Saturday, 5 October 2013

They’re just kids and can’t vote!

By Stanley Collymore

Hardly a month goes by without my hearing some horror
story or other of abusive neglect towards and even the
callous and barbaric murder of young children, some
just toddlers or babes in arms, at the hands of their
own mothers or others, generally blood relatives
and their partners, who are entrusted to look
after them, and ought to have instinctively
done so as any civilized and caring
person would. But reality, I’m
afraid, is quite often very
different from what’s
logically expected.

However, even more disturbing than these insane killings
is the ritual passing the buck by so-called professional
practitioners, civic and social agencies, misnomer
terms to say the last in my view, burdensomely
financed by already hard-pressed now suitably
outraged at what’s going on taxpayers in
what to these cynical retards and useless
parasitical jobsworths are evidently
and expediently nothing more than
lucrative sinecure positions that
ironically in their case they are
neither competently suited
for nor should they have
been appointed to
these jobs in
the first

Yet their principal responsibility and the crucial element of
their job description is that of unreservedly protecting
children; a legal and moral task they’ve miserably
and consistently failed to do while routinely
and with consummate impunity getting away
with their criminal negligence and brazen
irresponsibility amidst the pervasive
and pernicious backdrop of their
unconvincing, meaningless and oft stated
platitudes each time another needless
tragedy occurs that lessons must be
learnt and measures will be put
in place to ensure nothing
like it ever happens
again. Until the
next time!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 October 2013.

It’s my honest belief and fervent contention that not only the sadistic murderers of innocent, highly vulnerable and utterly defenceless children should do significant jail time, regardless of whether these killers are men or women, but also those that run and oversee the essentially barbaric and wholly unaccountable system, which cavalierly allows this dastardly travesty to happen in a supposedly civilized country, should do too.

Concomitant with this there must, as a matter of urgency, be meaningful and well-thought out reforms put in situ to replace the manifestly existing shambolic system that’s not only a hazard to all children but also a blight on our society, with those appointed to jobs looking after children up to the task and the organizations or agencies they work for fit for purpose. And in this equation politicians and government departments with specific responsibility for the welfare of children shouldn’t be let off the hook of culpable liability either, particularly when something goes horribly wrong.

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