Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stand up for truth not specious motives!

By Stanley Collymore

The United Stasi of America, Britain and the rest of the white Caucasian, imperialist and colonialist club know full well that if they want to bomb, invade or attack any country whose leader or government they dislike or who independently stand up to them all they have to do is claim that their target country has or is using WMDs. No proof of this is ever needed to substantiate their claim or will it be demanded of them by a largely cowed rest of the world too shit scared, as these bullies are all part of a nuclear club as well and coercive blackmail is their forte, to confront them even though everyone knows that no proof can be provided for the allegation made as it’s a fabricated and intentional lie.

Crucially though this lying narrative works a treat with these savage western states significantly brain dead, racist and likewise imperialist-minded populations, and with the aggressors in turn afforded full media coverage that’s enthusiastically supportive of their illicit and criminal activities. Roland Dumas, a former French Foreign Minister, revealed in 2013 on the French parliamentary TV network LCP that when he was in his post and a good two years before there was any conflict in Syria let alone any western regime consensus supporting the ouster of President Assad of Syria, the British PM and his regime had already premeditatedly plotted this outcome and was highly instrumental in laying the groundwork for the insurgency in Syria. Dumas also said that he was invited to participate on behalf of France in this proposed regime change and illegality but refused to do so.

Joe Biden the USA Vice-President asininely states that the recent alleged chemical attack in Syria was the work of the Syrian government because it has chemical weapons and the al-Qaida terrorists that his country backs there don’t. Using his skewed, nonsensical and demented argument the 9/11 attack in New York had to be the work of the US regime, Congress and the CIA because those cited as being responsible, ironically the same al-Qaida, hadn’t any military or civilian planes of their own at the time to carry out such an attack, and in 2013 still don’t possess such aircraft, but the USA has plenty of both. Besides everyone with even a functioning brain cell knows that 9/11 was an inside job; ask yourself cui bono?

And should Joe Biden well known for putting his foot in his mouth and speaking long before his limited brain gets activated counter this supposition by stating that the aircraft in 9/11 were hijacked, can’t the same argument be used relative to alleged chemical usage in Syria by the US and other western backed terrorists there? Namely the west’s backed al-Qaida terrorists operating in Syria did just that or were given these weapons by the US, its western partners or their Persian Gulf, Bantustan, savage Arab satrapies to create this premeditated but artificial crisis and supply the west with a false pretext to attack Syria and affect regime change there.

After all there are many well-documented US warmongering false flags scenarios from the past. The Gulf of Tonkin affair that was used to bomb the shits out of North Vietnam, another country that the US didn’t like, as well as Laos and Cambodia. Operation Gladio during which the USA obsessively paranoid about Soviet communism in the aftermath of Word War II and fearful that its equal obsession with capitalism, we’re now in the 21st Century and in that regard nothing has changed where the US is concerned, would not find similar favour with war ravaged, post-war European countries that might turn towards communism for their national salvation, successfully carried out and also orchestrated a number of terrorists atrocities against mainland European civilians and then dastardly blamed these on the communists. It was a ploy that worked wonderfully and successfully for the US in countries like Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece.

And how about the infamously dodgy Iraq WMD dossier attendant with Colin Powell’s Oscar-winning performance at UN with that small but iconic vial held up in his hand as he stressed that the UN had to act urgently in order to stop Saddam Hussein’s planned catastrophe for mankind. You were very much a part of that same scam too weren’t you Joe Biden? And which you readily bought into, voted for and sold to the US and the world as a slam-dunk. But there were no WMDs were there Joe? And what’s more you, the rest of your bullying US charlatans and your counterparts in Britain knew that all along even if your puerile and gullible public didn’t! Interestingly enough Joe it would seem that in addition to short attention spans your lot also have short memories too.

Scathing against President Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons you conveniently forget your own usage of them together with other horrendous WMDs. So let me refresh your memory Joe with a few examples. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Atomic bombs, and the US the only country ever to use them. Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the absolutely disastrous and disturbing effects still physically and psychologically felt to this day by the local populations as there are in Japan post those nuclear attacks. The abundant use of depleted uranium in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya; and also employed in Iran through the courtesy of US and UK stockpiles and the very cooperative assistance of your darling son of a bitch, affectionately so named by Donald Rumsfeld at the time, Saddam Hussein who you got to do your dirty work for you in the war you instigated against Iran and had him wage.

How ironic that this same Saddam Hussein ended up with a rope around his neck at the USA’s, your country, and Britain’s instigation when you had no further use for him. Don’t these teeming and useful idiots, including the ones whom you’re currently sponsoring in the Syrian carnage that you in the west have self-interestedly instigated ever learn? People like me knew at the time of these chemical usage of yours including the one against Iran; but you systematically lied about them as you Joe Biden and others of your ilk are vocally doing in relation to Syria since it comes so naturally to you in the west, as you’re such adept practitioners of the art of mendacity and deception. Anyway recently declassified documents are belated proof of what the astute and observant always knew as well demonstrating what odious and utterly pernicious lairs you actually are.

Furthermore the effects of the US’s monstrous savagery Joe Biden and that of Britain’s too are quite evident in the multiple birth defects, cancers, deformities and the like that can be readily seen and are well documented in respect of the countries where the US and the west generally have unleashed these Doomsday weapons; they also with stark and incontrovertible veracity detailed what took place and is still occurring, completely different in every regard from what you Joe and your sort on both sides of the Atlantic are spuriously peddling in relation to Syria.

Britain was the first country to produce chemical weapons for warfare and is still the world’s largest supplier of them predominantly from its plant at Porton Down in Wilshire. However despite its blatant hypocrisy towards Syria and others like Iran Britain resolutely refuses to ban these chemical weapons or sign up to the treaty that does so, while at the same time making a king’s ransom from selling them to any nasty regime it likes, most particularly those in the Persian Gulf, that are willing to cough up the dosh that Britain demands. Oh and by the way Joe Biden didn’t Japanese urban terrorists set off sarin gas in the Tokyo underground that killed several people? So how come then that these urban Japanese terrorists have acquired the knowhow to launch such an attack but those that the west has laboriously trained, financed, substantially armed with state of the art weaponry; militarily, politically and on top of that diplomatically supported and all the rest of it global, al-Qaida jihadist terrorists operating on the US and the rest of west’s behalf in Syria don’t have that capability?

If you ask me Joe Biden you and your mates in the US and over here in the UK are literally taking the piss. And you know what; and I don’t mind in the least telling you so I don’t believe a word you say or am I remotely convinced that I should. So have the US roll out its collateral damage on Syria cowardly firing cruise missiles from a safe distance on that country while you seek to convince your own public sceptical at best and very opposed at the worst to your brazen warmongering and gesture politics that everything will be alright as there won’t be any US boots on the ground and therefore no possibility of US servicemen or women coming home in body bags. So relax, have fun, go shopping and trust your political masters as all the bleeding we guarantee you we’ll restrict to the other side; Assad’s side. And anyway this isn’t about regime change, right? For all we want to and must do is to uphold international law and civilized morality and in the process teach President Assad and other odious tyrants like him the crucial lesson that they can’t flout enlightened norms of behaviour and expect to get away with it.

Neither plausible nor clever Joe Biden, since for well over two and a half years the US regime and its president have been publicly and loudly saying that you want President Assad gone and just teaching him a lesson, as you now lyingly claim you only want to do, contradicts that. As I said not very clever guys! But who ever said that US politicians or our own for that matter were? Since it’s widely known that it’s the military industrial complex, the multinational corporations and the most significantly the banks that are your puppet masters and de facto your brains as well, and who yank your chains into having you willingly doing their every bidding. QED!

David Cameron lyingly gives the impression that he cares about Syrians per se; this from a Prime Minister and the head of a regime that’s undeniably the most rightwing, racist and xenophobic ever in British history, and is extensively aped in its actions by the official parliamentary opposition in the House of Commons; none other than the supposedly socialist, Champagne Charlies ensconced in the British Labour Party: a demonstrable disgrace of what a political opposition in a purportedly august parliament shouldn’t be. That said the leadership as well as the core element of the major political parties in Britain are without any moral compass whatever and for that matter are wholly incapable of demonstrating that they have any discernible acknowledgement of what principled morality as apart from gesture politics, public and sanctimonious grandstanding or even wrongdoing actually mean.

So David Cameron’s fake empathy and rather embellished concern for the Syrian people generously attendant with those of his cabinet ministers and fellow parliamentarians, particularly in the light of the 1,300 alleged civilians supposedly killed by the Syrian government is to say the very least highly ironic, bearing in mind that some 100,000 British National Health Service patients die annually but needlessly so in our hospitals of kidney failure and from all things thirst. This aside from the several vulnerable elderly and not so elderly, as well as newborn babies that are also cruelly robbed of their lives in dysfunctional NHS hospitals where those who’re responsible for this disgrace aren’t punished but on the contrary get promoted to the higher echelons of the NHS and become free and emboldened to wreak even further havoc on it.

While at the same time the British public is recurrently told that as a country we haven’t the money to give our people deserving of it the life-saving medication or surgical treatment requisite for either improving the quality or even prolonging their individual life so they can at least spend some extra quality time with their loved ones because, so the government says, we don’t have the money to do so. No shortage of cash though to instigate and prosecute illegal wars in other peoples’ countries and fired up by this demented insanity and criminality on the part of these warmongers to want to further carry on doing so when it’s quite obvious even to the brain dead that what goes on in these sovereign states is none of our business.

Curiously too we hear from the US’s equivalent of our moronic regime officials that those who use chemical weapons must essentially have the book thrown at them and they should be shown no mercy. So please will those still alive who were responsible for napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; depleted uranium and white phosphorus in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Libya for instance, and even now are clandestinely using chemical weapons in Syria through their al-Qaida terrorist proxies there please step forward and like the macho men and testosterone-driven alpha males or females you haughtily and quite self-servingly project yourselves as, and want us to believe you are, manfully face up to your deeds and likely punishment. Or would you prefer, as I suspect that you do, to more favourably embark on the much more expedient and less risky pastime for you of these exceedingly lucrative, book signing world tours you engage in to flatter your insufferable egoism while seeking to mask the fact of which the world is already fully cognisant of; that though at liberty to walk free thanks to your privileged positions or friends in high places you’re nevertheless in the eyes of every sensible and conscionable person nothing more than common mass murderers!

But isn’t it just typical of those western leaders and the countries they preside over who’re the most vociferous in demanding that other countries they either don’t like because these countries resolutely refuse to bend the knee of subservience to them or reject their insolent and barbaric assumption that somehow they have an omnipotent and invariably white Caucasian, European right to both thrust their perniciously skewed and subjective opinions down the throats of others as well as an unchallengeable entitlement to exercise their despotic financial, political and militaristic hegemony over the rest of the world because they say so, and who to justify their insufferable and impudent assumptions always take to self-righteously lecturing others on their human rights failings and lack of responsible democracy in their respective countries are the very ones that don’t abide by their own pompous rhetoric and when any real signs of authentic democracy even fleetingly emerge within their own borders and effectively counter their plans that are themselves far from democratic, are the first ones to scathingly lash out at anyone that challenges their hypocrisy and double standards, including their own voters and ordinary members of the public who overwhelmingly and quite often by massive majorities are totally averse to their evil, self-centred, warmongering, militaristic, and not infrequently so gesture politics enterprises.

A situation that was markedly demonstrated after warmongering David Cameron, dubbed Tony Blair’s heir, pushing for all he was worth on a trumped up pretext for war against Syria had his bid to do so blown out of the water by, would you believe it, a democratic vote held by British parliamentarians in the House of Commons. And for those of you that are unacquainted with the British political system, unlike most countries globally Britain doesn’t have a written constitution, and what happens in effect is that most of the country’s political power, despite the risible and erroneous claim that Parliament is supreme which really isn’t the case, rests with the political executive, namely a cabinet of ministers appointed by the Prime Minister who can also remove them on a whim for a diversity of reasons or none at all, and usually does so at his pleasure especially if any of them looks like becoming a serious contender for his position as PM.

So under our still feudalistic system of governance, never mind what Oliver Cromwell allegedly did to empower parliament and denude the power of the reigning monarch, the prime minister of the day has all the same acquired these anachronistic and dictatorial monarchical powers; ludicrous things like the Royal Prerogative that even our so-called 21st Century House of Commons elected parliamentarians can’t challenge, and what’s more the PM doesn’t have to give them any justification whatever for why he’s using these powers. Furthermore in full recognition of this while looking over their own shoulders at their parliamentary careers and the likely possibility among the more ambitious of our venal MPs at the prospect of climbing the greasy pole of success to their own political stardom it’s hardly surprising then that many of them obsequiously don’t rock the boat and therefore give the PM carte blanche to do whatever he wants; usually ostensibly but patently lyingly so in the name Britain and its people.

This is and unfortunately has always been particularly true in the case of Britain’s scurrilous wars of choice, with the British public even when it’s against these wars having two choices to like it or lump it. But on the night of Thursday 29 August 2013 despite David Cameron and his clique’s imperialistic gung-ho rhetoric about war and not diplomacy being the only feasible way to teach President Assad of Syria a vital lesson for having, in their warped and subjective minds and without any concrete proof to back up their allegations, used chemical weapons against elements of his country’s civilian population that they also claimed were opposed to him the longsuffering British public just wasn’t buying it, with a whopping 91% of our population categorically saying to David Cameron no way; not this time as we have already seen this particular movie starring your murderous predecessor Tony Blair who you want to emulate. And with this unyielding sentiment extensively known across the country happily our MPs couldn’t ignore it in parliament and consequently had no choice but to articulate the will of the British people; and resultantly David Cameron, Nick Clegg and their fellow imperialistic warmongers lost the Commons vote.

Democracy in practice and of the kind that Britain and the rest of the west characteristically lecture what they haughtily perceive as the uncivilized world on, but you wouldn’t have thought so judging by the acrimonious reporting of this result by and the comments coming from the west’s media and their rent a mouth pundits and Colonel Blimp current and even ex-MPs who claim it was a dark day for the UK, its purported special relationship with the USA, and its influence in the world. What a load of hog wash! For a start Britain has no special relationship with the US and what relationship it presumes that it has is akin to that of a well-off punter, the USA, out for having kicks and a clapped out prostitute whose best days are behind her; since the US, no more than the punter does, hasn’t any real empathy with the British whore it’s shagging and simply uses her at its own convenience because she’s willing for it to do so having no other choice in the matter given Britain’s circumstances and the fact that she’s obsessively hooked on her glory days which are well behind her.

Besides everyone knows that the US doesn’t have any real friends just useful idiots it conveniently and self-centredly turns to whenever it needs them, only to string them along at best or summarily discard them when it achieves what it’s after; and this is as self-evidently true in its relations with Britain as it is with al-Qaida. But the US, let’s not forget, is currently the biggest bully on the block and ex-empires like Britain and even France rather than just bow out gracefully and sensibly concede they individually had more than a good run for their money and moreover that all empires eventually come to an end, as the US one, which is already perceptibly showing signs of being on its last legs and acting in the same potentially lethal fashion as a scorpion in its death throes does, most definitely will, still stupidly and with a bewilderingly misplaced hubris behave like prima donna models well past their sell by date but who nevertheless resolutely refuse to realistically accept the inevitability not only of time but also of their decline.

Self-opinionated morons like Paddy Ashdown: liar, serial adulterer and disgraced former leader of the Lib-Dems now in coalition with the Conservatives, humiliatingly forced to resign and kicked into the unelected House of Lords that among the band of political losers has become a repository for his sort. He claims that in all his years of service to Britain he’s never been as thoroughly ashamed of anything as what materialized in the House of Commons vote. Really Paddy? So you’ve never had any sense of shame or apologized then to your cheated on and publicly humiliated ex-wife for your serial adultery! And as for giving what you pretentiously call service to Britain Paddy, shouldn’t that be a judgement call by the British people rather than your self-glorifying inference? I say this Paddy because growing up in my household I was taught from childhood that self-praise is no praise.

Besides, there’re other loathsome charlatans like you Paddy that if they were still around would most certainly also claim the same. Here’s a few of them and who I’m sure you would have been very much at home among given your evident imperialistic, colonialist and warmongering mindset. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Nicolae Ceasescu, Francisco Franco of Spain, neighbouring Portugal’s Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, Augusto Pinochet, the junta of Greek colonels, Pol Pot and I haven’t even touched on those still alive: Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and the Burmese generals, just to name a few others.

Claiming, as you do Paddy with your unconvincing sob story that watching Syrian kids burn alive in a school yard and for Britain to turn its back on them is a disgrace, how subjective can you get Paddy? What about Afghan children and others at wedding parties, going about their daily lives and even fast asleep in their own beds at nights and the like, all blown to bits by British and Nato’s armaments? The children increasingly born in Fallujah and other areas of Iraq without any eyes, multiple birth defects and the most horrendous deformities imaginable and themselves concomitant with the cancers that the locals there must endure from the silent killer of depleted uranium with a shelf-life of billions of years, attendant too with white phosphorous attacks; and all this compounded by the ongoing massacres and vile slaughter of innocent civilians on a daily basis across Iraq, all through the courtesy of the illegal attack, invasion and occupation of that country by Britain and US, similar to the barbaric scenario that you want to see in Syria Paddy?

But Iraq isn’t alone in this Paddy; there’s also Libya and Afghanistan; US drone attacks in Yemen and the Horn of Africa where well-documented data, that I’m absolutely sure that you and your odious ilk aren’t interested in Paddy, unquestionably show that the overwhelming majority of victims from these attacks are innocent civilians, and together with the unreported in the west continuous affliction of the Vietnamese people that decades after the US war against their country also on a false flag – the Gulf of Tonkin Affair, recall that one Paddy or won’t your convenient memory let you? - are still suffering the appalling affects of Napalm and Agent Orange. Yet you’ve no problem at all sitting on your stupid ass Paddy and self-righteously mouthing a load of uncorroborated dribble about alleged chemical weapons purportedly unleashed on kids in a Syrian school playground when the UN itself is yet to substantiate this claim and your lot, and that includes the US, haven’t provided any proof of this that could even in the remotest sense be said to be convincing.

Chemical weapons whose alleged deployment in Syria US Secretary of State John Kerry with indecent haste says was the work of the Syrian government and evidently wants the entire world to believe that this is the case adds that such an act constitutes a moral obscenity; and yes he’s absolutely right if such weapons were used regardless of who the perpetrators were. But it’s also quite evident that John Kerry is not only being exceedingly subjective in his comments but also astoundingly selective as well, since he quite conveniently forgets to mention that when millions of gallons of Agent Orange and Napalm were being liberally dumped on the Vietnamese by the US he was there and also actively implicated in the process, as he’s a US veteran who was involved in that war, so I can’t think of a more obnoxious situation than your own John Kerry and it looks very much to me from your current asinine comments as a case of the US pot calling the Syrian kettle black.

But nerds like you John Kerry from across the Atlantic, Paddy Ashdown and his likewise moronic ilk here in Britain, as well as your counterparts in mainland Europe know well enough that Israel has huge stockpiles, through the courtesy of the US, Britain, France and quite ironically Germany, of extremely toxic and state of the art chemical weapons of mass destruction and what’s more has repeatedly used them, notably white phosphorous, against the Palestinian people without an iota of concern either for them and their welfare or the slightest murmur of protest far less any condemnation at what the Israelis were illegally and barbarically doing; and when others did your instinctive response has always been to say that Israel has the right to defend itself. Doesn’t Syria too even if it used chemical weapons in response to a war the west premeditatedly initiated there?

Then we have Patrick Mercer similarly gung-ho and stupid with it. This is a man who said he objected to, was vigorously opposed and is still of that opinion to the use of water cannons and rubber bullets in Northern Ireland where a bloody and internecine civil war absurdly and asininely labelled the troubles, was and is still being waged and where committed terrorists on both sides of the political and religious divide there were operating at the time and still are. However despite that Patrick is publicly on record saying that he’s all in favour of them being extensively used against Blacks on the mainland UK as a means of controlling them, which is political shorthand for ethnic cleansing. He too is intensely angry that Colonel Blimp warmongers like himself in Britain lost the Commons vote.

In marked contrast Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, the first person in Britain to be selected for her political party the Conservatives, the same one that Patrick Mercer belongs to, through a US style open primary and handsomely won not only the nomination of her party but was also elected by her constituents as an MP to the House Commons made a very telling point when she said that if the US and Britain justly wanted to claim the high ground and become the world’s policemen particularly in respect of stopping the usage of chemical weapons of mass destruction they should have done so in 1985 when they both equipped Saddam Hussein, then their Darling Boy, with these weapons to use extensively against Iran; which he emphatically did in a war that the US and Britain instigated for hegemonic reasons. But why would they when hypocrisy and double standards are so deeply ingrained in the consciousness of these pathetically sad morons living in their privileged bubble of unreality and believing they have a divine, white supremacist right to rule the world and fashion it to their liking?

Which brings me forcefully back to John Kerry and all the garbage he’s been spewing out recently and quite unconvincingly about President Bashar al-Assad having murderously used chemical weapons of mass destruction against elements of Syria’s civilian population determinedly opposed Kerry claims to President Assad’s so-called dictatorial rule? To begin with John Kerry is a very confused man courtesy of his parents and what they mutually did against him apparently from the perspective of their personal self-preservation, though one can never be 100% percent certain about these kinds of familial tangled webs. Nevertheless both of John Kerry’s parents were European Jews who escaped Europe’s holocaust and sought refuge in the US; but on arriving there they quickly discovered that pro-German sentiment among the vast majority of the USA’s white population was considerably stronger even than it was on mainland Europe as it was among significant sections of the British aristocracy.

Deeply traumatized by this the Kerrys’ having anglicized their name quickly and for obvious survival purposes also dumped their Jewish faith and passed themselves off as Christians, quite easy to do as in Europe prior to the war Jews and Christians were often close members of the same biological families or personal friends and were therefore intimately acquainted with the religious practices of each other. However, having scrupulously and successfully carried out their deception the Kerrys made absolutely sure their son John was raised as a Christian and never had the courage to tell him about what they’d done until he was well into his adulthood.

In the meantime, with the rise of Zionism in the aftermath of World War II and the searing guilt which many whites either genuinely or else conveniently from the selfish outlook of their own self-interested, political, economic or other rewarding objectives cunningly pretended they felt and that jointly, though perhaps not intentionally, gave an even greater impetus to the ongoing surge of Zionism and its odious creed, many people now found themselves either freely or even inescapably swept up in this invidious and pernicious tsunami of corrupted Judaism masquerading as the real thing and inextricably linked to the worst elements of capitalism, social manipulation and abuse, colonialism, universal hegemony and its attendant plunder of the Global South based solely on the preposterous premise of white Caucasian supremacy on the one hand and God’s purported chosen people on the other.

John Kerry who fervently supports both these asinine concepts is in the somewhat unique position of being trapped in both camps as he’s white Caucasian and also of a religious Jewish background, albeit unknown to him until well into his adulthood. And not unlike Saul on the road to Damascus, and quite ironically so in John Kerry’s own situation bearing in mind his spurious accusations against President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, the zealous passion of John Kerry’s committed conversion to Zionism can equally be equated to that of Saul, who subsequently became St. Paul, to Christianity!

Which debunks from any sensible or rational point of view the specific and exclusive inviolability of any of the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam or any other religion for that matter, since it’s quite possible to convert even from the faith one was indoctrinated into as a child as well as voluntarily chooses to follow, and there’s a preponderance of documented evidence that every European Jew  is the direct descendant of white Caucasian Europeans who converted to Judaism in the same way that others of their race converted to Christianity. Semites the original Jews most certainly were and their direct biological descendants still exist among the peoples of Palestine and the adjacent regions of the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, predominantly among the Ethiopian Falasha Jews the oldest recorded Jewish religious sect in the world and whose skin is as black as coal. But the Semites as a race no longer exclusively follow Judaism the religious faith they founded and are today as they have been now for sometime diverse adherents of Christianity and Islam, the other two Semitic faiths that they were equally instrumental in creating and promulgating.

Therefore European Jews freely entitled to feel as passionately as they want to about Judaism have no credibility whatsoever when they subsequently extend that passion to quite bizarrely claim Judaism exclusively as their own and ludicrously state they are the direct descendants of ancient Semitic Jews, when biologically and in terms of their DNA they are unquestionably white Caucasian Europeans and no different racially and even culturally in most respects from their white Christian kith and kin. For if not so, how come then that John Kerry for all those years was of the firm belief that he and his parents were Christians and nobody ever suspected anything different.

And furthermore I’m absolutely convinced that they weren’t the only ones living this life of subterfuge and still are to this day; just as there are large numbers of Christian ex-Nazis and holocaust death camp operators that successfully affected the mantle of victimized Jews and along with it the convincing role of being the epitome of pious practitioners of Judaism in order to cunningly conceal their hideous past; and that done emigrated to the US to become part of that country’s citizenry, where they not only lived unmolested but also raised children without anyone ever knowing or even suspecting anything about their hideous past. Enough proof, if any were ever needed, that religion and race shouldn’t be equated as indivisible from each other as they’re not! Anymore than one ridiculously presupposing, and doing so as a matter of absolute fact, that Jesus Christ was Caucasian, blue-eyed and distinctly European; as the overwhelming majority of westerners and their Christian churches risibly make him out to be!

As a child regularly attending Sunday school in conjunction with Mass at my local church I was taught and knew that the same occurred in other Christian churches regardless of their religious denomination that Herod utterly paranoid about as well as immeasurably terrified of what in today’s jargon would be regarded as regime change particularly against himself or even possibly his dynasty, manically wanted to murder the infant Jesus perceived by him as the sole source of all his potential woes and even went to considerable lengths in massacring multitudes of young children and babies in a comprehensive and barbaric national sweep of mass infanticide to basically leave no stone unturned in his frenzied attempt to avert what he saw was his own impending doom if he didn’t act spontaneously and decisively.

As a result we also know from Biblical and contemporary accounts that Mary and Joseph the parents of Jesus sensibly took the rational precaution of fleeing to neighbouring Egypt to escape the murder of their newborn child. Equally we’re also reliably informed that the enforced refugee status of Mary and Joseph’s was one where neither time nor self-preservation allowed for any orthodox planning and as such they left with their child in a frantic hurry, no possessions and virtually only the clothes they were wearing. But why Egypt or the way they fled there? Refugees they most certainly were but the manner of their hurried escape and the country they instantly and freely fled to are calculated personal acts that individually and together raise a number of very fascinating and quite telling questions which readily debunk on close observation and erudite analysis much of the propagandist rot that envelops the racial identities not only of Mary and Joseph but most especially that of Jesus as well.

Having no other choice but to flee Palestine the first priority for Joseph and Mary was the survival of their infant child, and it stands to reason that the best place in which they could do so was in a country where they either had close family members or friends there that could and were willing to assist them bearing in mind also that they were travelling exceedingly light without personal possessions and quite possibly very little or no money at all. Crucially too with Herod in the murderous mood that he was in there was also the not insignificant matter of their own personal safety as well as that of their infant to consider, and the best possible way of guaranteeing that was to immerse themselves in a community where they could easily blend and not draw unwanted attention to themselves.

Egypt today through centuries of Arab migration to North Africa has a demographic composition that is comprehensively different from what it was at the time of Jesus Christ and long before that. And this can best be explained for all those numskulls and historical revisionists who think otherwise by asking them to look closely at the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina or Australia for example where the majority populations currently there are distinctly Caucasian, but only an absolute idiot would believe that this was always the case; and all reputable historians know that it wasn’t, even if mindless white Aussies once took to declaring the that country their Caucasian ancestors arrogantly renamed Australia as a land without people. Never mind that the Aborigines whom they savagely subjugated and still ill-treat to this day, and would you believe it we’re supposedly in the 21st Century, had lived exclusively and undisturbed on that island continent for more than 64,000 years before any white man even knew where the bloody place was.

The racist whites of South Africa also sought to do the same as their Aussie equivalent did, saying that no black people lived in South Africa until after the arrival of the white man there and the principal reasons for these Blacks going to this idyll of white exclusivity was to acquire jobs for themselves and improve their lot in a way they possibly couldn’t have done elsewhere in Africa where they’d migrated to South Africa from. How long I wonder before the same spurious claims and insulting arguments are used by Caucasians in Canada and the USA to likewise justify their supposed exclusive ownership to the continent their white ancestors and they themselves have brutal and ethnic cleansed the indigenous population there of? Generously aided and abetted by fake arguments purporting to be the truth that no such people ever existed, that North America as it became known was, before the arrival of the white man there, a veritable untouched and uninhabited continent; and white imposed African slavery on that continent is all a reprehensible myth, since those Blacks that ended up in North America were actually economic migrants.

Invaders and usurpers either to salve their troubled consciences, those that have consciences that is, or else justify their theft of other peoples’ countries and property need to give their actions a noble cause for what they did and the Arabs of the ancient world and particularly in Egypt’s case were no different from their present day European and other white Caucasian counterparts. All the relevant data to hand demonstrably show that the civilizations of ancient Egypt as indeed the people that uniquely fashioned them along with the population that overwhelmingly lived in that country were Black. So when Joseph and Mary set off for Egypt it was unquestionably to a black run and black inhabited country they were fleeing to. Now I don’t know about you but I would logically conclude from that evidence alone that if either or both of them were white Caucasian they would right away stand out like a sore thumb and put in grave jeopardy not just their lives but crucially that of Jesus as well.

Moreover, even in the relatively normal circumstances of one adult individual far less two persons and additionally between themselves with a young baby to care for dashing off ad hoc to another country there would most certainly have been the compelling urgency on the part of those involved in doing so to dependably know they had somewhere to stay, and just as importantly relatives or close friends who could and would unquestionably help. And with that in mind by no stretch of the imagination was the enforced situation in which Joseph and Mary terrifyingly found themselves a normal one, making it all the more incumbent upon them to positively ensure they made the right decision to protect themselves and their baby.

A no-brainer otherwise; just as nobody would reasonably expect Edward Snowden wanted by the US, which is absolutely determined to get him at any cost, would sensibly scarper off to Barbados let’s say, even with its 5% white population amidst a 95% black one, and naively think that no one on the island would eventually realize he was there. Or that the alleged kidnapper of a well-known, white Caucasian English girl whose photograph and incredible story has been restated incessantly in the western media naively took her to some South American Andean country and similarly expected not only to get away with doing so but also figured that the locals there wouldn’t be in the least curious as to why these two strangers that didn’t look anything like them, clearly weren’t welcomed or being looked after by other residents like themselves, all of a sudden appeared in their midst; and furthermore in light of the global publicity surrounding Edward Snowden and this English girl wouldn’t bring the matter to the attention of the local authorities.

And it’s highly inconceivable that if Joseph and Mary’s situation was even remotely like either of the two examples I described earlier that they wouldn’t have been in big trouble. But we know that they weren’t, for the infant Jesus survived Herod’s massacre of other babies, reached manhood and went on to fulfil his ministry on earth. And the explanation for Joseph and Mary’s personal security and that of Jesus in Egypt from every logical perspective that I can see, is that racially they were indistinguishable from the locals in the community they went to and consequently weren’t regarded as strangers because they were in all likelihood among a network of extended relatives and friends quite prepared to protect them from harm and clearly made them feel at home; a situation made infinitely simpler for Mary and Joseph as they unquestionably spoke the language of those that they were with.

The corruption of the Christian church by white Caucasians however intransigently emboldened by the imperialistic hegemony that their countries exerted over the rest of the world for centuries have given rise to a different narrative with some even postulating not only that Joseph and Mary were themselves white but that Mary herself was of English and de facto British origin. Unsurprisingly then it naturally followed that Jesus Christ had to be white Caucasian as well; this notwithstanding the fact that in most southern European countries and others of them like Switzerland that aren’t the Madonna or Blessed Virgin Mary, traditionally venerated in their Christian religious festivals, is unmistakably black; and to corroborate this acknowledged belief the apostle St. Luke, a physician who knew Jesus and his family intimately and was especially close to Mary and Joseph, unambiguously describes his spiritual Master in one of his gospels as having woolly hair.

Beyond question the Christian church and particularly its western arm, and that includes Catholics and Protestants alike, have intentionally and in many instances as well unconscionably acted as revisionists of the Christian faith inserting things that didn’t happen while arbitrarily rejecting or eliminating those that were unsettling, uncomfortable or else proved embarrassing for them. The prominent role played by women in the early Christian church, even diligently and tirelessly in the face of great odds helping it to survive, is largely overlooked or ignored by a church that over the centuries since its inception has become perceptibly and intractably for the most part misogynistic. The valuable contribution to as well as the importance of Blacks in the early Christian church have also been disdainfully sidelined or have been dismissed altogether. An infamous example of the latter is St. Maurice.

St. Maurice also known as Moritz, Morris or Mauritius was the leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion in the 3rd Century and one of the favourite and most venerated saints of that group. He was the patron saint of several professions, locales and kingdoms, and is a highly revered saint of the Coptic Orthodox Church. St. Maurice was an Egyptian from Thebes in Upper Egypt and his Egyptian origin is stressed by the Coptic Greek name Maurikios and is identical with the later Roman name Mauritius. The oldest surviving image that depicts Saint Maurice as a Black African was carved in the 1240s for the Cathedral of Magdeburg. The cathedral there is the first and oldest standing temple honouring the life of St. Maurice, and when the new cathedral was built under Archbishop Albert II of Kaefernberg, 1205-32, the relic said to be the head of St Maurice was procured from the Holy Land.

The image of Saint Maurice has existed since his first depiction in Germany between the Weser and the Elbe and spread to Bohemia where it became associated with the imperial ambitions of the House of Luxemburg. The image of Maurice reached its apogee during 1490 to 1530 but rapidly died out in the mid-sixteenth century, undermined by the developing African slave trade to the Caribbean and the Americas; once again as in the early Middle Ages in Europe the colour black had become associated with spiritual darkness and cultural otherness. Furthermore, as we still see in the 21st Century whites in order to justify their barbarity and plunder of other peoples’ countries had to vilify and demonize those that they chose as their victims; and millions of Blacks had become their victims.

Therefore it wasn’t fitting Europe’s secular and religious leadership decided that a revered, erudite, courageous and famous man like St. Maurice could any longer be portrayed as what he actually was a Blackman, and that per se was their pathetic and twisted rationale for all Blacks. For how could they justify their barbarity towards a civilized people, branding them as savages, to their own unenlightened populations if proof positive existed that their selective victims were nothing of the kind. As such the churches of Europe incapable of pretending that St. Maurice didn’t exist or go so far as to dismiss the several excellent things that he did shamefully took instead to transforming their black statutes of him into white Caucasian effigies. It’s a ludicrous situation that has carried on to this day across the world of white Christendom with one notable exception, the Cathedral of Magdeburg in Germany where the original statue of St. Maurice unmistakably black still proudly stands as it always did. This despite the fact that in several of those countries that transformed his statue they still continue to have St. Maurice as their patron saint, the key difference being that their present day citizens see him as and also think that he was white Caucasian.

But it isn’t only religious facts which are deliberately contaminated in this way. Those of you who’re aware of the supposed British Crown Jewels will know that a core element of that prized collection is the Nubian Diamond, in every respect just as exceedingly rare as it is priceless. So utterly priceless in fact that it remains uninsured as no one could guarantee its value in monetary terms. Still in its pristine state because it was and is still very much so considered as too perfect both in its texture and design by those that purloined it from its original and legitimate owners and have illegally kept it since that time, this especially rare diamond is Nubian in origin and design and was forcibly taken, as were many other valuable artefacts, by the plundering armed forces of the British crown.

Nubia for the enlightening benefit of those of you who haven’t heard of it before is a distinctly African kingdom that was once a very important empire in its own right in addition to being the antecedent and architect of the main and majority Egyptian civilizations which followed and that the ancient world as well our contemporary one still hold in great esteem. Not that anyone nowadays would in the least be aware of any this were they to resort to just reading European or Caucasian revisionist history books or worst still relied on them solely for valid or authoritative information concerning this period of ancient history.

Crucially important and comprehensively incontestable as that factual information is let’s nevertheless for argument’s sake temporarily put it aside and concentrate on the Nubian diamond it’s inclusion in the so-called British Crown Jewels and how it actually got there. Having sacked the kingdom of Nubia the British plunderers systematically commandeered whatever treasures they could lay their hands on and clearly the Nubian diamond was among them. On their return to Britain these arch thieves decided to give the diamond to Queen Victoria as a personal gift which she accepted, but eventually it become part of the state collection where it remains to this day.

Looting other peoples’ countries of their rich cultural heritage and priceless artefacts or preposterously going as far as pretending as the Arabs do that ancient Egypt’s civilizations were their creation isn’t historically unique or restricted solely to Britain by any means or other European states for that matter. What obviously stinks however with white Caucasians and most particularly so in Britain’s case is that while graspingly and tenaciously hanging on to manifestly invaluable items that belong to other people and with no intention whatsoever of ever giving them back to their rightful owners, the British are also past masters at nakedly, cynically and most corruptly doing everything in their power to underplay and even deny the cultural and civilizing importance as well as the historical significance of those that they have systematically robbed, savagely degraded and shamelessly sidelined.

The proud and ancient civilized nation of Nubia along with their priceless artefacts, most notably the Nubian diamond, barbarically stolen by the British are just one of multiple examples of this barefaced and unrepentant behaviour that was routinely carried out globally and hypocritically by the British that have very stringent and criminal laws in place to totally guarantee that nothing that’s theirs, considered as valuable, or else in inverted commas is perceived as intrinsically British, even a national newspaper like the Times, can leave the shores, even legitimately so, of the UK without specific authorization and even then the British government or its designated sponsor like for example the British Museum that is one of the biggest repositories of either stolen or plundered artefacts from countries around the world can step in and block any such transaction.

Hypocrisy gone absolutely rampant if you ask me; but that’s the white Caucasian British for you and is an attitude that replete throughout mainland Europe as well. That said one must also remember that as far as most whites are concerned nothing valuable in this world is ever conceived or created by anyone apart from themselves and the same also goes for anything they come across for the first time. So they unsurprisingly discovered Africa and important landmarks there like the Victoria Falls; Australia, New Zealand and of course the Caribbean and its two adjacent continents which collectively and arrogantly they renamed the New World; evidently new to them though people and civilizations had existed there for several millennia before the white man or woman had ever set eyes on these places.

But among my personal favourites of this characteristic hogwash by whites is the case of the Egyptian Sphinx. Entirely cognisant of the fact that its conception and creation was Egyptian and not European; that Egypt is unmistakably an African country and bearing in mind that artists across every millennium and generation with out fail always fashion even their abstract sculptures in their own cultural or racial likeness, it begs the obvious question why would the ancient Egyptians that created the sphinx be any different? And they weren’t! The reality is that whites incapable of coming to terms with the fact that a black people were actually responsible for what they encountered and having through the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the rest of their anti-black savagery grossly deluded not only themselves but also their own people at home that Blacks had contributed nothing to human civilization even though they were the first human beings on Planet Earth, a way out had to be found to discredit what was clearly a black creation.

So not keen to destroy an item of antiquity but at the same time not wanting the white Caucasian world that to these charlatans was the only one which really mattered the nefarious response that these whites came up with was to physically destroy the distinctly African nose of the Sphinx while leaving the rest of its body intact. And in order to cover up their dastardly act and also explain to the credulous in their population why the face of the Sphinx was so dramatically and even inexplicably dissimilar to the rest of its body poker-faced announced that it was all down to the climatic condition of weathering. Which must have been a first for nature to so selectively eradicate the nose of a massive figure like the Sphinx that had stood where it was for centuries if not millennia but chose not to touch the rest of its exposed body! Stupid or what? But that’s the official Caucasian explanation even to this day.

Then into this western devised and its Persian Gulf, Arab Bantustan satrapies financed and formulated quagmire of Syrian deceit, chicanery, barbarism, cannibalism and savage terrorism walks in Khalid al-Ayoubi the former charge d’affaire at the Syrian embassy in London. An ethnic Kurd who voluntarily joined the Syrian government in 2001 he quite contentedly served in his various posts until he deserted in 2012 while serving as charge d’affaire at the Syrian embassy in London. Offered the opportunity to stay in London by the British government if he supported Britain and the west’s bid to topple President Assad this rather odious and self-serving rat expediently deserting what he obviously considers to be a sinking ship willingly complied with the demands of both the Home and Foreign Offices.

Provided with a safe house outside London for himself, his wife and two children at the expense of the British taxpayers that significantly don’t want Britain interfering in the affairs of Syria this now quite now loquacious and absurd critic of his former boss, President Assad in an interview conducted with Sky in August/September 2013 had this to say: “Syria has chemical weapons for one use only to target and kill its own civilians. Assad is worse than Adolf Hitler. Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons against his own people; he did not bomb his own towns and cities. Hitler is junior compared to Assad.

Obviously this prized idiot either hasn’t heard of or has conveniently forgotten Adolf Hitler’s Europe-wide death camps and the Zyklon B gas routinely used in them and was abundantly, pre Pearl Harbour until the US’s subsequent enforced entry into World War II, provided on a commercial and industrial scale by the said US to Germany; lucrative transactions that one of George W. Bush’s grandfather was deeply implicated in while the other served as the chief banker for the German Nazi Party. Millions of people died in these Europe wide and Nazi Germany orchestrated and supervised death camps among them significant numbers of Germans themselves, among whose unfortunate ranks were communists, Gypsies, Jews, homosexuals and numerous others together with those who were simply opposed to the Nazi regime.

In Germany, France, Austria and other mainland European countries where Nazism and fascism were epidemic during World War II it is now a criminal offence there to deny the holocaust of these people and there are those within the UK who would like to see a similar law imposed here. So I would like to see nothing better than for this foremost asshole Khalid al-Ayoubi to go to any of them and to publicly repeat his crass assertion that Adolf Hitler didn’t gas any of his people. The other claims of this utterly demented man that Hitler is junior to Assad not even the most fanatical Zionist would buy that. And it beggars belief that a so-called major broadcaster like Sky News that supposedly wants people to take it seriously can give credibility and the oxygen of publicity to such barefaced crap. That said Sky is part of the corporate media arm of Rupert Murdoch who also owns Sky’s US sister media outlet Fox News, and the world already knows how adept that outfit it is at concocting what it passes off as news, maybe Sky feels it should go in the same direction or is directed from on high to do so.

Prompting the obvious question, doesn’t pernicious propaganda know or respect any bounds? For this total and useful idiot, like so many before him that Britain and the rest of the west have cynically used for their own aims and when they’ve practically come to the end of their usefulness summarily dispose of them, is for God’s sake a Kurd who knows perfectly well, or should do if he claims to be so au fait with the situation in Syria as he says he does, that the brutally savage, cannibalistic insurgents and the militant terrorists whom he now states that he wants to see assume power in Syria have been carrying out the most horrific ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds generating in the process a massive refuge crisis from Syria that has literally engulfed the Kurdish autonomous region of neighbouring Iraq.

So do tell Khalid al-Ayoubi where’s the underlying principle of what you’re really doing when on the one hand you blithely ape the self-righteous and lying platitudes of your new western paymasters that you care about the wellbeing of Syrians when you evidently don’t give a toss about that of your fellow ethnic Kurds? For my part I hope that whatever the outcome of this foreign-imposed war on Syria that the Kurds remember this loathsome betrayal of them by you and in good measure give to you your due comeuppance. And let’s see then if your current western handlers and controlling puppet masters lift a finger to help you when that time comes, as it surely will!

Replete with the same kind of idiotic arguments relative to President Assad as this perfidious defecting moron is the German regime of Angela Merkel. Well aware that the vast majority of Germans have no stomach for these western wars of choice and with a general election in the offing in her country, plus the fact that most Germans are especially incensed that contrary to their laws and constitution their so-called security services have been routinely and comprehensively spying on the German people for the benefit of the Americans, Angela Merkel predictably in the light of this disclosure now found between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Unable to opt for war against Syria with the Americans and most likely by doing so lose the elections but still empathetic towards the country that she had wittingly made Germany a satrapy of she tried to sit on the fence but the US realizing that mounting opposition to it waging yet another war of choice in the Middle East was escalating not only globally but at home as well and the so-called evidence it said it had that President Assad had used chemical weapons against his people, evidence it hasn’t presented to the world in general or its own people in particular because there’s none and everyone knows that it is simply another 2003 fabrication, without allies readily jumping on its bandwagon gave Germany an ultimatum it couldn’t resist.

This revolved around the diktat that in exchange for the US regime not clandestinely spilling the beans further about Germany’s spying involvement with the NSA Angela Merkel would in return instruct the BND, Germany’s Security Services, to say that it too had evidence that President Assad had distinctly on several previous occasions used chemical weapons on opponents within his civilian population, the last of these chemical attacks the BND would also publicly claim resulting in the lethal gassing of over 1000 people. However, like their American counterparts the BND and the Angela Merkel regime were astonishingly short on specific details and could give none when pressed, as quite frankly they have no such concrete evidence and what they’re purporting as evidence is nothing more than a concoction of falsehood and the figment of their sick minds. Nevertheless the US had demanded and Angela Merkel self-servingly very keen to remain as Chancellor of Germany obsequiously delivered.

Also joining this reproving chorus against President Assad of Syria is a surfeit of western NGOs that farcically even go as far as to claim that he has presented Syria and the world with the largest and most devastating humanitarian disaster in history. Temporarily putting aside the fact that without exception these western NGOs are the civilian tentacles of unequivocally warmongering western regimes and the military industrial complex that have an apparently never-ending, vested political as well as a financial interest in overstating, maximizing and evidently exploiting their manufactured refuge crises whenever and wherever these are particularly advantageous to their specific goals, and also taking cognizance of the fact that those that work for these NGOs depend on these same western regimes and corporations for their salaries, one is bound to ask which planet did these morons come from?

Syria, the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in human history or even living memory? Give us a break! What about the Transatlantic Slave Trade; Napoleon’s attack on Russia and the aftermath thereof. The Black Hole of Calcutta; World Wars 1 and 2; the ethnic cleansing, eradication and marginalization of the indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US; the extinction of the Arawaks of the West Indies and the brutal annihilation of the Caribs there; Germany’s first two holocausts that occurred at the beginning of the 20th Century - preceding, acting as the precursor to, and serving as the benchmark for the European one that followed, in what’s now the sovereign and independent country of Namibia but at the time was the German colony of South West Africa. During those holocausts the entire Witbooi nation was wiped out as was 95% of the Herero people creating a massive demographic change in that country that lingers to this day; and Tasman Man didn’t fare too well either in the off-shore Australian province of Tasmania.

Then there was Winston Churchill’s creation of the first ever concentration camps in the world set up in South Africa to control and subjugate the Boers and that later became the blueprint for Germany’s Nazis. But in his infamy he went even better when he ordered the gassing, yes the gassing, of the Iraqi Kurds and this long before Saddam Hussein, vilified in the west for doing so, was even born. I could go with more dastardly examples of white Caucasian barbarity, mendacity and double standards but it would take me a lifetime to do so.

Even so I can’t end this segment without mentioning Vietnam, the widespread use of Agent Orange and Napalm there and the resultant enormous humanitarian crisis that ensued. Just as happened in Iraq where depleted uranium with a known shelf-life of four billion years and other state of the art chemical weapons were extensively used against the Iraqi civilian population by the US and UK invaders. As is the case with Vietnam there are ongoing multiple deformities and other genetic abnormalities widely experienced by adults and newborn children alike from the chemical weapons that the Americans and British used in Iraq. So much so that in Fallujah one of the areas that was most affected by this doctors and residents alike categorically state that cancers there are now more prevalent than the flu. And let’s not forget that as a direct consequence of Britain and the US’s illegal and aggressive war against Iraq and their subsequent invasion of that country over one million Iraqi civilians were killed, four million of them internally displaced and another five million externally subjected to the same fate; and if that wasn’t a major humanitarian crisis and dwarfs anything that has so far happened in Syria I don’t know what is.

And the carnage in Iraq still continues with in excess of 1000 people being regularly killed in sectarian terrorist attacks each month. Some democracy, political stability and basic human rights which the US and UK publicly and conceitedly boasted they would bring to that country as in hubristic and jingoistic lead up to their contrived war there, wouldn’t you say? Just like they did in Libya that unquestionably is evidently in an even greater mess than it purportedly was according to these brazen hypocrites under the late Colonel Gadaffi. The same kind of democracy, stability and of course human rights they now assert they likewise want to bring to Syria. Nothing said though about the manifest lack of these same qualities in the markedly autocratic, completely barbaric, distinctly hedonistic and terrorist-sponsoring, Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans that the US, Britain and the rest of their western collaborators openly support.

Yet none of this stops the US and Britain from self-righteously climbing on top of their soapboxes and arrogantly assuming they have the right to lecture the world on chemical weapons and moreover to do so without first genuinely apologizing for their own hideous criminality in this regard. And this from countries with vast stockpiles not only of upgraded chemical and biological weapons but also nuclear arsenals as well; that have no intention whatsoever of freely giving these up yet arrogate to themselves the self-appointed role of global policeman with the mindboggling conceit that they can tell the rest of the world what to do as well as arbitrarily decide just who can and can’t have these weapons that they nevertheless put great store upon in respect of themselves.

For the message is quite clear from the US and the rest of them that if you’re a sycophantic satrapy and do what they want that’s fine; however if you’re not and refuse to and happen to possess WMDs or the capability to manufacture them if you don’t want to have them the US and partners will pull all the stops out to get such parties to give them up and when that happens attack and destroy them as happened for example in Iraq and Libya. So take warning Syria!

Furthermore to add to the charade that’s being mendaciously and publicly played out by these arrogant western regimes over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons these same regimes in conjunction with their complicit and their obsequious media have rather conveniently chosen to overlook a recent and highly pertinent story that if, as they claim, they’re interested in the wellbeing of ordinary Syrians they would certainly take note of. It concerns a Belgian citizen Pierre Piccinin just released from captivity by one of the terrorist groups operating in Syria that had been holding him captive there for the past five months. Back home he has stated that the chemical attack that is misleadingly but very politically exercising the minds of these western leaders who’ve all rushed precipitately to vilify President Assad for it was actually carried out by the terrorists themselves as he overheard them discussing what they’d done.

The irony is that Pierre Piccinin has no personal axe to grind for President Assad who he wants to see removed from office and replaced by those fighting him, but I guess that even for some of those whose sympathy lies with or their empathy is intimately bound up with the insidious objectives of the brutal savages operating in Syria most of whom aren’t even Syrian but instead foreign jihadist terrorists that in their perverse thinking have descended on Syria to wage what they regard as a holy war against that country frenziedly inspired and financially motivated by the likes of Bantu Saudi and Qatar that by no stretch of the imagination one could remotely depict as democratic entities yet absurdly claim they’re fighting for something in Syria which they don’t practice and are absolutely and viciously hostile to in their western created and supported Bantustans, morality does sometimes unpredictably intervene and trigger in those individuals a surprising ethical response to what is obviously a monstrous wrongdoing. This seems to have been the case with Pierre Piccinin.

Notwithstanding this though western leaders still cling to their stated and propaganda narrative for the simple reason that it suits their own particular hidden agenda; that of regime change in Syria hopefully to be followed by a similar state of affairs in Iran. Clearly wishful thinking on their part but there is no accounting for lunatic assumptions; which forcefully brings me back to the core issue of this supposed chemical attack by President Assad. When I saw the You tube clips of these supposed Syrian children dying from an alleged chemical gas attack my very first reaction was, hang on a minute where are their parents or for that matter the doctors who one would normally expect to be in the clips as well? But of course there were no such people present because these were children that had been kidnapped by the terrorists and then subjected to the most horrific kind of physical and psychological abuse conceivable.

And the western leaders knew this all along just as they knew and were complicit in Saddam Hussein’s chemical attacks against the Iranian people. But equally in Syria as it was in their sponsored proxy war against Iran and employing an agreeable Saddam as their useful idiot they similarly don’t mind in the least happily utilizing these barbaric and cannibalistic savages doing their dirty work for them in Syria. That’s why irrespective of whatever verifiable atrocity they commit the west always resolutely refuses to condemn them; or if the video evidence of the atrocity is overwhelming, like cutting out the heart of a Syrian heart while he’s still alive then eating it, stay silent; identical stances always mirrored by the west’s media. So the horrifying pictures of You tube clips ostensibly showing Syrian kids being gassed juxtaposed with twitter feeds and emotively used by Barack Obama and his allies to justify an attack on Syria is nothing more than a massive fraud being played out on the rest of the world.

Now evidently in the eyes of western leaders at any rate having got away with their dastardly deed this mob of Syrian operating jihadist terrorists bolstered by their action are reportedly about to embark on an even more audacious and outrageous, false flag venture to more actively drag their western backers into the jihadist war they’re waging in Syria. The plan quite simply is to lob chemical weapons that the west mendaciously says these terrorists don’t have and even more ludicrously haven’t the capability to deliver them even if they did into Israel from Syrian government controlled areas and then falsely and most publicly through social media and the like, as they previously did, put the blame not only for this action but also the consequences stemming from it squarely on the shoulders of the Assad government.

And a pointer to just how real this possibility is and a clue that it undoubtedly has the green light from Washington can be found in the remarks of Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s hawkish security advisor and former UN ambassador. Most tellingly but quite deceitfully as is her wont she talks about the absolute necessity for punitive US-led, military strikes against the Syrian government to prevent the possibility of its chemical arsenal falling into the possession of terrorists by which she unambiguously means the Hezbollah Resistance Movement. That the terrorists whom the US regime of which she’s a prominent member together with powerful and highly influential neo-con elite affiliates like herself in the US that support them already have their own supply of chemical weapons as was disclosed when members of the Turkish Security Services intercepted and briefly detained some of these terrorist operatives a few months back isn’t part of that one-sided narrative of Susan Rice however, or of her country’s regime’s for that matter.

Nothing else but regime change where Syria is concerned and despite what Barack Obama or members of his regime lyingly say in public will from their twisted perspective do, for that is their ultimate goal; and however it’s achieved, even with them calculatingly and much more intimately than before getting into bed with known terrorists that they claim to be waging their own global western jihadist campaign against in their highly dubious and significantly insufferable so-called war on terror, the overwhelming majority of these acts of terrorism either being instigated by or else franchised out by them to others, is a moot point where these mendacious western hypocrites are concerned. And if allowing a well-known in advance and blatant false flag chemical attack on Israel, what Susan Rice calls the US’s closest ally in the Middle East, will accelerate the US and its western partners’ agenda in that region then so be it.

For let’s not kid ourselves the only interest that the US has in Syria is to see it considerably weakened at best or completely destroyed at the very worst as an effective means it hopes of decoupling the close links between the US branded and so-called Axis of Evil that constitute Hezbollah and Iran and which the Zionist apartheid state of Israel has a paranoid obsession with. Other than that the US, its western collaborators and their easily bought and paid for NGOs couldn’t and don’t give a damn about Syrians, how many of them die or in what circumstances outside those parameters that they can readily exploit for their own profitable financial ends. For how is it that while utterly obsessed with concern for Syria and its people as these western NGOs profess that they are, we don’t hear or see any such comparable disquiet by them over the far worst plight of the residents of the western backed and odious dictatorial Persian Gulf Bantustans, chief among whom are Bantu Saudi and Qatar? And to emphasize this totally barefaced discrepancy and blatant double standards the US has only this month, September 2013, sold $641 million of cluster bombs to Bantu Saudi!

But this is the same US that publicly says it wants democracy in Syria while ensuring that there’s none in Bantu Saudi or Qatar, two of the Gulf Bantustans that are bankrolling the jihadist terrorists in Syria, that whatever its failings has always been a secular state. Yet these western leaders with their supposed Christian heritage are as I write, 11 September 2013, actively supporting the jihadist destruction of one of if not the oldest Christian communities in the entire world at Maaloula in Syria; previously until the jihadist terrorists recently arrived and started to ethnically cleanse Maaloula of its established Christian population, a traditional beacon of communal existence, religious co-existence and civic tolerance. Not anymore! And the sickening thing in the shocking aftermath of the brutal ethnic cleansing of Maaloula is that western leaders who don’t miss a chance to parade their so-called western Christian civilization have remained intransigently mum as have the western media and NGOs.

No mention of a pressing refuge or humanitarian crisis in respect of the displaced people of Maaloula who it would appear from the point of view of these western charlatans don’t even exist. That said and also because it’s evident to every one with a functioning brain in his or her head that the displacement of the people of Maaloula couldn’t be laid at the door of President Assad, whom they support anyway, the resultant narrative if permitted to follow it natural course would at best be uncomfortable and at its worst be rather embarrassing for those in the west who support these jihadist terrorists. Therefore like the dumb ostrich that routinely buries its head in the sand when confronted with facts it would rather not face up to, western leaders too and their likeminded ilk also like to pretend that truths they’re faced with but don’t savour don’t really exist and consequently seek to discount them; and this in Maaloula case is what they’ve patently done.

Even more disturbing however are the completely asinine comments of John Kerry who recently said that if the US does not attack Syria it will send out all the wrong messages to the US-backed Bantustan satrapies of the Persian Gulf that now fund the Jihadist terrorists in Syria. These entities Kerry went on to say would be profoundly motivated in the absence of US intervention in Syria to lavishly fund even more extremist terrorists to do the job. Now hang on a moment and consider the pathetic and rather demented rationale of John Kerry; for if this isn’t an explicit authorization by him for acts of terrorism then I don’t know what is; especially coming from the Secretary of State of a country that consistently tells the rest of the world it’s committed to fighting terrorism and is on a crusade against it. And for me that begs the obvious question: Why is the US personally and tightly in bed with entities, since I don’t regard the savage and barbaric Bantustans of the Persian Gulf that sponsor terrorism as countries, and furthermore chooses to characterize them as allies? What does that say about the US’s own position in this regard?

Moreover the US has been unhesitatingly putting it about that it is in possession of solid evidence that President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against elements of his civilian population. But for all its conjectural bluster resolutely refuses to provide the UN Security Council, the world at large or even its own population with incontrovertible proof of what it says it has claiming that the evidence is classified and not for disclosure. Therefore everyone must accept the word of the US along with the very questionable and uncorroborated videos appearing on You tube that what the US regime is saying is the unvarnished truth. In 2013? We all aren’t enamoured by Bantu Saudi or Qatar nor for that matter do the majority of the world’s population live there even if a bankrupt US needs to financially crawl to them. So get real Obama, Biden, Kerry and Co. However what clinched it for me as to what this is all about is when John Kerry let slip that if the US were forced to attack Syria on its own Bantu Saudi and Qatar would bankroll the entire military operation.

What an ignominious decline and eventual fall of the American Empire when it becomes even obvious to itself that it is nothing more than a hired contractor, a venal mercenary or a Blackwater for the likes of Bantu Saudi and Qatar. How the mighty has fallen!

If those who illegally invaded Iraq, killed over 1 million of its citizens, internally displaced 4 million of them and externally displaced as well another 5 million and did all this on a premeditated lie for war against that country, isn’t it likewise possible and rational to believe that they could also have lacked any empathy with elements of the American people to facilitate 9/11 happening for their own perverse, selfish, financial and hegemonic ambitions in that region of the world as well as globally? After all cui bono?

The 9/11 Commission Report is a piece of manufactured fiction that should sensibly be discarded as is Barack Obama’s conspicuously unsubstantiated assertion that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria used chemical weapons against some of his people, just as is Barack’s claim that attacking and replacing the Syrian government will substantially avert al-Qaida assuming power in Syria. The very same al-Qaida would you believe that is the mortal enemy of a secular President Assad; that forms a major as well as includes the most successful element of the so-called Free Syrian Army, largely consisting of fanatical foreign, Islamist Jihadist militants and terrorists by the way, that the US and its allies liberally provide with arms to cause unmitigated chaos and disaster in Syria.

Moreover, Barack Obama’s hubristic boast about US exceptionalism, that the US military in his words don’t do pinpricks in what are essentially US contrived wars of choice; that Syria is no military match for the US, or Israel for that matter, debunk his skewed warmongering rationale, and this from a Nobel Peace Laureate, that the US must nevertheless attack Syria because that country poses an existential threat to the US and of course Israel. Now you can’t have it both ways Barack!

What Obama’s blather does categorically point to however and in the light of Professor James Tour: a renowned chemical weapons expert, explicit disclosure on RT which confirms what is already known that chemical weapons are relatively easy to make by anyone who knows what they’re doing and with a slightly less than a Master’s degree in chemistry and thereafter can be effectively deployed by such persons or any factions they belong to, information that western leaders and their security services are fully aware of but keep secret from their largely gullible public that cheerfully believes the official and lying narrative being spun to it, and that dozens of documented chemical attacks are carried out in the US but never reported, is that the agenda of the current US regime for Syria has absolutely nothing to do with chemical weapons there or any real concern for the Syrian people but rather everything to with empire.

And while the throng of US sycophants will go along with the lying US pretexts, disinformation and downright lies to clearly bolster their own self-aggrandisement and perceived importance, just like the little boy in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes and who saw the emperor’s nakedness for what it actually was and said so openly, there are those of us out here Barack who likewise see you and those around you that fawningly curry favour with you and the US regime complicit with the positions that you intransigently and self-servingly fabricate and adapt as the brazen and pernicious lie that it is. And again like the honest little boy in that well known story don’t mind telling or confronting all of you Mr President with the truth!

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