Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Grow up or else get lost United States of America!

By Stanley Collymore

How is it possible, and why is it permitted by the rest of the global community, for the world’s principal meddler in other peoples’ and their countries domestic affairs to pompously lecture others, and largely get away with it too, on what it has itself arrogantly, dishonestly and brutally been doing ever since its own turbulent inception as a fledgling state in 1776?

And how can the United States of America that has routinely, savagely and self-servingly toppled popular and democratic governments across the world, customarily replacing them with brutal dictatorships of its own choosing; that unilaterally foments coup d’états elsewhere globally thousands of miles away from its own borders and even the region where the USA is located risibly lecture others on their duty to respect the sovereign integrity of nations and the need to comply with and adhere to international law; concepts that the said USA picks and chooses to suit its own selfish whims and fancies and invariably perverts at every turn?

Moreover, what feasibility or credibility, come to that, can any prescient-minded or intelligent person attach, and why should they, to the hollow, insulting, downright narcissistic and bombastic pronouncements of a United States of America that not only criminally but also consistently flouts its own laws and the hallowed and enshrined tenets of its national Constitution while arrogating to itself the sole right to haughtily and uncompromisingly dictate to others how they should behave?

And who was it that imperiously coined the phrase “regime change”, which effectively means the literal and subjective dispensing by any means at the aggressor’s disposal, including the use of fraudulently trumped up charges relating to the alleged violation of domestic human rights, themselves commensurate with equally lying indictments of crimes against humanity principally directed against US targeted victim states and their chosen leaders and very often supplemented by US or NATO military attacks at the behest of the United States?

Actions perpetrated against those that these western entities decide to go after in order to liquidate perceived opponents of what the United States considers as its exclusive right to determine what the world order should be, and whose real crime from the perspective of US leaders, who gave the world this obnoxious term “regime change”, is that these targeted countries and their leaders dared to chart their own independent course, as is their right, and in doing so resolutely refused to toe the United States dictated and foreign policy line; decisions interpreted by the US, its EU and NATO stooges as threats that couldn’t be countenanced and therefore must militarily be removed to further facilitate the growing and overbearing presence of US imperialistic and global hegemony!

Looks to me, bearing all this and much more in mind, that rather than spending inordinate periods of time, effort and money that it can ill afford lambasting, vilifying, denouncing and whenever and wherever possible destroying those who consciously behave as all responsible and mature adults should, that the United States and its woefully uninformed citizenry together with its complicit and compliant crony NATO and EU satrapies would, as indeed the rest of the world, be best served if the United States and its plethora of obsequious, willing and useful idiots globally and particularly in Europe quite literally grow up; begin to emulate the behaviour of those world leaders who’re actually adult in their conduct, and stop being the downright exasperating, interfering, intolerant, sanctimonious and utterly dangerous pain in the ass that this unholy construct known as the west and led by the US quite asininely and evidently is.

For to have the US, EU and NATO loudly and recurrently pontificating about human rights and the rest of it is analogous to a vicious serial killer lecturing both the relatives of his victims and others as well on the sanctity of human life. It’s highly perverse and unless you’re testosterone-driven sociopaths like Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power, Jen Psaki and even Hillary Clinton; village idiots like John McCain, and other deranged nutters, past and present, within the US political establishment as well as our very own here in the UK, notably the entire Con-Dem government and its leadership in tandem with Ed Miliband and the born again Blairites in his shadow cabinet, makes no sense at all. Not to normal people anyway! Maybe what we do need in the UK right now is a Maidan-type putsch of the kind that these aforementioned UK bastards helped to illegitimately gain power in Ukraine.

And wouldn’t it be most interesting to see how our Zionist Jews and their Friends of Zionist apartheid Israel: the likes of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, who wouldn’t have been born in Britain if at all anywhere if his parents hadn’t fled the same odious Nazis and Fascist mass murderers and genociders that he’s now supporting in Ukraine, Boris Johnson and Malcolm Rifkin responded, knowing, as they should do, the pedigree of these descendants and disciples of Stepan Bandera. As I’ve said elsewhere we could do with some serious ethnic cleansing of the right sort with its attendant genocidal liquidation in the UK, and who better in the current circumstance than the successors of Stepan Bandera’s lot to do it.

After all, it was Clement Attlee’s post World War II Labour Government that at the behest of the United States let into Britain scores of thousands of these Ukrainian Waffen SS Nazi, death camp killers and ethnic genociders, Fascists and their families and they’re still living here in the form of their British born offspring, masquerading as the English Defence League (EDL); the sort of people, if one can call odious Nazi and Fascist scum that, that prized prats like the incumbent Community Secretary in David Cameron’s Con-Dem regime, Eric Pickles literally worships. So bring on the Maidan and their current leader Dmitry Yarosh I say and have the wheel turn full circle! After all that’s what the US and its European stooges, including our own parliamentary ones, wanted in Ukraine, so why not in the UK as well? Maybe these imperialist and duplicitous jerks should first have familiarized themselves with the maxim: “Beware what you wish for on others that you unwarrantably despise and plot harm against” before they criminally got involved themselves in the Ukraine.

Even within their own national borders democracy is routinely seen and firmly acknowledged by the west’s political and controlling elites as something they must and what’s more have the right to selfishly manipulate. And with this mindset assiduously adhered to it’s hardly surprising then that when it comes to dealing with local people and their leaders in other countries those who support this western point of view concomitant with the west’s foreign policy objectives, however undemocratic, immoral or even dictatorial this process is, are deemed by the west as democratic entities.

While those who don’t, regardless of how overwhelmingly transparent and truly democratic their openly expressed choices or decisions are, are denounced by the west as undemocratic, the same west that then initially threatens them demanding that they desist from their freely chosen, morally exemplary and impeccably independent course of action; and should they refuse to yield to such unreasonable behaviour and undisguised blackmail unhesitatingly in western political eyes become prime targets for western coercive and or military regime change.

Chicago has always been and still is one of the most violent and politically corrupt places in the United States, and where such places are not uncommon. Currently the former White House advisor to Barack Obama is Chicago’s incumbent mayor and Barack himself before his elevation to the presidency of the USA was the US senator for the state of Illinois of which Chicago is a constituent part. Refresh my memory if you care to but I don’t recall either of these two men doing a great deal, if anything at all, to rectify for the better the perilous situation in Chicago.

Yet both of them, and Barack Obama specifically in his role as President of the United States of America, have never had any disinclination nor difficulty, while studiously eschewing all critical comments or justified condemnations relative to Chicago itself and similar corrupt entities across the entire United States, in not only unwarrantably and publicly making completely subjective and uncorroborated condemnatory pronouncements on countries and their leaders that they don’t like – that’s shorthand for those countries and their leaders who implacably refuse to become part of the American Empire – but also vehemently set about dictating to them how they should conduct their own affairs.

A situation that would be analogous, if I were so obtuse but thankfully I’m not, to my standing in front of my open bedroom window on the top floor of my house, looking outside and seeing a male passerby using the quite legitimate public footpath that runs parallel to my home and the other neighbouring houses, imperiously and without any provocation whatsoever on this passersby part shout to him: “Don’t you dare step off that footpath and walk on my lawn!”; something that this guy wasn’t in the process of doing nor did his demeanour indicate that he ever had the slightest interest or intention of doing so.

But guess what? My subjective and arrogant dislike of this man who has never done me any harm and who I honestly don’t know nevertheless compels me to find out where he lives, to then go over to his house when he’s not there, discover that he has a wife, coercively through her evident fear of me sexually seduces her behind her husband’s back and what’s more quite impudently do so inside his own home; and when this man finally discovers what I’ve been doing to his wife and demands to know why, my conceited and hubristic response to him is, “Because I can bloody well do so and get away with it; and there’s bugger all that you can do to stop me!”

An accurate assessment of the United States and its western satrapies’ global attitudes and foreign policy agenda, wouldn’t you say? But the pertinent question is: “Are you entirely happy with this, and if not and especially to those of you living in the west what are you going to do about it?

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