Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Make this promise to yourself!

By Stanley Collymore

I’ll lift my eyes up to the stars and venture
to attain my genuine ambitions, but in
doing so I won’t ever allow myself
to be blinded by pointless daydreams or
unrealizable expectations, assuredly
always keeping both feet firmly
planted on the ground; in the
full and quite comforting knowledge
that if my yearned for ambitions
aren’t to be realized first time
round I can then always and sensibly,
learning from the mistakes that
I’ve consciously or perhaps
unintentionally made,
be more preparedly
capable in the
future to start
all over

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 January 2014.

Success and failure are relative terms; and how much we want the one or are willing to spinelessly capitulate to the other depends inevitably and considerably on our own efforts or marked lack of them!

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