Monday, 9 December 2013

Why waste time and sympathy on this coldblooded killer?

By Stanley Collymore

The courageous, logical and absolutely sensible decision of three High Court judges to lift the immunity previously granted to and which, irresponsibly and unacceptably so in my view, prevented the naming of the sick, contemptible, sadistic and cold blooded murderer Alexander Blackman is to be wholly commended and applauded. And all the bullshit promulgated by some that he and his actions were a causality of war is just that, since there is definitely no way that this terminology would have been applied to the killers of the white British Army MPs that were killed by a rampaging mob in Iraq and for whom these same aficionadas of Alexander Blackman not only screamed blue murder at their demise but were also most assiduous and vociferous in their demands that our soldiers received justice. Not so it would seem, as we all know is routinely the case, when the victim isn’t white and western, as Caucasian lives so runs their rather twisted narrative are infinitely more precious that non-White ones.

We have in Britain several members of the US Armed Forces that are lawfully here but whose presence in our midst is none the less as a direct consequence of the UK’s post-war and grovelling sycophancy to the American Empire, anything it would seem on the part of our leaders to delude themselves that by kowtowing to the US’s every whim and fancy Britain can maintain the risible deception that it’s still a significant player in world affairs by clinging to the coattails of the USA; this despite the fact that it’s universally known that no foreign forces or bases are allowed on American soil, not least so because no self respecting US citizen or that country’s Congress for that matter would allow it, but specifically as well because the US Constitution expressly forbids this.

So just imagine then that some equally sadistic, US low life, like our poster boy for some Alexander Blackman clearly is, were to likewise callously kill a white Briton in identical circumstances within Britain, or God forbid such a coldblooded murder was carried out by a serving member of the armed forces of some country, you choose your pick, that having illegally invaded England had similarly murdered a Briton within his own country the UK, whether this Briton was a member of our regular armed forces, the Territorial Army or simply belonged to an irregular guerrilla unit, whether we like it or not or designated it as such, like the Taliban is in Afghanistan, but in the specific case of the UK the murdered victim was simply defending the sovereignty and integrity of our country while seeking to repulse those who’d invaded it like the Taliban are likewise doing in Afghanistan. Do you think for one moment that the killer of our own in the exact circumstances that Alexander Blackman perpetrated his murder of that Afghan would generate the same sympathy, understanding and sick calls for his release? Save your breath and your excuses for we all know what the true answer, if you’re honest with yourself, to that question is.

At no time was Alexander Blackman’s life in danger from the man he so savagely killed. He wasn’t involved in any fire fight with these supposed Taliban members and it’s a fact that the colleagues of the man Alexander Blackman murdered were killed by an attack helicopter and not the squad of marines that Blackman was with, and who were instructed by that helicopter crew to investigate the outcome of their handiwork. However on discovering that the murdered man’s mates were already dead Blackman took it upon himself to drag the man he later killed into a concealed area away from the view of the helicopter crew, knowing this man to be still alive, and there cold-bloodedly murdered him. By any logical and unbiased interpretation of the rules of war, combat engagement and more specifically the Geneva Conventions what Alexander Blackman did wasn’t only premeditated murder but also a war crime.

And before likeminded morons like him within our population pooh-pooh the principles of the Geneva Convention let me remind you that it was the west, principally Britain and the US, which together devised, codified and largely controlled the implementation post-war, and still do to this day, the instruments of the Geneva Convention just as from their sanctimonious ivory tower as permanent members of the UN Security Council they’ve done and continue to do the same with those of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which predictably only prosecutes Blacks and is routinely, threateningly and prejudicially used against others that the west has it in for, regardless of how real or mostly imaginary their alleged targets’ crimes are; but crucially no such activities are ever directed against whites of whom there are plenty of mass murderers, war criminals, perpetrators of crimes against humanity along with carried out by those of their equally criminal conspirators within the UK and the US for example; and significantly I must stress at the very highest echelons of our political, military and social hierarchies. And if we expect others to abide by internationally subscribed to conventions, which the west wastes no time pushing down the throats of others they accuse of breaching them why the hell then shouldn’t the west and its various agencies, whether these are civil or military, similarly abide by them?

That’s why I was particularly pleased and extremely heartened by the decision of the judges who didn’t mince their words in describing the heartless killing by Alexander Blackman in the way they did, labelling it as one motivated by contempt. Which categorically debunks the crap of Blackman himself who asininely stated and actually expected those of us with functioning brain cells in our heads to believe him when he said that he fired his targeted bullet into the body of dead man. Why on earth attempt to kill someone whom you already thought was dead? Answer that? It doesn’t make sense, does it? And to my mind would be analogous to a serial rapist  having emphasized that his young victim, and let’s say for argument sake your daughter, sister, other close female relative or friend was wearing exceedingly provocative clothing, was pissed out of their head from alcohol, drugs or whatever, that he found her lying unconscious, decided to rape her as in her physical and mental state he didn’t think she would mind; but guess what, in his quite predatory, wholly unprovoked and sexual attack on her he then surmises to the court, in which he’s being tried, that he most probably got too aggressive, fearful she might regain consciousness and resist him before he’d reached his orgasm and so ended up strangling her too.

Let’s see or hear you defend this bastard bearing in mind it’s either your own flesh and blood or someone whom you know well that is the victim. You can’t and what’s more you certainly won’t! So where does that put you then, vis-à-vis the gratuitous murder of this Afghan man by Alexander Blackman which you so prejudicially defend and that in itself blatantly breaks all the rules of decency and the so-called civilized standards of behaviour that you conceitedly and sanctimoniously prize yourselves on upholding, except to place you firmly and irretrievably in the sewers of hypocrisy and double standards where you rightfully belong?

Like many of my close relatives before, including my Dad, who collectively freely served in every branch of the British Armed Forces I willingly enlisted in the Royal Air Force while a student at university, and went on to serve with some of our well-known Fighter Commands. But just as in everyday life there I came across a variety of characters, most of whom were perfectly decent human beings although there were others that I utterly despised and with perfect justification, as they were right bastards who I didn’t trust as far as I could throw them. And what I do know from my daily interaction with and even courts-martial of some of them that their mindset wasn’t my own and just because we were jointly in the same military outfit it didn’t mean that I was obligated to condoning or supporting their actions, either ignoring or covering these up, or even more asininely pretend to myself that they were indicative of the RAF as a whole, and as such should be tolerated, not condemned or personally dealt with by me if these activities fell within my remit or else promptly reported to my superiors if they didn’t. Conscionably I had no problem at all with any of that nor would I ever have done since the RAF, its ethos and naturally its functionalities didn’t revolve around any one individual however exemplary, vile or outright evil he or she might be.

So why then, I rhetorically ask myself as I know the answer already, do the likes of David Cameron and particularly those armchair generals that have never worn a British military uniform in earnest, would be most disinclined to do so but are all the same obsessively and fanatically keen to defend Britain to the last drop of somebody else’s blood but never their own or that of their nearest and dearest, and worst of all Armed Forces chiefs, especially those that are now retired, feel that they have to defend, if there’s realistically no real pressing need for them to do so, the reputation of any branch of the British Armed Forces whenever a prime example of the most feral and detrital of human beings from within our communities that was regrettably and quite unpardonably allowed to infest that specific branch of our Armed Forces predictably behave as all sociopaths do?

And rather than Facebook cretins actively campaigning to have Alexander Blackman released I personally feel that he should be locked up for the rest of his natural life; the downside of that of course is that it’s not these rather pathetic morons on Facebook and other social media who’re asininely climbing on board Alexander Blackman’s stalled bandwagon, most of whom are probably not making any productive contribution to the British economy anyway, never have and are most unlikely ever to do so, but as is always the case the principled, decent and hard-working British taxpayers who will be the ones inevitably left footing the bill to keep Alexander Blackman and his ilk in prison.

My British, Caribbean and American who participated in the defence of Britain and the subsequent liberation of Europe during World War II are extremely proud of the roles they played and the outcome of that war. But I don’t know of a single one of them not even those who flew as pilots with the RAF but thankfully were not involved themselves in the latter’s murkier escapades, because I specially asked them about this, who either at the time or subsequently have delighted in much less hailed as a glorious triumph of the war the wholesale firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg  specifically on the orders of the British Government attendant  with the wilful destruction of these two cities and the gratuitous sacrifice of life there; and this despite the British authorities, the UK’s military top brass and practically everyone else involved in the war definitely knowing that Germany was on its knees, had already lost the war and was actually about to surrender to the Allies.

It’s a sentiment shared by my relatives’ wartime friends and colleagues that I spoke to and discussed the matter at length with as well as Germans I was fortunate to meet and in a number of cases interview in Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover having lived and worked in the latter two cities myself; all of whom are unanimous in unequivocally condemning what barbarically took place at the behest of Britain as nothing less than the most heinous of war crimes. And in agreeing with them I must also frankly add that for all the British authorities’ sanctimonious posturing whenever something goes terribly amiss as clearly happened in the Alexander Blackman case that Britain and the British military per se, despite all the contrary narrative they usually jointly spin in such circumstances are in effect skating of very thin ice since they both have past form in this regard and on a global scale.

But of course the British Government didn’t hold itself to the same standards that it accused and at Nuremburg prosecuted and executed its German political and military counterparts for contravening they asserted; in the same manner that subsequent British governments up to and including the present one (2013) have always routinely obfuscated and rarely hold themselves up to the same rigorous and objective legal and moral standards that they collectively demand of others, particularly those they unwarrantedly dislike or fear. Hypocriscy, double standards or what; or simply the British way?

That said other aspects of the war including the often brutal aerial dogfights between the German Luftwaffe and themselves that effectively and greatly assisted in the defeat of the evils of Nazism and Fascism in Europe my World War II, RAF veteran relatives have nothing but the greatest admiration and praise for. Which unquestionably tells me that those with consciences and a moral compass to boot instinctively know the difference between right and wrong; and defending Alexander Blackman in any shape or form for what he barbarically did falls squarely in the latter category. And frankly I have no qualms at all in saying so.

For while I’ll happily defend my country with every resource at my disposal if it’s genuinely necessary to justly do so, I don’t wish to nor will I ever play any part in the chicanery, brazen hypocrisy or the grotesque and inappropriate double standards that are replete among many of my fellow Brits who excel in confusing their sick and rabid nationalism with and even conflating and equating it to a genuine love for and patriotism of our country. And it’s not naïveté on my part to say so or distance myself from them but rather a determined calculation for the greater good!

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