Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

By Stanley Collymore

On the 2 April 2014 Yashika Bageerathi: a 19 year old student at the Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield London and who was in the final stages of studying for her “A” level examinations, the precursor entry qualifications, under the English and most Commonwealth countries educational system, as an undergraduate university student, was forcibly deported by Teresa May the British Home Secretary back to her native Mauritius. Miss Bageerathi’s presence in England came about involuntarily when as a minor she and her younger siblings together with their mother fled from Mauritius, citing physical persecution there, and sought asylum here in the UK.

During the time that the Bageerathi family have been in England – curiously and quite illogically the mother and her younger children are still currently in the UK despite the deportation of Yashika – the family from all reliable accounts have been exemplary in every way to say the least and for her part Ms Bageerathi has according to commendable reports submitted to the Home Office from her school has been the thoroughly model ambitious, hardworking and a quite outstanding student all along, and an absolute credit one would have thought in those circumstances to any community she was a part of; and more so to Britain where the powers that be, and most notably so the Con-Dem regime that runs the UK, churns out ad infinitum the disingenuous and even wholly dishonest mantra that the kind of immigrants Britain wants are very much of the calibre of Yashika Bageerathi.

But of course the lying words of the UK’s regime belie the real, ulterior and undoubtedly racist motives behind what its constituent members are actually up to. To digress, in the 1960s the then British Labour government in a reprehensible and covert deal with its United States counterpart ethnically and quite brutally cleansed the indigenous people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean from all of their peninsular territories there in order to hand the principal island of Diego Garcia over to the United States for a military base, which incidentally still exists and has been routinely used every since the US’s so-called war on terror as the Indian Ocean‘s equivalent of Guantanamo Bay, a black gulag and a rendition centre all rolled into one. Prohibited from ever returning to their homeland the Chaggossians were literally dumped on Mauritius by the British government that ran that place, doing so without any consultation with or permission from the local people there or their authorities for that matter. And that’s exactly where the Chaggossians were summarily left to literally rot and be forgotten by those in London that had determined their fate.

However, after Britain’s convenient war with Argentina over the Malvinas/Falkland Islands and the quite cynical granting of British citizenship to the people there that previously the UK didn’t care two hoots about, an equally cynical approach that directly followed when Britain did the same with the residents of Gibraltar, a momentum developed and was incredibly sustained by those that clearly saw double standards in place, par for the course where Britain is concerned, at work and demanded that the Chaggossians be granted the same citizenship rights as the Falklanders and the Gibraltarians. Shamefacedly, Britain reluctantly agreed, which meant that though largely unwanted the former residents and historical owners of the Chagos Islands, unceremoniously dumped in Mauritius, could now legally live in the UK as well; and some of them have chosen to do so even though their campaign to have their islands returned to them have gone on unabated, an inalienable right supported and accorded to them by Britain’s highest court whose decision though has been consistently ignored by successive British regimes, with the Prime Minister of the day using the medieval and antiquated Royal Prerogative to thwart the right and desire of the Chaggossian people to return to their indigenous homeland.

Yashika Bageerathi may not be a Chaggossian else she couldn’t be deported, much less in the manner that she has been; but most ironically she’s a Mauritian. And here’s my scenario for you and one that highlights not only the racist hypocrisy but also the transparent double standards of Teresa May and her equally racist and odious colleagues in this reprehensible Con-Dem regime. And I’ll put it to you bluntly. Just imagine that someone arrogating to themselves the exclusive authority to do so arbitrarily plonks the family of people who are not part of your family or even possibly not known to you within your home, doing so without any consultation with or approval from you to facilitate such a move, and what’s more not only arrogantly assumes but also expects you to uncomplainingly accept what they’ve done. Then at some future date one or maybe two of your own family members for reasons perfectly logical to themselves decide to go and live in the sumptuous home of the person who created the initial problem in the first place. But what do they come up against?

You guessed it; a most aggressive antipathy on the part of that individual to them being anywhere near their home let alone living there. Which is precisely the attitude of the arrogant and repulsive nerds that infect this current Con-Dem regime and many of the likeminded twerps among our MPs and MEPs. Quite OK it seems what they did but no charity to be dispensed at all to others that don’t look like them. For that is what it’s really all about, skin colour and with nothing whatsoever to do with the numbers of people that actually come into the UK as these charlatans would have you believe. And how bloody ironic when those who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of us letting too many “immigrants” into the country and are similarly foremost in aggressively banging the drums of vilification against such persons are themselves steeped in foreign and, often quite so dubious ancestry.

Here’s a little taster for you of what I mean: Michael Howard: both parents Jewish refuges from Romania and until they met in England for the first time were unknown to each other; mother by all accounts legally here but father an illegal immigrant. Boris Johnson: a classic case of a human mongrel if ever there was one. David Cameron: in Israel on an official visit there claimed to have Jewish ancestry; back home is an evangelical Christian, who thinks that all of us, even practising Christians, should do the same but is not against parading what he says are also his French Norman - William the Conqueror and all that stuff - roots. Incidentally the Normans weren’t French but Scandinavians who were kicked out of that northern European region by the others residents there because of their sadistic barbarity; found refuge in France then betrayed their hosts by turning on them. Probably that accounts for David Cameron being what he is. Ed Miliband wannabe PM: parents Jewish refugees who fled to the UK and in all likelihood he and his brother David would never have been born if the Nazis and fascists had gotten hold of his parents, but yet he has no problems being supportive of the Nazis and fascists in Kiev brought to power in a US and EU putsch and who’re the disciples, followers and direct descendants of Stepan Bandera the notorious Nazi and Jew slayer and his band of odious death camp exterminators in Eastern Europe; and were also close allies of the German Nazis, as well as members of the Ukrainian Waffen SS.

Nick Clegg: wife Portuguese; that supposed bastion of democracy but in reality is still fascist to the core; was a staunch ally of the Third Reich and customarily wreaked its ingrained savagery on Mozambique and Angola its two African colonies. Ironically, as these things usually turn out, this Iberian financial basket case is now in 2014 being economically baled out by its now independent and evidently much richer former colony of Angola. How has the once arrogantly and supposedly mighty fallen!

Nigel Farage: ancestry French. France that country across the channel from us that enthusiastically to the utter astonishment of the Germans sent more Jews and Gypsies to their predictable deaths in the gas chambers and other death camps of Europe than even Germany’s Third Reich managed to do. Whose navy under the British codename Operation Catapult was ordered by Winston Churchill to be completely destroyed, and it most certainly was, after these commendable human beings – I don’t think – and whom Nigel Farage is essentially an ethnic member became the odious turncoats they always were at heart, and under the abhorrent Vichy regime fervently, unreservedly and with 95% support of the entire French populace zealously threw its lot in with Germany’s Third Reich, leaving the likes of Josephine Baker: the black American singer, together with a number of French colonials and a few white expatriates from the French colonies overseas to form the bulwark of the French Resistance that helped to defeat Nazism and fascism in Europe.

Prompting this telling and quite prescient minded sentiment from a correspondent, and one which I share, relative to Operation Catapult and that I happily reproduce here:

“If the French didn’t want to be attacked they should have surrendered their naval ships. They had no problem, it seemed, surrendering to the Germans as fast as was humanly possible, but somehow willingly turning their naval ships over to their allies proved to be a conundrum for them. Well, we know why; for they were pretty happy collaborating with the rightwing fascists and Nazis at home and across Europe while concurrently exporting their Gypsies and Jews to Europe’s death camps.”

And now in 2014 we in Britain have one of their descendants, Nigel Farage along with his German wife rather outrageously thinking that they have the right to say who the hell, apart from their own ilk, should live in the very United Kingdom that their abhorrent World War II forbearers wanted to destroy, while at the same time taking their racist xenophobia out on those living here whose own family members selflessly came to the defence of Britain while this was going on. And once again, Mr Farage, with a German wife and yourself clearly a xenophobe extraordinaire, what, pray tell, is your spouse’s immediate German ancestry and most especially that relating to World War II when her kith and kin were predominantly trying to kill us Brits?

These then are the ones callously and reprehensibly using race to further their racist and self-serving agendas, at the same time rather conveniently forgetting the roles that millions of Black and other non-white Commonwealth citizens, even with the jackboot of British imperialism and colonialism on their necks, played when they could quite easily have refused to and do exactly what the Irish Republic did, and adopt the stance that my enemy’s enemy is my friend and either stay neutral or support Germany; but they didn’t. Now in spite of the fact that immigration from the Commonwealth has quite literally largely dried up we still have these racist assholes, some of them already mentioned earlier, and others too numerous to be exposed here, but who nevertheless infect every aspect of British political and governmental life and whose witless adherents also are possessed of doggy foreign ancestry talking about Britain as if it were ever exclusively white and Caucasian. The truth is, it hasn’t been! The Romans who ran Britain before the Angles, Saxons and other Caucasian immigrants came here were Nubians, and they were here for some 500 years, and as the late Basil Davidson pointed out in his excellent series AFRICA the Celts, who weren’t initially white, originated from Northern Africa. Check it out!

Yet despite in excess of 175,000 signatures requesting that she be allowed to stay in England if only to complete her “A” level Examinations, Teresa May, to prove her racist credentials against those of UKIP, had Yashika Bageerathi expelled from Britain. Yet the same Teresa May, her department and her Con-Dem regime; the same Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and of course David Cameron had no qualms with the odious and serial American paedophile William Vahey living and working in the UK. No checks carried out or none needed because he was white and American, and besides it would be insulting to do such a thing to someone who was so well loved and respected by other whites who met him.

And even now after the immensity of his crimes have been brought to the knowledge of the general public we don’t hear a bloody squeak from the likes of Teresa May, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or the rest of this likewise odious lot. But just imagine what their response would have been if William Vahey were Black or otherwise non-white; these reprehensible bastards would be having a field day and Teresa May would be up on her testosterone-driven hobby horse expounding her racist views that it was a cardinal reason for immigration to the UK to be drastically limited, and by that we would all know precisely what she meant and who those remarks were targeted at, and those already here should be sent back. In that regard she would also be aped by Nigel Farage and others.

But look how silent these devious turds are! Meanwhile one James Brokenshire, the UK Immigration Minister, evidently without any need to explain himself said that Yashika Bageerathi had to be deported. But just as appalling as this man is and his equally facile remark what I find particularly sickening is the calculated attempt by some associated with the private and well-heeled school that serial paedophile William Vahey taught at in London to sanitize what he did, suggesting that bygones should be precisely that as he’s now dead having killed himself prior to an FBI investigation of him, and also what a wonderful teacher he was and how popular he was with both his pupils and their parents.

I know, as you do, that if this man had been Black or otherwise non-white there would have been no sympathy, and quite rightly so, for him even though paedophilia is predominantly a white Caucasian, male as well as female, thing; nor would any of these equally loathsome apologists for William Vahey have given a damn about this other person’s pupils if they too were non-white. And the only serious discussion that they would have collectively involved themselves with would have been centred solely on race and immigration, doing so in the most negative way possible as to how to rid Britain of its non-whites. But I can’t imagine for a single moment any of these people ever suggesting that all Americans and especially white Caucasian ones should be gratuitously picked on and consequently be brutally forced out of the UK because of the paedophile activities of William Vahey.

That would be an utterly asinine thing to do but not though if you’re Black or non-white; no matter how exemplary, brilliant or good for the UK you might be or how much in their tens of thousands your British peers, teachers and members of your community think of you and openly express that point of view.

However since the quite evidently embarrassing to the UK’s Con-Dem regime and its likeminded supporters horrible revelations about William Vahey have emerged the aforementioned regime has announced that it is to take legislative steps to equate and punish paedophilia on the same terms as terrorism. Clearly a knee-jerk reaction for purely selfish and transparently class-structured reasons that is an absolutely asinine approach if you ask me relative to both issues as the two clearly aren’t the same and in reality bear no correlation whatsoever to each other. It’s also a particularly cynical move. How so?

Most Britons know now of the late Jimmy Savile’s decades of paedophilia activities which at the time were fully known to his bosses at the BBC, many other so-called celebrities, MPs, the forces of law and order and numerous others among our movers and shakers. Cyril Smith too, the late MP for Rochdale was another among this privileged band of odious citizens given carte blanche and a remarkable run of immunity to comprehensively abuse with impunity those whom they wanted to. But as we also now know their victims were overwhelmingly and I would add without exception persons from working class or deprived backgrounds, so it didn’t matter in the least to those that run our country and who were there supposedly to uphold the law without fear or favour what the likes of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith did.

But William Vahey didn’t play by the rules; and those he abused came from among the upper crust in the UK that attended a private school where the fees alone at that establishment are considerable more than the average working class or council estate dweller earns in an entire year. And so that’s why this Con-Dem regime now wants to act; not, it’s perfectly obvious, from any sense of genuine outrage at what this astoundingly clever and serial paedophile William Vahey has done but who he has done it to. For there but for the grace of God it could have been their own well-heeled children, grandchildren, other close relatives or else the offspring of close friends of theirs that were on the receiving end of this paedophiliac abuse. And while it was perfectly okay for those not like them to have to run the gauntlet of this kind of abuse when it came to their ilk that just wasn’t on Old Boy!

So why not attempt to kill two birds with one stone and introduce legislation of the grandstanding draconian type that would disingenuously and even deceitfully give the public the impression and also assuage voters’ fears that the Con-Dem regime was being indeed severe on paedophilia while at the same time making damned sure that their own similarly well-heeled and public school breed are protected from such violations. I said earlier that the move to equate paedophilia with terrorism was an asinine one, and for good reasons. Firstly there are three types of terrorism: the state kind in which countries like the UK, other EU entities and the United States gratuitously indulge in so that they can ruinously destabilize or even effectively bring about successful or chaotic regime change in other peoples’ countries in order to exert their own global imperialism and hegemony on behalf of their corporate paymasters at home.

Then there is terrorism born of the barbaric savagery that is so recurrent and comes out of entities like Bantu Saudi, Qatar and the other medieval cesspits of human depravity and barbarism that is so replete in these Bantustans masquerading as countries, which they clearly aren’t, in the Persian Gulf area, and to whom inherent barbarity and every vile aspect of human kind in their worst form is the norm for them; and because the lands that these savages unfortunately infest is blessed with oil and gas that the west is addicted to, use their petro-dollars to support the arms industry in the west and the objectives of the west’s military industrial complex in return for their own protection and in turn export their savagery to other countries, doing so ludicrously and insanely in the name of religion.

This of course leads to another form of terrorism where those affected either take up arms or use guerrilla tactics to defend themselves or else wreak revenge on those that have calculatedly set out to make their lives or those of their kith and kin an absolute misery. In short there’s always some catalyst or other that sparks terrorism, whether it’s genuine terrorism or what those who have their own hidden agendas for calling it such determine that it is. But no such catalyst exists for perverse and utterly cruel and abominable acts of paedophilia. And for the likes of William Vahey to excuse their abhorrent conduct by saying they were abused as children and therefore as adults and entirely responsible for their own actions they are now consciously prepared to inflict on those that were in no way responsible for what happened to them nor could they have been, is quite frankly entirely nonsensical. Something that any genuinely mature and responsible government would swiftly have recognized, and therefore not seek to equate paedophilia with terrorism. But that as anyone with a solitary working brain cell in his or her head would quickly cotton on to is not the agenda of this Con-Dem regime or other likeminded MPs in the House of Commons to whom self-interest is all that matters!

Paedophilia in all its manifestations is a pretty malevolent, immoral and utterly obnoxious pastime and all sensible and ethical people know that; but bearing in mind the way that Teresa May and her ilk treated Yashika Bageerathi: an entirely innocent young lady, when starkly contrasted with the warm and effusive welcome that the nauseating William Vahey had extended to him, part of me earnestly wishes that among William Vahey’s British victims were either the children or close family members of Teresa May, James Brokenshire, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Nigel Farage and all the others that play the race and immigration cards for their sick and hideous racist gratification concomitant with their political and perverse adventurism and self-serving ambitions.

And if you were to ask me, I would say that in the case of these detritus of the human race that run our country and affect the lives of so many people here I honestly think it’s a classic case of the lunatics being put in charge of the asylum!

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