Monday, 30 December 2013

Meaningful change of any sort begins within ourselves!

By Stanley Collymore

You obviously don’t know me for we haven’t properly
met or been formally introduced to one another even
though we’ve seen each other around for some
time now and, as such, there’s always the
possibility I assume that like many in our overcautious
and, at its most extreme, paranoid society you might
even subliminally be overly wary of strangers
like me, particularly those who’re
perceived as the proverbial Greeks bearing and what’s
more distributing unasked for gifts to those who
didn’t expect them; and who can blame you
with the world addictively and perilously
hooked, as it quite evidently is, on the
worst aspects of human nature?

But even so everyone of us, if we’ve truly a mind to, can
do our bit to change all that by simply rationalizing,
containing and ultimately eradicating those
personal fears that trigger and intuitively, in many respects,
needlessly serve as the catalyst for and add to the
bedrock of disquiet that collectively many of
you are convinced is the source of our
societal problems; and in doing so positively try instead
to effectively reach out to our fellow man, be they
the next-door neighbours or not, as our Divine
Lord: the shared creator of us all, intended
and still does that we should. And you
my imposing stranger have I’ve
sensed the competency
to do just that.

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 November 2013.

It’s a truth universally ignored that the vast majority of the difficulties which we find ourselves faced with and like moaning about are caused as a direct consequence of our own actions, wilfully or unthinkingly committed; a situation compounded either by our inability, unwillingness or stupidity to recognize or accept that fact. Think on it!

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