Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Venal Tanzanian government idiots in cahoots with Gulf Arab savages.

By Stanley Collymore

Most people in the west and probably elsewhere, I would hazard a guess, have never heard of Tanzania, don’t know or actually care what it is, and if given a blank map of the globe to inspect, that’s assuming, of course, that they eventually suss out it’s a country and moreover of two parts, would be terribly hard-pressed even so, I’m absolutely sure of that, to give a rough idea let alone be able to categorically sate where precisely it’s located.

Well, for the elucidation of all such people regardless of how their ignorance or disinterest came about in the first place, Tanzania is a purportedly independent East African republic that comprises the territory of Tanganyika on the African continental mainland and the Indian ocean situated off-shore African island of Zanzibar that jointly opted to politically merge with each other and become the unitary state of Tanzania.

However, previous to the voluntary, supposed mutually beneficial and political integration of these two separate entities both territories were individual colonies of the former British Empire, but in the aftermath of Britain’s rather bruising, bloodied and manifestly internecine 1939-45 conflict with its fellow colonialist-minded and established European rival Germany: itself a committed imperialistic, empire-building aspirant, as well as a pugnacious contender for the global crown which Britain wore as a world dominator.

Global aspirations on the part of Germany that sparked a bloody war between these two European countries, with the resultant clash instigated between them and eventually, and one would also say inevitably, fought out between their respective biological kith and kin; in the case of Germany those that regarded themselves as quite privileged to be resident on the one hand in their Nazi paradise and on the other the declared, Caucasian recognized and accepted homeland of the Master Race, and on the part of Britain, principally among its so-called upper classes, ruling elites and their deferentially grovelling and enthusiastically willing plebeian supporters, an arrogant belief that theirs was a land superior in the extreme and consequently second to none.

Leading to a situation in which Britain quite embarrassingly and very reluctantly post World War II finding itself compelled by dint of its dire destitution, financial bankruptcy in other words, markedly caused by the consequences of that same hubristically-oriented war, to reluctantly but none the less hard-headedly offload much of its sprawling, global empire that it couldn’t any longer viably afford to possess, militaristically suppress as was its wont to do, or physically maintain was unmistakably up the proverbial creek without a paddle. And consequently the only commonsensical and practical thing it could do in these given circumstances was to grudgingly accede to the inevitable and grant several of these countries their long-overdue independence, which is exactly what happened.

However having done so one would have realistically thought that those African countries that had a particularly torrid time of it under British colonial rule would have auspiciously grabbed the chance to create a better future for themselves and put their colonial past as far behind them as was possible. But not a bit of it; for contrary to all sensible expectations it soon became evident that many of their so-called leaders imbued with what one can only charitably call a bizarre, utterly perverse and self-destructive fascination with the psychological illness Stockholm Syndrome, freely chose instead to embrace it to the manifest detriment of their own people. A situation that in all the years post their so-called independence successive generations of these so-called African leaders have not managed to or shown any inclination whatsoever of shaking off.

It’s a grotesque situation that’s particularly pronounced and disturbingly worrying in East Africa and the countries bordering that region where self-imposed servitude, little different if at all so from that which disastrously blighted their countries, region and the whole of the African continent throughout the Transatlantic Slave Trade and subsequently manifested itself in a multiplicity of truly horrendous guises, racism and apartheid being just two of them.

So what possess Africans, and in particular their so-called leaders, to blithely and routinely embark on what to any rational person with a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head clearly knows is at best decidedly nonsensical and at its worst is evidently destructive psychologically and in every other conceivable way one can imagine not only to Africans per se but the global Black Diaspora as well? For the excruciatingly humiliating, painful and quite traumatic history of what has monstrously and quite intentionally been done to the vast majority of Blacks generally, as well as virtually every African past and present within the last 500 years, that’s half of a millennium when considered in a hardnosed fashion, in particular is no kept secret, is therefore universally well known, and has been meticulously and contemporaneously chronicled all that time.

But old habits however injurious, abusive or patently demeaning they essentially and evidently are in the eyes of everyone else that observe them that have been inculcated over a sustained period of half of a millennium of servitude and oppression in the psyche of many Africans and other black people obviously die hard, or not at all, it would seem. For how else can one rationally explain after all this time of the most unrelenting and concerted abusive treatment at the hands of others, including their House Nigger leaders, that the overwhelming majority of Blacks globally and most categorically so in Africa that ironically is the cradle of humanity and civilization as well as bountifully blessed with a plethora of natural resources, still in the 21st Century lie and employing every reasonable means of deduction in terms of their social, political or financial development let alone advancement are quite basically trapped at the very bottom of these progressive determinants?

It’s why this seemingly instinctive inclination towards the ludicrous reinforcement of their servitude embarked on by some Blacks elsewhere and many indigenous Africans in particular on the continent of Africa not only worry but also incenses me. And here among a mass of such examples that exist is just one of them.

The government of Tanzania is concertedly preparing to kick Massai tribesmen of their land in order to allow rich overseas tourists the freedom to shoot animals like lions and leopards at will. And so as to further facilitate this travesty of justice not only for the indigenous Massai people of Tanzania but also the wildlife there as well the said government is making radical changes to the Lolionado Game Control Area which the Massai people have had land rights to since the beginning of time. And who have this African regime accorded these rights to instead? Well the Lolionado Game Control Area is now owned by the United Arab Emirates’ firm Otterio Business Corporation and has been operating there since the mid 1990s.

With this change of status and indeed ownership over 68,000 Massai residents will be evicted so that rich clients, that include the so-called UAE royal family, will be able to have unrestricted freedom to hunt in an area that is on the regular migration route of the wildebeest. In actuality, Otterio Business Corporation is owned by the UAE rulers, a senior member of whom is in the UAE defence ministry. Significantly as well during Tanganyika’s British colonial period Lolionado Game Control Area was set aside exclusively as a hunting area for European royalty though the Massai people were allowed to carry on living where they always were.
Not so unfortunately under the Tanzania’s government plan: one being instituted at the behest of the UAE regime, and which effectively means the Massai people will be summarily ethnically cleansed from their ancient and ancestral lands. Altogether an area in excess of 1,500 square miles is expected to be ethnically cleansed in this way of its indigenous Massai population. But if this wasn’t dreadful enough the Arab people have murderous form where Africans are concerned; and all Africans know this well. For without the keen, extremely greedy and racially motivated involvement of Arabs in the Transatlantic slave trade there probably wouldn’t have been one.

For it was the Arabs who a millennium earlier had colonized and drastically altered the demography of North Africa in the same way that Caucasians emanating from Europe would centuries later do in Australia, North America and New Zealand for example and very pretty much aware of Africa from a firsthand perspective, had used their knowledge of that continent that whites were totally ignorant of to employ every subterfuge they could devise to obtain and quite lucratively sell in their millions the unfortunate Blacks that brutally and miserably ended up in the grotesque servitude in which they were routinely subjected to across the Atlantic in the misnomer named regions that white Europeans arrogantly called the New World and accordingly had savagely and uncompromisingly exerted their racist, imperialist and colonialist hegemony over.

So observing so-called black leaders anywhere in the world and particularly so in Africa gratuitously and sycophantically giving in to the very people that have the blood of millions of their ancestors on their hands; a barbaric tribe of people still living in Neanderthal times and who as graphically shown in their recent, widespread and totally unrepentant lynching of Blacks in Libya during that country’s western backed massacre there, and a country which when I last looked was still geographically part of Africa, makes me physically sick, as it should any self-respecting black man or woman and even more so those who are or aspire to being leaders of African countries or feel they’ve an entitlement to speak for the Black Diaspora.

The world is sickeningly used to seeing whites cynically and heartlessly exploit Africa and wilfully cause turmoil there among its people in order to plunder its multiple resources for their own selfish benefit. That of itself is a maddening revelation; but for Africans, having purportedly at the official level at any rate through the relentless struggle of those among the black community that wanted to get rid of this imperialistic colonialism and rightfully claw back some of the dignity, self-respect as well as the independence that their ancestors and themselves violently lost through these collective and completely insufferable acts that indisputably amount to a profoundly pernicious and perverse travesty of justice, to complicitly engage in the 21st Century in what are undeniably acts of treason against their own people with Arabs of all people just beggars belief!

Just recently, August 2013, in the United Stasi of America which benefited hugely from the African slave trade surgeons there denied a black youth a life-saving heart transplant. Their reasoning being that he had achieved poor grades in school and therefore to give him this life-saving treatment would be an absolute waste of time as he either couldn’t or more likely wouldn’t follow the post-operative regime to ensure that the new heart did what it was supposed to. Cut out the crap lame excuses and it amounts to one thing only; the life of a Nigger, who these white supremacist morons only perceived this youth as, wasn’t worth anything.

But isn’t that what the USA’s Supreme Court ruled on March 6 1857? When Chief Justice Roger B. Taney delivered that court’s decision: “That the Negro has no rights which the white man is bound to respect.” And to observe the Tanzanian government as well as other obsequious African so-called leaders freely, comfortably and venally buying into this said narrative and with their old enemies the Arabs makes one seriously wonder if it isn’t time for these detrital Blacks to be humanely disposed of; which is more than can be said for what they selfishly do to their own people who, Africa’s brutal history aside, deserve much better.

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