LET THEM HATE AS LONG AS THEY FEAR!”

And believe me ISIS you’re very much feared here in the west, because of your attitude and the recognition on the part of your adversaries that you’ve no fear yourself and certainly not of them, which I think, given the circumstances, is an exceptionally good thing. So capitalize on it ISIS!

How so? Instilling fear into the hearts and minds of one’s oppressors and in a manner that leaves them in no doubt that you’ll take them on regardless of the consequences is one sure way of creating a level playing field with the attendant consequences of forcing one’s oppressors or enemies to pragmatically acknowledge and accept, even if grudgingly so, that like them you too have rights and entitlements that are inalienable to you and your dignity and integrity as a fellow human being, and if they or others like them who asininely and arrogantly think they can abrogate these individual entitlements of yours whenever and however they wish, doing so with absolute impunity and not expect any consequences from their actions, then they should be made by any means possible to think again and forced to sensibly desist from their planned actions.

Personally, that’s how I passionately feel and act, and quite evidently how you operate as well ISIS. That’s why I’m in no doubt, whatsoever ISIS, that if you persist with your objectives to achieve a 21st Century Islamic Caliphate you’ll successfully do just that and redeemingly in the process bring the odious and nefarious Sykes-Picot experiment to a crushing and ignominious end; and with that very much in mind it’s imperative that you don’t surrender. So good luck and God’s blessing in that specific endeavour!

Now I’m well aware that to some here at home and elsewhere in the west those words will be seen or interpreted as supporting or encouraging terrorism when it’s evidently nothing of the kind, but who cares? I know I don’t! But to these manipulative jerks and their utterly brainwashed or brain dead sycophants my riposte is, hey feel free to think what the hell you like and don’t let me stop you. Since from where I’m at that’ll be pretty rich coming from those who’re either the consummate instigators, eager echo chambers or the purblind aficionados of what’s incontrovertibly the world’s greatest and most systematic instigators, trainers, financiers, military equippers, ongoing deployers and tireless utilizers of terrorist and terrorism-related atrocities globally.

But of course such labels are never used by these perpetrators, their friends or their associates in acts of terrorism to describe themselves and are strictly and exclusively used for those who either oppose them or even highlight their loathsome hypocrisy and double standards. But in case you didn’t get it first time round and are still unconvinced of my sincerity, let me say it again so you’re left in no doubt whatsoever about how I feel or what I do, since what I say publicly is indisputably what I also feel and say privately; and can best be summed up thus: “I don’t give a fuck what my detractors or those who know absolutely nothing of who or what I am think about me; am not afraid to speak truth to power; am wholly unconcerned about any likely consequences that might transpire, and shan’t lose a wink of sleep over any that do arise; and furthermore will always tell it like it is.”

In return you can either ignore me or in retaliation do your worst, as frankly I don’t care one way or another. Sensibly though you could change your modus operandi and start behaving like normal human beings do; but I shan’t be holding my breath on that one. Actually, my philosophy is quite straightforward and embodies two simple precepts. The first one is, if you can’t stand the heat then realistically stay out of the kitchen; and the second is, that people living in glass houses should be extremely wary of throwing stones especially at other people’s houses.

And isn’t it just typical of individuals like Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prized cretin who has done everything humanly possible to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, a sovereign state and member of the UN; has harboured, helped to train, armed and facilitated in a multiplicity of ways all manner of terrorist activities against Syria, and is significantly responsible for much of the bloodshed, chaos and all the rest of it that has plagued Syria for the past 3 years and who now finds himself with the boot as it were on the other foot.

For ISIS has brought the chickens home to roost in his case and taken as hostages the Turkish Consul and staff members in Mosul, Iraq, causing this moronic piece of shit to hypocritically spit fire and brimstone because of what has happened there, and in the meantime is threatening all sorts of revenge if, as he says, a solitary hair is touched on the head of his people now held in captivity; the action of the typical, cowardly, mama cry baby pillock who can dish it out but can’t take it when others hit back.

Well I sincerely hope that ISIS gets what it’s after, with the Kurdish areas of Turkey hived off into an independent entity while the rest of Turkey is methodically carved up into mere segments of a greater Islamic Caliphate, and to such an extent that it ceases to physically exist; is systematically wiped off the face of the earth, and with that all references to it are categorically expunged from the conscious mind, with the former Turkey becoming nothing more than mere data for academics and researchers to examine as one would the history of the Vikings or the Normans.

With imperialistic ambitions Turkey joined Germany in prosecuting World War I; Germany lost that war and Turkey was stripped of the Ottoman Empire. In present day Germany there are third and even some fourth generation Turks born and bred in Germany yet they’re not regarded or treated as citizens of Germany; and Germany is one of the most implacable opponents of Turkey joining the EU; no such hostility though on Germany’s part towards the likes of Croatia or the Baltic States doing so however, and that were World War II collaborators with Germany. But the morons who run Turkey still don’t get it, that they’re just handy fodder for the white imperialist west even though half of Turkey lies in Europe.

All the more reason then why ISIS should put these prized pillocks out of their misery and forcibly incorporate them and what’s left of Turkey, after allocating the Kurds their portion of it, into a greater Islamic Caliphate. But ISIS shouldn’t just stop there; and just for the sheer hell of it and sweet revenge, but with no intention of ever setting up a Caliphate in their homelands – as such a “humanitarian or cultural” gesture would be lost on those involved anyway – after their primary task of successfully setting up their authentic Islamic Caliphate in the Levant is completed, wreak what residue of fury and resentment they still have left as blowback on those countries – and the entire world knows who they are - that were the instrumental conceptualizers and creators of the Sykes-Picot Agreement; and in such a manner that never again will their kind ever contemplate let alone foolishly decide to go down that identical path again with any group of people anywhere else in the world.

Finally, as a genuine friend I say this to you Iran; don’t even be tempted to join forces with the US or any of it allies – more fittingly its sycophants - to attempt to rein in or defeat ISIS out of a professed mutual interest on the part of both of you. None exists! And I don’t need to have to tell you why not to, as you already know the answer to that question.

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