Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The West’s incandescent stupidity

By Stanley Collymore

The very public and calculatedly ostentatious condemnation, effectively the wailing and gnashing of teeth over what’s hyperbolically being referred to in the west as the Kenyan Mall Massacre, by western leaders and their countries’ media primarily because some of the victims, and let’s be quite frank about this are western, largely white Caucasian and therefore persons those most unrestrained in their condemnation want to and can readily empathize and identify with, was to be expected and in that regard was also as predictable as their pubertal daughters or other female relatives around that age either having started their periods or about to do so.

To be categorically honest with you nobody in his or her right mind condones or celebrates the intentional, let alone the gratuitous killing of innocent civilians whoever they are, what race or nationality they belong to, or where on Planet Earth they originate from by any one whether the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes are lone wolf individuals acting independently, belong to jihadist groups, or are terrorist mercenaries or contractors sponsored by and acting at the specific behest of savage, cannibalism encouraged, barbaric and inherently criminal regimes like those to be found in Bantu Saudi, Qatar and frankly most of the Arab world, or are in effect imperialistic ones like those that currently and preponderantly infest most western countries for example.

So white Caucasian western leaders and their chums, even if their sentiments are genuine and are to be believed, have no inherent monopoly on grief or dismay come to that when situations such as that one in Kenya do occur. And forgive me if I’m somewhat sceptical about their anguish and disseminated concern as I’ve seen it all before and it wasn’t worth then and perhaps not now as well the rather irritating and highly contagious spit one happily discharges from a cold-infected throat.

Al-Shabaab, it’s commonly recognized and accepted, is a franchised outfit of al-Qaida; the same jihadist, terrorist, Islamic extremist, barbaric and quite unashamedly cannibalistic and murdering al-Qaida that those who’re now most condemnatory of what happened in Kenya and principally and most reprehensibly among this group of mindboggling hypocrites and pervasive practitioners of pernicious double standards being the US and Britain that between them fervently recruited, created, funded, trained, armed with the most sophisticated state of the art weaponry that money could buy backed up by all the political, diplomatic and logistical support these terrorists would need from their western mentors and paymasters, then to be offloaded in Afghanistan to fight the west’s proxy war there against the then Soviet Union.

An enterprise that unsurprisingly sowed the seeds of destruction in Afghanistan; destruction that ever since that unwarranted, illegal but belligerent incursion has flourished copiously in that part of the world and elsewhere where al-Qaida and its franchises have subsequently and still operate, are frankly in my opinion these western states and their culpable leaders are in no position to get on their sanctimonious soapboxes, cry wolf about what’s now happening or worst still lecture the world on the evils of terrorism, not least so because they themselves are the incarnation of it.

The same al-Qaida, let’s not forget, that the US and its western collaborators in crime in order to persistently control their domestic populations through fear, ludicrously and dishonestly claiming that their intrusive surveillance of them and the abrogation of their fundamental human rights are justifiable measures that are urgently needed to protect them all, as they likewise mendaciously assert that what they’re commitedly doing is all part of their fight in the so-called ongoing war of terror they’re waging in the Yemen and other places like the Horn of Africa, yet at the same time quite inexplicably are aggressively, even if at times covertly so, supporting these said terrorists in every practicable way, as they vigorously did in Libya and look at the end result there, and are endlessly doing in Iraq against the Shiite led government there and likewise in Syria against the President Assad government from their western funded and organized terrorist training camps in Jordan and NATO member Turkey.

Locations where once again these western favoured jihadist terrorists are being amply provided with everything they want, including the Sarin gas these lying western leaders claim their proxies don’t have; but the west’s notorious track record in this kind of sick subterfuge is well known; and let’s not forget they didn’t own up either to providing Saddam Hussein with all the chemical weapons he ever wanted to gas the Iranians in yet another of the US and the west’s proxy wars in their unflagging bid for white, hegemonic, global imperialism particularly in the natural resource rich areas of the Global South; and to realize and maintain this militaristic and economic control is, of course, an essential priority of theirs.

That’s why they quite obstinately insist on keeping their immense arsenals of nuclear, chemical, including white phosphorous, napalm and Agent Orange; biological and other weapons of mass destruction while at the same time arrogantly demanding, blackmailing or even threatening with war those that choose to adopt an independent stance contrary to their avaricious and self-centred one. And that’s all the more reason why every democratic country in the world which values its independence and sovereignty should get hold of these same weapons until the US and those that have them genuinely embark on the irreversible process of getting rid of theirs, for the explicit message from the US and the rest of the west is unequivocal, if you’re nuclear armed like North Korea is we won’t attack you, if you aren’t and we think we should we’ll do so.

It’s the thinking of the classic, cowardly bully that the US and NATO countries are; only strike at those that can’t strike back. For especially in the US’s case their so-called leaders are analogous to a spoilt child gifted with everything, takes it all for granted but sees no need for any attendant responsibility on his or her part.

In Iraq War that toppled Saddam Hussein the west having at first said they didn’t do body counts of the enemy now asininely state that only about 100,000 people died in that war when everyone who’s honest about events that took place there knows that over 1 million and possibly close to 2 million innocent Iraqis were massacred by the US and Britain. But the white western narrative is that only the lives of white Caucasians really matter and while in a sane word the US and Britain would apologize for the genuine massacres which they carried out in Iraq and those responsible would be brought to justice for what they criminally did it won’t happen; despite that though the recognition and commemoration of the deaths of the principally white victims of 9/11, ironically an inside job with al-Qaida as the Blackwater contractors for it, will and must as far as these vile western hypocrites are concerned go on till the end of time.

And have you noticed how the same western media while using Kenya as its backdrop, for that’s where these murders occurred, have nevertheless diverted the narrative of what really happened there to one encompassing Samantha Lewthwaite: a white British female, with the unmistakable insinuation that she is an aberrant of what whites really stand for and only became so as a direct consequence of her involvement with non-whites and, of course, her marriage to the London 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay. A classic example if you want one of blowback!

This is a woman with a Northern Irish background; Northern Ireland which a part of the British Isles where the threat and routine application of terrorism is no stranger to those who live there, nor is it unknown to the rest of us who live elsewhere in these British Isles. A location, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic is not exempt from this either, where for myriad generations there has been an internecine civil war with long established roots incessantly going on on that island; and where were it some other part of the world that Britain and its likewise hypocritical moronic chums didn’t or don’t like would be promptly categorized as the civil war it essentially is. Not so though when it comes to Northern Ireland where endemic terrorism there and ongoing sectarian hatred are an inseparable part of everyday life. So Samantha Lewthwaite didn’t have to become a Muslim to be acquainted with terrorism. Any more than our political leaders have to rob banks to be justifiably branded as chronic, snouts in the public troughs crooks.

But even our media couldn’t resist this idea of British and, of course white exceptionalism with the Sun newspaper patriotically proclaiming that even a 4 year old Brit boy was well acquainted with the insidious nature of what was going on in that Kenyan mall of death when he pluckily confronted the terrorists, when everyone else presumably was scared out of their minds, with the defiant and uncompromising words: “You are bad men!” Or words to that effect. Just four years old but mind you already endowed genetically with that indomitable British bulldog spirit! Yeah! We get the message. But do you know how many Kenyans died as a result of that terrorist attack or what they names are? Thought you didn’t!

Those that the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad and it’s a given that what you sow you inevitably reap. The September 2013 killings in a Kenyan shopping mall constitute a shot across the bow of western countries and that of their criminal, warmongering regimes that in their quite obsessive endeavours to recurrently sate their evil, imperialistic and insidious global hegemonic mindset, foster through specifically favoured surrogates as well as actively comprise some of the world’s most invasive and comprehensive terroristic entities known to mankind.

And I’m speaking here specifically of the criminal actions of the US, Britain, France and their NATO collaborators. For what we graphically watched being played out in Kenya and inevitably will occur in shopping malls across the west is nothing less than blowback with no need for very expensive nuclear, white phosphorous, Agent Orange, chemical, biological or other western held WMDS that the west constantly uses to blackmail, coerce and even threaten genuine independent nations, ill-disposed to its invasive criminality, with in order to force the majority of them to do its bidding.

So get used to it people for soon you’ll be in the firing line yourselves. Unless that is you wake up; begin growing up, and significantly get off your dumb asses and, employing your democratic right, vote into office principled governments and politicians that instinctively act within a lawful and constitutional framework; unreservedly respect internationally approved laws and sanctioned conventions, and don’t delude their constituents or try to do the same with the rest of the global community for that matter that the pink pigmentation of their skin attendant with an exaggerated illusion of their own self-importance give them an exclusive exceptionalism over everyone else; and particularly those whose skin colour is different from their own.

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