Monday, 10 February 2014

White Caucasian, English, female and very special; so handle with care!

By Stanley Collymore

Wilful blindness; that’s what it is! Further to my previous tweets regarding the asinine placing by white men across the board of all manner of white females, and specifically so in England, onto moralistic pedestals where logically they don’t belong and quite frankly look most incongruous standing there, I didn’t receive a single criticism relative to my published work; not that it mattered as I wouldn’t have given a damn anyway if I had since I was not only expressing my honest opinion but also the truth, and those who truly know me or appreciate my straightforwardness and consequently are acquainted with where I’m coming from know perfectly well that my conscience has never or will it ever have any difficulties with the truth much less find itself conveniently sacrificed on the altar of compromise known in this case as political correctness. However, I did get a number of complimentary emails on the subject from complete strangers to me as well as the customary supportive phone calls from family members and several close friends who tend to rally around when even they conclude that I’ve done something quite extraordinary even for me that is.

Which either meant that I embarrassingly struck a raw nerve with many of you out there shaming all the nerds who absurdly indulge in this ludicrous and most perverse pastime of theirs and who even if they don’t have any intention whatsoever of mending their idiotic ways neither did they have the gumption to defend what they’re doing nor the balls to criticize actions on my part, if indeed they really thought I was out of line, that are germane to their way of life. But deep in their subconscious minds I suspect they know that I’m not. Besides, I know the psychology of these pathetic jerks inside out to also realise that essentially they’re a bunch of feckless cowards whose behaviour is as transparently conditioned as that of Pavlov’s dogs.

From their judicial lordships and the coterie of other privileged, self-serving, book-learned but pre-eminently non-commonsensical prats wholly, egotistically and narcissistically wrapped up in themselves, a situation grotesquely compounded by the manifestly and bizarrely out of touch world they blissfully and zealously inhabit, right down to the amazingly unsophisticated, crass, intellectually challenged, xenophobic, beer-swilling, football obsessed, celebrity-fixated, X-Factor aficionado and macho-deluded, white thug, the conditioning is virtually the same albeit administered to varying degrees.

And while the judge, his lower court county squire magisterial underling, chief constables and their senior colleagues, high flying barristers, prominent politicians or First Division Civil Servants who addictively and quite willingly subject themselves to the mutually acceptable, and evidently for them, beneficial flagellatory sexual chastisement meted out to them in some posh hotel located in one of our major cities or the ultra expensive, all fetishes scrupulously catered for, Madame Sin type, clandestine whorehouse that the more well-heeled of those aforementioned clients frequent might be light years financially and socially distanced from the daily existences of their lower caste white specimens, they all nevertheless have one thing in common.

It’s the inveterate inability coupled with a marked reluctance to sever the umbilical link to their mothers who they know from close observation of them, though they’re adamantly reluctant to admit this even to themselves preferring to live instead in a state of wilful denial, aren’t the virtuous paragons they purport to be but rather aces of the art of manipulation who cynically con others into thinking they’re what they most evidently aren’t; and this sits most uneasily with these men who know that something is terribly wrong but haven’t the fortitude to do anything constructive about it. And it’s this unhealthy umbilical link that fucks up everything for these men where white women are concerned rendering everyone from judges to your average football hooligan of being utterly unable and moreover quite unwilling to properly and justly upbraid or appropriately punish white women when basic commonsense dictates that they should do so.

And all this against the subliminal backdrop of having undeservingly and farcically freely put these women onto an elevated and glorified pedestal in the first place, and that to do otherwise would constitute a dreadful betrayal of them in tandem with the implicit condemnation of their own cuckolding and even whoring mothers, sisters, wives, partners or daughters; and as such amount to a concerted act of misogyny. Well I don’t buy any of that shit and never have, since I know from personal experience that among white women, and especially their British/English counterparts of every background and social status, some can be exceptionally good, others utterly bad, absolutely worthless, indifferent, devious, scheming or positively evil to name just a few of their standard characteristics, just like most women everywhere in fact; humans and not angels.

And while I couldn’t give a toss what our British judges and those involved in our legal system get up to in their private lives behind closed doors that for me is as far as it goes. For in the arena of justice I want to see objectivity, discernment, fair play and just punishment where appropriate for all those of whatever gender who are arraigned before a legitimate court in our green and pleasant land having been alleged to have fallen foul of the law. Not have our justices and magistrates where white women are concerned allow their dicks or compulsive Oedipus Rex fixations to cloud their judgements. For what they’re currently delivering in this skewed scenario of theirs quite frankly stinks! I’m a British citizen not some bloody subject and despite my criticisms of it for what I not only perceive to be wrong but also know is the case I do love my country and want to be proud of it; and one doesn’t have to be a misogynist to vocalize that point of view.

For what goes on in British society generally and more particularly the English legal system per se and specifically so the English judiciary relative to how white Caucasian females are usually perceived; the preferential treatment routinely and disproportionately handed out to them generally, as well as those who cynically, manipulatively or increasingly as it happens murderously but it must be said existentially all the same wilfully pervert the course of justice and in relative terms, if they’re punished at all, get little more than a playful slap on the wrist from our magistrates and judges for their criminal activities compounded by empathetic bleeding hearts doling out undeserving sympathy to them, is to put it mildly a bloody scandal and disgrace, and objectively looked at a criminal concept itself that is transparently manifestly devoid of any morality whatsoever.

Wilful blindness is how I see it that is based in England where this belief is deeply embedded on the ludicrous precept of the inviolability and even the sanctity of white Caucasian womanhood, and more especially so if that white female happens to be English/British!

That’s why I want to wholeheartedly congratulate the scriptwriters of two of my favourite TV dramas: Midsommer Murders and Murder She Wrote, for their excellently insightful, practical and realistic representation of women, including white Caucasian ones, showing them as they should be warts and all, resolutely refusing to pander to the nauseatingly sanitized version of these white Caucasian women that recurrently we see portrayed in our UK courts and society generally of every white woman being categorized as nothing less than the Virgin Mary herself incarnate. This has to stop if Britain is ever to emerge as a nation of genuine gender equality; as apart from everything else it’s insulting and particularly patronizing as well to all intelligent women.

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