Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

By Stanley Collymore

On the 2 April 2014 Yashika Bageerathi: a 19 year old student at the Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield London and who was in the final stages of studying for her “A” level examinations, the precursor entry qualifications, under the English and most Commonwealth countries educational system, as an undergraduate university student, was forcibly deported by Teresa May the British Home Secretary back to her native Mauritius. Miss Bageerathi’s presence in England came about involuntarily when as a minor she and her younger siblings together with their mother fled from Mauritius, citing physical persecution there, and sought asylum here in the UK.

During the time that the Bageerathi family have been in England – curiously and quite illogically the mother and her younger children are still currently in the UK despite the deportation of Yashika – the family from all reliable accounts have been exemplary in every way to say the least and for her part Ms Bageerathi has according to commendable reports submitted to the Home Office from her school has been the thoroughly model ambitious, hardworking and a quite outstanding student all along, and an absolute credit one would have thought in those circumstances to any community she was a part of; and more so to Britain where the powers that be, and most notably so the Con-Dem regime that runs the UK, churns out ad infinitum the disingenuous and even wholly dishonest mantra that the kind of immigrants Britain wants are very much of the calibre of Yashika Bageerathi.

But of course the lying words of the UK’s regime belie the real, ulterior and undoubtedly racist motives behind what its constituent members are actually up to. To digress, in the 1960s the then British Labour government in a reprehensible and covert deal with its United States counterpart ethnically and quite brutally cleansed the indigenous people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean from all of their peninsular territories there in order to hand the principal island of Diego Garcia over to the United States for a military base, which incidentally still exists and has been routinely used every since the US’s so-called war on terror as the Indian Ocean‘s equivalent of Guantanamo Bay, a black gulag and a rendition centre all rolled into one. Prohibited from ever returning to their homeland the Chaggossians were literally dumped on Mauritius by the British government that ran that place, doing so without any consultation with or permission from the local people there or their authorities for that matter. And that’s exactly where the Chaggossians were summarily left to literally rot and be forgotten by those in London that had determined their fate.

However, after Britain’s convenient war with Argentina over the Malvinas/Falkland Islands and the quite cynical granting of British citizenship to the people there that previously the UK didn’t care two hoots about, an equally cynical approach that directly followed when Britain did the same with the residents of Gibraltar, a momentum developed and was incredibly sustained by those that clearly saw double standards in place, par for the course where Britain is concerned, at work and demanded that the Chaggossians be granted the same citizenship rights as the Falklanders and the Gibraltarians. Shamefacedly, Britain reluctantly agreed, which meant that though largely unwanted the former residents and historical owners of the Chagos Islands, unceremoniously dumped in Mauritius, could now legally live in the UK as well; and some of them have chosen to do so even though their campaign to have their islands returned to them have gone on unabated, an inalienable right supported and accorded to them by Britain’s highest court whose decision though has been consistently ignored by successive British regimes, with the Prime Minister of the day using the medieval and antiquated Royal Prerogative to thwart the right and desire of the Chaggossian people to return to their indigenous homeland.

Yashika Bageerathi may not be a Chaggossian else she couldn’t be deported, much less in the manner that she has been; but most ironically she’s a Mauritian. And here’s my scenario for you and one that highlights not only the racist hypocrisy but also the transparent double standards of Teresa May and her equally racist and odious colleagues in this reprehensible Con-Dem regime. And I’ll put it to you bluntly. Just imagine that someone arrogating to themselves the exclusive authority to do so arbitrarily plonks the family of people who are not part of your family or even possibly not known to you within your home, doing so without any consultation with or approval from you to facilitate such a move, and what’s more not only arrogantly assumes but also expects you to uncomplainingly accept what they’ve done. Then at some future date one or maybe two of your own family members for reasons perfectly logical to themselves decide to go and live in the sumptuous home of the person who created the initial problem in the first place. But what do they come up against?

You guessed it; a most aggressive antipathy on the part of that individual to them being anywhere near their home let alone living there. Which is precisely the attitude of the arrogant and repulsive nerds that infect this current Con-Dem regime and many of the likeminded twerps among our MPs and MEPs. Quite OK it seems what they did but no charity to be dispensed at all to others that don’t look like them. For that is what it’s really all about, skin colour and with nothing whatsoever to do with the numbers of people that actually come into the UK as these charlatans would have you believe. And how bloody ironic when those who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of us letting too many “immigrants” into the country and are similarly foremost in aggressively banging the drums of vilification against such persons are themselves steeped in foreign and, often quite so dubious ancestry.

Here’s a little taster for you of what I mean: Michael Howard: both parents Jewish refuges from Romania and until they met in England for the first time were unknown to each other; mother by all accounts legally here but father an illegal immigrant. Boris Johnson: a classic case of a human mongrel if ever there was one. David Cameron: in Israel on an official visit there claimed to have Jewish ancestry; back home is an evangelical Christian, who thinks that all of us, even practising Christians, should do the same but is not against parading what he says are also his French Norman - William the Conqueror and all that stuff - roots. Incidentally the Normans weren’t French but Scandinavians who were kicked out of that northern European region by the others residents there because of their sadistic barbarity; found refuge in France then betrayed their hosts by turning on them. Probably that accounts for David Cameron being what he is. Ed Miliband wannabe PM: parents Jewish refugees who fled to the UK and in all likelihood he and his brother David would never have been born if the Nazis and fascists had gotten hold of his parents, but yet he has no problems being supportive of the Nazis and fascists in Kiev brought to power in a US and EU putsch and who’re the disciples, followers and direct descendants of Stepan Bandera the notorious Nazi and Jew slayer and his band of odious death camp exterminators in Eastern Europe; and were also close allies of the German Nazis, as well as members of the Ukrainian Waffen SS.

Nick Clegg: wife Portuguese; that supposed bastion of democracy but in reality is still fascist to the core; was a staunch ally of the Third Reich and customarily wreaked its ingrained savagery on Mozambique and Angola its two African colonies. Ironically, as these things usually turn out, this Iberian financial basket case is now in 2014 being economically baled out by its now independent and evidently much richer former colony of Angola. How has the once arrogantly and supposedly mighty fallen!

Nigel Farage: ancestry French. France that country across the channel from us that enthusiastically to the utter astonishment of the Germans sent more Jews and Gypsies to their predictable deaths in the gas chambers and other death camps of Europe than even Germany’s Third Reich managed to do. Whose navy under the British codename Operation Catapult was ordered by Winston Churchill to be completely destroyed, and it most certainly was, after these commendable human beings – I don’t think – and whom Nigel Farage is essentially an ethnic member became the odious turncoats they always were at heart, and under the abhorrent Vichy regime fervently, unreservedly and with 95% support of the entire French populace zealously threw its lot in with Germany’s Third Reich, leaving the likes of Josephine Baker: the black American singer, together with a number of French colonials and a few white expatriates from the French colonies overseas to form the bulwark of the French Resistance that helped to defeat Nazism and fascism in Europe.

Prompting this telling and quite prescient minded sentiment from a correspondent, and one which I share, relative to Operation Catapult and that I happily reproduce here:

“If the French didn’t want to be attacked they should have surrendered their naval ships. They had no problem, it seemed, surrendering to the Germans as fast as was humanly possible, but somehow willingly turning their naval ships over to their allies proved to be a conundrum for them. Well, we know why; for they were pretty happy collaborating with the rightwing fascists and Nazis at home and across Europe while concurrently exporting their Gypsies and Jews to Europe’s death camps.”

And now in 2014 we in Britain have one of their descendants, Nigel Farage along with his German wife rather outrageously thinking that they have the right to say who the hell, apart from their own ilk, should live in the very United Kingdom that their abhorrent World War II forbearers wanted to destroy, while at the same time taking their racist xenophobia out on those living here whose own family members selflessly came to the defence of Britain while this was going on. And once again, Mr Farage, with a German wife and yourself clearly a xenophobe extraordinaire, what, pray tell, is your spouse’s immediate German ancestry and most especially that relating to World War II when her kith and kin were predominantly trying to kill us Brits?

These then are the ones callously and reprehensibly using race to further their racist and self-serving agendas, at the same time rather conveniently forgetting the roles that millions of Black and other non-white Commonwealth citizens, even with the jackboot of British imperialism and colonialism on their necks, played when they could quite easily have refused to and do exactly what the Irish Republic did, and adopt the stance that my enemy’s enemy is my friend and either stay neutral or support Germany; but they didn’t. Now in spite of the fact that immigration from the Commonwealth has quite literally largely dried up we still have these racist assholes, some of them already mentioned earlier, and others too numerous to be exposed here, but who nevertheless infect every aspect of British political and governmental life and whose witless adherents also are possessed of doggy foreign ancestry talking about Britain as if it were ever exclusively white and Caucasian. The truth is, it hasn’t been! The Romans who ran Britain before the Angles, Saxons and other Caucasian immigrants came here were Nubians, and they were here for some 500 years, and as the late Basil Davidson pointed out in his excellent series AFRICA the Celts, who weren’t initially white, originated from Northern Africa. Check it out!

Yet despite in excess of 175,000 signatures requesting that she be allowed to stay in England if only to complete her “A” level Examinations, Teresa May, to prove her racist credentials against those of UKIP, had Yashika Bageerathi expelled from Britain. Yet the same Teresa May, her department and her Con-Dem regime; the same Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and of course David Cameron had no qualms with the odious and serial American paedophile William Vahey living and working in the UK. No checks carried out or none needed because he was white and American, and besides it would be insulting to do such a thing to someone who was so well loved and respected by other whites who met him.

And even now after the immensity of his crimes have been brought to the knowledge of the general public we don’t hear a bloody squeak from the likes of Teresa May, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or the rest of this likewise odious lot. But just imagine what their response would have been if William Vahey were Black or otherwise non-white; these reprehensible bastards would be having a field day and Teresa May would be up on her testosterone-driven hobby horse expounding her racist views that it was a cardinal reason for immigration to the UK to be drastically limited, and by that we would all know precisely what she meant and who those remarks were targeted at, and those already here should be sent back. In that regard she would also be aped by Nigel Farage and others.

But look how silent these devious turds are! Meanwhile one James Brokenshire, the UK Immigration Minister, evidently without any need to explain himself said that Yashika Bageerathi had to be deported. But just as appalling as this man is and his equally facile remark what I find particularly sickening is the calculated attempt by some associated with the private and well-heeled school that serial paedophile William Vahey taught at in London to sanitize what he did, suggesting that bygones should be precisely that as he’s now dead having killed himself prior to an FBI investigation of him, and also what a wonderful teacher he was and how popular he was with both his pupils and their parents.

I know, as you do, that if this man had been Black or otherwise non-white there would have been no sympathy, and quite rightly so, for him even though paedophilia is predominantly a white Caucasian, male as well as female, thing; nor would any of these equally loathsome apologists for William Vahey have given a damn about this other person’s pupils if they too were non-white. And the only serious discussion that they would have collectively involved themselves with would have been centred solely on race and immigration, doing so in the most negative way possible as to how to rid Britain of its non-whites. But I can’t imagine for a single moment any of these people ever suggesting that all Americans and especially white Caucasian ones should be gratuitously picked on and consequently be brutally forced out of the UK because of the paedophile activities of William Vahey.

That would be an utterly asinine thing to do but not though if you’re Black or non-white; no matter how exemplary, brilliant or good for the UK you might be or how much in their tens of thousands your British peers, teachers and members of your community think of you and openly express that point of view.

However since the quite evidently embarrassing to the UK’s Con-Dem regime and its likeminded supporters horrible revelations about William Vahey have emerged the aforementioned regime has announced that it is to take legislative steps to equate and punish paedophilia on the same terms as terrorism. Clearly a knee-jerk reaction for purely selfish and transparently class-structured reasons that is an absolutely asinine approach if you ask me relative to both issues as the two clearly aren’t the same and in reality bear no correlation whatsoever to each other. It’s also a particularly cynical move. How so?

Most Britons know now of the late Jimmy Savile’s decades of paedophilia activities which at the time were fully known to his bosses at the BBC, many other so-called celebrities, MPs, the forces of law and order and numerous others among our movers and shakers. Cyril Smith too, the late MP for Rochdale was another among this privileged band of odious citizens given carte blanche and a remarkable run of immunity to comprehensively abuse with impunity those whom they wanted to. But as we also now know their victims were overwhelmingly and I would add without exception persons from working class or deprived backgrounds, so it didn’t matter in the least to those that run our country and who were there supposedly to uphold the law without fear or favour what the likes of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith did.

But William Vahey didn’t play by the rules; and those he abused came from among the upper crust in the UK that attended a private school where the fees alone at that establishment are considerable more than the average working class or council estate dweller earns in an entire year. And so that’s why this Con-Dem regime now wants to act; not, it’s perfectly obvious, from any sense of genuine outrage at what this astoundingly clever and serial paedophile William Vahey has done but who he has done it to. For there but for the grace of God it could have been their own well-heeled children, grandchildren, other close relatives or else the offspring of close friends of theirs that were on the receiving end of this paedophiliac abuse. And while it was perfectly okay for those not like them to have to run the gauntlet of this kind of abuse when it came to their ilk that just wasn’t on Old Boy!

So why not attempt to kill two birds with one stone and introduce legislation of the grandstanding draconian type that would disingenuously and even deceitfully give the public the impression and also assuage voters’ fears that the Con-Dem regime was being indeed severe on paedophilia while at the same time making damned sure that their own similarly well-heeled and public school breed are protected from such violations. I said earlier that the move to equate paedophilia with terrorism was an asinine one, and for good reasons. Firstly there are three types of terrorism: the state kind in which countries like the UK, other EU entities and the United States gratuitously indulge in so that they can ruinously destabilize or even effectively bring about successful or chaotic regime change in other peoples’ countries in order to exert their own global imperialism and hegemony on behalf of their corporate paymasters at home.

Then there is terrorism born of the barbaric savagery that is so recurrent and comes out of entities like Bantu Saudi, Qatar and the other medieval cesspits of human depravity and barbarism that is so replete in these Bantustans masquerading as countries, which they clearly aren’t, in the Persian Gulf area, and to whom inherent barbarity and every vile aspect of human kind in their worst form is the norm for them; and because the lands that these savages unfortunately infest is blessed with oil and gas that the west is addicted to, use their petro-dollars to support the arms industry in the west and the objectives of the west’s military industrial complex in return for their own protection and in turn export their savagery to other countries, doing so ludicrously and insanely in the name of religion.

This of course leads to another form of terrorism where those affected either take up arms or use guerrilla tactics to defend themselves or else wreak revenge on those that have calculatedly set out to make their lives or those of their kith and kin an absolute misery. In short there’s always some catalyst or other that sparks terrorism, whether it’s genuine terrorism or what those who have their own hidden agendas for calling it such determine that it is. But no such catalyst exists for perverse and utterly cruel and abominable acts of paedophilia. And for the likes of William Vahey to excuse their abhorrent conduct by saying they were abused as children and therefore as adults and entirely responsible for their own actions they are now consciously prepared to inflict on those that were in no way responsible for what happened to them nor could they have been, is quite frankly entirely nonsensical. Something that any genuinely mature and responsible government would swiftly have recognized, and therefore not seek to equate paedophilia with terrorism. But that as anyone with a solitary working brain cell in his or her head would quickly cotton on to is not the agenda of this Con-Dem regime or other likeminded MPs in the House of Commons to whom self-interest is all that matters!

Paedophilia in all its manifestations is a pretty malevolent, immoral and utterly obnoxious pastime and all sensible and ethical people know that; but bearing in mind the way that Teresa May and her ilk treated Yashika Bageerathi: an entirely innocent young lady, when starkly contrasted with the warm and effusive welcome that the nauseating William Vahey had extended to him, part of me earnestly wishes that among William Vahey’s British victims were either the children or close family members of Teresa May, James Brokenshire, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Nigel Farage and all the others that play the race and immigration cards for their sick and hideous racist gratification concomitant with their political and perverse adventurism and self-serving ambitions.

And if you were to ask me, I would say that in the case of these detritus of the human race that run our country and affect the lives of so many people here I honestly think it’s a classic case of the lunatics being put in charge of the asylum!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

It’s clearly a case of black and white!

By Stanley Collymore

The well-publicised and expected acquittal by an English court jury on all rape and sexual assault charges against the self-confessed, acknowledged and British House of Commons, homosexual MP Nigel Evans, who numerous people within Britain and most certainly outside the borders of the UK previous to this court case, and probably even now, have still never heard of, has nevertheless sent the customary gaggle of so-called celebrities, their wannabes, some pretty inane and incredibly narcissistically self-absorbed media pundits together with several of Nigel Evans’ fellow MPs, many of them with a similar, albeit closeted homosexual or lesbian propensity to their names and therefore with not only much to be guarded but also ultra-defensive about; a situation bizarrely compounded by the UK’s Attorney General, who curiously, one must say, feeling himself likewise obligated to jump on board this peculiar, somewhat carefully orchestrated and conspicuously self-serving bandwagon for all those concerned, and manifestly characterized by a right fulminating exposition of weird public criticisms, contradictory statements and a right rabid foaming at the mouth tirade of vitriolic accusations, themselves enjoined with a calculated and liberally barbed spitefulness, directed at the Crown prosecution Service (CPS) for having, in its accusers skewed opinions and far from objective observations, dared to bring this case against Nigel Evans in the first place.

For apart from their glaring refusal to admit to, much less so unreservedly recognize that determining the merits and any subsequent prosecution thereafter is the officially prescribed function of the CPS, in other words to specifically bring cases to the courts against those whom the CPS feels have transgressed the laws of the land; laws, by the way, that each and everyone of us is legally obligated to fully observe and also unconditionally comply with; these moronic critics, in this particular case, of the CPS that only pay lip service to our laws in public but privately robustly subscribe to something very much different, since they strongly believe that legislation, whatever it is, ought only to be directed at those whom they either irrationally fear or else have an obsessive hatred against, have one-sidedly, thoroughly selective in their self-opinionated judgement, as well as unfailingly precipitate and reliably inclined, as is their wont, to rush to their skewed conclusions in matters they’re entirely bigoted about and, furthermore, acutely ingrained with their intentional distortions of the motives of the CPS for having brought its case against Nigel Evans, has led to the quite ludicrous situation where once more, and in the wake of the acquittal of Nigel Evans, the media airwaves of Britain have been ridiculously and volubly assailed by these oddball talking heads, who’re individually, as well as collectively, having a right old go at the CPS and incredibly accusing it of effectively having a bigoted and open-season policy of persecution and retribution against celebrities per se and MPs in general within England.

What utter rubbish! If anyone is genuinely entitled to make such accusations then that right surely belongs to Britain’s racial minorities, in particular its Black citizens and residents, along with certain elements within its white working class and predominantly local council estate communities that with familiar regularity, although by no means a surprising occurrence to them or for that matter by any means an uncommon practice either where these two latter groups are routinely hauled up before the British courts, prosecuted, convicted and harshly jailed for crimes - notably of a drug-related nature - that the police and CPS customarily turn a blind eye to when the culprits, who’re deeply enmeshed in these criminal activities, are white and so-called celebrities.

A premeditated and at the highest level of both these law and order bodies an officially sanctioned and condoned procedure that allows even the worst perpetrators of these criminal activities to regularly walk away scot-free without even a caution to their name or the proverbial mild slap on the wrist, and of course no criminal convictions of any kind attached to them regarding their illegal propensities when the criminal offenders are from amongst the well-heeled, privileged, the influential, supposedly upper crust or those that are unwarrantedly perceived and ludicrously classified as much vaunted celebrities and de facto the new breed of Untouchables.

In reality a most reprehensible game of double standards that even the legal eggheads at the United States immigration department enthusiastically play in tandem with their equally odious British counterparts. For as everyone who is desirous of going to the United States even on a short vacation let alone to live or work there well knows, if you’re publicly exposed as a drug user or even admit, with or without a criminal conviction, to having taken illegal drugs of any kind US laws permanently ban the individual involved, if he or she is not an American citizen, from entering the United States.

Interestingly enough though if you’re a “drug-head” but a so-called celebrity and the incumbent UK prime minister is a publicly declared and self-confessed admirer and fan of yours, not only do the British police and CPS not arrest and prosecute you for your illegal drug usage, the United States immigration authorities also automatically go to great lengths to discriminatorily in your favour circumvent and even abrogate their own otherwise strictly enforced national laws on drug abusers from outside the USA thus enabling you to live, work and earn a handsome living in the United States with all its attendant and high profile celebrity status.

Manifestly a privilege that no Black or white working class members in the UK or anywhere else for that matter finding himself or herself in identical circumstances would be granted; not in a million light years; and not least so because that individual from either of these two marginalized groups would have long been bunged up in jail for what they’d done, and without the additional benefit accorded to the so-called celebrity offender of him or her knowing that the perverse decisions arrived at in their favour weren’t only avidly supported but also heartily cheered on by other self-characterized and perceived exceptionalists, but who in actuality are consummate retards not dissimilar from the so-called celebrity or celebrities in question.

And how many, I wonder, of these largely white Caucasian hypocrites either knew or would have cared if they did that in the very same week they were spitting fire in their self-righteous rage at the CPS over what they consummately regarded as the insufferable prosecution of Nigel Evans: their white Caucasian and homosexual pin up boy, that Nicholas Jacobs: a black Londoner, was also freed by an English court having been found not guilty by an empanelled jury of the far more serious charge, also brought to court by the CPS with the active participation of the Metropolitan Police, of murdering PC Keith Blakelock 28 years ago in 1985.

Nicholas Jacobs who was arrested in 2013 and held in prison custody until his court hearing a year later in 2014 was found by the court to have had nothing whatsoever to do with PC Blakelock’s murder. A murder that occurred during a riot in London unleashed in the wake of the death of Cynthia Jarret a 49 year old black woman whose unwarranted and certainly untimely death in her own home in Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm District of London was the catalyst for the said riot. For it was the remarkably savage, erroneous and unbelievably bungled raid at her home and the accompanying violent assault on Cynthia Jarret herself in the dead of night, and while like all normal, decent and respectable people she was fast asleep in bed, that wholly contributed to her death.

The police, and not for the first time where black people are concerned, had raided the wrong address leading to the unfortunate death of an entirely innocent and well-known to her local community with whom she was closely involved as a deeply religious and profoundly God-fearing lady, who was also an exemplary member of that said community. But as black UK communities have regularly observed on numerous occasions previously, and this specific one was not out of character for the police and is still an ongoing situation – the police killing of John Charles de Menezes and Mark Duggan readily come to mind – a behavioural pattern that both individually and collectively is very much a thorn in the societal and cultural flesh of most black people in the United Kingdom; when Blacks tragically and quite often inexplicably lose their lives at the hands of the British police the same and quite chilling phenomenon, itself graphically characterized by a calculatedly cultivated atmosphere of arrogance and disdain for the victims, their relatives and supporters on the part of the police with no attempt at providing convincing or plausibly satisfactory answers, if any answers are forthcoming at all, rendered as to how and why the tragedy occurred in the first place is the commonplace approach by the police; dismissive insults that do trigger community anger that can and invariably does explode into full-scale riots.

This then was the unadulterated backdrop against which PC Keith Blakelock lost his life; a casualty of the police’s own high-handedness, gross incompetence and flagrant arrogance that collectively, it must be said, had caused the death of Cynthia Jarret; but that’s not how the police or the CPS either see it or want to regard it as. In effect, they haughtily want their pound of flesh hypocritically insensible of the obvious fact that it was the police’s own wrongdoing at the outset that created the situation in the first place and which was rather clumsily and conceitedly turned into a raging inferno by the proverbial oil that they gamely but rather witlessly poured onto this particular conflagration that was itself aided and abetted by the police’s own racist attitudes. And not prepared to face reality and accept the role which they played in all of this, they’re even now – 28 years on – still prepared to stitch up any Black whom they can lay their hands on for PC Blakelock’s murder, and what’s more are quite happy to ruthlessly pursue this endeavour!

As such Nicholas Jacobs is the seventh Blackman since 1985 that the police and CPS have charged with killing PC Keith Blakelock; and although they’ve secured convictions in the majority of these cases, on appeal by the convicted men the evidence that resulted in these young men’s convictions has proven to be at best tainted and at its worst downright and reprehensibly corrupt; with the inevitable result that all of these convicted men have justly been set free by the Appeal Courts. Among those that languished in jail for a crime they didn’t commit are Winston Silcott, jailed from 1987 -1991, and Mark Braithwaite.

Either unwilling to or incapable of learning from their evidently blundering idiocy the police and CPS have nevertheless decided, it seems, to carry on full speed ahead with their policy of nailing any black male that they can, and who by any means their vindictive obsession will facilitate this process, for PC Blakelock’s murder. Now I know that Keith Blakelock was one of their own and such loyalty within its justifiable limits is understandable. But on the 22nd April 2014 it was 21 years since the racist murder by whites of the then black Londoner, teenager and student Stephen Lawrence, and what a marked contrast there has been in official attitudes on the part of the Metropolitan Police to the killing of PC Blakelock coming as it did as a direct consequence of Cynthia Jarret’s death, itself occasioned by PC Blakelock’s own colleagues, and how the said police and CPS have from the outset and subsequently dealt with the similarly tragic but additionally racist murder of Stephen Lawrence that had no catalyst, and none most certainly from any black community within the UK, attached to it; something that can’t be said relative to the killing of PC Keith Blakelock.

Hypocrisy, double standards or what? Nevertheless whatever it was it clearly didn’t stop the police from fitting up Nicholas Jacobs with a crime that he had nothing whatsoever to do with, and for the CPS to go along with this dastardly action in the bargain. And this is the scenario they employed to have their way. Fake witnesses provided with pseudonyms so their identities couldn’t be publicly revealed and that were paid to give the required evidence in order to secure the conviction of Nicholas Jacobs. In effect police narks that were hardened criminals and drug dealers and who comfortably confessed to physically and violently attacking PC Blakelock. Police agent provocateurs perhaps?

But notwithstanding all this these intentional and perjured liars were given immunity from prosecution if they went into court and openly regurgitated against Nicholas Jacobs, who incidentally none of these so-called witnesses knew, what the CPS and the Police wanted and had evidently coached them to say. As peculiar a situation as one could possible imagine particularly when two of these fake witnesses, one of them given the pseudonym Rhodes Levin but in effect was a convicted drug dealer and the other dubbed John Brown, both admitted in court that they thought all black people looked alike. Meanwhile the third fake witness who claimed that he saw Nicholas Jacobs stab PC Blakelock with a “tool” was revealed to be the cousin of John Brown and had a history of drink and drug problems.

This then was the calibre, if one can logically associate this terminology with such abhorrent conduct, of the witnesses whom the CPS and the Police had no compunction in parading before a court of law and at the same time assiduously utilizing every act of chicanery at their disposal to convict an innocent black man. That said, this is what they do all the time and not necessarily because they’re evil men or women, they certainly wouldn’t see themselves as such, but because they’re institutionally racist and the system of which they’re an integral part is likewise institutionally racist and corrupt.

Just imagine what the furore would have been not only within the courtroom itself but also the British media if black witnesses in let’s say the Stephen Lawrence court case, no matter how exemplary they were character-wise, made the same racist remark in reverse about the white defendants in the dock, namely that all whites looked alike. It would be headline news everywhere in the print and electronic media; but when whites offhandedly but earnestly make such remarks about Blacks suddenly it’s not newsworthy!

I came across a letter in the London Metro newspaper written obviously by one of its readers and as I was about to write this article I thought it might be appropriate to share it with you. I don’t know the racial origin of the writer but that’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned; since the really pertinent issues that resonate with me and should with you also are what the writer actually has to say.

“My heart goes out to the widow of PC Blakelock following the acquittal of Nicholas Jacobs, who was charged with his killing. However, it’s also a sobering thought that, yet again, a man has spent a year in hell awaiting possible sentence for a crime he was not guilty of, having been charged 27 years after the tragedy.

“All this after the previous case brought against Winston Silcott and two others ended up being quashed in 1991, the defendants having spent four years behind bars. Back then, of course, there was no CCTV or DNA profiling but as much as the Metropolitan Police wants closure on this one – a crime against one of their own – they cannot go on clutching at straws.”
Dave Degen, London.

So to all you self-serving, perceived hard-done-by aficionadas, supporters, grandstanding media pundits, colleagues, friends, likeminded fellow MPs et al of Nigel Evans and other so-called celebrities that feel they and your ilk are unjustifiably picked on by the CPS, and are being bulshy about it, my response to you is simply this: “Dry up; and go get a life!” Reality is much different from your sick perception of it.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Stephen Lawrence: 21 years on and justice still denied!

By Stanley Collymore

Twenty one years have passed and justice still hasn’t been
served while those responsible for obstructing it,
unnerved by any criticism levelled at them
much less any guilt generated on their
part since they clearly have none, continue to
hold onto their existing positions of power
and influence, or others akin to them,
and the massive salaries that
automatically go with
all of them.

Meanwhile, the undue stress occasioned by your racist
murder Stephen has destroyed the once stable
marriage of your parents, the significance
of which has either been callously
and dismissively overlooked or else downplayed
as irrelevant by those that are unquestionably
responsible for this awful occurrence but
who, moreover, don’t give a damn
about what they arrogantly
see and institutionally
racially consider as
an insignificant

And all the while as your Dad hurtingly but none the less
with the consummate dignity that he and your Mum
Doreen ongoingly have quietly but even so
impressively shown all along, those in
charge that could and who should
have legally as well as morally
done everything to right the pernicious wrong
that was done to you but chose not to,
preferring instead when required
to, to offer your parents, face to
face and even publicly,
mealy-mouthed, hypocritical and meaningless
words of support while behind their backs
laughing their heads off at them, as these
institutionalized racists and white
supremacist hypocrites treat
the entire matter of your
catastrophic death
like another of
their Nigger-

Since the truth of the matter is that they’ve grown exceedingly
weary with its attendant hubristic fatigue of your racist
murder never having expected, and specifically so
bearing in mind their utterly despicable and
concerted smear campaigns callously
and enthusiastically embarked upon to defame your Dad,
Mum, other relatives and staunch supporters Stephen,
that the fight for justice on your behalf would
be even more energized and unrelentingly
carried on. So they’re stuck between a
rock and a hard place of their own
making; unwilling to give up their
entrenched and institutionalized racist
practices set against the stark and
uncomfortable realization that
the entire world is now on
to their established
criminal activities
and lawless

For the fight for natural justice that has most
perfidiously and systematically been denied you
these past 21 years Stephen will steadfastly go
on, and thanks collectively to the conscionable,
ethical and outspoken media contribution on
the part of the Daily Mail together with
the unshaken resolve of those of us that
from the very outset have irresolutely
and wholeheartedly been committed to this
just path are quite determined mustn’t fail.
So rest assured Stephen: precious son,
devoted brother and iconic martyr,
in the full knowledge from your
Jamaican idyll and the home of
your mortal remains that
in spite of everything
that’s happened you
will never ever
be forgotten!

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 March 2014.

The Author’s Remarks:

On the 22nd April 1993 in an unprovoked racially motivated attack in Eltham, London, England black teenager and student Stephen Lawrence, born on the 13th September 1974, was savagely murdered by a group of white racists. In the aftermath of Stephen’s death and in the 21 years subsequent to it those legally charged with matters pertaining to law and order in England as well as the dispensing of justice to the victims of wrongdoing, and particularly acts of wilful murder, have done everything in their power to thwart the attainment of justice for Stephen Lawrence.

Crassly and dishonestly they’ve erroneously, from the very outset of their reluctantly embarked on and haphazard investigation, endeavoured to portray Stephen Lawrence as a gang member, which he most categorically was not and never had been, who was killed by one of his black gang member associates. However, when that scenario patently failed to carry any traction with the public, and particularly members of the black community, because there was evidently no substance to it and therefore showed it up for the false premise that it was Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police and other senior members of the English constabulary perfidiously embarked on a calculated and reprehensible campaign to smear the Lawrence Family, their friends and supporters that were individually and collectively endeavouring to get justice for Stephen by having his racist killers arrested, tried in court, convicted and jailed; something that the police authorities clearly didn’t want to happen.

Notwithstanding that though, due to the innumerable obstacles wilfully placed in their way by the police and the other forces of law and order in England, including the judiciary, this task to date has only partially been realized with the belated conviction and jailing for the least terms of imprisonment in their cases of two of Stephen’s killers; and 21 years on Neville and Doreen Lawrence, who have shown a remarkable dignity, courage and resolve throughout their 21year old ordeal, are still forced to wait for justice that’s long overdue to their murdered and promising architect son Stephen.

In remembrance of Stephen Lawrence: 13 September 1974 – 22 April 1993.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The United States and its EU Stooges: Drunk on power and high on stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

Not satisfied with its widespread surveillance of multiple countries globally in tandem with its additional and determinedly ongoing invasive and clandestine spying on billions of people across the world even when its activities were comprehensively and embarrassingly exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the United States still seems incapable or unwilling, or both, to rein in its infernal meddling in the affairs of other countries and their citizens.

Not even the excruciatingly devastating experience that it crushingly suffered in terms of the effective loss of its significant financial outlay along with the enormous blow to its much vaunted self-esteem and hubris, or the huge discomfiture occasioned by it relative to the utterly humiliating but all the same brilliant manner in which it was completely wrong footed and totally outmanoeuvred by Russia as regards its imperialist enterprise not simply through an illegitimate but also a murderously brutal, regime change, putsch to co-opt Ukraine and more crucially the Crimea with its vital and intensely yearned for control of the latter’s Black Sea and historic naval facilities into the orbit of the American Empire and that of the latter’s bully boys the NARSISSIES, thus causing the said USA and its ever obliging European stooges, when they became undone by Russia’s masterstroke, to both literally and figuratively throw their dummies out of their prams like the spoilt brats they are, seem to have dimmed for a solitary moment the United States insatiable appetite for and its compulsive obsession with infernally creating mischief, and invariably deadly mayhem with it, in other people’s countries.

With Ukraine minus the Crimea very much poised over a powder keg courtesy of the diehard Nazis and Fascists that the US and the EU have installed there and who predictably, as is their nature, are now fighting among themselves, leopards are totally incapable of changing their spots, the United States while stupidly and irrationally dousing more oil on this Ukrainian inferno can still find the time, finance and effort, it seems, to dangerously stoke yet another ongoing and completely ill-conceived conflagration of its own wilful and malicious choosing in Venezuela. But the story of this obsessive and out of control US bête noire doesn’t just stop there. Oh no!

For we also know from alternative news reports, which have been confirmed by the US State Department, that Washington is funding to the tune of millions of US dollars an alternative twitter scheme whose purpose, the State Department’s fresh faced floozy, Marie Harf, who looks as if she hasn’t yet been properly weaned off her mother’s milk, if such androids ever get breastfed that is, is to target domestic Cubans, giving them, she went on, the opportunity as well as the means to challenge through social media outlets and other public manipulated measures, encouraged and financed by the United States, a US instigated and supported insurrection by elements within the local Cuban population that would, with financial incentives beneficial to themselves, be persuaded to undermine through US orchestrated violence the ultimate overthrow of what she deemed to be an oppressive and undemocratic regime in Havana.

While at the same time enthusiastically support the introduction, national implementation and the immutable consolidation of democracy, albeit à la the United States own twisted concept and application she conveniently forgot to say of that word, on that Caribbean island that for almost 60 years and counting, and quite interestingly in her studiously overlooked factual analysis but nevertheless farfetched  interpretation of Cuban affairs, has systematically, continuously and frenziedly, a process that is still ongoing, borne the brunt of US sanctions, blockades, threats  and military interventions, yet in spite of all that and much more still manages to survive; proof positive that the only way to seriously incapacitate or defeat odious bullies is not to succumb to them but instead confront them at every turn.

And if ever there was a classic case of a big and powerful country picking on a smaller one this is it; but I guess this mere strip of a girl didn’t listen to her president’s recent speech in Brussels on this specific topic when he was quite asininely firing his incredibly hypocritical and accursed ultra sanctimonious barrage of insults, innuendos and accusations, all of them without exception totally unfounded and without a shred of evidence to corroborate what Barack Obama was saying  and whose venomous pronouncements on President Putin and the Russian Federation when looked at closely and objectively was in reality Barrack Obama gazing into the proverbial mirror, assiduously observing and reciting what he saw there and in effect consciously and dishonestly off-loading onto President Putin and the Russian people what was actually a compendium of historical and contemporary American crimes of consummate notoriety and the manifold execution of these.

Not for the first time, or would it be the last I imagine, that the rest of the world would be treated to such an exposition of manic psychosis, a false exhibition of concern for smaller nations, and even worst the invertibility of one’s wrongdoings onto others from a US President as is the common practice of the United, its EU and other white Caucasian satrapies and stooges. That said, I quite honestly don’t think that anyone in the US State Department bothers in the least to pay the slightest attention to anything coming out of the mouth, or any other orifice come to that, of Barack Obama much less do they either care to listen to or attach any significance at all to what he says; and principally so for two specific and quite obvious reasons, to any discerning individual that is.

The first of these is that the US State Department is endemically infested at the present time with fanatical and recidivistic Nazi-Neocons and diehard, intractable fascists. Nothing out of the ordinary, it must be stressed, for this pivotal, US foreign policy and decision-making department of state that by its nature and from its very inception has had an intrinsically cultivated and quite pronounced Nazi inclination, culture, ideology and orientation.

A prime example of what I mean, and which is just the mere tip of the iceberg of other manifold and equally odious activities on the part of the US State Department, is that Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who held that office at the US State Department prior to an intransigently unwilling United States to get involved in World War II, which it saw as Europe’s war and consequently had nothing whatsoever to do with the United States that anyway was making a king’s ransom, backed by overwhelming support on the part of the US public for Nazi Germany, by selling state of the art weaponry to Germany along with the Zyklon B gas that the Nazis across Europe used in their death camps to eradicate Jews, Gypsies and other so-called “Untermenschen” – “Undesirables” to those who aren’t familiar with German – until the United States was bounced into the war it tried its utmost to avoid by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour.

Secretary of State Cordell Hull who held on to his portfolio at the US State Department after the United States’ belated entry into World War II - a war in which it can’t be stressed enough some 20 million Russians heroically and selflessly sacrificed their lives to help in the ultimate defeat of Nazism and fascism in Europe - and carried on doing so throughout World War II, notwithstanding his position and the crucial responsibility that it entailed, nevertheless consciously developed a damning notoriety, which he exultantly savoured, for resolutely refusing permission to ships that had sailed from Europe to the United States with Jewish and other European refugees on board and whose sole endeavour among these passengers was to seek sanctuary in the US having fled Nazi persecution and tyranny back home from docking in any US harbour; and that included those of the US’ Caribbean colony of Puerto Rico.

With other countries in the region of the United States very much under the US’s thumb and taking their lead directly from that country together with a similar reluctance on the part of Britain to take them in, these refugees were presented with the only choice open to them, and that was to be sent back to the countries from whence they came. And this is precisely what happened to those who didn’t have the courage to take their own lives; but even so they too didn’t have long to live, since without exception they quickly on arrival back home summarily ended up in the gas chambers and other death camps dotted around mainland Europe. And in one of the most cynical and ironical acts imaginable to anyone with a conscience Secretary of State Cordell Hull was awarded at the war’s end with the Nobel Peace Prize. This despite him and US intelligence officials having known from the outset about the mass killings of Jews and other supposed “Untermenschen” in Nazi Germany yet failed to acknowledge Hitler’s campaign in this regard.

The second major reason, and a quite significant one too in the circumstances, why the US State Department is behaving as it does is because the serving President of the United States of America is a weak president, and those in the State Department as is everyone else globally who is neither brain dead, brainwashed nor isn’t living in some kind of a parallel universe of their own creation and distinct from the rest of us knows that too. The psychological problems associated with the progeny of mixed race, black and Caucasian unions where the father is black and the mother white are legion and well-documented; and these are invariably compounded when it’s the white mother or her family that are the ones who exclusively raise and bring up that child in a sole and often illiberal and even racist Caucasian environment with no input of any kind ever sought, encouraged or allowed from that child’s black relatives or cultural heritage.

Barack Obama may have married an African-American woman whose ancestral heritage is one of slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, lynching and all the rest of it, and although his father was a black Kenyan and whose country and people were similarly subjected under British colonial rule to the same universal and collective, white Caucasian barbarities that were routinely systematically and ongoingly inflicted on Black people worldwide for in excess of 500 years since the introduction of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and are still going on in a multiplicity of ways, Barack cannot honestly be said to truly understand, appreciate or fully empathize with what he’s never experienced or been told about from firsthand knowledge.

As a result Barack can more readily empathize and identify with the Irish, a direct consequence of his nebulous Irish roots that an Irish researcher in Ireland unearthed it’s claimed in 2007 and which Barack sometime afterwards knew about for the very first time; a somewhat curious revelation that neither Barack’s late white American mother nor his similarly late white American grandmother, who incidentally raised him, seemed to have known absolutely nothing about, than he ever could or would personally want to with black Kenyans or your average black American for that matter. Just honestly ask yourself, how many state or even informal presidential visits has this biological son of Kenya made to that country, a big fat ZERO, and contrast that with the proud manner and what previous white Caucasian US presidents have done when it came to recognizing their white European heritage and racial lineage? All of these earmarked with visits to their ancestral lands; and even the terrorist activities in places like Ireland didn’t put them off from going there. Yet we have the first non-white US president eschewing Kenya, the land of his father and generations of his people, like the plague. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Therefore the manifold travesties of justice, the traumas, the humiliations, the massive wrongful and disproportionate imprisonment of US Blacks of both genders, their overwhelming numbers on death row disproportionate too to the percentage of black people that comprise just one element of the US population and compounded by the burgeoning numbers of Blacks racially killed by whites who then simply walked free courtesy of an institutionalized racist, US so-called judicial system – the murder of Trayvon Martin is one such example -  that has no qualms convicting and sentencing Blacks to death if they’re accused of killing whites, even when the facts are scanty or non-existent, are issues that don’t touch Barack Obama and that he evidently either doesn’t care about or want to concern himself with.

Every white President of the United States of America has looked after the interests of his race and it’s a fair bet that if whites were being treated in the US as Blacks historically have been, and still are, a white US president, regardless of his political ideology or party allegiance, would move hell and high water irrespective of what it takes to rectify these injustices that his people were unfairly and inhumanely being subjected to. Not so Barack Obama! For while having relied on over 95% of the Black US electorate to vote him into office twice President Barack Obama hasn’t done any of the aforementioned in relation to Black people in the US or the wider Black Diaspora and frankly doesn’t want to. Yet rather insultingly to all of us with black ancestry, I must confess, instinctively becomes the military Superman, diplomatic Defender and financial Benefactor prepared to take on a nuclear armed Russian Federation to ludicrously protect the alleged rights of, of all people, the Nazi and Fascist descendants of Stepan Bandera; and with not a solitary Nigger in sight in that stinking Eastern European, Nazi-Fascist quagmire of white Caucasian supremacist ideology; for there are no Blacks living in the Ukraine nor would any be made welcomed in this racist cesspit let alone be tolerated especially in western Ukraine, as many black British footballers on UEFA tournaments there have discovered to their cost!

White Caucasians can be barbaric and the more barbaric that they are the more canny they appear to be, and it’s a truism that once such people are allowed to get the upper hand they never let go of it. The US State Department is replete with barbarians of the most odious and loathsome kind and whose barbarism, to put it mildly, is infinite. Furthermore, these contemporary Neanderthals know perfectly well that they have Barrack by the short and curlies, not least because they’re very much aware, and use this knowledge exploitatively, how keen Barack Obama: the first departure in US political history away from a white male Caucasian president, wants to be seen, treated and most importantly to be fully accepted as what he inwardly considers himself to be: a white man. What conscionable Blacks in such circumstances observing such troubled members of their race regard as “COCONUTS”: persons who’re brown on the exterior but white on the inside! A phenomenon not at all dissimilar to a black woman marrying a white Caucasian male not out of love necessarily but to breed out her blackness and ensure that her descendants end up white. Such is the traumatic and profound psychological scarring of elements still within the Black Diaspora as a consequence of centuries of the most inhumane treatment meted out to them at the hands of white Caucasians.

All that temporarily aside however and with the US State Department having decidedly gone rogue, here we have it unilaterally and rather coercively pushing a social media vehicle down the throats of Cubans on the subjective premise that social media is good for democracy; well their version of it anyway. Yet we don’t hear a tweet or are we ever likely to out of the same US State Department when false flag enthusiasts like the NARSSISIES Pact and Turkey’s idiotic prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I wonder where he got his ideas from; brutally cracks down on the real TWITTER to painstakingly throttle democracy in his own country which is a close military ally of the United States. Talk about double standards! And quite recently too we saw Barack Obama paying a state visit to BANTU SAUDI: you know the one; that paragon of democracy and human rights. No US or other western twitter-based or other social media campaigns there, but that said why would they be needed in this bastion of DEMOCRCY, I don’t think. So my advice to this feckless floozy, like all of her kind at the US State Department, is grow up; fact check your material and stop treating everyone like the purblind morons that the lot of you are.

The governments of Venezuela ever since the emergence of the late Hugo Chavez have been faultlessly democratic; and if the people of Cuba wanted to overthrow the system of government there they would have done so within the last almost 60 years. But they haven’t. And you know why? Because they have a deep and unconquerable pride in themselves and what their government is doing for them. Cuba has a far better educational system than that of the United States, the UK and most European countries and its health service is second to none. Now compare that with the United States where some 47 million people are without health insurance and obviously any sort of healthcare, a figure that is existentially growing there; and even here in the UK where a principal medical officer has advised the British public to do its best not to get sick as they run the serious risk of dying if admitted to our average British NHS hospitals, which are starved of cash and chronically depleted of trained medical and support personnel, the situation to say the least is dire.

Apart from Barbados with a similar health record to that of Cuba no other country in the Caribbean or the Americas can boast this achievement. And while the United States and its willing European satrapies like Britain, France and Germany for example export enormous amounts of arms, other weaponry and chemical weapons that cause indescribable suffering, innumerable deaths, personal tragedies and chaos globally Cuba on the other hand exports doctors, other medical professionals and teachers. So who would you truthfully say, given these circumstances, was the more ethical of these two diametrically opposed entities; and what’s more who would you prefer and want to be on your side if you were in a medical predicament and your life was at stake?

Additionally like Barbados Cuba has the most centenarians per population than all of the so-called western industrialized nations, and Venezuela like both these Caribbean countries has under Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Madura pulled the ordinary Venezuelan man, woman and child out of massive poverty that was endemic there because the country’s wealth was being foisted off to banks in the United States and Europe by the oligarchs that previously ruled the country and that capitalist USA and its allies would quite dearly love to see come back into power.

They won’t do so democratically that’s for sure, and it’s why the United States has had to resort to all manner of means to affect regime change in these countries; but the people aren’t stupid. They know what was there previously and don’t want to go back to those bad old and exploitative days; and rather than the United States and its stooges seeking to effectively destroy these countries and utilizing all sorts of outlandish means to do so, it would be much more beneficial both for US and European citizens if their governments did the same for them.

Fundamentally what the United States and its allies are doing is illegitimate, unjust and immoral. The existence of the NARSISSIES and their real purpose is to extend and support the American Empire enabling the latter to militarily flex its muscle and expand its wings globally. As such the NARSISSIES main anchor is the US and the Pentagon, for because of the United States perceived economic, political and military power it is able to shield itself from all legal culpability, otherwise many of its political leaders and military personnel would have speedily found themselves hauled before international courts charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. So please MISS FRESH FACE FLOOZY at the US State Department I firmly suggest that you first fact check and do your homework next time before you take to opening your mouth and risibly pontificating on things that you know absolutely nothing about. And as you embark on doing that it would also be much appreciated by the genuine international community if you were to pass on the same advice to the rest of your US State Department colleagues.

And please also permit me to say one further thing before I finish Marie Harf, perhaps the US State Department could come clean and explain to the US taxpayers what has really happened to the six (6) billion US dollars supposedly earmarked for redevelopment in Iraq and Afghanistan but which has gone missing, some of which has quite apparently been stolen while other similarly significant sums have unlawfully been siphoned off to fund projects like the US State Department’s incredibly outlandish and evidently failed twitter-style programme aimed at destabilizing and fomenting a US instigated and sponsored insurrection campaign against the Cuban government and people.

My pertinent question to you Ms Harf is this: Don’t you clowns at the US State Department ever learn? Even young babies and active toddlers quickly tire of doing the same things and very soon become quite agitated if those things that they transparently eschew are foisted upon them by adults or others, and in the case of Cuba, consecutive United States administrations and especially the State Department have been jointly waging this rather ludicrous campaign of theirs for nigh on 60 years, far longer than you were born Marie Harf, to overthrow the government of that Caribbean island. Seriously and intelligently isn’t it time you all realize that the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people have been all this time and are still refusing to allow themselves to be duped by this crass US propaganda along with its blatant destabilization techniques and give up? Intelligent people would have done so long ago, but do forgive me I temporally forgot myself; you’re the US State Department and such breed of people neither control it nor work there!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Clueless and Dinosaurian NATO rumbles on!

By Stanley Collymore

NATO: Narcissistic Arrogant Terroristic Oligarchical, the endemically racist, culturally myopic, overwhelmingly Caucasian even if you racially include the eastern half of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s useful idiot Turkey; white supremacists; conspicuously outmoded, born again colonialist and comprehensively imperialist morons. Sadistic to the core like feral, immeasurably intellectually challenged and sociopathic individuals who derive their sick and perverse pleasure by needlessly inflicting pain and trauma on those whom they can comfortably bully and terrorize while getting hugely sexually turned on from doing so because that’s the only way these gender confused and largely cuckolded Caucasian imbeciles can publicly display their fanciful and predominantly non-existent alpha male credentials, knowing that their victims are either physically too small, militarily or economically weak or else without the kind of influential clout to significantly strike back, creating a situation that consequently enables these NATO aggressors to get away with their criminal and perfidious actions, not dissimilar from that of sickeningly pulling the wings off a live butterfly.

Come the 4th April 2014 NATO – henceforth, and most certainly from my perspective, to be known and also referred to as the “NARSISSIES”: sociopathic retards completely absorbed with and exclusively in love with themselves, full of illogical and contradictory bullshit, and as trustworthy and reliable in what they say and do as the public and lying pronouncements of consecutive US administrations, officials, their allies and collaborators deliberately giving the completely erroneous impression that the Guantanamo Bay hellhole and systematic torture gulag  they’ve collaboratively and collectively created is instead some kind of a state of the art upmarket health spa , while all the time masquerading as macho males but inwardly going to great lengths to conceal their embarrassing and perverted female propensities, will chalk up 65 years of a mostly useless, realistically unproductive, futile and self-aggrandizing existence that has created significantly more international catastrophes and globally related problems than it has actually solved or is ever likely to, and quite frankly has long outlived any usefulness that its creation initially ever envisioned; but like those around Ariel Sharon, the late, universally unlamented, Israeli mass murderer PM and diehard terrorist, those associated with the “NARSISSIES” just as asininely refuse to let this equally odious entity die a natural death.

In normal circumstances 65, certainly in the civilized world, is the age at which most adult and genuinely mature people retire from a previously active career or working life and thus devote their time to other enlightening and beneficial pursuits not only in their own interests but also those of others. The “NARSISSIES” haven’t done so however nor have they shown any willingness to, because with the identical entrenched mindset of serial paedophiles that obsess with and thoroughly enjoy preying on the utterly defenceless or the very vulnerable the “NARSISSIES” don’t see or appreciate any reason why they should.

So I shan’t be wishing the “NARSISSIES” happy birthday come the 4th April 2014, as they’re wholly unworthy of any such recognition from the likes of me or anyone else for that matter with a functional brain in his or her head. For in terms of promoting or securing global or even western stability let alone general peace the “NARSISSIES” have failed quite miserably and spectacularly in these explicit endeavours, which to be perfectly honest with you was never their real remit in the first place; and if you think otherwise you and they aren’t only welcome but most definitely belong to each other, and quite deservedly so!

The “NARSISSIES mission and principal objectives are and have always been to justify their own existence, to extensively expand and strengthen their political membership and additionally firmly reinforce their military capabilities. Other than that just honestly ask yourselves what realistically are the “NARSISSIES protecting Europe, or the rest of the world come to that, from? Russia? How absurd! Russian tanks aren’t about to roll through the streets of Paris for example as they wouldn’t be able to anyhow even if President Putin were so disposed to have them do so, which evidently he most certainly isn’t. And besides, such tanks in the ludicrous and fictional imagination of western leaders wouldn’t be able to get through the Paris traffic anyway. As anyone who knows Paris and is familiar with its customary traffic congestion already knows full well that the latter would quite significantly hamper and even preclude such an unlikely occurrence from ever happening.

And as if this western and the “NARSISSIES purblind paranoia vis-à-vis Europe, and particularly Eastern Europe, wasn’t bad enough what logically is the “NARSISSIES rationale for expanding with increasing and significant alacrity, against the stark backdrop of justified global alarm, their presence in Africa and most especially sub-Saharan Africa, except for the “NARSISSIES own institutional self-justification, an irrational persecution complex that is itself firmly combined with an innate control-freakism characteristic of this intrinsically militaristic-mindset, white Caucasian and rogue outfit.

Many of the “NARSISSIES hierarchy have exceedingly well paid jobs that because of the Cold War paradigm that these self-serving bastards outmodedly cling on to would instantly become defunct if their “NARSISSIES outfit accepted reality, admit that the Warsaw Pact was dissolved with the collapse of the Soviet Union and that the “NARSISSIES should have as they now must realistically go the same way. But these hierarchical hawks and their warmongering leaders don’t want this to happen anymore than those benefiting hugely from the amorphous war on drugs or terror want that these issues be resolved anytime soon either.

So rather than the “NARSISSIES policymakers simply accepting reality and sticking if they must to their body’s founding charter which is the mutual defence of member states, the “NARSISSIES have instead quite unilaterally and hubristically adopted an “out of area policy” which effectively means that they’ve arrogated to themselves the exclusive right to act and operate at will anywhere in the world that they choose to and specifically outside the designated North Atlantic region that was their original remit.

Between you and me though what has significantly put the noses of the United States, the EU and the other “NARSISSIES satrapies out of joint is the timely intervention of both the Russian and the Crimean people through having Crimea freely and in an overwhelming display of mutual solidarity democratically reunifying itself with Mother Russia. Actions that assiduously pulled the rug from under the feet of the United States that asininely imagined it could waltz into the Ukraine co-opt it into the “NARSISSIES, provocatively oust Russia from its centuries’ old Black Sea naval base there and as in Bahrain, where there’s no democracy or human rights of any kind, implant another US imperialistic navy to further the interests of the America Empire.

Just imagine what the United States, its European and other western satrapies instinctive response, and that includes that of the “NARSISSIES, would have been if the Russian Federation had dared to similarly and barefacedly seek to co-opt or seduce Puerto Rico in the same way that the US and its European stooges wanted to do with Crimea and with the identical mindset and idiotic intention in Russia’s case of inserting a Russian naval base thousands of miles away from Russia’s national borders within the unmistakably undisputed waters of this United States colony in the Caribbean as these full of themselves and absolutely pathetic western morons tried their utmost to do in the case Crimea. There would immediately have been an outbreak of World War III triggered by the United States and its spineless puppets irrespective of whether or not that Russian decision was a mutually consensual one between the people and government of Puerto Rico or had been forced on them by the Russian Federation. Either way Washington wouldn’t have given a damn and would have reacted in the same way regardless!

And it chalks up memories of the United States double standards when the world was on the brink of a thermo-nuclear war because the then Soviet Union in a lawful and mutual agreement between the Cuban government and itself decided to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles away from the United States mainland, provoking the infuriated and self-righteous response from Washington notwithstanding the clear and undisputed fact that the United States and its “NARSISSIES” allies had themselves, and for some considerable time previously, installed their own nuclear missiles in Turkey which, wait for it, had a land border with the Soviet Union; which even the most dumbed down educational imbecile even if he or she takes even the most cursory look at a map of the globe can say exists in the case of the United States and Cuba, not then in 1962 and certainly not now!

So as I’ve said earlier, written elsewhere and repeat again the behaviour of so-called US and other western leaders is analogous to that of adults who haven’t acquired the capacity or don’t have the ability to grow up and mature into commonsensical individuals; who are pathetic and contradictory in the way they act; are downright selfish and narcissistic with it and have this asinine view that the only opinion that matters, right or wrong but invariably wrong, is their own.

And in my view Russia’s two finger salute wasn’t only applicable but also long overdue; so well done President Putin and the people of both the Crimea and the Russian Federation. And if in response to this laudable action the American Empire and its white Caucasian and European satrapies want to act like spoilt brats throwing their dummies out of their prams just because they can’t get their way, personally I couldn’t give a damn, nor would any other sensible person either!