Thursday, 20 February 2014

An Iberian pilllock at large! That’s José Manuel Barroso, aka Der heimliche faschistiche Fuehrer der EU.

By Stanley Collymore

Have you ever heard of Jose Manuel Barrosa? I didn’t think you had! Burt don’t worry about it, the overwhelming majority of people in the world haven’t either; so you’re in excellent company on that score. So why am I mentioning him or even bothering to write about this detritus of humanity that even in his home country of Portugal is a phenomenal nonentity? Well Jose belongs to that group of prime idiots and thoroughbred jobsworths with nothing special about them except their endemic sycophancy and the primitive yearning to at all times unquestioningly do the bidding of those who are pulling their chains; individuals with not a single original or innovative thought in their heads. The sort of individuals who quite incredibly, from the perspective of any logical and intelligent person, find themselves at the top of corporations and quangos, and in Jose’s case the European Union where he’s, would you credit it, the President of that entity.

Unelected of course, as no sensible person if the post was an elected one would vote for him; but he’s not alone in that regard as none of those who are routinely and inexplicably parachuted into the top echelon of that body calling itself the EU Commission is ever elected. Yet they have the sheer audacity and the mindboggling temerity to deign to speak for the rest of us, when to start with the us who comprise the majority of citizens of the EU haven’t a bloody idea who these people are or why they’re there in the first place; neither have they any mandate, in the remotest sense of that word, to speak for us or on our behalf. That though doesn’t stop them from arrogating to themselves the unilateral right to do so; and thoroughbred jerk Jose is a past master in that regard. The loquacious berk that one can’t shut up because he’s so enamoured with the sound of his own voice.

So why am I having a go at this Iberian Dego and covert fascist from Portugal whose country with a discernible and transparent penchant for dictatorship along with the likes of its likeminded brethren in Spain and Greece were purposely allowed into the EU in the inflated hope of stemming their intuitive bad behaviour? It’s all to do with remarks that Jose asininely and quite deliberately, dishonestly and lyingly made at the weekend, 15-16 February 2014, about the ineligibility of an independent Scotland being permitted to remain, for realistically and truthfully that’s precisely what the correct and legal position is as Scotland as things stand is currently and has been for the last 40 years been a member of the EU albeit within the framework of the United Kingdom, although jackass Jose falsely tried to give the impression that Scotland has never been a part of that EU and therefore like any state not previously in that body but venturing to become a member would have to take pot luck through the accession process. How bloody evil, disingenuous and lying can one get?

He then went on to say that political entities that break away from a sovereign and independent state which is already a part of the EU, even if this process of severance was consummately democratic and above board, don’t essentially have a snowflake in Hell’s chance of rejoining the EU. Has this prized prat Jose never heard of Czechoslovakia? Well I have; and I’m absolutely certain that millions of people within the EU alone knew of this sovereign and independent country that was a member of the European Union, an instant recognition on Czechoslovakia’s part which is more than can be said for this pupped up and runt-like fart Jose Barroso. However it split into the two separate entities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic that we currently have, and the interesting thing about this split is that it was something that the vast majority of Czechoslovakians didn’t want, in marked contrast to what the political elite that ran the country aided and abetted by their foreign backers, including elements within the EU Commission itself desired and fraudulently engineered. And even though this chicanery was manifestly obvious, guess what? The EU had no reluctance or compunction in accepting both Slovakia and the Czech Republic as individual members of the EU.

So in that regard Jose Barroso is talking through his ass as he frequently does. For how can the idea of a democratically independent Scotland genuinely expressing the wishes of the Scottish people, if that’s what they really want and bearing in mind that Scotland is already a member of the EU, be anathema to assholes like Jose and his crew  of brainless simians in the EU Commission yet Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where no such consensus was democratically secured, were both automatically welcomed back into the bosom of the EU, which effectively they never left, with open arms?

Debunking further the skewed logic of “Der EU Fuehrer, Herr Jose Barrosa” Slovenia was previously part of a sovereign and independent state called Yugoslavia that was also a full member of the UN just like all the EU member countries are. However, in gratitude for the assistance given to Nazi Germany during World War II by the Croatians who were similarly part of Yugoslavia but all the same odiously treacherous to the rest of the Yugoslavian people and their government as well as being avid Nazi activists and sympathizers, just as they still are today, during World War II in marked contrast to what the socialist Yugoslavian government along with most Yugoslavians were, Germany energetically agitated for the break up of Yugoslavia and was ably assisted in this cause by the UK together with many other EU countries with their own longstanding and thoroughbred Nazi pedigree and, of course, the United States simply because Yugoslavia was socialist and anything that remotely carried that stigma in the eyes of your average ignorant American, arguably totalling some two thirds of that country’s population, had to be destroyed. So that’s exactly what these self-styled but vastly hypocritical proponents of democracy did.

From that destruction emerged the Balkanization of the Balkans, you just couldn’t make that up, and Slovenia as well as Croatia along with Serbia, minus Kosovo thanks to the West’s interference yet again, Bosnia and all the rest of these ludicrous and largely unviable satrapies eventually did emerge claiming to be countries. But once again the EU’s rank double standards and the asinine remarks of its figurehead leader Jose Manuel Barroso came into focus. For Slovenia, as I’m sure you’ve either guessed or already know, having once been a part of the sovereign and independent state of Yugoslavia is now a fully fledged member of the EU as is Croatia which became a member in 2013. Interestingly too the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia that were also once a part of what was then the sovereign and independent entity the entire world knew as the USSR: a superpower, UN member and the holder of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, were without any qualms, restrictions or reluctance, in fact it was very much the opposite in their respective cases, enthusiastically embraced into the fold of the EU, with the EU Commission very much the driving force behind this plan and the impetus for its implementation.

So you talking absolute garbage Jose Barroso as your ludicrous assumptions, for that’s exactly what they are and not lucid arguments, are all demonstrably crap. I could go on with more examples but I think those are enough to state my case; for you Jose are the without doubt the archetypical scumbag; since if you didn’t know of these well known cases what the fuck are you doing heading the EU as its President; and if you did know and still gave the dishonest impression calculatingly undertaken by you to do so that no such situations exist or would they be countenanced by you, the rest of the EU Commission or the general membership of the EU, what does that make you? As if sensible people don’t already know.

But what I found particularly chilling in its deviousness Jose is your ludicrous remark that Spain whose population is still largely and instinctively fascist as well as subliminally undemocratic to the core, would vote against Scotland remaining in the EU over Spain’s supposed and, even if these were true, irrelevant worries relative to Scotland’s own position concerning Spain’s own separatist movements. Are you or your fascist pals over the Iberian border for real Jose? Apart from the bizarre situation of the EU having been risibly given the Nobel Prize for democracy what the hell have the Scots exercising their democratic right to determine their own future have to do with Spain or its internal problems? And if Spain is seriously concerned about separatist movements within its borders shouldn’t it honestly and competently be dealing with these issues in an adult, mature and responsible fashion with those involved rather than Canute-like essay to arrogantly and patronizingly in Scotland’s case  hold back the irreversible tides of political change by asininely and arbitrarily hitting out at Scotland that has nothing whatsoever to do with Spain’s long established and ongoing self-imposed problems?

For ask yourselves this simple question: why are there separatist movements in Spain in the first place? And if those who are influentially organizing and running them were comfortable being part of a unitary state called Spain or genuinely felt that their individual and collective future as well as their best interests lay with being politically or culturally a part of Spain why would they want to separate and independently run their own affairs? Not a logical move is it? So stymieing one’s desire to be free either by threats or other repressive measures as Spain, the Westminster posse of prominent politicians across the entire spectra of both houses of parliament, the Bank of England, the CBI with their vested interests, Jose Barroso himself and even the Co-Op among others are blatantly and self-interestedly doing, is nether a responsible nor democratic way to behave. At least I don’t think so!

Furthermore, isn’t Spain already among those other EU states telling countries in the global south, notably in Spain’s case it’s former colony of Venezuela where democracy noticeably for the very first time ever flourished under the stewardship of the late Hugo Chavez and continues to do so under his successor, what to do and how their countries? Kosovo, the so-called republic of Southern Sudan, East Timor, the wilful and dysfunctional breakup and political emasculation of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the very same maniacal and inimical overtures directed towards Syria to achieve the identical objectives all speak for themselves are the undoubted doings of the EU in tandem with the United States and NATO of which several EU states are longstanding members and the new recruits are even more belligerent warmongers.

So do grow up Jose and the rest of you. For how the hell can you say to the Catalonians, the Scots and others in Europe who want to be free it’s irrelevant what you’re after for we don’t want you to be. And what’s more we will insist and do our damnedest to make sure you don’t escape our clutches however democratic the process is that you devise so as to achieve your desired goals. Nevertheless in the name of the same democracy which we deny you we shall continue to arbitrarily and unilaterally reserve the right to dictate to targeted but sovereign and independent countries not even in our region how they should “democratically” conduct their own domestic affairs, and if they refuse to heed our advice or do as we tell them to we shall, as we customarily do, fabricate trumped up charges of human rights abuses or crimes against humanity against them so as to affect regime change advantageous to ourselves.

Absolutely despicable, but what the heck! Against this backdrop however let’s not forget that Scotland is a country in its own right. And the asinine attempt to punish it unjustly for having the sheer audacity to allow its citizens and residents to make an informed judgement on what should happen to Scotland is like some bullying parent or guardian taking great exception to and dictating to their son or daughter or some other person who was in their care but in either case is now an adult and wants to move out of the familial home and start an independent life of their own. But rather than give their blessing and helpful encouragement to this individual this prized jerk of a parent or guardian instead brings all manner of pressure to bear on them to make them stay put concomitant with directing the most perverse threats at them as well, in order to force that individual to do their parent or guardian’s bidding.

It’s utterly despicable conduct as I earlier said, and there’s no getting away from that! And although in Scotland’s case I’m not a Scot or a resident there and the decision isn’t mine as to whether Scotland stays in the UK or not, I don’t mind at all saying to the scurrilous detractors of a sovereign and independent Scotland who’ve no interest whatsoever in agreeing to much less having an informed debate, discussion or even a general conversation along those lines about Scotland relative to the pros and cons of it becoming an independent Scotland and will do so because I detest unfairness, hypocrisy and double standards, am British and Scotland is still legally a part of the United Kingdom, that you’re completely out of line in your attitudes and along with Jose Manuel Barroso should quite literally go and fuck yourselves, as you’ve nothing remotely constructive or interesting for that matter to say about this particular matter or that anyone with a functioning brain would want to hear.

Expanding further on the functioning brain analogy it’s rather understandable why the British government together with its parliamentary opposition of all parties want Scotland to stay in the UK. For starters Britain’s permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council would instantaneously, morally and legitimately become even weaker and precarious to justify than is presently the case, and a truncated UK’s position in the world generally would drastically diminish without the major and dominant partner England, in what currently is essentially a lopsided relationship that markedly favours England and does a great disservice to Scotland, not having Scotland all the same to perform as a convenient fig leaf for the UK’s but de facto England’s unwarranted aggrandizement.

Personally I wouldn’t regard this deserved diminution of status as particularly a bad thing since the status that Britain currently thinks it has is largely an artificial one, is effectively nothing more than smoke and mirrors, isn’t genuinely earned, heavily relies on its fawning sycophancy to the United States: an authentic world power that Britain hasn’t been for most of the 20th Century, and we’re presently in the 21st Century, and particularly so since the end of World War II. Stems directly from events that exceptionally transpired in the wake of the Allies collaborative and resounding defeat of Nazi Germany and its Axis collaborators in World War II, and expressly on Britain’s part harks back to an idealized view of reality that a quite significant number of white Caucasian Brits and consecutive UK governments, one and the same in their allied mindset, shamelessly and hubristically persist in routinely immersing themselves in, and which relates to an era previous to World War II when Britain still had an empire on which it was claimed the sun would never set.

But post World War II the sun had manifestly done so; however many ordinary Britons, our privileged elites and the powers that be who with a grotesque and perverse sense of their own entitlement to do so narcissistically run our country have continued to live in a state of denial with Britain’s true status in the world one that they find hard and truculently refuse to accept or come to terms with , preferring instead to persistently and delusionally carry on living in their comfortably ensconced world of make believe buttressed by an irremediable state of wilful blindness; that’s quite literally for them is a physical 21st Century presence pathetically regressed into the conveniently craved for existence of a bygone era.

Easy for me to understand why this is so but nevertheless impossible to condone or have any empathy with or sympathy for, let alone justify. For in analogous terms as much as I love and absolutely adore Mohammed Ali as the remarkable human being that he is and similarly so for his outstanding skills as the finest boxer the world has ever seen, I would none the less be totally appalled if someone or persons in authority exclusively going on this great man’s past record as a boxer decided that that alone makes Mohammad Ali in 2014 eligible to be still the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. That wouldn’t make much sense; and the same applies to Britain and what was undoubtedly the huge empire that it once, and the operative word is once, controlled. For let’s face it, and try being honest with yourselves as well, the world has changed dramatically since 1945 and Britons as well as Britain with or without Scotland must also grasp that fact and move into the real world by realistically living in the present instead of ridiculously harking back to the past, and perhaps Scotland hiving itself off from this Aegean Stable that constitutes the UK might in the long run be the best thing that could ever happen to my country.

For in doing so it might very well conceivably focus the minds of all Britons and particularly those of the political apparatchiks that run our country to at least start dealing with reality and not the fantasy world they’ve construct, grown comfortably accustomed to and accordingly happily ensconce themselves in. The reality for instance of Britain being a somewhat middle ranking, offshore European country that’s not even the economic powerhouse in European terms, that position justifiably belongs to Germany, with other qualities to practicably offer the world, and not those analogously of a delusional, punch drunk boxer kidding himself he can make a successful comeback in the boxing ring he has unceremoniously been knocked out of for some time, or worst still asininely convinces himself that he’s still the undisputed principal boxing champion of the world.

Mohammad Ali had the grace, decency, dignity and obvious intelligence to know when to quit boxing, as do all other real champs, doing so while he was at the top of his game; and astute boxing fans love and affectionately remember this remarkable iconic figure for doing so and commemorate what he emphatically and innovatively together with successful aplomb brought to his particular sport. Try emulating him Britain before it’s too late and all that the world will remember you for is being an obdurate sourpuss, not unlike the aforementioned punch drunk boxer, with unrestrained but unachievable delusions of grandeur.

But right now the focus of our attention should be on allowing the Scots to make an informed judgement about their political future and not have a bevy of first-rate assholes either in the UK or worst still in the EU or its commission, however delusional they are like Jose Manuel Barroso, tell them or anyone else for that matter how they should run their own affairs. And the utterly useless energy of Jose Barroso would in my opinion be better utilized if he simply devoted his evidently unproductive time to seriously stemming and urgently eradicating the monumental corruption that’s endemic in the EU and especially the EU Commission where for decades now no honest firm of accountants can be swayed to sign off the EU’s accounts; which makes the endemic venal practices, snouts in the troughs, fraudulent expenses claims and all that sort of thing, engaged in by those within the UK’s parliament, abhorrent as they evidently are, look like minor indiscretions!

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