Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The impudence of the West’s abusive and unchallenged power!

By Stanley Collymore

In 2010 The UN International Court of Justice declared Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence to be legal and not breaking any international laws. As President of the United States Roosevelt declared Latin American dictators as sons of bitches but added they were US SOBs and as such what they did in the interest of the US and under US instigation and supervision was okay.

Crimeans are not or would they allow themselves to be US SOBs and consequently what they do, evidently not in the selfish interests of the US and however democratic their actions are, must unlike what went on in Latin America and elsewhere and is currently happening in Kiev must be dishonestly condemned and vilified as illegal, unconstitutional and against international norms.

This despite the US having bombed Serbia for three months consecutively, NATO having threatened a land invasion of Serbia if it didn’t relinquish Kosovo and when that literally happened at the barrel of a gun the US, its European satrapies and other western client states immediately recognized Kosovo as an independent nation and stated that it was perfectly within its right and under UN rules of self-determination to go independent.

This notwithstanding the fact that Kosovo was an integral and historical part of Serbia that was itself part of a highly functioning, sovereign and independent country called Yugoslavia that the US along with its NATO thugs wilfully destroyed with the primary objectives of expanding NATO’s physical reach and military influence within Europe, silencing any opposition to this and having the US all the more with its obsessive fixation of Russia on the latter’s borders.

So recognizing the manufactured and so-called state of Kosovo organized and run by terrorists there was fine but when it comes to the Crimea which for centuries was an integral: physical, linguistic, cultural and historical, part of Russia and was only transferred in 1954 to the Ukraine, then part of the USSR, by Nikita Khrushchev for strictly administrative reasons, something that goes on in most independent countries, including the UK for example on a regular basis, not imagining for a single moment that the Soviet Union would break up, Crimea stayed with the Ukraine after the dissolution of the USSR as an autonomous republic but with close ties still with Russia and unsurprisingly so since the overwhelming majority of Crimeans are ethnic Russians.

However after the west’s blatant engineering of a Nazi and Fascist putsch in Kiev that doesn’t even have the majority support of the Ukrainian people the Crimeans decided to exercise their right to determine their own future through the act of self-determination and for good measure as well also invoked the UN International Court of Justice’s ruling in 2010 relative to Kosovo and which the entire west went along with, we nevertheless immediately see the west’s double standards and hubristic hypocrisy come into play.

Terrorists can arbitrarily and undemocratically take over and independently rule Kosovo without Serbia’s approval or cooperation it seems and that’s fine by the west; however when autonomous Crimea gives its people the right to democratically decide their future in a state-wide plebiscite with one of the options being the severance of the Crimea from the Ukraine to which it’s only loosely attached anyway, and even when this move invokes the United Nations ICJ ruling in 2010 re Kosovo and wholeheartedly approved by the west as previously said, lo and behold Crimea is instantly damned by the same west that embraced Kosovo for what it did as acting illegally, unconstitutionally and against international law. You couldn’t make stuff like that up! So work it out for yourselves you manipulated idiots across the west.

Furthermore, US law strictly prohibits the United States from funding regimes anywhere globally that came to power by a putsch, coup or any other undemocratic means. Yet the US shells out billons of dollars that it can ill afford to the military in Egypt that overthrew a democratically elected government there and is now hell-bent on forking out an additional billion dollar sweetener to its favourite Nazi and Fascist mass murderers in Kiev that have done the same and de facto the US’s bidding; a country that along with the EU countries have been very complicit in the meddling of Ukraine’s domestic affairs from the very outset.

But guess what? The US, its EU and NATO satrapies, one and the same, refuse to acknowledge what is patently obvious to everyone else with eyes in their heads and a functioning brain to boot that those running the show in Cairo and Kiev on behalf of the west aren’t by any stretch of the imagination democratic entities and what’s more their rise to power was by means that contradict US law regarding their funding. But what does the US that sickeningly, sanctimoniously and ad nauseum preaches democracy to those it disdainfully looks down upon really care, since to these arrogant morons in Washington might is right.

Akin to the BBC’s bosses refusing to acknowledge that they were well aware of many if not the majority of Jimmy Savile’s paedophile activities that took place on BBC property and resolutely did nothing to stop him or report the matter to the police, because to honestly do so would destroy the dishonest image that the BBC likes to portray of itself. Or for that matter prominent UK government ministers and other elites demanding that the already poor and financially hard up residents of the UK tighten their fiscal belts, accept the austerity measures they either insist on or implement; as well as the swingeing cuts in financing, crucial medical and social services that these disadvantaged are reliant on, while they the British elite, already stinking rich as they are, callously employ the most intricate and creative means of tax evasion to hold on to what they already have while simultaneously garnering even more wealth for themselves, their families and their friends at the expense of the rest of us.

Finally, sensible individuals know and sadly recognize that the world is truly, bizarrely and dangerously out of sync when the likes of Bob Crow: honest to a fault, replete with integrity and who all of his adult life committed himself tirelessly to the betterment of the average working man and particularly those in the trade union that he was leader of, the RMT, against the pernicious greed of the capitalist elites who would otherwise without his endeavours have had them kept in what they arrogantly considered were their place, ironically suffers an untimely death from a heart attack while consummately evil bastards of the infamous calibre of those who run the world and particularly the globally obsessed and hegemonic-minded pillocks in control of the west continue to live. Maybe God knows something that he’s not letting on to us mere mortals.

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