Tuesday, 1 October 2013

An Echo Chamber For The Powerful!

By Stanley Collymore

You call yourselves journalists but that’s not how
I see you as and therefore don’t agree with you
in the least since the term glorified and
overpaid stenographers more readily come to
mind and is most apt description, I feel, of the vast
majority of you who work for these western,
mega-corporate outlets or their likeminded
doctrinal and amalgamated state-owned
brothers-in-arms’ organisations like
the BBC – sycophantic purveyors
of wilful misinformation as well
as a cataclysmic array of
half-truths liberally interspersed with downright lies
and malicious fabrications which are assiduously,
perniciously and persistently reworked to
convey a narrative that suits the dictated
agendas of those who imperiously
yank your chains of compliant
subservience attendant with
their comprehensive and
unrelenting control of
your avaricious
purse strings.

Get a life for God’s sake! Try and remember, if your minds
aren’t addled or permanently contaminated by ravenous
greed or irreversibly tarnished by collective stupidity,
what the Fourth Estate is actually all about, then go
out and get as far away as possible from the
cosy comfort of your office armchairs
and courageously do the job you’re
supposed to and that discerning
members of the public expect
you to. Not unconscionably languish in the stinking
sewer of ostentatious dissemblance compounded
by the cynical betrayal of those whom you
routinely con while painstakingly
pretending to be what you
patently aren’t. For I am also a journalist
and it absolutely disgusts me how you
behave, and all the more reason
therefore for me and other real
journalists like myself who
feel like I do to candidly
speak out and act to
put and end to
this insane

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 October 2013.

To honestly and intrepidly inform the public it purports to serve is surely one of the cardinal remits of the Fourth Estate. So why then are so many journalists unconscionably, venally and blatantly disregarding these core elements of their profession? Is this to do with incompetence, greed, laziness or even rank stupidity on their part or more aptly, as I believe, that these media charlatans aren’t really journalists at all but simply glorified and rather overpaid stenographers and therefore they and what they regurgitate should be treated with absolute caution.

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