Friday, 31 January 2014

Do your thing Grim Reaper and cleanse this Aegean Stable!

By Stanley Collymore

I can feel your presence very strongly, as overtly
and most discernibly not to be amiss you’re
quite intent on making me fully aware
of this; all the same I’m not the least
nonplussed by what you’re doing
since I’m very conscious that it’s your
inimitable style at work causing you
to act thus and therefore for you,
and obviously something
not to be shirked, your
customary way
of behaving.

But then as the Grim Reaper you well know that
Death attendant with its mortal finality isn’t
just a prolific business to be profited from
but also a most serious one to be
psychologically grieved about
and privately mourned by
those who really care; and as such there
are certain formalities that objectively
must be considered, revered, though
largely impassively on your part
it’s true, embarked upon, then
conclusively, categorically,
most assuredly and, of
course appropriately
as well, be done.

So if my time has come do get on with it
and please drop the formalities, as to
be perfectly honest with you I’m
truly one disinterested though
involuntary customer of yours who
intentionally won’t be losing any
sleep over my death knowing
that liberated through it I’ll
be permanently forsaking
this troubled earth for
what’s essentially a
brand new start

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 January 2014.

I can think of far more important things to concern myself with than Death, taking into account the fact that it’s inevitable however its realization is ultimately brought about. Which begs the question: could it be that those who’re most shit scared of Death and whose obsessive fears of it usually cause them to absurdly and quite fruitlessly embark on all manner of ways and means to circumvent or, even more ludicrously, attempt to stave it off indefinitely are invariably the very ones who in this life are the worst abusers, in every conceivable form, of their less fortunate fellow human beings and consequently as their own lives on Earth enter their final chapter are deeply petrified of what awaits them in the After-Life?

An After-Life where their massive ill-gotten and exploitative gains accumulated on Earth and criminally and abusively derived at the expense of others and used on Earth to unscrupulously garner immense power, influence and even more wealth for themselves can’t be transhipped to, rendering them highly impotent to affect conditions in their After-Life existence and thus scaring the living daylights out of them knowing that they’d be judged there on what they are and not who they were during their earthly life. Justice, which these bastards aren’t in the least fond of and can buy off here on Earth at last promptly and impartially delivered.

Are you listening and paying heed Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch, those who own or run Monsanto, BP, RSB and the other banks, Halliburton, the pharmaceutical companies, EDF and all the other likeminded scumbags concomitant with your bought and paid for stooges in the US Congress and other foreign governments including our own British one, prime and consummate slime balls the lot of you who unfortunately infest this otherwise sacred world the rest of us are forced to share with you?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The lustful burden of love!

By Stanley Collymore

Don’t tell me; you’ve fallen in love again and
this time it’s for real! How many times have
I previously heard from you that same old
and unconvincing spiel? And when
will you ever learn not to confuse love
with lust, as time and time again you
miserably fail to distinguish the
one from the other or fully
acknowledge that the
two aren’t by any
means one and
the same?

Lust, let me candidly spell it out for you,
is the process where you do absolutely
nothing at all to even remotely suppress the
unbridled sexual urges that wantonly and
lasciviously assail your yearning body
as one would circumspectly expect
you to do; love, however, while
evidently recognizing and
certainly willing to enjoy these state-of-
affairs as well, nevertheless enjoins
itself in a more dignified and
erudite manner than lust
is either capable of
or could ever

For although the carnal fascination,
coital intentions and bonking routines
are unmistakably the same with love as
they obviously are with lust and prevalently
there, lust’s only aspirations are distinctly
impermanent, short lived and offer
no commitment at all, let’s be perfectly
clear; while for its part the emphasis
of love is to secure a freehold of
the chosen object’s heart and
what’s more do so on
a committed and

© Stanley V.Collymore
27 January 2014.

In our contemporary, western society where the expertise of wooing is a dying skill, leg-overs are considered far more interesting and important than leg-ups and as such made more welcome, and a well-placed knee slotted seductively between the thighs and complemented by an ostentatious grab of the buttocks, fondling of inviting tits an a concerted thrust of the tongue down the recipient’s eager throat are now the customary mode of initial introductions between previous strangers to each other and bizarrely and quite delusionarily misrepresented as what realistically they inconceivably can never be; it’s hardly surprising then that for sometime now, and significantly too at an alarming pace, what has resulted is a society largely comprised of dysfunctional oiks.

Oiks vainly searching amidst their “how’s your father” escapades leading to sexual encounters that are seldom if ever earth shattering in nature, and which in turn give rise to the participants finding themselves either caught up or actively involved in serial acts of infidelity as they desperately embark on their fruitless search for the elusive Holy Grail of Love is sadly all too commonplace.

All the same I’d like to dedicate this poem to Ulrika Jonsson, Nigella Lawson, the late Jimmy Savile, Paddy Ashdown, Simon Cowell, Senator John McCain, Françoise Hollande and several others, including the many cuckolders and their offspring ignorant of their situation, who quite literally provided me with the inspiration to write it but who are far too numerous to mention here. Thank you all!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Victims of racism but we both survived!

By Stanley Collymore

Your birth wasn’t planned but all the same your
creation was fashioned through love and most
certainly on your father’s part whose heart
was broken when through bigotry and
racism he was denied access to you
and never fittingly allowed the
opportunity to assume far
less play the role of Dad
that both biologically
and morally was
his right to be.

Fifty years on you’re a parent in your own
right and clearly know what it’s like to
give birth, have a loving family of
your own by someone whom you
love, firmly in the knowledge
that no one could have dared
do to their father, since
you would never have
let them, what your
grandparents so
callously did
in respect
of your

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 January 2014.

Happy 50th Birthday Wendy Louise!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pragmatists 3 Daydreamers 1!

By Stanley Collymore

Dreams are the means that we regularly employ,
whether consciously or involuntarily so, to
hopefully either circumvent or attempt
to postpone, and possibly forever,
the harsher experiences of
life with which we find
ourselves confronted and don’t really know
how best or most suitably to deal with
these problems; a fabricated world
of daydreams conflated with
legitimate aspirations and
where reality, if at all
allowed a look in,
is generally not
permitted to
play any

Reality however is the very antithesis of dreams;
and though not always welcomed or specially
favoured by the overwhelming majority
of daydreamers is all the same, I
firmly believe, still our best
chance of pragmatically
tackling and dealing successfully
with life’s various difficulties,
as well as our best hope of
realizing if not all of
them, then surely
most of our

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 January 2014.

Among my diverse outdoor activities and sporting pursuits cricket and athletics rank as two of my principal sporting pastimes, but although I also have a full awareness and much more than a proficient knowledge of football or soccer if you prefer to call it thus, principally so because of specific family and a few other personal reasons, this sport is not by any stretch of the imagination one of my major preoccupations, or is it ever likely to be.

However, fully cognisant of the role that football obsessively plays in the lives of many of you and that 2014 is the designated year for its next World Cup in Brazil, I thought that the football analogy used in the title of this poem might be an appropriate vehicle to get over to you the message, which is inherent in the poem itself; that pragmatism on average usually trumps daydreaming 3-1 in life’s everyday race to succeed.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Private lives with public legacies

By Stanley Collymore

Let me hold you in my arms; shield and
protect you from harm with my love,
and comfortingly embrace you with the
multitude of expectations I have for us as
man and wife sharing a life together
for the rest of our lives: uniquely
and properly so; simply, because
it’ll be a model creation of
our very own. Yet in
commonality with others like us,
likemindedly in love and who
similarly in regard to themselves
astutely aspire to achieving the
same goals as we do, will
positively encourage
us to press on all
the more.

Fortified in the knowledge, for sure,
that love although evidently the
key to what we ultimately aim to
achieve, is even so not on its
own the totality of what
that end result will be: our
own distinctive contribution to
helping the world become
a better place; and not
just for the sake of
ourselves but
equally as well
the entire

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 January 2014.

For all those happily in love and firmly committed to creditable family and societal values. Dysfunctional or feral oiks not included; so please clear off!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Exposed! The criminal and murdering tendencies of British governments and their military top brass.

By Stanley Collymore

First let me commend the human rights lawyers in the UK and their colleagues who are members of the German human rights organization that handed over the dossier to the ICC detailing the thousands of human rights violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed at the behest and in the full knowledge of their most senior commanding officers, the likes of Peter Wall, Defence Chief, the MoD, the Defence Secretary at the time Geoff Hoon and other principal players in our civilian and military establishments and gratuitously carried out by British armed forces members serving in Iraq specifically between 2003 and 2008.

At its very best the British Armed Forces are among, if not the best militarily disciplined men and women in the world. I know as I served with the RAF. But I’m also well aware that in general no serving serviceman or woman would or could act in this comprehensively savage manner as the dossier submitted to the ICC graphically outlines without the knowledge, approval and instigation of the likes of Peter Wall or Geoff Hoon. That’s why I’m absolutely convinced that these feral, sociopathic bastards: and I’m referring to the military top brass as well as their civilian counterparts, who ran our armed forces at the time and have subsequently and increasingly continued to do so, and aren’t remotely a patch on their virtuous predecessors, certainly not those in charge when I was in the RAF, and are given their positions not on merit or integrity but largely through political cronyism, are as guilty as hell as this dossier handed over to the ICC clearly substantiates and fall into the same category of mass murderers where Tony Blair, their leader who premeditatedly, lyingly and venally took us into that illegal war in the first place, definitely belongs.

So the arrant nonsense coming from William Hague that Britain doesn’t have a case to answer and what took place, if anything, doesn’t warrant being submitted to the ICC is in effect a load of crap. This from a man who wastes no time in wanting everyone that he and his incompetent regime don’t like elsewhere globally, outside of the west that is, to be publicly lumbered with every stitched up human rights crime or violation he and his ilk can muster and thereafter sent off to ICC. Notwithstanding that the current UK Con-Dem regime of which he is a principal member together with Bantu Saudi and Qatar are among the most incorrigible sponsors of terrorism globally. Notable examples outside of Iraq being Libya and Syria.

But it shows the arrogance and exceptionalism of this man and his ilk that as rulers of Britain which was most instrumental in setting up the Nuremberg Tribunal, the protocols that governed it, and other such tribunals subsequently across the globe; was especially influential and active in prosecuting post World War 2 German war criminals and others; was foremost in the creation and implementation of the Geneva Conventions and of course the ICC, of which it’s a signatory as it also is to all of the aforementioned internationally ratified treaties and human rights conventions, while it’s perfectly okay it seems to drag others who they disapprove of before these bodies, whether their victims are guilty or not, when irrefutable evidence of the UK’s own premeditated and murdering wrongdoings come to light these must be ignored and Britain allowed a blank cheque to carry on doing as it damn well pleases.

To which end British rulers like William Hague can dupe the rest of world by pretending that they’re doing something to rectify these wrongs and punish the criminals who’re responsible when they clearly aren’t; playing on the notion that the UK is a civilized country with an impartial judiciary, when the latter isn’t the case, and consequently kick the matter into the long grass and keep it there in the successful, so far, hope that people will either lose interest or eventually forget; and so nothing will ever be done to right these monstrous and murderous travesties. The human rights lawyers and the German human rights organization that have taken the UK to the ICC know this all too well and that is why totally fed up with this ongoing prevarication by Britain, they have courageously in my view decided to act.

And as they succinctly pointed out Britain has had over 10 years to resolve this matter and has evidently shown no intention whatsoever of dealing with it in any satisfactory legal fashion. Significantly too William Schabas a Human Rights professor drawing full attention to the fact that only Blacks are prosecuted by the ICC never white Caucasian Europeans regardless of how heinous their crimes are as in the case of Tony Blair for example, and where one does witness the most perverse situations occurring there. Take for example the cases of two former heads of state, respectively of Kenya and the Ivory Coast both African countries, currently being tried by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This, says Professor Schabas, despite the known fact that neither of them did anything wrong. Their hands aren’t dripping with blood nor have they ever commissioned any crimes; let alone done anything that remotely warrants them being at The Hague. But they are there because of the actions of a crony, so-called ICC prosecutor acting on instructions from western governments, including Britain’s and the USA, which isn’t even a signatory to the ICC. And all that the ICC can come up with for prosecuting these two men is that even though they didn’t commit any crimes they were in charge of their respective country where such crimes were allegedly committed, so the buck stops with them.

Why Professor Schabas asked, and I reiterate the same question here, isn’t the same principle applied to Britain where the hands of Peter Wall, Geoff Hoon, Tony Blair and multiple others are dripping with the blood of innocent Iraqis and others? If it’s good for black African leaders the only ones since the creation of the ICC, which has a global remit lets not forget, to be hauled up before it in this way, indicted and prosecuted why not murdering white scum whether they’re British or not? But when a brain-dead and so-called defence correspondent for Sky News on the very day that the dossier on these thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity by Britain were submitted to the ICC could arrogantly and smarmily declare to Sky viewers that the ICC’s prosecutor will “take her time” then “politely decline” the request of these human rights advocates to investigate Britain, its criminal politicians and military leaders, one knows instinctively if they’ve a functioning brain in their head that that particular decision is already done and dusted.

For let’s be blunt here. The ICC is a political tool of the west that is dishonestly used to give so-called credibility to the west’s ambitions. Its decisions don’t conform to the rule of international law but instead concentrate on the political objectives of the west. We saw this clearly, for example, in Libya where the ICC’s ploy of indicting those the west didn’t like, for no other reason than they stood up to the west’s bullying, with fake crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes promoted the idea that those the west and ICC were accusing were highly dangerous people who had to be indicted, put away or killed. The so-called Libyan National Council had no legitimacy as current events in Libya spectacularly demonstrate, and what it dishonestly derived came from the efforts of the ICC. And once again the same perfidious scenario is being played out in Syria.

I’m against the death penalty not exclusively for ethical reasons but largely because it’s the poor, disadvantaged, marginalized and racially picked on who invariably end up on Death Row; never deservingly so the highly privileged killers, mass murders and those who orchestrate or commit abominable crimes against humanity; and the political and military sewers in Britain are replete with such people. And that’s why, not only Tony Blair but Geoff Hoon, Peter Wall and the rest of these sewer rats need to be arrested and tried in a genuinely impartial criminal court, and I’m not referring to the ICC unless that Agean Stable is first thoroughly cleansed out, convicted and imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives, and also comprehensively stripped of all their material assets including those they’ve salted away in offshore accounts or passed on to relatives or lovers; for they are GUILTY of the crimes of which they are accused. And in the event of this not being done then those that are either directly affected by the activities of these sewer rats or conscionably think that something should be done about them, should look no further than Woolwich for their answers and redemption.

The late John F. Kennedy was assassinated; subsequently Ronald Reagan nearly lost his life from a would-be assassin’s bullet. Both men were President of what was then and is still now the world’s most powerful country. So if they weren’t safe with all the security paraphernalia around them what could logically make any sensible person think that these feral and sociopathic British Lilliputians are any different? Grotesque Pygmies in character who’ve abysmally betrayed not only the men and women under their command in our Armed Forces but the entire UK too. With significant numbers of our Armed Forces having returned home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the dreadful experiences they occasioned from these manufactured wars that the likes of Geoff Hoon and Peter Wall are so fond of; and are more likely than most to end up homeless, out of work, living on the streets and even in jail on being released and discarded by the said armed forces to which they gave everything.

And all the while these prime assholes who’re the fulcrum of their nightmarish problems condescendingly scurry around in their white Caucasian sewers passed off as privileged enclaves deluding themselves that they and theirs are impregnable. Dream on! Personally I think that jail, even for the rest of their miserable lives is too good for these loathsome scumbags and maybe as I write there are sufficient conscionable persons out there who think likewise; and who knows might cleverly, ably and willingly assist them in patronizingly keeping up the pretence of their invincibility until that crucial moment when they strike.

John F. Kennedy clearly thought he was safe, though regrettably in his case his death was a great tragedy and additionally an incalculable loss to humanity that was mourned globally, which those of these British scumbags won’t be, as he was a good man; something which by no stretch of the imagination these slimy and recalcitrant bastards couldn’t possibly, not even remotely so, lay claim to.

In conclusion, since I know that those of you who are most fond of disregarding and breaking the law with impunity are without exception the very first ones to seek it out when you find others standing up to you; so do feel free with my blessing to get your smart arse lawyers to sue me for libel or perhaps defamation of character – that in your case would be the equivalent of supporters of Jimmy Savile saying he was misunderstood or even wronged - or whatever else you may want to have a go at me for. I’m up for it! Since from my perspective I really don’t give a fuck what you think or do for that matter, and would in those circumstances in court not retract a word of what I’ve already said and you can bet your dumb asses I’ll say considerably more than the 140 characters per tweet allowance that is granted to me on my Twitter page.

For upon thorough and constant scrutiny of you: namely our governmental, principal ministerial, military top brass and the close and even intimate circle of other odious and highly privileged scumbags that you belong to and almost exclusively associate with, none of you discernibly in my opinion has or is ever likely to acquire any kind of genuine reputation worthy of the name that is either remotely worth defending or can in the least be logically or realistically defamed. Since with your lot it’s all smoke and mirrors, ideal for deluding our naïve, educationally dumbed down, intellectually challenged, brainwashed or apathetically brain-dead morons who you cynically exploit at will, but not those with functioning brains in their heads; that’s why you’re so shit scared of the latter.

So go on make my day; you despicable, bullying and cowardly bastards who like your kind universally relish nothing more than venting your feral and sociopathic tendencies on those who either can’t or are too frightened of you to hit back. Sadly for you I’m not one of them and never will be!

There’s a tendency in Britain for the authorities of whatever description or level together with their not insignificant bands of unthinking and sycophantic supporters to at every turn presented to them to seek to belittle anyone who, in their twisted view, dares to legitimately challenge the arbitrary diktats or even the immoral practices of the powers that be by scornfully suggesting to these critics that if they’ve nothing to hide then they’ve nothing to fear.

How very ironic then that the current Con-Dem coalition regime in London and its spokesperson William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, who’re fully paid up members to this doctrine don’t practice what they preach to others.

Particularly so, and as the world is equally fully aware, that the UK has been referred to the ICC for a plethora of war crimes, crimes against humanity, sadistic tortures and murders that if these charges were being levelled against any other country that these rulers of the UK didn’t like, they would be openly, vociferously and unrelentingly be demanding that immediate action be harshly and without pity be taken against these people. How’s that for white Caucasian excecptionalism?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

As in life so too in death – No Justice; No Peace!

By Stanley Collymore

You might be able to stitch me up with crimes I didn’t
commit; racially stereotype and accordingly, thanks
to your meticulously hand-picked and bent
jurors, routinely find me guilty, then
get your crony magistrates or elitist judges
with their entrenched Colonel Blimp and
colonialist mindset to incarcerate me
for inordinately lengthy periods
of time in your antiquated,
18th Century-assembled
and enormously

That’s, of course, if your arrogantly assumed
and disdainfully exhibited abhorrence
of me, comprehensively and
liberally laced with an
astonishing immunity you know that you
can reliably count upon doesn’t cause you to
forego all that earlier stuff and, profoundly
emboldened by the successful prospects
of your racist enterprise, lead you to
callously and sadistically, even
in broad daylight and on the
streets of our busy cities,
gratuitously deprive me
and others like me
as well of our

But then, to you I was always just another
Nigger: one of the thousands of others
of all ages and of both genders that
systematically, continually and
uncaringly on your part as well as
that of our supposedly impartial
judicial system; our country’s
venal and grossly unfit for
purpose politicians who generally and
together with the powers that be
not only wanted us dead but
also at whose hands we
consistently found ourselves subjected
to racial stereotyping and profiling
ordinances, which clearly were
themselves liberally spurred
on by untrammelled
sophistry and culpable
pernicious acts of

And although we’re now finally dead: racially
murdered or executed as you all wanted us
to be, our righteous cause will none the less
live on eternally in the hearts, minds and
actions of those close to us: the likes
of Carole Duggan or Neville and
Doreen Lawrence for instance,
who love and will always
care about us and the
justice which they know
we justly deserved
but, of course,
never got.

Honest, decent, hardworking and law-abiding
persons: although no noticeable advantage,
if any at all, has been discerned from
them being thus, who all the
same along with thousands of likeminded
people across the entire nation already know
full well that what happened to us, and
quite unrestrained is going on apace,
is criminally wrong, and in conscionable
terms too the most damnable moral travesty that
either we or those who’re currently affected
could ever face; and that without justice
to lean upon, impartially grant us
full absolution, and from this pernicious
evil we’ve all been cruelly subjected
to secure for us a warrantable
societal reprieve, then there
cannot or won’t ever be
any meaningful or
durable peace!

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 January 2014.

This poem was written specifically with Mark Duggan in mind and is dedicated to his children, mother, other family members, friends and supporters, but most especially to Mark’s aunt Carole Duggan.

An incomparable lady, Carole whose courageous and tireless commitment, in the face of overwhelming odds against her, not only to ascertain truthful answers as to why her nephew was murdered but additionally the juxtaposition of this with her unflagging energy and indefatigable determination to see justice done by him I find highly commendable, fully empathize with, totally admire and wholeheartedly support.

God bless and sustain you in your worthy endeavours Carole, and in heeding too the compellingly powerful and pertinent voice from the grave embedded in your own spirited and honest cry: “No Justice; No Peace!”

After the most brutal, savage and summary execution of Mark Duggan on a London street and in broad daylight on the 4th August 2011 the police spin machine went into overdrive.

A vicious crime exacerbated by the abysmally atrocious manner and indifferent treatment meted out to Mark’s family afterwards when they peacefully sought answers at Tottenham Police Station as to why their loved one was murdered and that served as the catalyst for the subsequent widespread riots across England when news of their gross mistreatment at the hands of the police, all too common in the case of Black people, became knowledgeable was, to say the least, inevitable.

However, in a desperate bid to expunge the blood-stained tracks of those who had premeditatedly planned, ordered, oversaw and ultimately carried out Mark Duggan’s extra-judicial execution, and specifically in the lead up two and a half years later to the most perverse inquest jury verdict outcome either witnessed or recorded in the UK, the police, who were the perpetrators of Mark’s killing, ably assisted by their compliant media hacks hurriedly went on the offensive to disparagingly vilify him at all costs.

Instantaneously Mark Duggan was publicly and vociferously declared as having been the 45th most dangerous criminal, and how’s this for idiotic hyperbole, not in Britain as the many gullible and significant brain-dead in our midst would expect; oh no! But the whole of Europe.

Risible or what? This notwithstanding the deadly circumstances replete in the entire situation surrounding Mark Duggan’s controversial murder and against whose backdrop this claptrap and cynical charade were being absurdly played out.

Personally, I don’t think that that remark from our boys in blue, echoed and regurgitated by their racist chums, about Mark Duggan being the 45th most dangerous criminal throughout Europe would have found favour with or gone down at all well with the Italian or Russian mafias for example; let alone the incorrigible, sadistic, cut-throat killers and so-called leaders of the western created, and in which Britain played a major role, hand-out, dependency satrapy of Kosovo that these western paragons of virtue, as they would have you believe, still avidly support.

Understandably, the respective European mafias and their Kosovan counterparts must be spitting rage at having been so disrespectfully and publicly humiliated by a concerted British police propaganda campaign, and a lying one at that, that sees these genuinely well-renowned and arch-criminals criminally, and mortifyingly so, supplanted by of all people a London Blackman.

Ironic coming from the British police, I must say, when all the empirical data to hand categorically show that Blacks in the UK are more likely to be the principal victims of crime here rather than the perpetrators of it; and particularly so of race crimes, that as some of Britain’s major broadsheets reported on the 13 January 2014 the police don’t even bother to investigate. And with such endemic prejudices within the police ranks reinforced by conditioned racial stereotypes why would they prefer to hesitate, given those clear-cut circumstances, rather than summarily kill a Blackman when the opportunity either presents itself or one is premeditatedly and cynically manufactured for them?

Be that as it may! But having assiduously observed and contemporaneously collated the many facts as they emerge, it all looks very much to me like the British Police and more especially their Metropolitan colleagues on finding themselves shut out of the public convenience of honesty and reason and therefore anxiously looking for somewhere else to offload their profuse urine, were forced in the Mark Duggan case, as they were with the Stephen Lawrence one and others, to piss in the air in the earnest hope that in doing so what they let off didn’t fall back and embarrassingly drench them.

However, in the immortal words of the black bobsledder in the film “Cool Runnings” similarly compromised in his emergency situation the response is: “Too late!”

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Welcome to the supposedly Brave New World of 21st Century Britain!

By Stanley Collymore

What kind of a Britain are we living in when so many of you either simply stand idly by and watch or worse still unthinkingly or even willingly participate in a system where rank stupidity masquerading as intelligence, rapacious greed compounded by a total indifference to the real needs and aspirations of the genuinely unfortunate: those deliberately left behind or else totally ignored because they’re considered to be of the wrong colour or social class, is regarded as okay and even fulsomely celebrated as though these callous activities are major constructive achievements to be positively aspired to, unashamedly paraded as achievements and justifiably commended?

A Britain where the filthy rich, no matter how illegally or immorally that wealth is acquired, quite literally call the shots and with absolute impunity and unchallenged immunity liberally accorded to them by all concerned but most particularly those who’re constitutionally and legally charged with safeguarding and ensuring the fundamental rights not just of the privileged few but all of us, notwithstanding that though nevertheless still feel they can act, and invariably do, as they please; never mind the adverse consequences that their selfish and premeditated actions might have, and as all reliable indicators suggest, usually and intolerably inflict on others in the process.

A Britain too where the possession of money and even the wanton abuse of it is generally considered to be cool; where morality is what you can cynically and arrogantly get away with and if caught out the abusers can summarily resort to employing and efficiently utilizing the services of a sycophantic and ever obliging media to give a Hollywood Oscar performance style, fake mea culpa professionally dished up on air, and at prime time too, to a significantly brainwashed and intentionally poorly informed, captive TV audience unquestioning of all things that require even a modicum of brainpower, yet both willing and quite prepared to believe everything that it is told.

Is this then the definitive world of contemporary humanity that you really want to heartily congratulate yourselves on having created, where after several millennia of mettlesome evolution, that regrettably led to you, this is the very best that your collective efforts can come up with, while at the same time you conceitedly delude yourselves that it’s all a fitting legacy to pass on to succeeding generations, privileged no doubt to be so honoured you flatter yourselves, to appreciatively emulate and naturally enthusiastically build upon?

Well I thoroughly disagree! And even if I were to find myself in a minority of one over this matter it still wouldn’t make an iota of difference to how I honestly feel!

For how can a nation where the levels of literacy, numeracy and coherent communication is abysmally poor; where these vital skills to a worthwhile life have quite literally bypassed a quarter of those within our population who’re under the age of 50 years of age and are in turn themselves essentially on an intellectual par with the least bright among our 10 year olds yet collectively constitute a people living in a country that prides itself on exceptionalism in many fields of endeavour?

Leading to an absurd situation where it’s now generally though embarrassingly recognized, if not welcomingly accepted by the majority of Britons, that older people and grandparents in the UK can spell and add up infinitely better than their own children and grandchildren, and there are no discernible signs on the basis of empirical research that has been systematically carried out of this alarming trend being forcefully reined in and reversed anytime soon.

So do us all a great big favour folks and stop kidding yourselves that you have a worthy legacy to pass on and for which future generations will obligingly thank you for. For the honest truth is, you don’t! Since you’ve neither the perspicacity nor the intellectual acumen required to embark, as things stand, on such a fundamental life-changing enterprise much less the ability to pull it off successfully. And those of us that unhappily are your contemporaries already know that well enough; and it’s a safe bet too that our descendants much more astute than you patronizingly fail to give them credit for will likewise reach the same conclusion. Thankfully by then you’ll all be long dead and happily for those around totally incapable of egregiously inflicting anymore of your pernicious debacles on anyone else!

The previous contents of this article shown above were researched, devised, written, finalized and waiting their turn for publication long before the jury in the Mark Duggan execution case reached its rather perverse verdict or the disclosure that Metropolitan police constable Keith Wallis had belatedly confessed in court and pleaded guilty to lying and fabricating evidence, in an incident he wasn’t even present at, and known within Britain as the Plebgate Scandal.

What’s new, one could reasonably and quite justifiably ask when it comes to the actions of a significant number of British police officers particularly so where Blacks are concerned; and where the establishment, the police themselves, the judicial system, handpicked jurors and a considerable proportion of the white British public both individually and collectively don’t give a damn, and quite often racially, stereotypically and happily go along with what’s being done. And usually so in the bigoted belief that they’re somehow protecting white Caucasian Britons and ion their perverse thinking as well the values of indigenous Brits, whoever the hell they are in what’s indisputably and for centuries now has been one of the world’s most mongrelized nations of people.

If in doubt ask London’s Mayor Boris Johnson who I’m equally sure will be most reluctant for obvious reasons to admit this; but who unlikely as it seems behind his blonde locks is the fused progeny of Russian, east European, Slav, southern and western European, Turkish and a few other bits and bob ancestries thrown in. yet for all that his Eton educated background and upper class airs misleadingly give the impression to our characteristically brain-dead and willing dupes in our society of everything they’re told that he’s nevertheless the archetypical Brit and risibly indigenous, yes he was born in the UK but that’s all, with it.

In noticeable contrast however the likes of Linford Christie, for example, whose West Indian ancestors in company with my own Barbadian ones who through their blood, sweat, tears and imposed slavery financially laid the groundwork and handsomely but involuntarily paid first for England’s and subsequently with the creation of the United Kingdom Britain’s manifest transformation from a discernible backwater European fiefdom into the global empire that it subsequently became aren’t seen in the same light unfortunately. However one wouldn’t hear Boris Johnson or his ilk openly acknowledging this fact or stating in concrete terms what his or their ancestors in marked contrast did to warrant the privileged statuses they hold but have conscionably never earned in a manner that British Blacks would never be allowed to. But I can hear you all saying that’s life. To which my direct response to the lot of you who think like that is, why don’t you go and get a life!

Meanwhile, there are those following the Keith Wallis confession, prompted unquestionably by his lawyer that in all probability he’ll get a much lighter sentence by admitting even at this late stage to his criminality in a manner that no Black were he or she to do so ever would but would instead find the law cascading heavily upon their respective head, demanding that Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe: the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, forthwith relinquish his job as his position in that role is now untenable, since from the start of the Plebgate controversy he not only declared that he found it impossible to believe that Keith Wallis and the other police officers implicated with him could be culpable of such acts but also openly assured them and the country at large of his 100% support for them.

Now he’s been forced some say to eat humble pie and humiliatingly apologize for his crass remarks. I see things differently however. Why have him resign or kick him out only to put in his place another attendant in charge of the Aegean Stables that comprise Britain’s police forces? Makes no sense to me without the genuine root and branch overhauling of a system known to be essentially corrupt and institutionalized racist in its structure. And what Hogan-Howe is currently doing is simply covering his ass. For he like all other senior police officers across the UK know full well what their underlings get up to, secretly endorse these activities and it’s a fair bet as well that in all of these so-called specialist units or squads instigate their actions too.

For many of those in these so-called specialist squads aren’t Brains of Britain candidates: a fast dying breed nationally let alone in our police forces courtesy of our state dumbed down and X-Factor Simon Cowell approved educational system, but instead are feral sociopaths who have others do their thinking for them and then act on their instructions. So I personally have no sympathy for Bernard Hogan-Howe who was at it again in the aftermath of the Mark Duggan inquest verdict; and the circumstances in my view which he seemingly deliberately puts himself in are either as a consequence of naivety, his abysmal unfitness for the job of Commissioner of Police, or else a calibre of personality not far removed from that of Keith Wallis whom he previously and so fulsomely supported.

I’ve my own view on the matter which I’m perfectly entitled to have although I won’t share it with you’ and whether or not you have one yourself or perhaps lack the intellectual acumen to objectively formulate one of your own that is a matter entirely for you and frankly one that doesn’t interest me in the least.

Interestingly enough the Conservative MP Richard Ottoway said on Sky News on Friday 10 January 2014 that the actions of Keith Wallis are harmful to the interests of the British public and undermine the trust this public places in the police, especially when an elected MP and member of Her Majesty’s Government, his Tory government he means, can be targeted in this fashion and forced out of his ministerial post. The cynic in me though wonders aloud if such sympathy would have been similarly forthcoming or even empathetically expressed if the victim, likewise a member of the same public and equally British, were Black as Mark Duggan was or white Caucasian and working class as in the case of Ian Tomlinson and who moreover had had his life summarily and brutally taken from him by similarly feral police officers, which thankfully didn’t happen in Andrew Mitchell’s case. I think not!

Finally, I also saw on Sky News, Friday 10 January 2014, John O’Connor: the rent-a-mouth so-called media pundit spouting off as usual in his comprehensive and blinkered defence of the police as he always does; beats me but all the same accounts I suppose for how this brain dead moron managed to become the former head of the Met’s Flying Squad. Thankfully his asinine comments that the police shouldn’t be stereotyped wholesale for the actions of one bad apple among them as it were, were proverbially shot down by a fellow white guest who was jointly interviewed with John O’Connor on Sky News, showed his complete disgust at and undisguised contempt for O’Connor’s profoundly stupid remarks and roundly debunked the old chestnut routinely pulled out of the fire every time police malfeasance comes to the fore and inevitably to the public’s notice that these actions aren’t by any means widespread within the police forces of the UK nor are they characteristic of them.

This guest didn’t go on however to mention what anyone who’s cognisant of John O’Connor and what he stands for well know that he isn’t shy of doing the same stereotyping that he’s so keen when it suits his sick purposes to blame others for; and particularly so where Blacks are concerned.

I’ll let you into a little story that I’m sure many of you aren’t aware of. Apart from Australia Barbados was the second largest repository for indentured Irish servants and other proscribed victims that were sent there by repressive British regimes during the colonial period. And to this day, 2014, the vast majority of white Barbadians are of Irish decent; there’s even a very pronounced Irish brogue spoken in the north of the island. Likewise many Black Barbadians have Irish names and Irish blood in them, so there’s a marked fondness for the Irish among many Bajans, as Barbadians affectionately call themselves.

But there are also stories told in the Irish fashion of infanticide carried out by Irish mothers within Ireland itself when they got pregnant in unfortunate circumstances and to some extent it still happens to this day. John O’Connor who from his name is obviously of Irish descent somehow escaped the hazards of infanticide, worst luck. But I’m fully aware too that other than the Roma people the Irish are undeniably among the most abused indigenous people of Europe. Little wonder given those circumstances that some of them become ideal candidates for Stockholm syndrome and behave just as bad and quite often worse than those who abused them.

Notwithstanding that though the Irish are well renowned for their construction work whether it be houses, roads, viaducts, canals or motorways, and they’re to be applauded for this. I just wish that with infanticide obviously and regrettably not an option in John O’Connor’s case that he couldn’t be infinitely more constructive to humanity in general and British society in particular if he were holding up one of our motorway bridges across our green and pleasant land. Just a thought!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lying, murdering scum!

Murderous intent

By Stanley Collymore

How does it feel to take the life of
someone else; to coldly bring to a
violent and abrupt end millions
of years of evolution which
resulted in that particular man or
woman: an embodiment of dreams,
hopes, aspirations and ambitions;
all undone in a matter of seconds?
Is it really worth it; to destroy
all that in one mindless and
irreversible act spurred
on by untrammelled
racial hatred?

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 February 1998.

Black Skin

By Stanley Collymore

Ridiculed and scorned it was you
That gave me the inspiration
To carry on – for in their
Intense hatred of you,
Your foes revealed
Also their innate
Fear of you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 July 2001.

In lasting memory of Joy Gardner, Stephen Lawrence, Mark Duggan and all the other victims of racial prejudice and institutionalized racist legal systems everywhere and particularly so in Britain.

The words for the title of this contribution that heads these two poems previously written on the dates stated are those openly expressed on the night of Wednesday 9 January 2014 in the wake of the perverse verdict following the clear execution of Mark Duggan and uttered by a very angry and racially diverse group of people, significantly young and of both genders in Tottenham.

The Macpherson report highlighted institutionalized racism within the British police forces, and very still prevalent in 2014. The Woolwich Heroes courageous and committed stance highlights what must be done if Blacks who are quite disproportionately stopped, searched, criminalized and with impunity premeditatedly executed by the British police and others in tandem with our supposed legal system continues as it seems set to.

The concept ruled on and incorporated into US law by none other than the United States Supreme Court that Blacks have no rights that whites need to respect is institutionalized within the British legal system and its Animal Farm attack dogs the British Police Forces and routinely carried out with utter impunity.

As a result well over 4000 Black men and women have been systematically murdered or summarily executed in the past two decades with not a single one of their racist white killers brought to justice for their premeditated crimes. But this is not simply a black white issue, since many of those voicing their anger in London last night were young whites who know what the score is.

And to have Bernard Hogan-Howe the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police commending his force for what they do and stating that through their efforts London will be safe belies the real truth of the matter. For it’s not just Blacks but whites like Ian Tomlinson who also get killed at the hands of sadistic members of the Met Police.

And as for fabricating evidence we only have to look at what happened in the cases of the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, the Cardiff lot  and other instances where the police fabricated evidence, lied through their teeth and thought they’d gotten away with it, and would have done had it not been for the perseverance of the victims’ relatives and friends. Yet to this day none of them have been prosecuted even for perverting the course of justice or lying under oath in court.

Similarly following the brutal racist murder of Stephen Lawrence where the Met Police collaborated with the killers to destroy evidence and senior officers of that force along with others elsewhere, notably the senior officer in charge of the Hillsborough debacle who sought ways to smear the Lawrence Family, friends and supporters and  rather than prosecute the racist killers of Stephen shielded them instead and sought to portray Stephen and his friend Dwayne as gang members which they weren’t, is common knowledge now.

A society where Blacks are over policed as criminals and under policed as victims. But a society also where a conscionable judge had to publicly reprimand the likes of David Cameron for seeking to pervert the course of justice in the recent case involving Nigella Lawson. And without seeking to infringe any contempt of court rules or regulations my gut feeling is that the same Cameron’s Downing Street Press Secretary/Advisor or whatever he was involved in the phone hacking scandal along with his associates, all friends of the Cameron lot, will like the killer of Ian Tomlinson walk free. For there’s one law for the rich and powerful and their friends and another for Blacks and ordinary decent everyday whites, particularly those living in inner city areas.

In any civilized country jurors being humans do occasionally make mistakes, that’s why there is usually an appeal’s system in place. But when British jurors systematically come up with the same verdicts time and time again where Blacks are concerned then something has to be fundamentally rotten in the system. And we know there is. Supposed Black perpetrators are always found guilty especially when their alleged victims are white, while the clear-cut white, racist killers and police executioners of Blacks are always found not guilty, if they get to court in the first place that is which rarely happens, come up smelling of roses and always have the handy excuse, they were threatened and felt their lives were at risk. And with racist stereotypes entrenched in the UK that’s good enough for these bent jurors, selected as always to do their white legal system puppet masters bidding.

And can Blacks count on their MPs for support? Not a bit of it! Not even those who are of the same race as themselves. For like their US Congressional counterparts Black MPs are without exception House Niggers out for themselves and vaingloriously hoping that they’ll be allowed to get some of the crumbs off the white man’s table by being allowed to climb up that greasy pole of success. Fat chance of that ever happening!

As for the risible Independent Police Complaints Commission it’s nothing more than a bunch of arse-licking cronies who got their positions in the same way that David Cameron’s hairdresser got his MBE. The IPCC therefore is totally unfit for purpose and not that different from the so-called International Criminal’s court which as the entire world knows only prosecutes fabricated Black killers while authentic mass murderers and committers of crimes against humanity like Tony Blair walk free and get paid millions in backhanders from those on whose behalf he went to war to financially boost their already massive, plundering and venal corporations.

And so the list goes on! But it’d be wise to think on that even in a classical institutionalized racist country like Britain these sadistic, racist and other premeditated murderers and executioners also have family, and no matter how immune they might think they are they’re not, for while they and those who protect them have to get it right 24/7 and 365 days every year the counter-assassin only has to get it right the once. And pray tell me how they hell do you protect schools, playgrounds, shopping malls and supermarkets where their families shop; or places they go to normally, or even in the high street as the Woolwich Heroes courageously, and wit an up yours “eye for an eye” unmistakably demonstrated.

As for me I already know where I stand and if you’re in any doubt about this I suggest you pull up on my site or any of the others that have carried it my poem: “Death doesn’t faze me and I have no fear of it!” It’s not a bluff I assure you; for I’m in deadly earnest!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

In memoriam of my beloved Great-Aunt, “Aunt Millie”!

By Stanley Collymore

Your valued life here on earth inevitably reached its
end but the durable and cherished remembrances
of the immense good that you did whilst among
us; what you clearly and conscionably stood
for and tirelessly, in frequently difficult
circumstances, worked exceedingly
hard to implement and against
seemingly impossible odds
to achieve, in order to
improve the lives of
others, will live
on forever.

A touching testament of your altruism, tenacity
and dogged commitment to the challenging
belief that essentially, although quite
invariably obscured by the frailties,
stubbornness and selfishness of
our nature that are themselves
often and greatly influenced
by the conditions we find ourselves
in, there’s nevertheless always there in
each of us, although usually buried deeply
within our psychological makeup, an
inherent reservoir of good simply
waiting to be fully explored,
determinedly tapped and
beneficially utilized.

And not solely for the benefit of ourselves but
correspondingly too the advantage of those
who we regularly encounter, and in the
identical manner that we promptly
engage in doing so with regard
to ourselves, we’ll likewise
undertake to favourably
reach out to; assuming
of course we truly
and charitably
are of a firm
mind to.

So rest peacefully and deservedly so from your earthly
labours Aunt Millie: mentor, inspirationalist and
dependable friend; and continue to shine
gloriously in your illustrious and
Celestial home, just as I know
you automatically did from the very start of
your arrival there after your farewell
journey to the After Life, and had
of course previously done while
you were still here on Earth. Happily
secure in the full and enduring knowledge
that though you’re no longer physically
here with those who knew and still
love you immensely, in spite of
that your comforting presence
is still very much here with
us and will unfalteringly
remain forever; since
the simple and quite
satisfying truth is
you’ll never be

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 December 2013.

A Personal Tribute:
In an affectionate and deserved celebration of the life, the commemoration of her memory and remarkable legacy, and as an overall and personal tribute too to the great Lady herself, this poem was inspired by and is complimentarily dedicated to Mrs Millicent Griffith: my late, dearly loved and deeply revered Great-Aunt who reciprocally in response to her committedly assured, open and demonstrable love for me I adoringly referred to her when she was alive, and still do now in all references to her, as my “Aunt Millie”.

A deeply devoted but none the less an independently minded individual, in that specific respect as in so many others we were bonded soul mates, Aunt Millie was a wife, mother, grandmother, a great grandmother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, great-great-aunt and loved relative of her racially diverse and markedly extended family.

For most of her life she resided with her family, her late husband was my Godfather, in the picturesque village of Belleplaine itself centrally located in the stunningly beautiful parish of St. Andrew where she was widely known, universally loved and deeply respected and equally so throughout the wider Scotland District of Barbados of which St. Andrew was a constituent and vital part.

Renowned for its nationally approved of, legislatively enforced and protected scenic landscape of rolling hills, verdant valleys, leisurely flowing rivers and crystal clear streams interposed with well-established centuries old hamlets ensconced with pleasant rural folk who’re nevertheless highly sophisticated and well educated with it, Barbados is just one of a tiny minority of countries worldwide with a 100% percent adult literacy rate as confirmed by UNESCO, that of the UK’s is only 75% and the USA’s is around the same, St. Andrew is the original and enduring home of the Alleyne Grammar School, Latin motto: “Aliis Non Sibi – For Others Not Ourselves” –  and just a five minute leisurely walk from Aunt Millie’s former home and in whose co-educational precincts at a time when grammar schools were gender separated in Barbados and in England severely restricted in relation to girls, although the latter situation was never the case in Barbados, it was at the Alleyne School that Aunt Millie’s own family and other relatives of hers were educated, with her eldest son one of them going on to be a teacher and school principal himself.

Interestingly enough, the Alleyne School was slated in the bequest of its founder Sir John Gay Alleyne to be the first grammar school on the island of Barbados. Sir John a prominent Barbadian and an extensive landowner within Barbados and throughout some of the other Caribbean territories as well as the colony of Carolina founded on the North American mainland by Barbadians themselves and perhaps better known nowadays and to you as North and South Carolina, two constituent states of the United States of America, in addition to being a very wealthy man was also the longest serving Speaker in the history of the House of Assembly: the national Barbados Parliament, established in 1639 and after the House of Commons in London is the world’s second longest surviving and continuous, elected working parliament anywhere globally.

But crucially Sir John Gay Alleyne was also a distinguished philanthropist who loved his native island of Barbados immensely and just as profoundly his fellow Bajans, the affectionate name that Barbadians call themselves. However with minor but quite prolonged, all the same, squabbling that lasted for just under 20 years by the Board of Trustees set with the task of establishing the Alleyne School over where it should be located; whether in St. Andrew, Sir John’s familial seat and very rural in character or St. Michael, which boasted as it still does to this day Barbados’ capital Bridgetown, the country’s parliament and was a major New World port and principal city at the time, this petty squabbling allowed a much later rival and contender Harrison’s College to pip the Alleyne School to become the island’s oldest grammar school.

And with Harrison’s College established in Bridgetown the Alleyne School’s Board of Trustees eventually saw sense and opted for Belleplaine in St. Andrew as the school’s designated site, which many of those associated with the project personally favoured in the first place.

Even so the Alleyne School, apart from Harrison’s College that is, is still considerably older than any other educational institution elsewhere in the New World outside of Barbados, and significantly predates the creation of the United States of America, Canada, several European countries, including Germany, as well as Australia and New Zealand and is still very much an educational institution of excellence that is passionately supported, deeply loved and profoundly respected by Bajans of all backgrounds and both genders, but none more so than the community of St. Andrew; among whom it’s still located on its original site.

Meanwhile, St. Andrew as it has always been known ever since 1627 is situated on Barbados’ north-eastern coast where it’s bordered on its seaward perimeter by an unbroken thoroughfare of expansive and pristine, sugar white, dazzling sandy beaches lined by an immaculate collection of casuarinas trees, coconut palms and wind-shaped sand dunes atop of which and intricately linked at periodic intervals are impressive sea breeze-sculptured, and quite appealing to the eye, intertwined and fantastically cosy canopies of dark green tropical grape bushes ideal as intimate hideaways for courting couples or serving, as they frequently do as well, as the natural habitat of mini colonies of harmless Concha crabs scuttling about on their everyday business.

And the beaches here have to be physically seen and personally experienced to be properly appreciated, with sand so delicate to the touch that even the mildest of footprints are automatically trapped on it, the duration of their pleasurable and quite variable captivity very much dependent on how close they were to the seawater’s edge and the teasing playfulness of the gentle ebb and flow of the tide.

The tropical Trade Winds are likewise very much at work here too and in tandem with the azure blue waters of the expansive Atlantic Ocean that aquatically controls this coastline and with nothing between the west coast of Africa, 3000 plus miles away, and Barbados, the most easterly country within the region, to exert their abundant interest on, increasingly turn their spirited attention instead to meticulously manicuring this coastline and its constituent parts, with their similarly impressive and kaleidoscopic backdrop, that comprise the wider Scotland District of Barbados.

Related to the Springer, Walkes, Griffith and Collymore families mostly biologically so but in some instances through marriage, the Diaspora of these families even during Aunt Millie’s early lifetime stretched beyond the borders of Barbados to include other territories within the archipelago of Caribbean Islands, Guyana, other parts of South America and also Central America, and significantly too the United States of America, Canada and the UK where collectively within these three specific countries the largest concentration of them outside of Barbados were born, raised and do reside.

And justifiably proud as she evidently was of the academic qualifications gained, the successes achieved and the professional statuses earned by her immediate family members and their Diaspora – there’s hardly a profession worthy of the name that one or other of us doesn’t hold – Aunt Millie, even so, was never reluctant in encouraging her family members, whether they were born in Barbados or not - pushing at an open door was how I described it - to have the same abiding love and respect for her beloved Barbados and especially her adored St. Andrew: accumulatively her birthplace, homeland and tropical paradise, as she always did. And where fittingly her mortal remains lay buried alongside those of her late husband and in the company of other departed family members and friends in the tranquil setting of the centuries old St. Andrew’s Church graveyard.