Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The United States and its EU Stooges: Drunk on power and high on stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

Not satisfied with its widespread surveillance of multiple countries globally in tandem with its additional and determinedly ongoing invasive and clandestine spying on billions of people across the world even when its activities were comprehensively and embarrassingly exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the United States still seems incapable or unwilling, or both, to rein in its infernal meddling in the affairs of other countries and their citizens.

Not even the excruciatingly devastating experience that it crushingly suffered in terms of the effective loss of its significant financial outlay along with the enormous blow to its much vaunted self-esteem and hubris, or the huge discomfiture occasioned by it relative to the utterly humiliating but all the same brilliant manner in which it was completely wrong footed and totally outmanoeuvred by Russia as regards its imperialist enterprise not simply through an illegitimate but also a murderously brutal, regime change, putsch to co-opt Ukraine and more crucially the Crimea with its vital and intensely yearned for control of the latter’s Black Sea and historic naval facilities into the orbit of the American Empire and that of the latter’s bully boys the NARSISSIES, thus causing the said USA and its ever obliging European stooges, when they became undone by Russia’s masterstroke, to both literally and figuratively throw their dummies out of their prams like the spoilt brats they are, seem to have dimmed for a solitary moment the United States insatiable appetite for and its compulsive obsession with infernally creating mischief, and invariably deadly mayhem with it, in other people’s countries.

With Ukraine minus the Crimea very much poised over a powder keg courtesy of the diehard Nazis and Fascists that the US and the EU have installed there and who predictably, as is their nature, are now fighting among themselves, leopards are totally incapable of changing their spots, the United States while stupidly and irrationally dousing more oil on this Ukrainian inferno can still find the time, finance and effort, it seems, to dangerously stoke yet another ongoing and completely ill-conceived conflagration of its own wilful and malicious choosing in Venezuela. But the story of this obsessive and out of control US bête noire doesn’t just stop there. Oh no!

For we also know from alternative news reports, which have been confirmed by the US State Department, that Washington is funding to the tune of millions of US dollars an alternative twitter scheme whose purpose, the State Department’s fresh faced floozy, Marie Harf, who looks as if she hasn’t yet been properly weaned off her mother’s milk, if such androids ever get breastfed that is, is to target domestic Cubans, giving them, she went on, the opportunity as well as the means to challenge through social media outlets and other public manipulated measures, encouraged and financed by the United States, a US instigated and supported insurrection by elements within the local Cuban population that would, with financial incentives beneficial to themselves, be persuaded to undermine through US orchestrated violence the ultimate overthrow of what she deemed to be an oppressive and undemocratic regime in Havana.

While at the same time enthusiastically support the introduction, national implementation and the immutable consolidation of democracy, albeit à la the United States own twisted concept and application she conveniently forgot to say of that word, on that Caribbean island that for almost 60 years and counting, and quite interestingly in her studiously overlooked factual analysis but nevertheless farfetched  interpretation of Cuban affairs, has systematically, continuously and frenziedly, a process that is still ongoing, borne the brunt of US sanctions, blockades, threats  and military interventions, yet in spite of all that and much more still manages to survive; proof positive that the only way to seriously incapacitate or defeat odious bullies is not to succumb to them but instead confront them at every turn.

And if ever there was a classic case of a big and powerful country picking on a smaller one this is it; but I guess this mere strip of a girl didn’t listen to her president’s recent speech in Brussels on this specific topic when he was quite asininely firing his incredibly hypocritical and accursed ultra sanctimonious barrage of insults, innuendos and accusations, all of them without exception totally unfounded and without a shred of evidence to corroborate what Barack Obama was saying  and whose venomous pronouncements on President Putin and the Russian Federation when looked at closely and objectively was in reality Barrack Obama gazing into the proverbial mirror, assiduously observing and reciting what he saw there and in effect consciously and dishonestly off-loading onto President Putin and the Russian people what was actually a compendium of historical and contemporary American crimes of consummate notoriety and the manifold execution of these.

Not for the first time, or would it be the last I imagine, that the rest of the world would be treated to such an exposition of manic psychosis, a false exhibition of concern for smaller nations, and even worst the invertibility of one’s wrongdoings onto others from a US President as is the common practice of the United, its EU and other white Caucasian satrapies and stooges. That said, I quite honestly don’t think that anyone in the US State Department bothers in the least to pay the slightest attention to anything coming out of the mouth, or any other orifice come to that, of Barack Obama much less do they either care to listen to or attach any significance at all to what he says; and principally so for two specific and quite obvious reasons, to any discerning individual that is.

The first of these is that the US State Department is endemically infested at the present time with fanatical and recidivistic Nazi-Neocons and diehard, intractable fascists. Nothing out of the ordinary, it must be stressed, for this pivotal, US foreign policy and decision-making department of state that by its nature and from its very inception has had an intrinsically cultivated and quite pronounced Nazi inclination, culture, ideology and orientation.

A prime example of what I mean, and which is just the mere tip of the iceberg of other manifold and equally odious activities on the part of the US State Department, is that Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who held that office at the US State Department prior to an intransigently unwilling United States to get involved in World War II, which it saw as Europe’s war and consequently had nothing whatsoever to do with the United States that anyway was making a king’s ransom, backed by overwhelming support on the part of the US public for Nazi Germany, by selling state of the art weaponry to Germany along with the Zyklon B gas that the Nazis across Europe used in their death camps to eradicate Jews, Gypsies and other so-called “Untermenschen” – “Undesirables” to those who aren’t familiar with German – until the United States was bounced into the war it tried its utmost to avoid by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour.

Secretary of State Cordell Hull who held on to his portfolio at the US State Department after the United States’ belated entry into World War II - a war in which it can’t be stressed enough some 20 million Russians heroically and selflessly sacrificed their lives to help in the ultimate defeat of Nazism and fascism in Europe - and carried on doing so throughout World War II, notwithstanding his position and the crucial responsibility that it entailed, nevertheless consciously developed a damning notoriety, which he exultantly savoured, for resolutely refusing permission to ships that had sailed from Europe to the United States with Jewish and other European refugees on board and whose sole endeavour among these passengers was to seek sanctuary in the US having fled Nazi persecution and tyranny back home from docking in any US harbour; and that included those of the US’ Caribbean colony of Puerto Rico.

With other countries in the region of the United States very much under the US’s thumb and taking their lead directly from that country together with a similar reluctance on the part of Britain to take them in, these refugees were presented with the only choice open to them, and that was to be sent back to the countries from whence they came. And this is precisely what happened to those who didn’t have the courage to take their own lives; but even so they too didn’t have long to live, since without exception they quickly on arrival back home summarily ended up in the gas chambers and other death camps dotted around mainland Europe. And in one of the most cynical and ironical acts imaginable to anyone with a conscience Secretary of State Cordell Hull was awarded at the war’s end with the Nobel Peace Prize. This despite him and US intelligence officials having known from the outset about the mass killings of Jews and other supposed “Untermenschen” in Nazi Germany yet failed to acknowledge Hitler’s campaign in this regard.

The second major reason, and a quite significant one too in the circumstances, why the US State Department is behaving as it does is because the serving President of the United States of America is a weak president, and those in the State Department as is everyone else globally who is neither brain dead, brainwashed nor isn’t living in some kind of a parallel universe of their own creation and distinct from the rest of us knows that too. The psychological problems associated with the progeny of mixed race, black and Caucasian unions where the father is black and the mother white are legion and well-documented; and these are invariably compounded when it’s the white mother or her family that are the ones who exclusively raise and bring up that child in a sole and often illiberal and even racist Caucasian environment with no input of any kind ever sought, encouraged or allowed from that child’s black relatives or cultural heritage.

Barack Obama may have married an African-American woman whose ancestral heritage is one of slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, lynching and all the rest of it, and although his father was a black Kenyan and whose country and people were similarly subjected under British colonial rule to the same universal and collective, white Caucasian barbarities that were routinely systematically and ongoingly inflicted on Black people worldwide for in excess of 500 years since the introduction of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and are still going on in a multiplicity of ways, Barack cannot honestly be said to truly understand, appreciate or fully empathize with what he’s never experienced or been told about from firsthand knowledge.

As a result Barack can more readily empathize and identify with the Irish, a direct consequence of his nebulous Irish roots that an Irish researcher in Ireland unearthed it’s claimed in 2007 and which Barack sometime afterwards knew about for the very first time; a somewhat curious revelation that neither Barack’s late white American mother nor his similarly late white American grandmother, who incidentally raised him, seemed to have known absolutely nothing about, than he ever could or would personally want to with black Kenyans or your average black American for that matter. Just honestly ask yourself, how many state or even informal presidential visits has this biological son of Kenya made to that country, a big fat ZERO, and contrast that with the proud manner and what previous white Caucasian US presidents have done when it came to recognizing their white European heritage and racial lineage? All of these earmarked with visits to their ancestral lands; and even the terrorist activities in places like Ireland didn’t put them off from going there. Yet we have the first non-white US president eschewing Kenya, the land of his father and generations of his people, like the plague. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Therefore the manifold travesties of justice, the traumas, the humiliations, the massive wrongful and disproportionate imprisonment of US Blacks of both genders, their overwhelming numbers on death row disproportionate too to the percentage of black people that comprise just one element of the US population and compounded by the burgeoning numbers of Blacks racially killed by whites who then simply walked free courtesy of an institutionalized racist, US so-called judicial system – the murder of Trayvon Martin is one such example -  that has no qualms convicting and sentencing Blacks to death if they’re accused of killing whites, even when the facts are scanty or non-existent, are issues that don’t touch Barack Obama and that he evidently either doesn’t care about or want to concern himself with.

Every white President of the United States of America has looked after the interests of his race and it’s a fair bet that if whites were being treated in the US as Blacks historically have been, and still are, a white US president, regardless of his political ideology or party allegiance, would move hell and high water irrespective of what it takes to rectify these injustices that his people were unfairly and inhumanely being subjected to. Not so Barack Obama! For while having relied on over 95% of the Black US electorate to vote him into office twice President Barack Obama hasn’t done any of the aforementioned in relation to Black people in the US or the wider Black Diaspora and frankly doesn’t want to. Yet rather insultingly to all of us with black ancestry, I must confess, instinctively becomes the military Superman, diplomatic Defender and financial Benefactor prepared to take on a nuclear armed Russian Federation to ludicrously protect the alleged rights of, of all people, the Nazi and Fascist descendants of Stepan Bandera; and with not a solitary Nigger in sight in that stinking Eastern European, Nazi-Fascist quagmire of white Caucasian supremacist ideology; for there are no Blacks living in the Ukraine nor would any be made welcomed in this racist cesspit let alone be tolerated especially in western Ukraine, as many black British footballers on UEFA tournaments there have discovered to their cost!

White Caucasians can be barbaric and the more barbaric that they are the more canny they appear to be, and it’s a truism that once such people are allowed to get the upper hand they never let go of it. The US State Department is replete with barbarians of the most odious and loathsome kind and whose barbarism, to put it mildly, is infinite. Furthermore, these contemporary Neanderthals know perfectly well that they have Barrack by the short and curlies, not least because they’re very much aware, and use this knowledge exploitatively, how keen Barack Obama: the first departure in US political history away from a white male Caucasian president, wants to be seen, treated and most importantly to be fully accepted as what he inwardly considers himself to be: a white man. What conscionable Blacks in such circumstances observing such troubled members of their race regard as “COCONUTS”: persons who’re brown on the exterior but white on the inside! A phenomenon not at all dissimilar to a black woman marrying a white Caucasian male not out of love necessarily but to breed out her blackness and ensure that her descendants end up white. Such is the traumatic and profound psychological scarring of elements still within the Black Diaspora as a consequence of centuries of the most inhumane treatment meted out to them at the hands of white Caucasians.

All that temporarily aside however and with the US State Department having decidedly gone rogue, here we have it unilaterally and rather coercively pushing a social media vehicle down the throats of Cubans on the subjective premise that social media is good for democracy; well their version of it anyway. Yet we don’t hear a tweet or are we ever likely to out of the same US State Department when false flag enthusiasts like the NARSSISIES Pact and Turkey’s idiotic prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I wonder where he got his ideas from; brutally cracks down on the real TWITTER to painstakingly throttle democracy in his own country which is a close military ally of the United States. Talk about double standards! And quite recently too we saw Barack Obama paying a state visit to BANTU SAUDI: you know the one; that paragon of democracy and human rights. No US or other western twitter-based or other social media campaigns there, but that said why would they be needed in this bastion of DEMOCRCY, I don’t think. So my advice to this feckless floozy, like all of her kind at the US State Department, is grow up; fact check your material and stop treating everyone like the purblind morons that the lot of you are.

The governments of Venezuela ever since the emergence of the late Hugo Chavez have been faultlessly democratic; and if the people of Cuba wanted to overthrow the system of government there they would have done so within the last almost 60 years. But they haven’t. And you know why? Because they have a deep and unconquerable pride in themselves and what their government is doing for them. Cuba has a far better educational system than that of the United States, the UK and most European countries and its health service is second to none. Now compare that with the United States where some 47 million people are without health insurance and obviously any sort of healthcare, a figure that is existentially growing there; and even here in the UK where a principal medical officer has advised the British public to do its best not to get sick as they run the serious risk of dying if admitted to our average British NHS hospitals, which are starved of cash and chronically depleted of trained medical and support personnel, the situation to say the least is dire.

Apart from Barbados with a similar health record to that of Cuba no other country in the Caribbean or the Americas can boast this achievement. And while the United States and its willing European satrapies like Britain, France and Germany for example export enormous amounts of arms, other weaponry and chemical weapons that cause indescribable suffering, innumerable deaths, personal tragedies and chaos globally Cuba on the other hand exports doctors, other medical professionals and teachers. So who would you truthfully say, given these circumstances, was the more ethical of these two diametrically opposed entities; and what’s more who would you prefer and want to be on your side if you were in a medical predicament and your life was at stake?

Additionally like Barbados Cuba has the most centenarians per population than all of the so-called western industrialized nations, and Venezuela like both these Caribbean countries has under Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Madura pulled the ordinary Venezuelan man, woman and child out of massive poverty that was endemic there because the country’s wealth was being foisted off to banks in the United States and Europe by the oligarchs that previously ruled the country and that capitalist USA and its allies would quite dearly love to see come back into power.

They won’t do so democratically that’s for sure, and it’s why the United States has had to resort to all manner of means to affect regime change in these countries; but the people aren’t stupid. They know what was there previously and don’t want to go back to those bad old and exploitative days; and rather than the United States and its stooges seeking to effectively destroy these countries and utilizing all sorts of outlandish means to do so, it would be much more beneficial both for US and European citizens if their governments did the same for them.

Fundamentally what the United States and its allies are doing is illegitimate, unjust and immoral. The existence of the NARSISSIES and their real purpose is to extend and support the American Empire enabling the latter to militarily flex its muscle and expand its wings globally. As such the NARSISSIES main anchor is the US and the Pentagon, for because of the United States perceived economic, political and military power it is able to shield itself from all legal culpability, otherwise many of its political leaders and military personnel would have speedily found themselves hauled before international courts charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. So please MISS FRESH FACE FLOOZY at the US State Department I firmly suggest that you first fact check and do your homework next time before you take to opening your mouth and risibly pontificating on things that you know absolutely nothing about. And as you embark on doing that it would also be much appreciated by the genuine international community if you were to pass on the same advice to the rest of your US State Department colleagues.

And please also permit me to say one further thing before I finish Marie Harf, perhaps the US State Department could come clean and explain to the US taxpayers what has really happened to the six (6) billion US dollars supposedly earmarked for redevelopment in Iraq and Afghanistan but which has gone missing, some of which has quite apparently been stolen while other similarly significant sums have unlawfully been siphoned off to fund projects like the US State Department’s incredibly outlandish and evidently failed twitter-style programme aimed at destabilizing and fomenting a US instigated and sponsored insurrection campaign against the Cuban government and people.

My pertinent question to you Ms Harf is this: Don’t you clowns at the US State Department ever learn? Even young babies and active toddlers quickly tire of doing the same things and very soon become quite agitated if those things that they transparently eschew are foisted upon them by adults or others, and in the case of Cuba, consecutive United States administrations and especially the State Department have been jointly waging this rather ludicrous campaign of theirs for nigh on 60 years, far longer than you were born Marie Harf, to overthrow the government of that Caribbean island. Seriously and intelligently isn’t it time you all realize that the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people have been all this time and are still refusing to allow themselves to be duped by this crass US propaganda along with its blatant destabilization techniques and give up? Intelligent people would have done so long ago, but do forgive me I temporally forgot myself; you’re the US State Department and such breed of people neither control it nor work there!

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