Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Boundless Love

By Stanley Collymore

What is the purpose of bestowing Love if you then have
to define its meaning; carefully explain its designated
objective to the recipient of it, and most crucially
why it is that you’re giving it? For having
in itself to do any or all of these things
simply cheapens the exercise as
well as glaringly detracts
from the spontaneity and
the inherent essence
of the most apt
and altruistic
of human
acts that

That I love you goes without saying, and gratefully the profound
indebtedness to you on my part for the unswerving reciprocity
of your love for me is both flattering and heart-warmingly
welcomed; a compellingly enthralling situation that’s
fully augmented by the firm knowledge that of all
the voluntary decisions in my life that I could
possibly have contemplated and willingly
 implemented, falling in love with
you and honestly apprising you of that fact is one
of the best that I’ve ever made, or I’m likely
to accomplish; and, what’s more, without
having to explain myself because
perceptively you graciously
appreciate what I have
done and intelligently
understand why!

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 May 2014.

“I Love you!” - three of the most profound and invariably recurrent life-changing words in the English or any other reciprocal languages that can and quite often, in whatever cultural aspect in which they’re expressed, do evoke sentiments that can either immensely enhance one’s personal life’s prospects or conversely if the feelings are unreciprocated turn them into an absolute nightmare.

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