Monday, 25 November 2013

Death doesn’t faze me and I have no fear of it!

By Stanley Collymore

Ten years old, and on the eve of the beginning of my
secondary education at the 17th Century established
and prestigious grammar school I was about to
attend my maternal grandmother who I’ve
always had an exceptionally close and
very constructive relationship with
and affectionately referred to as
Mama, sat me down, positively
non-intrusively but highly
commendably and quite
informatively had one
of her welcomingly
inspiring heart
to heart talks
with me.

She began by commending me on my personal and
academic successes to date then progressed to
advising me to always be true to myself
and what I genuinely believed in;
never to depart from either of these things under
any circumstance, no matter how persuasively
tempting such an offer might appear to be;
and not to voice opinions without first
properly thinking them out or the
likely consequences of their
direct impact on others.

When I saw trouble she warned me I should always
give it a wide berth and determinedly walk away
from it, and should such trouble continue to
stalk me I must with all the resolve at
my command she insisted continue to
walk away from it and never, not
even momentarily, consider
let alone actually engage
myself in anyway by
entertaining it.

However, she went on, if those who’re wilfully
involved in troublesomely creating problems
for me which indisputably are inimical to
my general and personal wellbeing or
even my life notwithstanding all I’ve previously
done to avoid them, and what’s more fully
cognisant of those sensible overtures
on my part still persist in their
unwarranted detestation of me that irreversibly
backs me into a corner from which there is no
other escape, then I should unflinchingly
put their lights out and having done
so unapologetically have no
regrets concerning my
actions in that

Her compelling and lucid raison d’être being that
my intractable enemies would as a result be
irretrievably and better off dead, a fate
which they’d asininely and bigotedly
brought upon themselves and
consequently undeserving in those
circumstances of any remorse
from me; and even if my
justifiable actions were to result in my
spending the rest of my life in jail
or even the forfeiture of it on
death row I would still have
the personal satisfaction
of knowing that those
who were involved
were no longer capable
of breathing God’s
wholesome air.

It’s a philosophy I grew up with, have
lived with all my life and cheerfully
inserted into it; but vitally too
one without exaggeration
or disingenuousness on
my part that I have
no qualms or any
at all about

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 November 2013.

I’ve assiduously endeavoured throughout my life to live up to and implement the worthy ideals that from childhood were constructively implanted in my life and would humbly say that I’ve been highly successful in that regard. But I’m also fully cognisant of the darker and more destructive side of human nature which I’ve always essayed and done my utmost best to avoid. Notwithstanding that would I kill if I have to bearing in mind I’ve scrupulously walked away and continuously so from the pernicious dangers gratuitously inflicted by others and which assail me? The answer unhesitatingly to that question is an unequivocal “yes!”

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