Tuesday, 13 August 2013

There’s no specific time to fall in love!

By Stanley Collymore

I don’t want to alarm you but my personal feelings for you
have intensified dramatically over those past months that
I first met and have come to know you; and to be quite
honest with you it’s a fascinating development that
I’ve wholeheartedly welcomed. Too early you
could possibly and quite logically say in
response to this amorous declaration
I’m making for me to properly
assess my true emotions
towards you, bearing
in mind the short
time that we’ve
known each

But while caution and circumspection are themselves
essential tools in helping to effectively gauge the
worthiness or even the sheer advisability of
embarking on a romantic liaison whatever its origins or the
circumspection of its time frame might be, the emergence and
reinforcement of true love thankfully does not come, nor
should that ever be the case, with a predetermined
analysis or prescripted guidelines on how one
should initially react or later behave
when lanced by the dart of love;
but rather instead welcome
with open arms this
pleasurable and
intrusion into
one’s private life.

And that’s precisely what I’m hoping for in our case if you’ll
allow it. For I know with absolute certainty that I’ve
fallen deeply, excitingly and commitedly in love
with you and there’s nothing now or in the
foreseeable future that’s ever likely to
change how I feel about you, and
understandably want very much to encourage
you to do the same in respect of me, as
there’s no specific or optimum time
to ever fall in love; just the
 recognition that one
is in love!

© Stanley V.Collymore
9 August 2013.

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