Saturday, 22 February 2014

Targeted, turned on and satisfyingly mated!

By Stanley Collymore

We were both massively turned on by each other’s presence
and the prime opportunity to strengthen and keenly
assist this auspicious state of affairs was
obviously and decidedly there; two
perceptive minds in complete unison with one
another and quite noticeably reacting as
one, with the thoughts which they naturally,
mutually, collaboratively and highly
anticipatorily conjured up as the precursor
to this most predictable of outcomes,
unmistakably conveying to our
willingly eager and up for
it bodies what was most
urgently required
and, on our part,
to be

With indecent haste frenzied but all the same purposeful
and astute hands pulled feverishly at the other’s
submissive body, impatiently encouraging
adept fingers to symbiotically and
readily release in this concertedly
lascivious process of disrobement the
body-hugging outer and normally concealed
personal undergarments that till now had
demarcated the boundary between
conventional decency and that of
outright nudity; but which
indecorously subjected
to this premeditated,
perpetual and reciprocally
enlivening pre-coital activity
naturally brought into
serious contention the
question of their

Now impressively accoutred but only in one’s natural nakedness
and with quite distinctly male and female physical differences
evidently and admirably complementing each other as
their respective catalyst but nevertheless with their
proactive participation in this transparently
manifest sexual seduction skilfully and
tantalizingly held in abeyance until
the optimum moment for success
was efficaciously embarked
upon, the drive for us
towards achievable
multiple orgasms
had well and
truly begun.

However, added to this enthralling scenario were corporeal
attributes like stimulatively aroused breasts and bloated
genitalia, all of them material players in their own
right and not merely adjuncts in this sexual
extravaganza, having additionally and generatively derived
their own burgeoning ardour through the consummate
expertise of a somewhat impetuous but, even so,
a remarkably effective mouth working fully in
tandem with its assiduously committed tongue,
and compellingly ensuring that our shared
sexual journey diligently begun was now on its course
of no return. So given these specific circumstances
it was hardly surprising then that they too now
rapidly, and somewhat expediently as it
happened, began the process of adding
to this heady mix that was already
charged and openly expressed,
their own distinctive but
similarly intoxicating

Oh the joys of agreeable sex when it’s not only consensually
undertaken but also expertly done; two vibrant bodies
physically, passionately and in the course of its
duration inextricably linked as one in what’s
an undoubted animalistic display of unbridled ardour,
that in the madding and seemingly unquenchable
yearning for orgasmic deliverance can in the
right circumstances and together with a
competent and considerate lover who
is completely au fait with what sex
is all about involuntarily, even
for the experienced in such
matters but scarily so for
the novice initiated
into them, induce
a state of near

A thoughtful lover too who, moreover, would be most
offended as well as morally and professionally
adamantly disinclined in this supremely intimate,
robustly physical, profoundly psychological
and interactive situation between two intensely
up for it individuals preparedly anticipating
a choice spermatic bequest about to be
decisively offloaded inside the specifically chosen
and appropriately serviced vaginal reservoir:
practicably expansive and suitably of variable
depth, to ever settle for anything that
vaguely fell short of their very best
effort, or which unfortunately in
the aftermath of all these spirited endeavours
could even distantly either mistakenly or
far-fetched be construed as anything
less than what the French pithily
refer to as la petite mort: the
enigmatic little death!

Then as the churning waves of this expeditiously
advancing and coital tsunami were imminently
and unimpeded about to savagely crash down
with an overwhelmingly frenetic force of
palpable intensity upon two threshing
bodies finding themselves uproariously and
unmanageably thrown into total disarray
by the wild subjugation of all temperate
thoughts and their immediate replacement by
the unilateral imposition of sheer carnal lust; in
those circumstances then it would have been
utterly inconceivable not to perceive and
equally foolish as well to carelessly
underestimate the naked and
physical power of la petite mort –
the enigmatic little death – now
rapidly and assertively in the
process of unleashing
its indomitable
fury on both
of us.

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 February 2014.

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