Thursday, 18 July 2013

Murder by Proxy

By Stanley Collymore

Osama bin Laden died of natural causes, namely kidney failure, on the 13 December 2001. So whoever the Americans killed in Pakistan, dumped his body in the sea and then illegally transferred the files of his faked death from the official records of the Department of Defence to the secret ones of the CIA certainly wasn’t Osama bin Laden.

Legally in the US when files are transferred in this way the process has to go through the US National Archives for sign-off. This didn’t happen in the aforementioned case and it’s equally illegal to wipe out files, which the CIA did, or destroy the original ones without US National Archives authorization. No such authorization was requested by the CIA or granted to it by the US national Archives when it swapped these archives files from the US Defence Department to the CIA’s own secret cache of files and then destroyed in total those at the Defence Department.

Now resorting to obfuscation, propaganda, outright lies and blatant criminality (what’s new with this body?) the CIA is unlawfully withholding these files from public observation and denying US citizens and the world at large the right to know and get such information under the Freedom of Disclosure legislation: a cardinal right in the United States, on the fraudulent pretext (what else?) and wilfully misleading red herring of national security, knowing full well that the equally, like itself, corrupt and conspiratorial US judicial system will wholeheartedly and always unquestioningly protect the CIA by granting to it blanket immunity to carry on with its criminality.

Which begs the question: what have this rogue collective of lying and deceitful bastards to hide, if not the truth? For the US regimes, immediately past under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as well as the current Obama one, together with the CIA well knew from the outset that Osama bin Laden had died of natural causes and when this occurred but despite that incontrovertible knowledge still continued to milk the blatantly propagandized and tremendously useful political notion that they jointly, quite dishonestly and exploitatively in the extreme created that Osama bin Laden was still alive in order to solidify their control and rule by fear scenario over the US and for that matter as well most of the world’s population.

The underlying purpose for this being to put themselves in an unchallengeable position to either vilify or silence all rational dissent and thus be that better off to wage their savage, illicit, colonialist, imperialist and natural resources plundering global wars, most especially in the Middle East and North Africa, there to either destructively attempt to or actually bring about for themselves desirable regime change in those sovereign independent states like Iran, Venezuela and Syria that refuse to bend the knee of sycophancy to them.

Honestly ask yourself, if you’ve a functioning brain that enables you to do so that is, why if the United States could literally order its then Latin American satrapy to put the dead body of the murdered iconic guerrilla freedom fighter Che Guevara: a highly successful arch enemy of the US, unceremoniously on display for the whole world to see and in the process confirm that he was actually dead, and in addition to that permit a situation where we all know where he is actually buried? So why then was the same US so reluctant and avidly disinclined to do likewise with Osama bin Laden publicly and most vociferously declared by no less a country than the said United States, a corresponding sentiment which all along has been enthusiastically aped by its European stooges including our own here in Britain, to allow not only the US public but also the entire world to visibly sand unquestionably see as stone dead the man whom these lying US charlatans and their sycophants in Europe universally vilified and supposedly declared unrelenting war on as public enemy No.1?

The answer is quite simple really for anyone that isn’t brain dead, living in a state of denial, utterly na├»ve or wholly incapable of thinking for themselves and nothing that I say or any other sensible person come to that is ever going to change the minds of these masochistic morons. Since it’s patently obviously that the idiot fall guy who the US rather ostentatiously killed in Pakistan wasn’t Osama bin Laden, and as we say in English you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. For if the dead body of that fictional Osama bin Laden had ever been presented to the world at large as the authentic Osama bin Laden, the collective and enormously fraudulent scam and highly theatrical scenario of the Barack Obama regime, the United States’ Defence and State Departments and, of course, the uniformly criminal exploits of the CIA would readily have been exposed globally for what they were; and Mr transparent President Barack Obama and Co. couldn’t have that, could they? But Osama bin Laden had to be politically laid to rest as no one lives for ever; hence the Pakistan scam and the ongoing cover up.

To give you a measure of how arrogant these people are and how much disdain they heap upon ordinary members of the public even the guy who allegedly killed this fake Pakistan-based Osama bin Laden said quite openly in the media that he didn’t recognize the victim whom he killed as Osama bin Laden, as the unarmed man that he murdered looked considerably younger and not the least bit like Osama bin Laden. What a shambles! It also raises the rather pertinent question of who the hell sends out assassins to kill a globally most wanted person and don’t even bother to find out what that individual actually looks like so they can reliably communicate that information to their tasked assassins. However, if the perpetrators of this particular scam are only intent on giving a gullible public what it wants to hear and at the same time create kudos for a corrupt US regime what the hell. A dead man, no body and hey presto they are heroes. If you want my honest opinion in drastically austerity hit United States of America the mafia could have done a much better job and at a fraction of the cost to the economically hard-pressed US taxpayer as that generously expended by Obama and the Defence Department.

The unvarnished truth is that President Barack Obama and his coterie of criminals didn’t care how they went about this scam as they know quite well how exceedingly stupid and gullible with it, concomitant with enormously short attention spans the US public is; and the same goes as well for their counterparts in Britain and the rest of Europe. So don’t think for a single moment that in elucidating that conspicuous observation that I’m the slightest bit moved to feel remotely sorry for these willing assholes who readily and quite consistently allow themselves to be duped by those who run their countries, as I don’t! Since from my perspective these inveterate morons get precisely the regimes that they recurrently vote for and quite clearly deserve!

As for the US having to use another scam of getting acquiescent NGOs in Pakistan: a failed and corrupt state by any definition one could employ, to use a polio eradication ploy in order to allegedly get blood samples from locals there to match and confirm the fake Osama bin Laden as the real thing; how bloody stupid can one get? Osama bin Laden is an Arab, not a Pakistani or for that matter an Afghani. Moreover his family originates from the Yemen but are intimately connected financially and businesswise with the tyrannical despots that run Bantu Saudi. In fact the overwhelming majority of infrastructural enterprises carried out in Bantu Saudi are still to this day undertaken by the bin Laden family. And additionally we know how closely connected successive US regimes have been and still are with Bantu Saudi.

In effect immediately in the wake of 9/11 when all flights to, from and over the United States: whether domestic or international were summarily banned and the whole of the United States effectively became a no-fly-zone with the USAF ordered to instantly shoot down any plane that violated that prohibition the only flights which were officially authorized by the US regime to break this compulsory embargo were those carrying members of the bin Laden extended family who were resident in the United States at the time back to Bantu Saudi! And it’s not rocket science to work out why, bearing in mind that Osama bin Laden: a prominent member of that family, was purportedly behind the 9/11 slaughter. What an absolute bloody farce; and how gullible 12 years on the lot of you still are!

And in case you either forgot or don’t know since perhaps you were living on a different planet when all of this happened, it was the United States and Britain that co-operatively and explicitly recruited Osama bin Laden and the rest of his Arab and extremist Islamist terrorists, placed Osama bin Laden because of his rather influential, political and financial Bantu Saudi connections at the head of this terrorist group; called it al-Qaida; trained, armed and financed it, and unstintingly while these rather useful idiots were quite prepared to do everything that the US and Britain demanded of them in Afghanistan in the 1980s against the lawful socialist government of that country and its Soviet allies correspondingly accorded to al-Qaida all the political, diplomatic and other support that this terrorist outfit required to keep it going. In other words there was no al-Qaida or any Arab based terrorist outfit in Afghanistan until Britain and the US jointly parachuted them in to financially, politically and ideologically plunge Afghanistan into complete wrack and ruin. The horrific consequences of which are ongoingly felt to this day.

So ask yourself why would the US want to match up even the real Osama bin Laden’s DNA or blood samples with residents of Pakistan or even those of Afghanistan when he was an Arab and they aren’t, if it wasn’t just another cynical scam to keep its pretty idiot population believing that something positive was being done to lay eternally at rest the saga of Osama bin Laden? In many ways it reminds me of the saga that surrounded the upper crust British murderer Lord Lucan who has never been caught; and for one specific reason; he was a member of the British establishment. And there was no way that his peers, the privileged British establishment elite or the British police were ever going to permit his capture, trial and imprisonment. But they obviously couldn’t come out openly and say so without bringing down the wrath of the British public on their heads. So they willingly obfuscated, lied and did everything in their power to give the public the impression he was being hunted while secretly protecting him from capture. And to this day, 18 July 2013, he still hasn’t been.

It’s an identical symbiotic relationship between the US regime, the Military Industrial Complex and the other partners: political as well as financial, that collectively but exclusively between themselves run the United States of America and their equally savage Bantu Saudi opposites. And judiciously there was no way that Osama bin Laden, any more than Lord Lucan, was ever going to be apprehended and brought to justice. And don’t fool yourselves the US authorities at every step of the way knew precisely where Osama bin Laden was just as their British counterparts were equally acquainted with the movements of Lord Lucan; and no least so because it was in the interests of both these entities to keep their man out of harm’s, provide them both with all the security they needed, while lyingly and rather barefacedly telling their gullible public what it wanted to hear.

For there was never a snowflake in hell’s chance of any US regime putting into jeopardy its rather cosy relationship with Bantu Saudi by idiotically apprehending and bringing to trial a family member of the highly influential and also prominently Bantu Saudi based bin Laden family. Apart from everything else it would most certainly have open up a very poisonous can of worms that would undoubtedly prove very disastrous in a diversity of ways, like going to jail themselves, for many in the US who despite their cant and blatant hypocrisy repeatedly declared over 9/11 were nevertheless profoundly implicated not only in its direct execution but also its premeditated planning. And one couldn’t have Osama bin Laden or any of his genuine Arab terrorist associates reveal that in open court, could one. It’s why the United States to this very day is so reluctant to put any of these Arab terrorists that it happily nurtured and still use in its proxy wars on trial. So instead of asininely following the “official narrative” why don’t the lot of you start thinking for yourselves?

I voluntarily served with the Royal Air Force and that institution knows what my blood group, DNA and other details are. So is it at all rational to expect that a United Stasi of America with its fascist, neo-Nazi, authoritarian, highly secretive, wholesale spying and control freak predisposition to premeditatedly and criminally circumvent the law wouldn’t have taken similar steps with the likes of Osama bin Laden and his terrorist crew? Give me a break!

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