Monday, 16 December 2013

The failed resolve to keep promised New Year resolutions

By Stanley Collymore

Another year unwaveringly beckons with yet more
hopes entertained and pledges given, as were
similarly promised in previous years, of
a brand new start in the offing,
rekindling in the process the ritual act of deluding
yourself that there’ll be seismic and rather
meaningful changes undertaken in
attitude and personal standards of behaviour where
you’re concerned; and not least so because the
necessary avoidance of past and markedly
failed practices conducted by you need
to be finally and suitably addressed,
having themselves been totally
acknowledged on your part
and their basic solutions
accordingly and most
diligently learned.

Yet knowing full well, as you embark on this most
personal and seemingly serious endeavour, that
ultimately the eventual outcome of your
decision will unvaryingly as well as
noticeably be the same as that of earlier years:
moral aspirations and their practical applications
expediently dwarfed and decidedly derailed
by selfish ambitions that as before you’ll
artfully but defensively use to wily defer and
place any semblance of a genuine transition,
relative to the requirements of your real
priorities, firmly on the backburner
of convenient choice and delay;
just as with consummate
predictability, insincerity and
a casual shrug of your shoulder
signifying well what does
it really matter as who
truly cares, you
habitually do
each and

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 December 2013.

Like confetti liberally, instinctively and even thoughtlessly at times strewn at the newly weds during an after wedding ceremony most New Year resolutions that are consciously made can be said to fit easily into the same category; an evaluation noticeably reinforced when, like the aforementioned confetti with their function of sportive adornment having been ephemerally fulfilled they are then subsequently subjected to laying trampled under feet and on the ground, discarded and quickly forgotten about.

Curiously, how long do your New Year resolutions actually last? Or do you sensibly refrain from making promises even to yourself let alone others that you either know for certain or possibly feel deep inside that you can’t for whatever reasons honestly keep?

Have an eventful 2014 and here’s wishing you everything that you truly deserve.

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