Thursday, 6 February 2014

Exposé of the consummate endemic moron!

By Stanley Collymore

Have you ever tried to enter the mind of a
thoroughbred moron, or more crucially
endeavoured to understand what, if
anything, goes on there? It’s a
daunting task I assure you;
not one for the faint-hearted, and
that even when undertaken by
the most prescient-minded
of individuals is utterly
soul-destroying and
can easily lead
to despair.

Analogous I would say, and I’m
absolutely sure you would willingly
agree if unhappily you’ve been
obliged to go down that path,
to attempting to negotiate
a treacherous weir, paddles
at the ready but no canoe
or other marine craft
at hand to safely
conduct you
on your

Therefore, when such inbred idiots eagerly
and without prompting or any sort of
encouragement from anyone other
than likeminded morons like
themselves unasked to but all the same open
up their mouths to opinionatedly advise
on or advance solutions to matters
or even problems which they
know absolutely nothing about, and
as you either charitably humour
or more preferably disdainfully
deride them, just remember
who precisely and what
exactly they really are:
human detritus, that
constitute the cancerous
elements of an unsafe
and hazardously

Habitually the unthinking and obviously as well
unplanned outcome of an all too commonplace
bastardy offloaded onto longsuffering and
beleaguered decent societies forced to
accommodate their sort when in
actuality these societies would be infinitely
better off, to say the least, were they to
concertedly harvest these imbeciles
for their body parts; their brains
decidedly excluded of course
since transparently these
would clearly be of no
bloody use to either
man or beast!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 February 2014.

They say that the poor will always be with us; I wholeheartedly disagree. Not in the least so because it’s my firm conviction that if the authentic international community genuinely had a mind to it could permanently eradicate global poverty in a relatively short space of time. A personal conviction that leads me to similarly believe that the same thing could be done in respect of the rank, pervasive and wholly pernicious stupidity with its attendant dire consequences that regrettably the less discerning among us quite liberally tolerate and even make excuses for but which undoubtedly is dangerously inimical to the welfare of our respective societies generally and the best interests of humanity in particular.

Long before he became Prime Minister of Britain and well in advance of the meteoric rise of the Nazis to power in Germany as well as the rest of continental Europe Winston Churchill a life-long eugenicist advocated the compulsory sterilization of such people in Britain to prohibit them from breeding with each other, producing more of their kind and consequently with their defective intellectual genes contaminating the wholesome stock of the rest of British society. The Nazis of course had their own inimitable solution to this problem – the holocaust; while the Soviets and their satellite satrapies periodically carried out their own pogroms to eradicate their undesirables.

Whatever methods are employed in the 21st Century is a moot point since there is no mistaking the obvious fact that something has to be done to remedy this contagious and fast escalating problem. And while race, ethnicity, skin colour, social class or background, financial status, gender, religion, nationality or the espousal of different and even controversial opinions that are completely divergent from those of mainstream thinking must not under any circumstance subjectively become or solely render those in these categories eligible for either individual or selective compulsory eradication, specifically so because diversity and the ability to constructively think and act outside and beyond the accepted confines of conformity are salient ingredients that act as the catalyst and even serve as the bedrock of a truly progressive and mutually beneficial society for all those genuinely deserving of being the recipients of such, anything else that stand in the way of this must be implacably excised. Endemically rank, pervasive and pernicious stupidity falls squarely, in my opinion, within this must be proscribed category.

No sensible person who values their life would adamantly resist an amputation and hang on to an incurable, highly infectious and life-threatening gangrenous leg on the asinine basis that they were born with two legs and two legs are what they’re going to retain. Similarly you wouldn’t  in a public common room observe a prized idiot, however old that individual was, walk into that same room, extract a live grenade from their duffel coat and unconcernedly watch them proceed to mess around with it on the pretext that it’s none of your business or they’re simply whiling away the time. Nor would you, I suspect, like any other intelligent person tolerate or have any sympathy whatsoever for an inveterate arsonist who sets fire to your house in the dead of night while you and the other residents there were fast asleep and in the process gravely endangers your life.

Only for you all on being rescued later told by some official absurdly seeking to exculpate this moron’s criminal activity  that he or she had uncaring parents while they were growing up though they all lived in the lap of luxury. Or else that that person came from a disadvantaged background and allowances should be made for them. Or even more bizarrely that this individual liked creating fires because the commotion they caused, the fire service racing to the scene, and the life and limb risks that their arsonist propensities subjected you and your family to, as well as others who had previously been placed in similar circumstances, gave him or her a sexual high which they were unable to achieve in normal relationships as they just didn’t have any of their own. Therefore you must be understanding; biblically turn the other cheek; and simply forgive and forget. It’s not rocket science to determine what your reaction would be.

So why then do our societies persist in tolerating and even indulging brain dead morons that even the administering of lobotomies to them couldn’t remedy their situation, and who furthermore are infinitely more dangerous to the rest of us in every conceivable way? We cull animals, don’t we? Quite often needlessly so; so why not our human detritus as well?

On that note I’d like to dedicate the attached poem to Leslie Philbert, Dean Cry and those of a similar mindset. I wouldn’t say that they inspired me to write this poem, oh no; as collectively they would be completely incapable of inspiring even the most incontinent individual to have a piss or otherwise go to the loo, just that unwittingly on their part they’ve substantially provided me with all the material I could ever have needed to create this poem.

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