Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Targeted Vermin!

By Stanley Collymore

I hated you, not because of anything you’d ever done
to me, anyone I know and care about, what you
stood for, have said or possibly planned on
doing; because the truth is you were a
total stranger to me in every way,
not having ever met you or
even conscious of your
actual existence

But all that was of no consequence, principally because I’m
white, you were not, and your life, comprehensively
inferior to mine and others like me by virtue of
our racial superiority over you as white
Caucasians, understandably from
the perspective of like-minded
members of the Master Race
like me, was logically seen as totally
dispensable and, not to put too fine
a point on it, no loss at all to
mankind which I’ve done
a tremendous favour
by wiping it out.

Your death then should be joyously celebrated and
not commiserated with, far less mourned; and
while I know there are those in this country,
the rest of the EU and elsewhere among
the political and legal authorities in
the civilized and white controlled
world who’ll openly mouth the
predictable platitudes expected
of them as to how dreadful
my murdering you has
been, reality though,
I should tell you,
is completely

For privately and even covertly among themselves
they’ll be wholeheartedly celebrating the demise
of what’s essentially a pretty useless creature;
just one of a horde of subordinate and
uncultivated non-Caucasian brutes, not worthy
of the name human being; and while for obvious
reasons they’ll not personally soil their own
hands with such an undertaking, they’ll
nevertheless from behind the scenes
continue to do everything in their
power to instigate and ensure
that explicitly proud and
white warriors like me
unashamedly do.

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 October 2013.

The gratuitous stabbing to death in the English Midlands City of Birmingham, also the UK’s second major city after London, of Mohammed Saleem, 82, as he walked a few hundred yards from a mosque to his home is a chilling reminder 20 years after Stephen Lawrence’s own murder at the hands of identical white racists of how acute racism, politically and ideologically fanned by those at the very top of British society still is.

For me though, even more disturbing were the comments of the official who officially spoke to the media cameras after the outcome of the case when the murderer, Pavlo Lapshyn, 25 unashamedly pleaded guilty in court to what he’d done having no other choice but to do so confronted as he was with a plethora of evidence that substantiated his crime; nor did he show any remorse whatsoever about his racially motivated criminal actions, which didn’t just include the killing of Mr Mohammed Saleem a mere five days after Pavlo Lapshyn had been allowed into England for the very first time.

This British official having spoken in glowing terms about Lapshyn’s academic prowess and so-called intelligence then in marked contrast uttered, almost as an afterthought, the euphemistic platitude that what this monster, to anyone with an objective and functioning brain in his or her head which clearly this official lacks readily recognized Pavlo Lapshyn as, did was wrong.

“Wrong!” Is this how this fatuous bastard and the white British community generally described the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich? No! Then a white man had been killed by non-whites and all the aged-old and reinforced racial stereotypes came out in force and went into overdrive juxtaposed with their attendant venom; and the same would have happened again if instead of being British Asian Mohammed Saleem were white and his killer had been non-Caucasian, with the immigration system being lambasted for letting this killer into England in the first place. Not so with Pavlo Lapshyn however.

Interestingly enough this murderous citizen of Ukraine, which isn’t a member of the EU by the way and which belies all the hypocritical and racist immigration crap of the likes of Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, the Con-Dem British regime of which she’s a prominent member, and the opposition parties in both houses of parliament that tacitly support this racist agenda.

Even though it must be stressed that key members in all these parties don’t have any authentic British lineage, are shacked up with, even those born here, with spouses or partners that weren’t even born in the UK and, of course, have among themselves produced children who they see as inalienably British and moreover with all the privileges and entitlements they perceive that they’re exclusively entitled to.

So we have a sickening situation where a self-confessed racist and white supremacist who is Ukrainian is freely allowed into the UK in a way that a bright, intelligent and law-abiding non-white individual of either gender from the Commonwealth or any part of the Global South, for that matter, that Britain has individually plundered for centuries, and still recurrently does, to enrich itself and mostly its white elites, wouldn’t in a month of Sundays be allowed to.

But this wouldn’t be the first time that a British regime and authorities colluded in this kind of terroristic scenario with Ukrainians. The Clement Attlee, post-war UK regime sycophantically at the behest of the USA that would never have allowed such psychopathic and murderous thugs and furthermore do so in such huge numbers into its own territories, warmly welcomed into the UK after the defeat of Germany thousands of Ukrainian Waffen SS members and death camp operatives and liberally housed them and their families here in Britain.

And most ironically their Slavic progeny are the very ones with UK regime support embodied in the likes of utterly moronic clowns like Eric Pickles who routinely and ludicrously charge around Britain, but mostly England, fomenting racial strife as well as hatred and discord against anyone who doesn’t look like them, while absurdly as well claiming to be the English Defence League. Not English as in terms of nationality, being physically born in England as it were, but English they asininely assert through Anglo-Saxon lineage. A monumental misnomer if ever there was one, and which makes me and Eskimo I suppose. I hope you’re proud of yourselves Theresa May and Co; what a pity that Maggie Thatcher closed so many of our mental hospitals; for the likes of you are prime candidates, in my view, for compulsory sectioning under NHS guidelines.

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