Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lying, murdering scum!

Murderous intent

By Stanley Collymore

How does it feel to take the life of
someone else; to coldly bring to a
violent and abrupt end millions
of years of evolution which
resulted in that particular man or
woman: an embodiment of dreams,
hopes, aspirations and ambitions;
all undone in a matter of seconds?
Is it really worth it; to destroy
all that in one mindless and
irreversible act spurred
on by untrammelled
racial hatred?

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 February 1998.

Black Skin

By Stanley Collymore

Ridiculed and scorned it was you
That gave me the inspiration
To carry on – for in their
Intense hatred of you,
Your foes revealed
Also their innate
Fear of you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 July 2001.

In lasting memory of Joy Gardner, Stephen Lawrence, Mark Duggan and all the other victims of racial prejudice and institutionalized racist legal systems everywhere and particularly so in Britain.

The words for the title of this contribution that heads these two poems previously written on the dates stated are those openly expressed on the night of Wednesday 9 January 2014 in the wake of the perverse verdict following the clear execution of Mark Duggan and uttered by a very angry and racially diverse group of people, significantly young and of both genders in Tottenham.

The Macpherson report highlighted institutionalized racism within the British police forces, and very still prevalent in 2014. The Woolwich Heroes courageous and committed stance highlights what must be done if Blacks who are quite disproportionately stopped, searched, criminalized and with impunity premeditatedly executed by the British police and others in tandem with our supposed legal system continues as it seems set to.

The concept ruled on and incorporated into US law by none other than the United States Supreme Court that Blacks have no rights that whites need to respect is institutionalized within the British legal system and its Animal Farm attack dogs the British Police Forces and routinely carried out with utter impunity.

As a result well over 4000 Black men and women have been systematically murdered or summarily executed in the past two decades with not a single one of their racist white killers brought to justice for their premeditated crimes. But this is not simply a black white issue, since many of those voicing their anger in London last night were young whites who know what the score is.

And to have Bernard Hogan-Howe the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police commending his force for what they do and stating that through their efforts London will be safe belies the real truth of the matter. For it’s not just Blacks but whites like Ian Tomlinson who also get killed at the hands of sadistic members of the Met Police.

And as for fabricating evidence we only have to look at what happened in the cases of the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, the Cardiff lot  and other instances where the police fabricated evidence, lied through their teeth and thought they’d gotten away with it, and would have done had it not been for the perseverance of the victims’ relatives and friends. Yet to this day none of them have been prosecuted even for perverting the course of justice or lying under oath in court.

Similarly following the brutal racist murder of Stephen Lawrence where the Met Police collaborated with the killers to destroy evidence and senior officers of that force along with others elsewhere, notably the senior officer in charge of the Hillsborough debacle who sought ways to smear the Lawrence Family, friends and supporters and  rather than prosecute the racist killers of Stephen shielded them instead and sought to portray Stephen and his friend Dwayne as gang members which they weren’t, is common knowledge now.

A society where Blacks are over policed as criminals and under policed as victims. But a society also where a conscionable judge had to publicly reprimand the likes of David Cameron for seeking to pervert the course of justice in the recent case involving Nigella Lawson. And without seeking to infringe any contempt of court rules or regulations my gut feeling is that the same Cameron’s Downing Street Press Secretary/Advisor or whatever he was involved in the phone hacking scandal along with his associates, all friends of the Cameron lot, will like the killer of Ian Tomlinson walk free. For there’s one law for the rich and powerful and their friends and another for Blacks and ordinary decent everyday whites, particularly those living in inner city areas.

In any civilized country jurors being humans do occasionally make mistakes, that’s why there is usually an appeal’s system in place. But when British jurors systematically come up with the same verdicts time and time again where Blacks are concerned then something has to be fundamentally rotten in the system. And we know there is. Supposed Black perpetrators are always found guilty especially when their alleged victims are white, while the clear-cut white, racist killers and police executioners of Blacks are always found not guilty, if they get to court in the first place that is which rarely happens, come up smelling of roses and always have the handy excuse, they were threatened and felt their lives were at risk. And with racist stereotypes entrenched in the UK that’s good enough for these bent jurors, selected as always to do their white legal system puppet masters bidding.

And can Blacks count on their MPs for support? Not a bit of it! Not even those who are of the same race as themselves. For like their US Congressional counterparts Black MPs are without exception House Niggers out for themselves and vaingloriously hoping that they’ll be allowed to get some of the crumbs off the white man’s table by being allowed to climb up that greasy pole of success. Fat chance of that ever happening!

As for the risible Independent Police Complaints Commission it’s nothing more than a bunch of arse-licking cronies who got their positions in the same way that David Cameron’s hairdresser got his MBE. The IPCC therefore is totally unfit for purpose and not that different from the so-called International Criminal’s court which as the entire world knows only prosecutes fabricated Black killers while authentic mass murderers and committers of crimes against humanity like Tony Blair walk free and get paid millions in backhanders from those on whose behalf he went to war to financially boost their already massive, plundering and venal corporations.

And so the list goes on! But it’d be wise to think on that even in a classical institutionalized racist country like Britain these sadistic, racist and other premeditated murderers and executioners also have family, and no matter how immune they might think they are they’re not, for while they and those who protect them have to get it right 24/7 and 365 days every year the counter-assassin only has to get it right the once. And pray tell me how they hell do you protect schools, playgrounds, shopping malls and supermarkets where their families shop; or places they go to normally, or even in the high street as the Woolwich Heroes courageously, and wit an up yours “eye for an eye” unmistakably demonstrated.

As for me I already know where I stand and if you’re in any doubt about this I suggest you pull up on my site or any of the others that have carried it my poem: “Death doesn’t faze me and I have no fear of it!” It’s not a bluff I assure you; for I’m in deadly earnest!

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