Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nemesis of a female sexual predator

By Stanley Collymore

From a personal perspective I’ve never ever considered you
to be a good liar, which you evidently are not; and as
such have always been able to see right through
you and accurately determine whatever it was
that you were up to, that put bluntly and to
say the very least was never any good.
Even so I never said anything, and at no stage of
your outrageous behaviour did I ever reproach
or condemn you for your permissive actions
choosing instead to let sleeping dogs
lie, as what you did didn’t impact
on my life and quite frankly
was therefore none of
my business.

All the more so as lawfully and physiologically
you’re obviously an adult and for that reason if
none other must shoulder full responsibility
for your personal conduct, just as those
who allow themselves to be used by
you have a comparable obligation
to themselves to do likewise and
therefore shouldn’t expect a
third party to constantly be
on hand to act either as
their guardian angel
or individual

However, when the likes of you grow tired, as you
invariably do, of the relative ease with which
you comprehensively outwit and ruthlessly
manipulate those whom you’ve chosen
to exploit, and who incredibly permit you
to do so, turn your predatory instincts to the
task of temptingly ensnaring what you
self-servingly perceive as far more
challenging prey of the calibre of
myself, then to stand idly by
and witlessly refuse to
confront such an
outrage would
at the very least
be a non sequitur
on my part were
I specifically
to be your

Something that I couldn’t conscionably tolerate
let alone sensibly accept. So in my case please
spare yourself the ignominy of being told
in candid terms where to get off and
what best to do with yourself,
relative to your predetermined
designs and self-centred
plans, where I am

For while the issue of my inside leg measurement and its
speculative size are obviously matters of considerable
interest to you, it doesn’t necessarily follow that I
must automatically or should unthinkingly comply
with your personal demands on how or even
whether or not I ought to make use of them
with you; for I’m not or will I ever allow
myself to be a sexual automaton: conveniently available
on demand only to be casually disposed of when I’m
no longer required or deemed fit for purpose as
you evidently would rather prefer to think
that I am, and shockingly surprising
for you, I’m sure, do instead
have a very functioning
and well-utilized
brain in my

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 May 2014.

Author’s analysis
In the west predatory sexual instincts ascribed to and routinely acknowledged to exist among Homo sapiens is often principally associated with the male gender, this despite the accumulation of a plethora of historical and decisively, irrefutable empirical data that’s readily available to substantively support the contrary point of view that this is distinctly far from being the case. But white Caucasian males, for the most part, demonstrably like and very much prefer the first, well-received but erroneous narrative that evidently gives them the emotional, comfort blanket boost and psychological peace of mean which they desperately yearn for to misleadingly corroborate what to others is the glaringly fictional notion of their machismo alpha male persona that they boastfully like to gird themselves with.

A right questionable state of affairs that from their ludicrous perspective nevertheless fittingly reinforces their staunch belief that they’re not only racially and culturally the Master Race but unquestionably too also superior in bed; a conclusion which conflictingly, as I’ve personally discovered on numerous occasions, is a point of view that many of their womenfolk don’t share at all, find risible in the extreme and privately have no hesitation in saying so, as their ongoing and intentional cuckolding of these purported Master Race specimens of humanity clearly attest to and firmly demonstrate.

That said members of both genders periodically tend to keep souvenirs of sexual encounters that they’ve engaged in and which at the time meant something, and even specially so, to them. However, what no normal individual among them ever does is to send semen or vaginal stained clothing, specifically derived from that sexual involvement, to either their mom or dad for safe keeping; as to do so would be most bizarre to say the very least and in a worst case scenario have serious overtones of premeditated and devious machinations in the offing on the part of the person involved in this kind of outlandish conduct.

Therefore in my opinion Monika Lewinsky is not and has never been the hapless victim she self-servingly seeks to portray herself as, nor have I ever thought for a solitary moment that Bill Clinton was or is a sexual abuser. A charismatic Lothario no doubt, but what may I ask is wrong with that if no coercion or manipulative deceit is ever contemplated or employed in the seduction process?

Candidly and significantly to-date even though I’ve long and voluntarily desisted from liberally but quite selectively sowing my wild oaks, as was previously my wont to do, as I not only grew up as normal people in such circumstances invariably do but have also sagaciously realized that however keen I was on proverbially climbing mountains so to speak, I didn’t have to persistently scale either new ones or the likes of existing and challenging ones like Mt. Everest every time, or for that matter regard their successful ascent as proof positive that I was still very much a highly skilled, undeniably accomplished and a remarkably competent mountaineer; a similar conclusion I logically arrived at in relation to sex and consequently determined that I had nothing to prove to myself and much less so to anyone!

And since I’ve comprehensively, and pleasurably as well, had considerably far more than my fair share of sexual conquests: all of them perfectly legal, non-predatory, exclusively heterosexual, highly emotionally compatible – else I simply wouldn’t have indulged in them in the first place - and distinctly always mutually consensual, set against that backdrop the quite lunatic idea that all sexually active men are invidious predators and conversely every female is chaste, naïve at worst or wholly innocent relative to the actions she embarks on is as preposterous, I firmly believe, as someone of either gender reaching the age of puberty and still believing, if they ever did in this contemporary and promiscuous world of ours, that newborn babies are found by their respective mothers under gooseberry bushes or else delivered to them by rather longsuffering but none the less altruistic storks tasked with the dubious privilege of doing so.

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