Friday, 29 November 2013

Okay! You win.

By Stanley Collymore

Give over; and do give it a break will you? Look!
I’ve heard all this baloney before that you’re
giving me from guys like you who swear
as you do that they’re principally interested
in my mind and not my body. Well, go
tell it to the birds! Hey, wait a minute;
what on earth am I saying? For
you’ve evidently and rather
successfully it seems, done that
already and it’s why you’re
now trying it on with me.
Spreading your quite
practised wings
ever further so
to speak!

Nice try; but you’ve got your work cut out for you
mate, as I’m no easy pushover. Mind you, I’m
very susceptible, I must confess, to lapses
of resilience when confronted with
cogent and compelling arguments of persuasion.
It’s a terrible weakness of mine I know; one
that I personally and readily admit to but
rarely confide to anyone else unless
encouragingly placed in the quite
intriguing but none the less
highly compromising
situation of the kind
you’ve clearly
put me in.

And now that you know this I suppose you’re
going to take full advantage of what I’ve
told you; and were you to do so who
could really blame you? I know
that I won’t, as by confiding in you in
this way I would have subliminally
asked for and hopefully as well
quite consciously set myself
up for getting everything
that I’m hopefully, as
I’m sure you well
know, naturally
asking for!

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 November 2013.

Practically every one of us likes to think that for most of the time we’re fully in charge of our individual sexuality. It’s a myth, of course, as unforeseen and even premeditated encounters coupled with the circumstances triggered and generated by them are irresistibly strong determinant factors relative to how we ultimately behave sexually.

But who the hell cares or has any lasting regrets, for that matter, about these outcomes if they succeed not only in unleashing but also spellbindingly manage to liberate and fully sate in the process the surging sexuality, however embarrassing that might be for some of you, that each of us periodically experiences and invariably succumb to; yet for all that still try to pretend, and unconvincingly so, it must be said, that you seriously want to suppress such inclinations from ever surfacing.

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