Saturday, 28 June 2014

Let’s give it a go. It could very well be the making of us!

By Stanley Collymore

Come on; you must deep inside know perfectly well what
I really want from you! For contrary to your distanced
stance towards me and what you may even publicly
think, it’s you: the individual who I’ve come to
love, respect and would very much like to
share the rest of my life with - if you’ll
have me that is - that’s uppermost in my mind. Therefore,
it isn’t just your body that I’m after – as you obviously,
erroneously and, dare I say, suspiciously suspect
me of - although to be quite honest with you
it’s neither fair on me, nor would I be at
all inclined to consider it as such for
either of us to hastily or totally
rule out that aspect of any
personal relationship
between us and that
appears to be
you. So what do you say then to you and me getting
together, real personal-like, to physically explore,
mutually coordinate and satisfyingly cement
that promising possibility? I know that
I’d dearly love for that to happen, and
thus be granted the opportunity by
you to initiate without any fuss
what I can guarantee you
will be a most exciting
and an unreservedly
pleasurable and
for both
of us!

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 June 2014.

One should never conscionably beg for love or anything remotely associated with it, since to do so is quite demeaning. The same principle, I believe, should also apply to unbridled lust irrespective of how eager that one is to have that specific need urgently satisfied or is inclined to believe that their physical needs must be met. Using flattery though, no matter how honestly or disingenuously it is applied, is well within the rules of the mating game however.

Friday, 27 June 2014

An explicitly assured commitment to kill!

By Stanley Collymore

I’ve every right to a life of my own and furthermore to
unimpeded go about my lawful activities like anyone
else, whether you approve of my doing so or not.
It’s a stance to which I’m firmly committed
to and for which I make no apologies
whatsoever to anyone; and that,
most categorically, includes
racist nerds like you.

For if your idea of reality is to asininely and
deliberately choose to live in a virtual time
warp from where you ludicrously seek
to re-create the very worst aspects
of an erstwhile real-life epoch
when neither you nor anyone
else, for that matter, among
the rest of us actually lived or could
have realistically done so, and which all
sensible people currently living would
not only resolutely eschew but also
discernibly hate to see resurrected
in the 21st Century; then the
most charitable thing that
I can possibly say about
you is that you’re a
pretty odious and

And were you to ever conspire to detrimentally
cross my path, then proceed to gratuitously
and loquaciously spew out your vile and
illogical hatred of me – never mind
the calculated restraint shown on
my part in the face of your protracted
and virulent provocations towards
me, but not withstanding that
maliciously become emboldened
to physically direct your racist and
bizarrely white supremacist crap at me –
considering that anyone with objective
eyes can readily see what a particularly
poor specimen, in every regard, that
you really are of the human race;
then let me immediately disabuse
you of your congenital folly
and to forthrightly, forcefully
and unambiguously make it
absolutely clear to you that
I shan’t hesitate, given
the aforementioned
circumstances, to
unashamedly and
kill you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 June 2014.

Author’s remarks:
This poem is dedicated to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in thankful appreciation for your demonstrable courage, so explicitly shown, combined with your committed determination not to bend the knee in abject genuflexion to the pernicious demands of racist imperialism and western neo-colonialist thuggery.

For my part, it’s a timely warning too to all the abysmally pathetic, congenitally inbred and racist morons who, lemming-like, commute on the Number 23 Metrobus Service that operates between Crawley and Worthing in West Sussex, England and back. A state of affairs that Metrobus would do well to promptly acquaint itself with, properly and impartially investigate on the spot, and then uncompromisingly stamp out unless it wants to make it into the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Elaborating further on this particular loathsome and exceptionalist, white Caucasian theme, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is more than capable enough of defending herself and doesn’t need any help from me in that regard. But if Michael Fabricant, the Conservative MP for Lichfield, feels he has the right to freedom of expression, however odious or idiotic his views are, a stance I wholeheartedly support in his and everyone else’s case, why then does he spoil that impartial approach by gratuitously threatening unprovoked violence to someone who wasn’t in any kind of altercation with him or even a discussion come to that – as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown quite evidently wasn’t - but whose spoken opinions he nevertheless self-centredly, rather stupidly and Colonel Blimpishly disapproved of?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hail, all-conquering ISIS!

By Stanley Collymore

We will no longer allow our people and lands to become
either expedient or expendable pawns in your white
Caucasian, criminal, hubristic and utterly barbaric
geo-political games, themselves consistently
and implacably embarked on with
complete indifference to our individual or collective
rights as fellow human beings – although you
don’t see us in that light – or what we
honestly and most properly want
for ourselves in the greater
scheme of things.
For we are ISIS: the uncompromising liberators of
our people and, therefore, fearlessly committed
by any and every means at our disposal to
inflicting the maximum harm on our adversaries
until they’re forced to go away, permanently
stay out of our lives and leave us in peace
to freely and independently choose
how best we want to live in
this world - to which
we also belong - with the same
due respect and inherent
dignity that our evil-minded
abusers egotistically and
inhumanly arrogate
to themselves

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 June 2014.

Timely Observation:
When your moral entitlement to natural respect, basic human dignity and even the right to life is concertedly, inhumanly and arrogantly challenged by those who disdainfully and unlawfully choose to regard you as markedly inferior to themselves and furthermore proceed to callously treat you that way - as significant numbers of white Caucasian and other Europeans do towards other peoples and races; then the only realistic and self-redeeming alternative to cowardly accepting this unjust and erroneous analysis of yourselves that your abusers throw at you is to fearlessly fight back; and ISIS, thank God, demonstrably shows how this should be done. And continued good luck to them, I say!

David Richards: Ex-Chief of the British Defence Staff, unequivocally states: “History is clear. There will sometimes be no alternative to standing up for oneself; for one’s friends [regardless of how criminal, murderous or discernibly loathsome these friends are presumably as long as they’re white Caucasians, for that’s the only thing that does matter where these friends are concerned ] or for what is right [his sick version of that concept undoubtedly]. Adding: “Too many people, the intelligentsia to the fore, are in denial [as he undeniably is in relation to the 1 million Iraqi babies that needlessly and knowingly died because of punitive and callous western-imposed sanctions ruthlessly imposed on Iraq, which animatedly induced the insidious, thoroughly repugnant and covert, East European Jewish dyke - according to very reliable sources and who even looks butch - Madeleine Albright: the United States Secretary of State at the time, to sadistically declare that the cruel deaths of these babies were worth it; yet wastes no opportunity to ad nauseum condemn Europe’s holocaust but only in so far as it affects her Yiddish lot; plus the extra 1 million Iraqi civilians who were mercilessly and quite unrepentantly slaughtered, together with the additional 10 million of them who were externally and internally displaced as a direct consequence of Britain and the United States’ illegal war against Iraq].

But for all that David Richards nevertheless unsurprisingly and idiotically, to the likes of people like me, opines that a country’s first duty is to its citizens; even when those citizens are British and both physically and vocally demonstrated in their millions that they didn’t want for their country to prosecute an illicit war against Iraq? Where, pray tell, is your logic David?

And if as you say David Richards one should boldly stand up for one’s friends how about doing the same thing for one’s relatives, kith and kin and others of one’s race that pillocks like you like to slaughter in their millions without even condescending to count the total of those murdered; since to you and your loathsome ilk they’re simply collateral damage and to your sort of no value and their lives of no consequence at all. And why so? Because of your imperialistic and white supremacist exceptionalism and the stark fact that these people aren’t white Caucasians as you and your murdering lot are.

You want security in Britain you say David Richards? Then here’s my blunt advice to you and other likeminded white Caucasian morons. Get the fuck out of other peoples’ countries where you march in uninvited; stay out of them; and stop meddling in their affairs! Quite simple really!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Enter ISIS – ruthlessly homicidal, fearlessly suicidal and gloriously battle hardened!

By Stanley Collymore

So it’s all Syria’s fault then, and particularly that of President Bashar Assad and his government for causing all the murder mayhem, and destabilizing chaos that has virtually on a daily basis been affecting Iraq and that has ultimately come to a critical head with the timely intervention of ISIS in that country. So says the disreputable, disgraced, odiously loathsome, obdurately venal, completely immoral, utterly narcissistic and absolutely depraved, mass-murdering bastard, Tony Blair who’s been entirely complicit in, as well as being a principal and premeditated instigator of every conceivable war crime and crimes against humanity in the modern context of those terms that anyone could possibly think of.

Atrocities that he and George W. Bush at the specific behest of the military industrial complex, the multinational corporate interests in the west, and for their own avaricious financial enhancement and personal greed employed in the most high-handed, cynical and illegal manner possible; utilizing in the process the considerable power that they individually wielded in their respective political and influential offices and also their country, to lie to the US Congress in the case of George W. Bush and the British parliament in Tony Blair’s situation, and then to deliberately and dishonestly deceive their own nations about the state of affairs in Iraq at that time under Saddam Hussein/

A total fabrication their dishonest account of what was the true position there - namely that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction as Saddam Hussein had repeatedly asserted and that these two lying bastards well knew to be the case – to criminally and illegally attack, wage a vicious war of attrition against, subsequently invade and then occupy Iraq, while wilfully dismantling the infrastructure of and methodically destroying that country as well, in order to loot its oil and gas resources for the exclusive benefit of their corporate backers and financial godfathers, and that rather farcically, according to this disgustingly demented cunt who should at best be straight-jacketed and locked away for the rest of his life but once ruled the roost at No.10 Downing Street was all Syria’s fault.

And therefore, the current anarchy in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with his and George W. Bush’s criminal and despicable activities there, says Tony Blair. An attitude on his part that’s entirely indicative to that of the tart Sophie Dalzell, who I previously wrote about, where like her Tony Blair can’t see or accept that he’s done anything wrong; resolutely refuses to acknowledge responsibility for his criminal and multiple murderous actions that have led to the comprehensive slaughter of in excess of 1 million innocent Iraqi men, women, children and the elderly, who lost their lives simply to satisfy his imperialistic and white Caucasian supremacist vanity, itself acutely buoyed up by his insatiable financial greed.

And like all recidivist bullies when the chips are down and matters turn pear-shaped for them Tony Blair has psychotically taken to blaming others for his wrongdoings, and it doesn’t matter in the least whether or not those whom he’s maliciously accusing were actually involved in what occurred; and Syria or President Bashar Assad most certainly weren’t. Nevertheless, consistent with Tony Blair perverse way of thinking – and absurdly so to anyone with a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head and especially several years after the invasion and occupation of Iraq by Blair and Bush – if only Bashar Assad had allowed a similar situation as that which occurred in Iraq to happen in Syria, or the west in the absence of President Bashar Assad’s compliance to its wishes had unilaterally intervened in his country as it successfully and brutally did in Iraq and prejudicially affected regime change there, then on the word of arch-sociopath Tony Blair there would have been no al-Qaida in Iraq, no mayhem in that country and definitely no ISIS.

That under Saddam Hussein there was definitely no al-Qaida in Iraq which only emerged there after the 2003 British and US invasion of that state and thanks, most ironically, to the instigation and financing of itself and other terrorist groups by the likes of Bantu Saudi and Qatar: barbaric, post Sykes-Picot Agreement Bantustan entities that Tony Blair and the entire Bush family were and are still very much in bed with, is conveniently overlooked or else totally ignored by Tony Blair. But then he would, wouldn’t he, as there’s no integrity, conscience or morality about this monstrous, Frankenstein-facsimile passing itself off as a human being.

And didn’t Donald Rumsfeld who met Saddam Hussein on a number of occasions, even doing so at least twice in Baghdad, while categorizing him as “a son of a bitch” also openly boasted that he was nevertheless the United States “son of a bitch?” So who then arbitrarily turns on a close friend other than similarly loathsome bastards who have no conscience about what they’re doing, no loyalty that can be defined as such to that individual, or otherwise sees that person as surplus to requirements, and which quite frankly Saddam Hussein had become? The kind of individuals, if one is really honest and as you’ve probably guessed by now, who’re unquestionably of the ilk of Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

Yet amazingly Tony Blair is still being given the oxygen of publicity in the UK, something that has only been made possible because of the near total Zionist-Yiddish control of the UK’s media and which includes the entire BBC (Television as well as radio) that everyone of us who owns a television set and regardless of whether or not we either watch or listen to the BBC – and I don’t do so - is rather grotesquely in my opinion and specifically so in the case of the BBC pressurized and even legally harassed into financing these sycophantic mouthpieces and propagandistic echo chambers of the rich, the powerful and the influential 1% that runs the country, and consequently willingly allow Tony Blair and his loathsome lot all the airtime that they want, no less so because he’s the same repugnant and arch-Zionist neo-con as they are, and as such a committed advocate of the causes represented by the Zionist and military industrial complex that collectively liberally fund his obsessive financial avarice and that of his wife Cherie – who is a part-time judge by the way, and says a great deal about the depths into the sewers of British jurisprudence to which the British judiciary, never previously interested in the welfare of the common man or woman by the way, has markedly plunged.

Freedom of expression is fine in any true democracy or even a dictatorship I believe, the problem though with Britain is, that it’s only tenuously on the margins of the former; and Tony Blair who is largely responsible for putting it there is entitled to his point of view, just like everyone else is. However, when such opinions maliciously bypass the rule of law – and both Tony and Cherie are lawyers it shouldn’t be forgotten - and rampantly become a pernicious instrument or destructive vehicle for mass murder, mayhem, wilful destabilization and the illegal destruction of legitimate governments and even the sovereign countries to which these governments belong, and moreover is attendant with the mass killings of their citizenry, and for which there’s a penchant on the part of those directly involved in such carnage to openly brag of the roles they played, as Tony Blair recurrently, arrogantly and unrepentantly carries on doing, and malevolently adding gross insult to injury prescribes yet more of the same for other countries – Syria readily comes to mind – that pose no threat whatsoever to their own country, that in Tony Blair’s case is the UK, while at the same time purposely turning a blind eye to the horrendous atrocities committed by Israel, Egypt and the Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans, then a red line has to be unequivocally drawn in the moral sphere of one’s consciousness and such odious, recidivist and unrepentant criminals, long passed their sell by date and in need of being got rid, of must be liquidated.

Regrettably the International Criminal Court (ICC) – which is a white Caucasian, and noticeably as well a western dominated sham that’s also colour blind in the process since it can only see the colour BLACK – isn’t fit for purpose, and left entirely to its devices Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the other mass murderers that intentionally took Britain into an illegal war against Iraq with all the attendant dire consequences that we see some 11 years later will, if left to the ICC or even the British courts, go completely unpunished and these courts with mindboggling arrogance and an utter disdain for probity and justice will continue to do absolutely nothing, thus allowing these mass murderers immunity to walk free with impunity, and in my honest opinion that must not be allowed to happen; regardless of how long it takes to remedy this injustice or what measures are utilized - and that should include extra-judicial ones – to guarantee that these loathsome bastards like Tony Blair and Co. finally get their just desserts and comeuppance, allowing for the souls of the millions whose lives they callously and premeditatedly took for their iniquitous financial gain to at long last rest in peace knowing that justice had at long last been done.

The Constitution of the United States of America categorically guarantees all American citizens the right to bear arms; this wasn’t done by the writers of that Constitution to enable hoodlums in Chicago or New York, for example, to gratuitously murder each other, but was cleverly devised as an instrument to empower US citizens in case their elected governments arrogantly abrogated their democratic rights and refused to govern on behalf of the people, that the said people could take up arms and remove these legislators forcibly. We don’t have any such constitutional rights in the UK – in fact we don’t even have a bloody Constitution. But the principle of removing our arrogant, corrupt, immoral and venal politicians in a similar way does appeal to me. And we do not need to have the right to bear arms to do so; machetes, cutlasses, axes and a plethora of other household and everyday implements can do equally well; and in total we clearly constitute more in number than they do. The Woolwich Solution” I like to call it! Because no one, irrespective of how much security they can afford or might actually have at their disposal is 100% immune from danger, and anyway that security detail has to get it right 100% of the time; but as every assassin knows he or she only has to get it right the once.

Now I know the law and I’m not suggesting or advocating that anyone should go out and murder Tony Blair and his lot, but in the words of the Interior minister of what was then apartheid South Africa on hearing of his odious government’s systematic torture and horrendous murder of Steve Biko, I freely and candidly acknowledge that the untimely deaths of Tony Blair, members of his family, erstwhile colleagues in his government, and those of their own families would leave me absolutely cold. The gift of life is, I strongly believe, the most important and precious asset that any human being can possess and should automatically be accorded the respect that it’s due; it’s not as Tony Blair and his ilk believe a prerogative that’s exclusively for white Caucasians and no one else, and therefore his kind can do to others whom they regard as sub-human whatever they like any get away with it. And when that happens it’s my view that they should pay the ultimate price by being made to forfeit their own right to life.

Currently and in austerity hit Britain we’re idiotically forking out millions of pounds Sterling for the personal security of Tony Blair and his family, yet this utterly hateful and avaricious bastard is laughingly raking in more money than most of us will ever see in our life time: ill-gotten gains and the prolific payback from the several multinational corporations on whose behalf he took the UK to war against Iraq, and for the treachery that he intentionally subjected this country and our servicemen, both dead and alive, to. Such payments by the state for Tony Blair’s security should cease forthwith, and if he wants to save his rather wretched ass, that of Cherie and their sprogs – who although they were all born in the UK as were their parents Tony has nevertheless registered them as citizens of the Irish Republic – from justified revenge attacks on them, then let him fork out himself for his own and their protection.

For it’s well known that since leaving office as Prime Minister he has purchased a number of luxurious houses around the globe and here in the UK from blood money which he continues to get from the multinational corporations on whose behalf he took Britain to war against Iraq; so let him, in my view, pay for his own security and that of his family members and take his and their chances in the process; which are a darn sight more propitious I assure you than what this utterly repugnant bastard ever gave to the more than one million Iraqis, many of them children and family members, that he mercilessly slaughtered. So I have no sysmpathy whatsoever for him or his kind.

Finally, it’s a bit rich, I’d say, coming from privileged, posh boy David Cameron who advocates and quite rightly so in my view the teaching of Magna Carta and what it represents within British schools as salient and even core British values; then like the noxious prat that he clearly is wants to introduce secret courts in the UK and which are evidently diametrically at odds to what Magna Carta is all about, alien to our way of life and with the kind of  power that even the Third Reich in Germany didn’t award itself; and all in the name of national security says Fuehrer, Herr David Cameron.

What a complete load of shit; and anyone who buys that should be made to work permanently in a sewerage farm. For what Fuehrer Cameron really means is that these secret courts will conceal miscarriages of justice, victimization of minorities, a lack of transparency: justice not only done but also seen to be done, the cover up of his and his cronies’ blatant criminality; GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 comprehensively spying on all of us and, what’s more, doing so not even on Britain’s behalf but instead the characteristic toadying of these pathetic assholes to the whimsical demands of the US generally and its NSA in particular. Don’t these obsessive, control freaks ever learn anything either from history or their past mistakes?

Alfred Dunning, aka the Master of the Rolls and Britain’s principal judge at the time, infamously said after it became clear that the Birmingham Six had been immorally fitted up for a crime they didn’t commit that it would be considerably better for even known innocent victims of the law to quite literally rot in jail than for the British judicial system to be seen to be at fault. Welcome in 2014 to that obnoxious 20th Century judicial club, Fuehrer Cameron! And to which you and your privileged ilk most certainly, as far as these secret courts are concerned, won’t ever be subjected of course!

So what’s the alternative Fuehrer Cameron other than blowback, when it’s obviously fuckers like you and the Tony Blairs of this world who’re the ones primarily responsible for generating in the first place the kind of problems you say you want to combat, and that in your jaundiced thinking gives rise to you and other addled brain morons specifically wanting to spitefully establish secret courts in order to wreak your rather sick revenge on the jihadist terrorists you initially created but who came to their senses and decided to go after you instead? National security my ass! Sensible and intelligent people know full well  what genuine security is and can differentiate between that and the fake one that you assholes are peddling. So wise up and get real Fuehrer Cameron! The Crusades are no longer viable and belong to another era.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fine tune your policies ISIS; but otherwise you’re on the right track!

By Stanley Collymore

All due respects to you ISIS and peace be with you! I’m not a Muslim but am in fact a Christian; however neither my religion nor my principles, come to that, do I allow to interfere with or will they ever deter me from giving credit where it’s due and to those that are truly deserving of it, whoever they are or wheresoever they come from, hence this communication not only to you as an organization but also as a direct plea to your leaders that command it.

Against that backdrop, therefore, this communication is essentially an open request to ISIS that you seriously consider and with all the resources at your command and disposal, together with your notable commitment in doing whatever you undertake with meticulous efficiency and resolve, implement the following measures.

That you reach a mutually agreed, practical, workable and honourable compromise with the Syrian government of Bashar Assad and the people of that country; that likewise in association with the government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Hezbollah Movement in southern Lebanon that you desist from and agree not to engage in any kind of warfare, acts of hostility or other activities that are in any way inimical to the general interests or welfare of the aforementioned parties or are themselves detrimental to both sides of such an agreement, doing so with the common aim of creating and promoting what’s best for all concerned, concomitant with the endeavour to make every effort to fully understand and appreciate each other’s legitimate needs and wherever possible readily and constructively assist in facilitating these.

However, in marked contrast to all of the above and other positive measures and approaches adopted towards Syria, Iran and Hezbollah that you robustly do everything in your power elsewhere across the Middle East and the Persian Gulf area to uncompromisingly and permanently destroy the physical and historical legacies of the iniquitous Sykes-Picot Agreement along with the ongoing and insufferable humiliation, divisiveness and the endemic colonial mindset that collectively have for generations now been repressively imposed on the peoples of the region internally, and also from the several outside western sources that control these internal and treacherous entities.

Thoroughly dismantle the Arab Bantustans that resulted from the imposition of the Sykes-Picot accord, and in their place re-establish the almost forgotten dignity, self-sufficiency, scholarship, civilizing influences, and the inalienable right of the peoples of these regions to once more independently determine their own future and how they live their lives without the unwarranted intrusion of others preventing them from doing so. Such a move not only makes sense but is also in the overall best interests of everyone concerned.

For let’s not forget that many of the civilizing influences inculcated into what’s now arrogantly ascribed by white Caucasians as indigenous European culture came from the Islamic world and long before anyone, most certainly so within Europe itself, had ever heard of what later became known as the Americas or the United States let alone knew of the existence of the people who lived there and had for millennia created their own unique and advanced civilizations that surpassed anything that Europe at that time was remotely capable of. So if the resurgence of an Islamic Caliphate is the positive answer to restoring to the Arab peoples what they brutally and treacherously had taken from them, then so be it!

And what particularly strikes me about you ISIS, and something I’m tremendously impressed with, is your unreserved commitment to whatever you’ve decidedly chosen to embark on, regardless of the obstacles that you face or might knowingly, or even unwittingly, be confronted with; actions that are well thought out, sensibly and logically articulated, and significantly ruthlessly implemented. Not least so, this admiration coming from me, because that’s also my own dedicated approach to life and the specific objectives that mean a great deal to me. So you can say ISIS that we have at least one fundamental thing – and possibly even more – in common with each other, and which is best summed up in the words of the renowned Roman poet Lucius Accius, or Lucius Attius as he’s also known: “ODERINT DUM METUANT” – whose English translation from the Latin is: “LET THEM HATE AS LONG AS THEY FEAR!”

And believe me ISIS you’re very much feared here in the west, because of your attitude and the recognition on the part of your adversaries that you’ve no fear yourself and certainly not of them, which I think, given the circumstances, is an exceptionally good thing. So capitalize on it ISIS!

How so? Instilling fear into the hearts and minds of one’s oppressors and in a manner that leaves them in no doubt that you’ll take them on regardless of the consequences is one sure way of creating a level playing field with the attendant consequences of forcing one’s oppressors or enemies to pragmatically acknowledge and accept, even if grudgingly so, that like them you too have rights and entitlements that are inalienable to you and your dignity and integrity as a fellow human being, and if they or others like them who asininely and arrogantly think they can abrogate these individual entitlements of yours whenever and however they wish, doing so with absolute impunity and not expect any consequences from their actions, then they should be made by any means possible to think again and forced to sensibly desist from their planned actions.

Personally, that’s how I passionately feel and act, and quite evidently how you operate as well ISIS. That’s why I’m in no doubt, whatsoever ISIS, that if you persist with your objectives to achieve a 21st Century Islamic Caliphate you’ll successfully do just that and redeemingly in the process bring the odious and nefarious Sykes-Picot experiment to a crushing and ignominious end; and with that very much in mind it’s imperative that you don’t surrender. So good luck and God’s blessing in that specific endeavour!

Now I’m well aware that to some here at home and elsewhere in the west those words will be seen or interpreted as supporting or encouraging terrorism when it’s evidently nothing of the kind, but who cares? I know I don’t! But to these manipulative jerks and their utterly brainwashed or brain dead sycophants my riposte is, hey feel free to think what the hell you like and don’t let me stop you. Since from where I’m at that’ll be pretty rich coming from those who’re either the consummate instigators, eager echo chambers or the purblind aficionados of what’s incontrovertibly the world’s greatest and most systematic instigators, trainers, financiers, military equippers, ongoing deployers and tireless utilizers of terrorist and terrorism-related atrocities globally.

But of course such labels are never used by these perpetrators, their friends or their associates in acts of terrorism to describe themselves and are strictly and exclusively used for those who either oppose them or even highlight their loathsome hypocrisy and double standards. But in case you didn’t get it first time round and are still unconvinced of my sincerity, let me say it again so you’re left in no doubt whatsoever about how I feel or what I do, since what I say publicly is indisputably what I also feel and say privately; and can best be summed up thus: “I don’t give a fuck what my detractors or those who know absolutely nothing of who or what I am think about me; am not afraid to speak truth to power; am wholly unconcerned about any likely consequences that might transpire, and shan’t lose a wink of sleep over any that do arise; and furthermore will always tell it like it is.”

In return you can either ignore me or in retaliation do your worst, as frankly I don’t care one way or another. Sensibly though you could change your modus operandi and start behaving like normal human beings do; but I shan’t be holding my breath on that one. Actually, my philosophy is quite straightforward and embodies two simple precepts. The first one is, if you can’t stand the heat then realistically stay out of the kitchen; and the second is, that people living in glass houses should be extremely wary of throwing stones especially at other people’s houses.

And isn’t it just typical of individuals like Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prized cretin who has done everything humanly possible to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, a sovereign state and member of the UN; has harboured, helped to train, armed and facilitated in a multiplicity of ways all manner of terrorist activities against Syria, and is significantly responsible for much of the bloodshed, chaos and all the rest of it that has plagued Syria for the past 3 years and who now finds himself with the boot as it were on the other foot.

For ISIS has brought the chickens home to roost in his case and taken as hostages the Turkish Consul and staff members in Mosul, Iraq, causing this moronic piece of shit to hypocritically spit fire and brimstone because of what has happened there, and in the meantime is threatening all sorts of revenge if, as he says, a solitary hair is touched on the head of his people now held in captivity; the action of the typical, cowardly, mama cry baby pillock who can dish it out but can’t take it when others hit back.

Well I sincerely hope that ISIS gets what it’s after, with the Kurdish areas of Turkey hived off into an independent entity while the rest of Turkey is methodically carved up into mere segments of a greater Islamic Caliphate, and to such an extent that it ceases to physically exist; is systematically wiped off the face of the earth, and with that all references to it are categorically expunged from the conscious mind, with the former Turkey becoming nothing more than mere data for academics and researchers to examine as one would the history of the Vikings or the Normans.

With imperialistic ambitions Turkey joined Germany in prosecuting World War I; Germany lost that war and Turkey was stripped of the Ottoman Empire. In present day Germany there are third and even some fourth generation Turks born and bred in Germany yet they’re not regarded or treated as citizens of Germany; and Germany is one of the most implacable opponents of Turkey joining the EU; no such hostility though on Germany’s part towards the likes of Croatia or the Baltic States doing so however, and that were World War II collaborators with Germany. But the morons who run Turkey still don’t get it, that they’re just handy fodder for the white imperialist west even though half of Turkey lies in Europe.

All the more reason then why ISIS should put these prized pillocks out of their misery and forcibly incorporate them and what’s left of Turkey, after allocating the Kurds their portion of it, into a greater Islamic Caliphate. But ISIS shouldn’t just stop there; and just for the sheer hell of it and sweet revenge, but with no intention of ever setting up a Caliphate in their homelands – as such a “humanitarian or cultural” gesture would be lost on those involved anyway – after their primary task of successfully setting up their authentic Islamic Caliphate in the Levant is completed, wreak what residue of fury and resentment they still have left as blowback on those countries – and the entire world knows who they are - that were the instrumental conceptualizers and creators of the Sykes-Picot Agreement; and in such a manner that never again will their kind ever contemplate let alone foolishly decide to go down that identical path again with any group of people anywhere else in the world.

Finally, as a genuine friend I say this to you Iran; don’t even be tempted to join forces with the US or any of it allies – more fittingly its sycophants - to attempt to rein in or defeat ISIS out of a professed mutual interest on the part of both of you. None exists! And I don’t need to have to tell you why not to, as you already know the answer to that question.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The definitive encapsulation of elegant womanhood!

By Stanley Collymore

A vibrant sensuality that’s enliveningly powerful
and yet, quite noticeably and tantalizingly so to
this observer, is tastefully and naturally
exhibited with all the exquisite and
alluring charm that is humanly
possible; and which jointly
are themselves thoroughly
supported by the compellingly observable,
pleasurably distracting and, thankfully
as well, inescapable and mentally
enshrined, flawless fluidity of
movement which delightfully emanates from you,
and that seductively, comprehensively engages
the full array of feminine gracefulness itself
intrinsically and beautifully embodied -
in every conceivable sense of that
word - in a truly outstanding,
enormously attractive, markedly
composed and consummately
assured young lady, who is
completely, confidently
and notably at peace
both with herself
and the rest of
the world.

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 June 2014.

If beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder then in the scheme of things and relative to yourself young lady, I would logically presume that there’s no shortage of beholders in your case.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

You can’t expect on demand what I freely don’t want to give!

By Stanley Collymore

I hate you; and nothing that you say or do in
a supposed atonement for your utterly
appalling behaviour towards
me will ever ameliorate for,
far less seriously persuade me
to forgive you for the incalculable
and intentional harm you’ve spitefully
caused me; damagingly inflicted
on my professional career
and callously done
to my personal

And why? Because in your sick and somewhat
perverse mind you took great offence to
what you regarded as my audacity in
declining what you superciliously
considered as the ultimate in
marriage proposals to me and thus my
rejection of you: God’s gift, you
see yourself as, to all men and
someone I should have been
quite flattered to have in
my life, in the process;
never mind how I
actually felt
about you.

Namely, that I don’t love you nor want to have
anything to do with you. Something which
you’re well aware of; but despite that
constituted the only reasons, as far
as I can tell, for your proposing
to me; because you’re not
used to nor can you countenance the idea
of someone genuinely ignoring you
or what you truly and unhappily
represent. And, as such, can’t
accept the reality of that,
nor does your stubborn
conceit make it any
easier for you
to do so.

Therefore, you came up with your bogus offer
of us getting married, because you love me
you say – how crass or insensitive can
one get? – hoping no doubt that I’d be terribly
impressed, fall for it all and, accordingly,
change my mind and opinions towards
you; enabling you to gain the upper
hand and, as a result, be in a
prime position to exert
your full influence
and control over me.
Well you thought wrongly,
didn’t you? As none of
that could possibly have
happened, even if I
wasn’t already
in love with

But you’re so used to being the centre of
attention: having all manner of men
besottedly falling over themselves to
gain your attention or be favoured
by you, that the mere thought
of someone like me – who you’ve
disappointedly realized you can’t
have and isn’t afraid to openly
tell you so – constitutes for
you a situation that you
frighteningly find
inconceivable to
believe and
to bear.

Consequently, out of a twisted desire for revenge – by
getting your own back at me, so you think, for
having thrown this unexpected but decisive
spanner into the works of your conspiratorial plotting –
you ludicrously concluded and delude yourself that
you’ve an absolute right to impugn my integrity
and what’s more additionally destroy me in
the process; hence your vitriolic vendetta
against me. Well, go ahead and do
your worst! For I’d rather, even
unreasonably so, prefer to be a
social pariah than to imaginably,
let alone wittingly, share
any part of my life
with an ogre
like you.

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 June 2014.

Love, it’s often alleged and invariably said, conquers all. But analogous to achieving success in any major military campaign and finally winning that particular war, every intelligent and accomplished protagonist of the heart well knows that the dispensing of together with the full utilization of moral forces themselves set alongside the scrupulous acknowledgement of and the undaunted conferring to the subject of one’s desire what’s unquestionably their basic and inalienable rights, are just some of the key aspects to ensuring the real likelihood of realizing a stable and commendable personal relationship. Not coercion or emotional blackmail!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Always and unashamedly aim for personal excellence!

By Stanley Collymore

Lift your eyes inspirationally towards the stars and
always remember who you are and where you
came from. Measure your capabilities and
successes not through the flatteries that
you receive from others – however
good-intentioned or otherwise
these might be - but on the definitive scale
and how extensive is the reach of your
genuine achievements, derived as a
natural consequence from your own
personal endeavours and the
dedicated hard work you’ve put into them.
And as you sensibly carry on doing so,
permit no one to either belittle or
scurrilously negate what you’ve
outstandingly done - and fully
recognized that you had to -
because you decidedly chose not
to and, furthermore, resolutely
refused to countenance, let
alone would ever settle
for the mundanity of
perceived societal

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 June 2014.

A common thread throughout my teaching career and that I assiduously sought to instil in all my students, wherever they were, has been this invaluable mantra derived from and inculcated in me by my own English Master – Mr Kenneth G. Doughlin - a fundamental educational mentor to me and an icon to all my peers that attended the same grammar school that I did, and whose wisdom I in turn employed within my own teaching career in relation to my own students: “It’s your life and you alone must be the ultimate arbiter of what exactly you do with it!”

Unsurprising therefore this poem is unreservedly dedicated to all those: secondary school pupils, undergraduate and postgraduate university students; those participating in adult or extracurricular educational studies, and the numerous others that over a period of several years I’ve either taught or lectured to; with particular reference and singular recognition to those in Hannover, Hamburg, Darmstadt and Laatzen Volkshochschule in Germany; the International School in Denmark; the Alexandra Girls Grammar School in Barbados; and of course educational institutions in England.

The good, bad and the indifferent among you – as I teasingly referred to you – but who I always knew would successfully morph into the resplendent and remarkable butterflies that delightedly, I’m quite happy to say, you’ve amazingly become.

So thank you all: my past and present charges, for the inspirational challenges individually and collectively, as well as in your own inimitable ways, that you’ve helped to instil in my teaching career enabling it to be the thoroughly rewarding success it has always been; and in my grateful appreciation too that so many of you freely and continually keep regularly in touch to personally update me on how you’re getting on in your everyday lives and also genuinely enquire about my own wellbeing.

Monday, 2 June 2014

The constant Pavlovian response to the Judaists’ financial-exploiters of Europe’s holocaust by EU leaders

By Stanley Collymore

A Brussels Jewish museum is entered and occupants there summarily killed by a lone gunman. Instantaneously without appraising themselves of the facts, or even caring to do so, the knee-jerk condemnatory response from those who can best be described as European Jewish aficionados - after all these European Judaists: man, woman and child, are purportedly God’s chosen people – goes rapidly and incontrovertibly into full sycophantic, deification genuflection, and sackcloth and ashes top gear.

Forthwith, David Cameron an avowed, and distinctly proud of it too, neo-con Zionist gets on the telephone, calls his Belgian counterpart, expresses his sincerest and deepest condolences to him on behalf of the British people, even though he didn’t ask my opinion on the matte or that of anyone else that I know, and vows to fight this kind of barbarity; but intentionally, as it happens, falling short of calling what took place a terroristic act – which it may or may not have been, but even so David Cameron like the rest of us without concrete proof one way or another to support his or our own personal, perceived or even prejudiced suppositions about this shooting couldn’t possibly have known that – because as we saw with the Anders Behring Breivik mass murders in Norway and other similar cases across Europe and the United States where such killings have noticeably been perpetrated by white Caucasians, western politicians and their obsequious media don’t regard these acts as terrorism.

Because in their sick minds whites don’t do terrorism, and which is a terminology anyway that they use exclusively to define the actions - almost always invariably in response to the savage barbarity cold-bloodedly and premeditatedly unleashed on them or their families in the Global South by western governments and their military forces - carried out by non-whites, whatever the precise circumstances are, or however justifiable these responses might be.

So, if instead of a Jewish museum it had been a mosque or even a Christian church frequented largely by non-white Belgian worshippers it’s a safe bet that David Cameron wouldn’t have wasted the British taxpayers’ money to make his phone call to Brussels, any more so than European leaders do to offer their condolences and assistance when iconic Blacks like Stephen Lawrence, or thousands of others who routinely die at the hands of the British police, Border Agency officials, the hired security thugs that work for the Home Office, or the prison guards who, as it also happens, come under the direct auspices of this key government ministry; but alas where none of these killers are ever charged or prosecuted by the state let alone found guilty in a court of law for their heinous crimes – this despite coroners’ courts repeatedly concluding in their verdicts that those murdered were killed unlawfully and their deaths constitute murder.

Furthermore, on the same day as the Brussels’ shooting occurred two distinctly unarmed teenaged Palestinian youths were likewise cold-bloodedly shot down dead in an empty street in the occupied territories by masked Israeli soldiers – wilful murders recorded by CCTV footage and supported by eye witness reports, some from shoppers, others by pedestrians on the footpaths in the vicinity of the killings and yet more by observers from the windows of their homes nearby, and all without doubt showing what happened to these two boys, but this atrocity like many others that have gone on over the years in Palestine and unfortunately will certainly carry on being the case, unlike the Belgian shootings didn’t warrant any mention it seemed in the western media.

And of course David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg all highly supportive aficionadas of everything that Israel, its killer authorities and military do, will carry on doing what they’ve always and hypocritically done, either ostrich-like and deliberately so bury their heads conveniently in the sand of indifference, intentionally choose not to know about what occurs almost on a daily basis in Palestine or just simply don’t care; while, at the same time, instinctively, stridently and with every fibre of their body condemn what took place in Brussels.

British leaders that are also one-sidedly supportive of the Nazi and fascist Kiev regime they helped to install there and that kills and maims its own citizens in the east and south of that country who resolutely refuse to recognize the illegal putsch as well as the corresponding illegitimate regime enforced on them; an enthusiasm markedly shown for it nevertheless by these western and profoundly hypocritical politicians that were its sponsors and are now its committed backers.

And we all know that if the legitimate and ousted former President of the Ukraine had used even a fraction of the same lethal force now comprised of fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, troops, Special Forces Units and in Kiev’s case US Blackwater mercenaries now employed against those in the east and south of Ukraine against the Maidan bĂȘte noire elements that helped to topple him, there would have categorically been a resounding chorus of condemnation from all western leaders and a demand from them also for UN Security Council and NARSISIES intervention to save, as they would claim, the lives of innocent Ukrainian citizens on their customarily fraudulent premise of humanitarian reasons.

Meanwhile there’s the matter of Boko Haram which everyone knowledgeably acquainted with Africa honestly knows is unquestionably an African one, and more specifically so a Nigerian problem, since this indigenous liberation movement has always operated and still continues to do so exclusively within the generally defined and internationally accepted borders of Nigeria. So it’s indisputably a domestic Nigerian problem alone – in the identical fashion that the various factions of the IRA and the longstanding internecine civil war in Ireland are exclusively British and Irish problems passionately regarded and solely treated as such by those directly involved along with their western chums, and which have absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.

Likewise too, the Boko Haram issue, that outside of Africa generally and Nigeria in particular is quite frankly no business of European countries or their interfering leaders, fully bearing in mind that Nigeria is an African country that is evidently far removed from Europe geographically, and considering Europe’s disreputable record there as well as across the entire continent of Africa, is not a place where advice for Africa should be coming from.

Yet while British leaders and their European counterparts would readily, rather scathingly and disdainfully regard Nigeria or any other African country, for that matter, unilaterally commenting on or making suggestions on how best, for instance, to resolve the longstanding, historical and internecine conflict in Ireland as an unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of the UK, as the custodian of Northern Ireland, or that of the Irish Republic that controls the remainder of that troubled island, David Cameron and France’s Francois Hollande have no scruples whatsoever in dictating to and, what’s more, insisting that Nigeria’s puppet and black House Nigger president forthwith dispense with a quite reasonably brokered deal between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram, in which in direct exchange for the Nigerian government freeing a specified number of Boko Haram’s combatants held in Nigerian government jails and promptly releasing them back to their Boko Haram family of guerrilla fighters, Boko Haram for its part would then release the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls it has in its possession – and who contrary to western media reports are unharmed and said by independent observers who have seen them to be categorically in excellent physical and mental condition – back to their respective families.

However, David Cameron and Francois Hollande have virulently condemned this all Nigerian deal and insufferably forced their Nigerian “boy” to block it. Digressing, slightly can you just imagine what the British response; that of the European Union or the United States would have been if any African country said that it didn’t like and consequently voiced its opposition to the Good Friday agreement between Britain and the IRA, and those states there that are Commonwealth countries then rather arbitrarily and arrogantly sought to put pressure on the UK government not to go ahead with the agreement let alone sign that Good Friday deal? No need to respond to me, as we all know what the white European players in this insufferably ongoing and sectarian, Irish saga and their US puppet masters would contemptuously tell any such African upstart, as they saw it, what to do with themselves.

But when it comes to Africa it’s an entirely different story where this lot are concerned, then the sky’s the limit for white Caucasian arrogance, hubris and their sense of entitlement to do whatever they like there. And furthermore, preferring instead to have a situation more intensely and gravely exacerbated by fomenting war in Nigeria, as they’ve done in the Ukraine, suits the purposes of David Cameron and Francoise Hollande, as they can then fraudulently and sanctimoniously parade themselves on the world stage as the good guys, who as the leaders of two of Europe’s major and former colonial powers in Africa they can say they undoubtedly know what’s best for that continent and naturally its people.

Therefore, because of that hubristic assumption on their part, they asininely believe that they have a duty, commitment and, of course, the military muscle to intervene and decidedly make a positive difference to the lives of, in this case, the Nigerians. A barefaced lie by any definition of that word, but say it often enough and they know full well that they won’t be challenged and furthermore will be widely believed by their mostly ill-informed and highly manipulated public. Even though from his personal and venal experiences of Africa Vince Cable would have adequately informed them of what could be richly derived from the west’s unilateral and military intervention in Nigeria.

For perhaps better than most in the Con-Dem regime of which he’s a senior minister Vince Cable knows that with its massive oil reserves Nigeria is a prized milch cow for energy hungry European countries and the respective EU regimes including his own; the superfluity of avaricious, grasping and odious toads in both houses of the UK parliament, along with the bevy of corrupt senior civil servants that advise them and that collectively, willingly genuflect at the altar of the massive oil and gas multinational corporations that routinely dictate what they do; since these multinational corporate entities not only handsomely pay our supposed democratic representatives - that don’t miss a trick in their book of fraudulent practices to dishonestly profess how much they care about the rest of us - for their obsequiousness but also effectively own them lock, stock and barrel – no pun intended, having bought, sold and traded them repeatedly as the commodities that they really are.

But there’s another reason for David Cameron and François Hollande’s intervention in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular at this stage, taking into account their xenophobic, racist and anti-immigration rhetoric which leaves no intelligent person in any doubt  what they actually feel about Blacks generally, as to anyone with eyes to see and a brain that dependably functions this perverse rhetoric coming from David Cameron, Francoise Holland and others of the same ilk, is diametrically opposed to anyone remotely bearing the appearance of these Nigerian schoolgirls coming to or settling in the UK, France or the rest of the EU, for example, even if they wanted to, which they most categorically don’t want to.

And adding to that as well that these prominent European leaders in concert with their likeminded colleagues are also, it would seem, completely oblivious of the fact that not only their dangerous rhetoric but also their terroristic actions in the Global South, matched by harsh austerity measures at home to placate the banks and other financial institutions that avariciously continue to want yet more of a pie from which the rich becomes richer and the poor goes to the wall of destitution, are largely responsible for fomenting and increasing the discontent on the left, right and equally even the middle of the political spectra across Europe that the insane policies of these leaders and their governments pursue, but which are profoundly flawed, out of touch with reality and inimical to the interests of everyone except these leaders and their political colleagues and, of course, those whom they slavishly continue to serve.

But as a deeply unpopular Maggie Thatcher - and other similar charlatans before and subsequent to her globally, and I’m absolutely sure they’ll be other similar ones in the future - discovered to their political advantage, when power at home is noticeably slipping from one’s grasp, then deceitfully and barefacedly orchestrate an overseas war or some other external conflict to cunningly divert the natives’ attention away from their domestic problems towards an outright contrived, patriotic, flag-waving enterprise; and with both David Cameron and Francoise Hollande having had a severe and hostile kicking from their respective electorate at home, maybe they think that another foreign war, perchance in far-flung Nigeria, would do nicely for their individual political resurrection.