Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fortitude or Failure?

By Stanley Collymore

Lost hopes; lost dreams? But are they really only what you see
them as if you so easily give up at the first real challenge
they present and don’t fight tenaciously for what you
say and even claim you believe in? Life is beset
with problems and difficulties of all kinds
but rather than see these as
insurmountable obstacles that one must walk
away from without determining how or why they
arose in the first place, why not instead perceive them
as personal challenges to be robustly tackled and
vigorously employed in the most constructive
way that one can imagine or implement not
only for the overall benefit of one’s self
but also to positively serve as an
effective means of encouragement
for others who find themselves
in like circumstances?

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 August 2013.

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