Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Why should western leaders bother about terrorism when they benefit hugely from it?

By Stanley Collymore

What God or religion for that matter authorizes
or condones the gratuitous killing, no the
sadistic slaughter of innocent civilians,
some of them mere children that
hadn’t as yet even begun to
properly live their lives let alone start the
process of exploring and utilizing their
God-given talents, far less allowed
the chance to make their personal
contributions to the world in
general or the human race
in particular of which
they were a part?

And explain to me, if you can, what’s civilized
about premeditatedly using callous brute force,
ghastly acts of cannibalism, suicide bombers
or coldblooded terrorism in your sick
and insane attempts to coerce decent folk
into doing what you want them to?
Because even brain-dead morons like
you must be well aware, or should
be, that nothing you murderous
nutters propose, remotely
represent or have to offer decent
and democratic folk globally
will ever tempt any of us
to freely consort with
evil and barbaric
scum like

But then, of course, you already know even before
another of your terroristic atrocities takes place
that you’ll get away Scot-free with your
mayhem and barbarity, don’t you; because
of the West’s unbridled hypocrisy regarding
what you’re doing. Liberally exercised
in its geopolitical game play where the
likes of al-Qaida, its spawned enfant
terrible, and their criminal
associates of feudalistic
barbarians are paraded to us one minute as the
Devil incarnate and the next, as in the case
of Syria, Iraq and Libya for example,
as the saviours of humanity –
depending of course on what
the ever changing foreign
policy agenda of the
West is at that
moment in time
and greedily

Meanwhile innocent lives continue to be
needlessly and forever lost in this neo-
colonialist and imperialist carnage
cynically orchestrated by the West,
never mind the platitudinous
noises that it leaders make
when their cynicism
and complicity in
these murderous obscenities
are occasionally but all too
infrequently exposed
and promulgated
for the rest of
the world
to see.

Championed hypocrisy closely integrated with the
Machiavellian machinations of the Persian
Gulf Arab Bantustans as a key element
of their survival strategy, preservation
and security, and liberally financed
by the petro-dollar Danegeld of
ruthless and barbaric Dark Age savages
in tyrannical control of their Persian
Gulf, Arab Bantustan fiefdoms;
and who are unquestionably
the architects and rabid
sponsors of most of
the world’s acts
of terrorism.

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 December 2013.

My View:
One doesn’t need a crystal ball, the IQ of an Albert Einstein or even ludicrously to consult the Oracle of Delphi to comprehend the origins and requirements of terrorism in our contemporary world, or who its instigators and significantly its beneficiaries are.

In my view it has bugger all to do with religion, which is simply I believe being used as a convenient scapegoat for what are blatant acts of criminality and sadistic indulgement. For if Islam is such a peaceful religion as we’re constantly told why then are so many of its avowed and supposed followers nothing more than a bunch of barbaric, Dark Age and criminal savages?

Analogously you wouldn’t tolerate your dearly loved daughter’s husband, partner or boyfriend consistently and gratuitously knocking the shits out of her and telling you, and what’s more expect you to buy it, that he’s simply physically expressing his love for her. So why, whether you’re a Muslim or not, do you put up with this Islamic crap?

This particular boil has to be lanced and in my opinion the only charitable and comprehensive way to rid ourselves of such bestial brutes and their western puppet masters is through an all out holocaust on their Wahabi and Salafist lairs and of those within them by genuinely concerned, moral and authentic world leaders and their nations getting together in a global enterprise against these savages. For we already know where they are; primarily in the Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans.

And let’s not be squeamish about this; we’ve previously had unwarranted holocausts of Blacks, the indigenous people of the Americas, the Caribbean, Australasia as well as of Jews and the Roma peoples of Europe; so why not the justifiable holocaust of these incorrigible Islamic scumbags?

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