Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The lying, criminal jerks that congregate at and are associated with No.10 Downing Street!

By Stanley Collymore

In a broadcast aired just a few days ago, I’m writing this article on Sunday 16 June 2013, a former French Foreign Minister categorically stated in a television interview he gave that the British Con-Dem coalition regime of David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats assiduously planned the catastrophic events currently taking place in Syria two years, yes you read me correctly, before the outbreak of hostilities there.

By that time components of the British SAS were already operating covertly and illicitly, as they still are, in Syria and would later together with al-Qaida affiliated Wahabi and other jihadist terrorist insurgents drawn exclusively from outside of Syria, notably North Africa, Central Asia, Britain and other EU states, the latter’s number averaging around 600 in total and adding to the over 4000 fellow murderers and terrorists from the aforesaid regions, other parts of the Middle East and of course the principal Arab Bantustan entities in the Persian Gulf like Bantu Saudi and Qatar, acting as western surrogates and paying for these terrorists with their petro-dollars.

That are exclusively family run and controlled despotic, barbaric and feudalistic plutocracies that for a diversity of reasons ranging from the perverse and ludicrous, like fighting for democracy when that word doesn’t exist in their lexicon far less their own countries courtesy of their savage brutalities and free expression clampdowns ably assisted by ongoing weekly authoritarian regime sanctioned, open-air, public beheadings for alleged contraveners of the established status quo, to an obsessive western geo-political longing to utterly control and exercise total and unchallenged hegemonic dominance in the Middle East, and who collectively want to get forcibly get rid of the Assad government in Syria, that ironically is an administration which oversees the only secular and tolerant country in the Arab Middle East or North Africa for that matter.

Savage terrorists that in turn are hosted by and trained in Erdogan’s authoritarian run Turkey with the full backing bizarrely of Zionist Israel, the US naturally, France and the other EU and NATO members. So long before the first bout of open hostility actually began in Syria in 2011, two years precisely explained the French ex-Foreign Minister, David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s regime was already carefully laying the groundwork for what was to come and unsurprisingly accounts for the pig-headed stance taken by the British regime and its little Hitler warmongering Foreign Secretary William Hague. Asked to join in this conspiracy by the British regime the French minister told his British warmongers and Israeli Zionist collaborators and sycophants that he conscionably couldn’t since Syria posed no threat to anyone and even less so to France.

Therefore despite all the baloney we now constantly get from the Con-Dem coalition and which is readily swallowed by the equally rabid pro-Zionists among the Labour Party champagne socialists financially well ensconced in the House of Commons, the premeditated and violent overthrow of President Assad government in Syria was always their top priority and it’s disingenuous at best for them to say that democracy or humanitarian motives were their major priority. That’s just bunkum and they know it. For if either of these objectives were the case how come Britain is in such a cosy relationship with Bantu Saudi where no woman women is even permitted to drive a car; there are no elections and the control of that entity, I wouldn’t dignify it with the status of state, is entirely in the hands of a bunch of incestuous savages?

Yet the UK recurrently sells billions of Pounds worth of arms and other armaments to these savages; the equally feudalistic and so-called monarchic system is also prevalent and quite deeply entrenched in the UK and has close ties with its Persian Gulf counterparts. And to add insult to injury the whole world knows that Britain is playing a pivotal role in propping up the Bahraini despots it installed in that country quite arbitrarily from outside the country over 230 years ago, arrogantly and rather self-centredly doing so against the wishes of the indigenous people living there. The same people who in excess of two years now, far longer than the British manufactured mayhem in Syria, have peacefully been protesting on the streets of Bahrain for the same democracy, freedom of expression and all the rest of it that David Cameron, William Hague, Nick Clegg and the merry bunch of these odious liars claim they want to bring to Syria.

Britain’s association with Bahrain has always been an especially close though imperialistic one and couldn’t be any closer than what it is at present; so how come our regime, lawmakers, establishment, military and our so-called royal family that all profit from this association don’t know that the people there are courageously putting their lives on the line every day to peacefully protest and demand they have a say with dignity and democracy in running their own country, something they’re brutally and viciously prevented from doing.

And it isn’t just the loathsome barbaric thugs who undemocratically run Bahrain that constitute their principal bugbear; far from it! For in the wake of Kenya’s brutal independence war from Britain and the now extensively disclosed massacres and other savage atrocities like roasting Kenyan s alive that Britain perpetrated against these freedom fighters, just seven years after its sanctimonious and rather strident lambast of Nazi atrocities in Europe ended, and against which thousands of Kenyan soldiers like their black counterparts across the then British Empire had selflessly, courageously and crucially played a vital role in helping to bring an end to, forcing a reluctant William Hague five decades after these Kenyan events and clearly embarrassed although not in the least shamed – people like William don’t know the meaning of the word so can’t realistically empathize with it - by this public exposure of British barbarity, quite commonplace to be honest with you, to admit to what happened and make a rather unconvincing but all the same haughty admission of guilt following a successful British high court challenge by five very elderly Kenyan, victim survivors of these British Nazi-type atrocities, it was hardly surprising to also learn that Britain didn’t stop there.

Bold as brass, shameless with it and in the aftermath of Kenya’s successful war of independence the British regime through the auspices of its senior diplomat in Bahrain, Anthony Parsons, ordered the ruling Sheikh Khalifa to appoint Ian Henderson already quite notorious as torturer in chief in Kenya to assume that role in Bahrain and as the unchallenged head of what was called the Special Branch. In effect giving a known sadistic mass murderer a free hand to organise this so-called Special Branch into an allegedly efficient, modern and covert surveillance “anti-terrorist” organization, but in reality the world knows what that meant, and none more so than the Bahraini people themselves. This mass murderer and torturer extraordinaire who hails from Scotland executed his handiwork right up to his death in Bahrain on April 13, 2013.

But the British regime in London had already made contingency plans for their future dominance in Bahrain and the continuation of the status quo there. So as is their wont the Con-Dem regime made absolutely sure that an Ian Henderson: awarded the King’s Police and Fire Services Medal in 1953, the [King] George Medal in 1954 and Bar in1955 and the CBE - Commander of the British Empire even though we no longer have one – Medal by Queen Elizabeth II in 1984, everyone of these gongs for outstanding services to the British Crown, Mark II would be in place when death finally caught up with this man. To that end and entering stage right another disreputable bastard policeman by the name of John Yates.

Plucked from the notoriety this time that is endemic and contagiously epidemic among the hierarchy generally at the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard in particular, John Yates was handpicked by the David Cameron and Nick Clegg regime and dispatched to Bahrain to understudy Ian Henderson and unsurprisingly replace him when he died. And good old John Yates hasn’t let down his bosses in London or Bahrain, and in fact has already exceeded in the time he’s been in Bahrain the murderous villainy of his predecessor. So David Cameron, Nick Clegg, their fellow cabinet ministers, Labour’s hypocritical champagne socialists and the rest of this loathsome bunch that decry Assad’s Syria and avidly harangue him and the only secular government in the Arab world for resorting to everything from abusing the human rights of the Syrian people to gratuitously using chemical weapons against them, should seriously take a reality check; look long and hard at themselves in the mirror, and stop propagandistically talking through their stupid and lying asses.

Realty as the French ex-Foreign Minister meticulously outlined and something that every prescient-minded observer both of Britain’s colonialist and imperialist past and the ongoing present version of that same mindset is well aware of coupled with the ingrained and pernicious nature of the inveterate Zionist, racist and minimally concealed fascist, literally bordering on Third Reich Nazism that infect David Cameron’s privileged and multi-millionaire cabinet colleagues, is also personified in him and throughout the champagne socialist nerds that likewise plague and are replete right the way through the hierarchy of the official parliamentary opposition Labour Party in the House of Commons, is I’m sure you must have guessed by now altogether very different.

And isn’t it not quite something when Nick Griffin, of the British National Party (BNP), is the only British political leader with the integrity to conscionably speak the truth in relation to the plethora of premeditatedly manufactured lies that Britain, the United States France and other EU states together with their Dangegeld, brutally savage Arab satrapies in the Persian Gulf and readily promulgated by the western media are telling us about Syria and it’s adversarial so-called Syrian Free Army which is almost exclusively made up of foreign jihadists and al-Qaida affiliated terrorists, many of whom are British and mainland European born. But even more tellingly is that Nick Griffin had the courage, or bottle as we colloquially say in England, to actually go to Syria as part of an independent, European fact-finding delegation to garner firsthand facts for himself; something that the mass murderers who are stoking the Syrian conflict haven’t done and in view of their track record most certainly won’t.

But when you have serial and rather repulsive, warmongering jerks like John McCain openly saying that he doesn’t care if terrorist groups like the al-Nustra Front known to be an al-Qaida affiliate seize power in Syria because they would be openly hostile to Iran, anyone with even a solitary functioning brain cell located in his or her head should pick up instinctively that this manufactured conflict that’s being waged in Syria by the west and its patently useful Arab and Turkish idiots has everything to do with their lying and dishonest motives and nothing whatsoever with the praiseworthy objectives that these detestable criminals claim to be pursuing in that country.

And David Cameron, Nick Clegg and their detestable ilk on both sides of the aisle in the House of Commons and across all party lines in the misnomer-named House of Lords: a den of irremediable and dissolute improbity, criminality and public service malfeasance if even there was one, and not dissimilar to what is commonplace in the lower legislative chamber of the British parliament are in effect identical replicas of what I’ve earlier described; are all Zionists committed to a Greater Israel at the complete expense of the Palestinians and other indigenous peoples of this arrogantly European named Middle East region.

It’s amazing what guilt and the consequences that stem directly from it can do to some people; and although Europe’s holocaust like all the other ones that were carried out virtually exclusively in the Global South, although by no means exempting what happened in the United States and Canada for example, weren’t thought up or premeditatedly perpetrated by anyone other than white Caucasians, the same kind of demented clowns and laughably Master Race idiots that arrogate to themselves the right to control humanity: people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg, gender confused William Hague and his female testosterone driven colleague Teresa May to mention just a few in our current British regime, all of these arch-Zionists with their numerous Friends of Zionist Israel created and fervently promoted clubs in the houses of parliament and throughout Westminster generally, continue to live in their blissful, arrogant, rather pathetic and patently out of touch with reality state of denial.

Curiously though none of them actually want these Jews living in their midst. President Truman of the United States blocked their entrance to his country when thousands of their number, and clearly refugees who were escaping the recent events in holocaust Europe, wanted to emigrate there. Fully aware of US public sentiment against it he was more concerned however about losing the election if he allowed them entry into the US. Nothing out of the ordinary this with US politicians, members of the ruling administration and even their public servants singing from the same hymn sheet. For lets not forget that none other than the US Foreign Secretary Cornell had callously prohibited during the actual war all ships sailing from Nazi terrorized areas of Europe from docking at US ports and those that had made it there were forcibly turned around and sent back to Europe.

The resultant direct effects of his actions and US administration policies were that many European Jews who would otherwise have survived Europe’s holocaust were sent back to the very continent that they were fleeing from, and there predictably ended up in concentration and death camps and inevitably perished in these hell holes. Yet Cornell was incredibly awarded of all things the Nobel Peace Prize; a rather sick mindset that still pervades to this day the thinking of the committee that dispenses this so-called prestigious award that has become a pretty loathsome joke. And you only have to take a cursory look at those: both individuals and organizations like the EU, who in recent times have received it to see what I mean.

In fact not only the United States but Europe as well wanted to be rid of their Jewish population or the seeming, in the twisted minds of their rulers, intractable problems associated with them. So any place but ours became their mantra; or employing the acronym we use in England: “Nimby”, which literally means Not In My Back Yard. Consequently any place but Europe or the US was deemed as satisfactory for these survivors of centuries-old, white Caucasian pogroms and Europe’s, though not fully carried out, Final Solution. And essentially any place meant just that and included some pretty weird choices. Among them were Madagascar, Kenya and even the southern part of Argentina, but which all the several vested interests self-interestedly representing these entities rejected out of hand and used their power of influence to veto.

For instance Britain was quite solidly behind the minority but controlling white settler colonialists in Kenya which was one of its colonies, seeing no problem whatsoever with these imperialists routinely subjugating the indigenous Blacks of that country but having European “Yids” adding to the stock of Aryan Brits and others, well that just wasn’t on old boy! And when these with colonists of UK stock rejected outright the proposition of sharing their imperialist African spoils with fellow European but who were Jewish the British government readily gave the thumbs down to any notion of Jews going to Kenya or any prospect of them turning that colony into a post-war homeland for themselves. The French adopted the same attitude in respect of Madagascar and the US administration controlled by the Mafia, which as you all know is Italian, was adverse to any part of Argentina which although it lies in South America is nevertheless peopled significantly by many Italian immigrants, didn’t want to upset its paymasters, so it unashamedly vetoed all prospects of Jews ever sequestering any part of Argentina as a future homeland.

With Kenya, Madagascar and even Argentina spared the fate that has since become symbolic with that of the Palestinians it was to be the Palestinians who were to become the victims of Europe and the United States’ post-war Nazi-style genocide, which was done so in complicit collaboration with communist USSR which still had bigoted issues as were equally omnipresent in the past even under the Tsar with its Jewish population. Thus the previously discredited Balfour Declaration, created by a man who was known for his rabid detestation of Jews, was resurrected and put into place without any consultation whatsoever with the indigenous Palestinian people. A fait accompli which Britain that had reprehensively and premeditatedly betrayed the Arabs in the aftermath of World War I and with France had instituted the Sykes-Picot accord that coined the term the Middle East and split the region into a number of contemporary South African, apartheid style Bantustans for their own ends and profit solidly supported.

Accordingly even then the PR lobby went into full gear with the entirely dishonest but all the same well promulgated and at least in the west widely believed notion in the pursuit of this grand theft of Palestine and the savage ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people that Palestine was a land without people to be inhabited by a people without land. The fundamental fact that these evidently unwanted in the west Jewish refuges wishing to escape further persecution at the hands of their white kith and kin notwithstanding this obvious fact were nevertheless white Caucasian Europeans themselves that had emanated from every corner of the European continent and rationally had no cultural, ethnic or other legitimacy to be in Palestine let alone confiscate it from its indigenous people, cut no ice with the murderous morons that were pushing this self-absorbed, completely morally corrupt and entirely dishonest agenda; and their totally guilt-ridden and poorly informed, white western public was in no position to challenge them on this.

Regrettably it’s a sickening mindset that has prevailed unchangingly ever since as we saw when the Soviet Union collapsed and their Jews, who’re European and no different racially from other white Caucasians, never mind the lying and rather pathetic myth that they’re indisputably Semites, which they not and Palestine and the rest of the Biblical lands are their ancestral homeland that they were forced to vacate over two thousand years ago. Like Australia, dare I question, is the ancestral home of whites that we know only some 300 years ago savagely confiscated that island continent from its aboriginal peoples and then arrogantly chose not to give the survivors of those whom they viciously and racially exterminated in substantial numbers, and in the case of Tasmania altogether, citizenship of a land that these people uninterruptedly and exclusively until the arrival of white Caucasians had inhabited for some 66,000 years, until the later quarter of the 20th Century?

One can cite the same mendacious arguments in respect of what’s now the United States and Canada but whites there aren’t going anywhere, far less are they willing to give up what their ancestors stole from the indigenous peoples of North America; but it’s alright to offload their unwanted kith and kin onto other people and use the most dishonest and perverse reasoning to justify their criminal actions. European Jews aren’t Semites, let’s get that clear, but are instead white Caucasians. And just as their white Christian equivalent are of the Christian faith because their ancestors converted to Christianity European Jews, principally from a region that’s now part of Russia but was an independent entity at the time with its ruler finding himself sandwiched between the rock of proselytising Christianity on the one hand and the hard place of Islam on the other and not wanting to ally himself or his country with either, opted for the then pragmatic choice of the insignificant and unchallenging to both Islam and Christianity faith of Judaism and ordered all his subjects to follow suit, which the vast majority of them did; and in the process like Christianity previously implanted the seeds of Judaism on the European continent.

Therefore, and quite rationally, the only connection that European Jews have to Biblical Palestine is their Jewish faith; and their only authentic link to Semitism is that Judaism, just like Christianity and Islam: the three interconnected Semitic faiths with a great deal in common with each other, were all formed by people who biologically, culturally and racially were bona fide Semites. As a Christian I follow a Semitic faith as does every other person who claims to be a Christian like me, but I sure as hell am no Semite; and neither is David Cameron or others in his allegedly Christian and Caucasian cabinet of government ministers.

Graphically put a white European can should he or she choose to become a Rastafarian; a citizen of Jamaica where this faith was founded if the national government of that country permits it or even of the wider Caribbean if the respective governments of those countries grant such permission. But all the same Rastafarianism is a minority religious faith even throughout the Caribbean. In Barbados for example Christianity prevails and the Church of England, or Anglicanism as it’s also known as, with its religious allegiance to the see of Canterbury, with the Archbishop of Canterbury in England as its spiritual head, is the primary religious sect on that island, notwithstanding the fact that the island not only has one of the oldest established Jewish communities in the New World but this is accompanied as well by another interesting, historical fact little known in the white west, that the oldest synagogue anywhere in the Caribbean or the Americas, come to that, is to be found in Bridgetown the capital of Barbados where it still stands from its very inception and is today a UN Heritage Site.

I’ve mentioned these two significant details both to highlight the ignorance of and draw attention to the highly selective memories that the overwhelming majority of white westerners have in relation to their Caucasian Jewish kith and kin. Furthermore, in referring to the Barbados scenario I know quite well that all Barbadians of faith and the relative few that may have none would fall about themselves with laughter, and the same goes for their counterparts across the Caribbean region, if some outsider or even some of their own were to bizarrely or even ignorantly suggest that someone evidently black from the area who is an adherent of the Anglican faith or even Catholicism, basically by dint of who now controls these religions should automatically be adjudged as Caucasians, something negated by every strand of biological and DNA data.

So how on earth then can white, European Caucasian Jews who’re demonstrably converts to or else are the descendants of those that converted to Judaism usurp this logical concept and together with their Christian fundamentalist collaborators essay to grotesquely insult the intelligence of sane and rational people with their arrant nonsense?  Caribbean people who like me find this utterly bonkers and offensive would equally feel the same way if the white Caucasian, Rastafarian convert I earlier referred to even if committed to all things Black or Caribbean suddenly started referring to himself or herself together with their manifestly white family as Afro-Caribbeans and furthermore doing so in the context of their race or ethnicity when evidently they’re not of that racial grouping.

Anymore than Linford Christie, Tessa Sanderson, Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen or any other black Briton because they happen to be British started referring to themselves as white Caucasians, something which I know they sensibly wouldn’t do. For yes they’re without doubt British and even English in terms of nationality as Australians and Canadians for example see themselves in respect of their own countries; but Caucasian, that’s just too ludicrous for words. So how then can a people whose birthplace isn’t Palestine, savagely persecuted for centuries by their kith and kin in Europe, North America and also the Spanish and Portuguese territories in Latin America and culminating in Europe’s holocaust, and clearly have a right to feel hard done by in normal circumstances, none the less take it upon themselves to do the same things to the Palestinians and expect intelligent people to sympathize or empathize with them?

Particularly so when they aren’t by any means the only people that have been subjected to these acts of barbarity by fellow white Caucasians? The Germans prior to their European holocaust carried out at the turn of the 20th Century in their African colony of Southwest Africa: today’s independent and sovereign Namibia, two comparable, but it must also be honestly pointed out much more devastating holocausts than the European one during which the entire Witbooi alongside 95% the Herero peoples of that country were savagely exterminated and in manner that made what they did in Europe appear as though it were child’s play. These two savagely perpetrated African holocausts the Germans quite shamelessly admitted were both a training ground for as well as a precursor to what they had in mind in relation to what subsequently took place in Europe.

But how many whites in holocaust affected Europe, Britain, the United States or the other Caucasian imperialist global outposts like Canada, Australia or New Zealand for instance know anything about this, write about it in their history books, teach it to their kids in school or university or frankly even care what happened in Namibia? And with their deep-seated colonist and white supremacist mindset why should they? After all those that were eradicated were dispensable wogs, coons, niggers and the rest of it for whom no compassion or recognition is merited. And so European states or those that are Caucasian stolen and run felt and still do that they have an inalienable and even God-given impunity, even though this is in actuality an arrogated and self-imposed one, to commit whatever catalogue of the most heinous crimes they care to against what they evidently see in Winston Churchill’s analysis of them as “subject peoples” or essentially inferior races.

And among those who’ve been most on the receiving end of this and essentially still are, are Blacks globally with crimes against them having ranged from slavery, colonialism, segregation, Jim Crow laws, lynching, apartheid, massacres like those carried out in British colonial Kenya and the ongoing scourge of racism. But Blacks are exclusive in having white Caucasian barbarity meted out to them as we’ve seen contemporaneously in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria; and of course the list goes on. But these faceless and readily dismissed out of hand victims euphemistically to Caucasians generally and white Johnny foreigner in particular perceived as just collateral damage don’t actually matter at all. But European Jews? Well that a whole different ball game and predominantly and even exclusively so because they’re white!

The stark irony however is that they’re not even liked by their non-Judaist, white Caucasian kith and kin, and they know that but the utterly sick and revolting argument among those on both sides of this white hypocrisy is; at the end of the day they’re white like us. So just as you have no problem killing a non-white foreigner but would hesitate to kill a family member unless you absolutely had to do so, because he or she, when everything is said and done, is still family and blood is thicker than water; a post Third Reich solution, it was figured, had to be found for Europe’s Jews that didn’t sanction their physical or contaminative presence, in large numbers anyway, within the sacrosanct borders of either Europe or the United States of America.

So what better way to re-invent and at the same time perpetuate the ludicrous myth that these people are Semites now eventually managing to return after their millennia long and enforced banishment in the wilderness to their cherished ancestral homeland of Palestine and in the entirely asinine words of Barack Obama have a non-negotiable right to be there; a land that utterly preposterous and dishonest argument goes on without people for a people without land. What next? The downtrodden Catholics of Northern Ireland, equally theoretically Semites because they’re followers of the Semitic Christian faith, being likewise stupidly sent off to Palestine and provided with a safe haven there completely at the injurious expense of the Palestinians as well, rather than being vigorously encouraged to remain in Ireland where they actually belong, just as should have been the case with Europe’s Jews relative to their natural and logical homeland which is Europe.

And speaking of safe havens despite the overwhelming majority of European Jews not wanting to go to Palestine they had no other choice, those who wanted to leave Europe, but to do so because of the marked and brazenly undisguised unwillingness on the part of the US, UK and the white Caucasian, colonialist outposts to have them, and to conceitedly get around this clearly discernible hypocrisy of theirs having already and rather dishonestly arrogated to themselves the sanctimonious high ground of having defeated Nazism in Europe and what that supposedly represented, analogous in its inanity to a paedophile cop arresting a pathetic flasher for exposing himself in public, these odious bastards to reinforce their self-serving interests rapidly took to publicly endorsing the Balfour Declaration.

Long on the backburner and not taken seriously even by many Jews who wanted to see the back of Europe the Balfour Declaration had previously been regarded at best as an unrealistic option and at its worst as a genuine no-hoper. Not any longer though, with the United Kingdom, Western Europe and, not at all surprising, the United States now explicitly welcoming it as valid panacea for Jewish independence and self determination. A white, western mindset that carried on unabated from then onwards to the present and was very noticeable when the USSR collapsed and the millions of Jews that poured out through the opened flood gates expectantly wishing to end up in Britain or the US were uncompromisingly told there was fat chance of that happening as Balfour’s Israel, or more to the point the stolen land of Palestine, was their only realistic destination.

An irony that is so stark just as it’s equally depressing, since the woes endured by European Jews for centuries have been occasioned by none other than their white kith and kin; while in marked contrast it’s been the Arabs and those in the Global South who historically have been kind to them. Yet these ungrateful Zionist Jewish bastards have been and are still siding with the same mass murderers who wanted to eradicate them from the face of the earth, and even more sickening when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse have jointly with them turned this innate white Caucasian propensity for barbarity and which they honed into art form against the Palestinian people and their neighbours who have done absolutely bugger all to any of them. In short, these Zionists haven’t the capacity or will it seems for an equal application of memory in regard of what they’re doing to the Palestinians: the cherished number of six millions to date whom they’ve brutally turned into global refugees, yet don’t miss a chance to venally and psychologically exploit Europe’s holocaust for all its worth!

With hindsight how the hell can any decent or ethically-minded person feel any sympathy whatever for these 21st Century Nazi savages no different from the 20th Century German and other European ones that wanted to totally exterminate their parents and grandparents. And who can honestly fault such conscionable people for not having any empathy with them and wish that Adolf Hitler and his lot had succeeded in what they premeditatedly set out to do; and that the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: ironically now members of the European Union and NATO, consistently boast that they were able to do? That as well as annually, openly and unashamedly celebrating their Nazi and Waffen SS past while receiving from a grateful Germany significantly larger pensions for their wartime services to that country than any British war veteran currently gets or could ever dream of doing so.

Yet the privileged prime assholes ensconced in our nepotistic, inbred and ruling establishment elites carry on boasting of how Britain won the war - oh yeah? - and seven decades after it came to an end still rather snottily and absurdly, were it not so serious a matter, sneeringly look down their noses at Germany which outperforms us in every conceivable way, except of course stupidity! And carrying on with the subject of the conspicuous incapacity to exercise an equal application of memory what two better examples to exemplify what I mean than Michael Howard, ex-Tory Party leader and the same David Cameron the current one.

Michael Howard never mind the calculatingly anglicized surname which he sports, his sort it must be said always does that, is the progeny of Romanian Jews who fled Europe’s holocaust and sought sanctuary in Britain. Quite indistinct it should be pointed out from today’s Romanian nationals and citizens of the EU who in 2013 are being castigated by our MPs, regime and others with their rather antiquated views of the world as criminally inclined and not worthy even as bona fide EU members, and as the European Union’s rules permit them to, to set foot in the UK. Yet they would be coming here, if they chose to, quite legally.

However, in marked contrast to this hyped up, noticeably xenophobic and very speculative scenario of how many would-be Romanian immigrants will actually come to Britain and perfectly legally so it must be stressed again Michael Howard, whose family as I stated before anglicized its surname as their ilk infamously resort to doing the better to pretend they are what they aren’t, is actually the son of an illegal Romanian immigrant to Britain. That particular parent was his dad although it’s unsure what the status of Michael’s mother, also a Romanian immigrant to England, was. At this stage it’s important to point out that these two individuals although both Romanian didn’t know each other in their native Romania and their subsequent union with each other only came about as a result of their later meeting each other in the United Kingdom.

Other incontrovertible facts clearly show that Howard senior discovered to be an illegal immigrant in the UK was deported by the British authorities but managed somehow to worm his way back into the country and with the Germans and their Europe-wide Nazi collaborators fervently prepared and even enthusiastically determined to maintain the Nazi Konzentrationslager abundantly replenished and the ovens of their associated death camps that voraciously fed off them dependably refilled with the fuel besonders von juedischen Untermenschen, Howard senior was providentially given a second life and ended up artfully and permanently in Britain.

Having by the skin of their teeth secured sanctuary in the United Kingdom and miraculously spared the rather gruesome fate of incineration in those Nazi death ovens or else having their bodies melted down and turned into useful commodities like soap or whatever the Howards were able to stay in the UK, breed and produce prime specimens like Michael who could call himself British, delude himself on top of that that he’s not just nationally but also and more importantly ethnically English, whatever that means in what is the most mongrelized country there is on Planet Earth from waves of centuries old migration to these shores, and become one of the most rightwing Conservative Party leaders with an entrenched racist, xenophobic and most tellingly white supremacist mindset that is imprudently at variance with his parents’ own perilous storyline and naturally his own; since without their sanctuary in the UK he wouldn’t have existed. You couldn’t make stuff like that up!

So according to Michael Howard Blacks and other nonwhites residing in Britain that are the progeny of those who selflessly fought for this country and helped rid Europe of the fascism and Nazism that plagued it, and had either of these highly pernicious ideologies succeeded would most certainly have comprehensively ushered in the ruthlessly systemic annihilation of his lot, it’s they, quite perversely, who should be summarily removed from the very country they were born and grew up in, and whose ancestors through the manifestly savage application of slavery and colonialism dispensed by Britain and on whose laboured backs this was abundantly accomplished had predictably though unwillingly provided it with the enormous wealth it rapaciously garnered for itself. And what may one ask, ever was or come to that is Romania’s current contribution to Britain?

Enter on cue an exuberantly enthusiastic and quite eager to please David Cameron: PR operative and Michael Howard’s campaign manager in the latter’s narcissistic attempt to become prime minister of Britain. And what slogan does privilege, posh boy and empire loyalist David Cameron come up with for Michael Howard and the Tory Party? As expected a juicy, snappy, catchy, racist and subliminally xenophobic one; and I quote: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” And with the then forthcoming elections focussed deliberately but rather fraudulently on the specious concerns of immigration, as is the recurrent case in every contemporary election held in the UK with these repulsive and egocentric politicians of ours, spiralling out of control, and them wilfully employing the politics of fear to corral a largely intellectually challenged or apathetic, white working class into the pens of the Conservative Party or it’s Labour and Lib-Dems mirror image, one didn’t need the IQ of Albert Einstein or to be a rocket scientist to work out what David Cameron and Michael Howard were up to.

Interestingly enough we’re always told that immigration is the biggest threat to the United Kingdom with substantial emphasis always placed on the word immigrant, which in the lexicon of these idiots is no longer employed in the contextual framework of its proper meaning: someone from somewhere else moving to a place they weren’t previously resident in but now is. Instead, what one increasingly now observes as the norm is the word immigrant being exclusively used for people who aren’t white or, as in the case of Romanians, not perceived as proper Caucasians. As a result, regardless of where in the world a so-called proper Caucasian chooses either to go or reside he or she isn’t considered to be an immigrant while everyone else, including those who live in and moreover have never left their ancestral homeland, is ludicrously branded by these harebrained white morons as immigrants.

Here’s a quite revealing case in point for you to contemplate on! In 2012 I ran into an old university acquaintance of mine who is white British; was born, raised and schooled in leafy, southern England and who told me she would soon be emigrating to Australia with her family, adding that she and her husband had mutually made this decision because they both felt there were far too many immigrants living in Britain and since they could only see this already damaging state of affairs worsening to the detrimental effect of white indigenous Britons generally, they thought it wise to pack their bags and quit England for good.

Bizarrely this woman, well educated in book-learned terms but nevertheless in rational ones a rather stupid bitch, couldn’t see or would she have grasped it, if it were pointed out to her, that in Australia with a detailed and well recorded history of genocide, barbaric treatment, theft, racism coupled with the violent seizure of their country, together with the multiple other inhumanities of the past and that are still being meted out to the indigenous Aborigines, she and her family would also be immigrants, wouldn’t have resonated one bit I was absolutely sure with this female, so I didn’t bother wasting my intellectual acumen on this moron by pointing out to her the irony as well as the foolishness of what she was saying; bearing in mind that Britain is still 95% white, its political regimes are always snow white and the same is incontestably true of every European country, where no state on the European continent or offshore is in the hands of any other race but white Caucasians.

So other than perhaps a nagging and deep-seated sense of guilty and the fear that nonwhites from the ill-treated Global South will do to whites what whites did to them and still carry on doing; I honestly can’t see what the hyped-up and disingenuous problem around immigration into Europe is! In fact, I sometimes feel like specifically writing an article on the subject and asking aloud why is it that these same racists in Britain and throughout Europe don’t ask their kith and kin that have confiscated large areas of the Global South: Australia and New Zealand speedily come to mind as well as the whole of North America, none of which are physically part of Europe or are even remotely close to it but none the less is where the confiscators of these territories come from, to pack their bags and come back to Europe for good, if they’re so bothered about non-white immigration into Europe as they claim, and by so doing not only leave the indigenous non-white peoples they would leave behind in peace and to live their lives as they choose to but also provide a conduit where non-white based European folk could reciprocate and equally leave Europe for good?

Such a transformation wouldn’t happen of course because these racist whites know all too well that in the numbers game there would be fare more whites arriving back in Europe than the sum total of all the nonwhites there are throughout Europe that either forcibly or willingly so would be vacating that continent; so it’s just a load of crap that they’re spouting! But realistically why on earth should such a scenario be even contemplated let alone affected on either side of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean for that matter? Crucially, and by the same token, why should generations of British or other European born and based nonwhites be routinely subjected to this unwarranted harassment and the xenophobic, racist and phoney argument, never applied to whites abroad by the way wherever they are, that they don’t belong here when they quite obviously do?

Furthermore, I don’t know of a single European country, and that includes Britain, that doesn’t have a snow-white regime in place and which hasn’t always done so? Where its cabinet ministers and the entire trappings of government from lawmakers to those legally charged with the administration and execution of law, order and justice aren’t exclusively in the hands of white Caucasians, persons that are wholeheartedly happy for this to be the case, as indeed is most of the white populace, and show no inclination or willingness whatsoever to share these powers with their non-white fellow citizens. So what, I ask again, is the problem other than the manufactured disinformation and politics of fear that quite calculatingly are being provoked, courtesy of the warped minds of 21st Century based but 18th Century in mindset twerps completely obsessed with their Master Race, imperialist and control-freakism notions?

I’ve flown over the length and breadth of the UK numerous times while serving with the Royal Air Force and also as a passenger on commercial airlines and I can honestly tell you that less than 40%, that right, 40% of the United Kingdom is populated, and it’s in this densely populated region of our country that most of us reside. Now I’m a genuine environmentalist, although I also see myself as a pragmatic one, and don’t ever want to see my country dishonestly for essentially pecuniary reasons, naively co-opted or even blissfully duped in the name of what can best be described as superficially progressive developmental infrastructure grotesquely given over to parking lots, shopping malls and other long-term white elephants.

But it’s the idea that Britain is bursting at the seams with people and the so-called indigenous ones in what’s unquestionably the most mongrelized country on Earth – a consequence of thousands of years of the repeated infusion of people from every corner of the globe – is suddenly about to be swamped, using the word that Margaret Thatcher emotively used to push her racist agenda, by non-white aliens who’ve no right to be here, even though generations of them were born and brought up in the UK, is simply crap, and nothing more than a phoney, political ploy by politicians on all sides in the Houses of parliament but nevertheless of an identical mindset, to cheaply and populously garner the votes of very useful and quite often as well pathetic idiots on the national electoral role for their own dubious political but it’s a safe bet too financial aggrandisement.

So why is David Cameron and Co. behaving in the utterly adolescent way in which they are? Well it all boils down to an unappeasable fixation on their part for white Caucasian hegemony in the Global South and not least so because they were born into and painstakingly raised with this antiquated and feudalistic sense of entitlement to privilege along with the unquestioning control by their kind of all supposedly subject races globally; but sadly for them when they came into the world the sun had not only in effect in realistic terms set on their cherished but no longer existing British Empire but also had crucially and disastrously from the perspective of their grandiose personal ambitions likewise done so, leaving them to experience the frustrated emotions of a rejected groom left at the church and with no prospect of his perspective bride ever showing up.

A situation that has undeniably been particularly galling for these Master Race proponents with their ludicrous notion of a birthright to entitlement when that concept has itself been further compounded by the fact that these perceived subject races especially in the Global South have for the most part in their eyes had the sheer audacity and even the temerity to insubordinately refuse to kowtow to these white supremacists’ repellent philosophy, a defiance which can’t be tolerated and consequently so as to restore the status quo ante must be destroyed by these empire loyalists employing any means they have at their disposal, including the attack, invasion and occupation of these perceived recalcitrant’s countries.

Criminal activities intentionally reinforced by the destruction of these countries physical, social and political infrastructure; the widespread plunder of their natural resources; and churlishly to hammer home their warmongering and military superiority - not dissimilar from Bradley Manning’s graphic illustration of their activities as analogous to that of a feral kid gratuitously and sadistically torturing ants with a magnifying glass - aggravate the aforementioned by premeditatedly, cold-bloodedly and deliberately wreaking gruesome mass murder, an assortment of war crimes, crimes against humanity and the criminal abrogation of the sovereignty of these targeted victims’ countries against them, just like these white supremacists’ ancestors arbitrarily and with complete impunity also did in the good old colonial days.

And therefore with the so-called Middle East one of the areas of primary focus for these renegades in the west Israel is not only their geo-political equivalent but also for the west their vicious attack dogs in this surreal 21st Century version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. That said these ignorant bastards all round and their public at home are so caught up in their hair-raising fantasies that they genuinely can’t see that events much worst than what George Orwell predicted in his 1984 epic are commonplace features in the western leaders’ Orwellian nightmare where those who brazenly and even open lie are given Nobel Peace prizes – Barack Obama and the European Union readily come to mind – while persons of conscience, those who courageously speak truth to power, or selflessly inform their ill-informed or apathetic public and the world at large what their rulers are criminally doing, genuine heroes like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, must be hounded, vilified and destroyed. All because the majority of westerners have in one way or another either consciously or self-centredly permitted a rather sick and crazy society to develop in their midst where their asses have willingly transposed their normal position with that of their heads.

Therefore it doesn’t surprise me in the least that political lightweights and noticeable nonentities like David Cameron, Nick Clegg, William Hague and others in their cabinet who themselves are covertly encouraged by Labour’s frontbench, champagne socialists in both houses of the British parliament as well as outside of these institutions, having carefully observed what Tony Blair, in combination with their own active support for him at the time, routinely did with impunity, and with him since leaving Downing Street having accrued and copiously continues to make millions from his mass murdering, war crimes and crimes against humanity exploits, that they too not only want to emulate him but are also extremely keen and by example to acquire, notwithstanding its immoral implications, a piece of this lucrative financial pie for themselves.

For David Cameron and Nick Clegg Libya was their collective solo enterprise; and the fact that far from becoming the liberated country they lyingly stated it would be and despite the ongoing chaos that noticeably is rampant there and far worse than anything that happened under Colonel Gaddafi’s tenure of office, these two carpet bagging opportunists still bizarrely pretend that post Gaddafi Libya is a much better place than it previously was. But they would say that wouldn’t they to précis Mandy Rice Davies. And why not?

After all Libya’s crucial oil and gas infrastructure that were intentionally not touched during Britain and its NATO collaborators’ unrelenting and cavalier aerial bombardment of that country, the quite sinister and calculated mass murder of over one hundred thousand innocent Libyan civilians coupled with the deliberate fomentation of the singling out for ethnic cleansing and the horrendous lynching of black Libyans by British and other western trained, armed and financed terrorists: activities which pale into insignificance when compared to these western countries dishonest assertions of Gaddafi’s supposed crimes, all had a specific British and western perspective in mind; which was to fragment and make Libya ungovernable, the better to purloin its oil and gas resources and keep these flowing for the exclusive benefit of the west’s multinational corporations in whose pockets these politicians are well and truly embedded.

Music certainly to the ears of the plutocrats who control the military industrial complex and to whom our political leaders are voluntarily and deeply indebted and who together with their fellow MPs and other lawmakers undeservingly for the most part ensconced in the misnomer-named House of Lords all have exceedingly advantageous consultancies or other lucrative lobbying contracts on top of their parliamentary salaries, but who morally and indisputably from the point of view of their constituents should be making their lawful interests their key concern but which they clearly regard as secondary to the crooked enterprises they profitably engage in.

So why then does a country that conspicuously wastes no time, effort, political capital, opportunity and even financial resources in sanctimoniously lecturing the Global South on issues of democracy, human rights and the rest of it voluntarily get into bed with the likes of Bantu Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain and the other Persian Gulf state tyrannies? The simple answer is of course greed. For ever since the Iranian Revolution and the ousting of the so-called Shah of Iran who’d been brutally, arbitrarily and jointly imposed on the sovereign state of Iran and its people in the wake of the preceding overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected government under Prime Minister Mossedeq by the British and US regimes through the auspices of their security services MI6 and the CIA, both the United States and Britain have vindictively had a bone to pick with an independent Iran that has decisively refused to bend the knee of subservience to the imperialist and colonialist agendas of these two western states.

The misnomer-named Anglo-Iranian oil company, BP’s predecessor, had unilaterally controlled all the oil and gas resources in Iran and the profits made from these ventures all went to the UK and not the Iranian people. So when the Iranian Prime Minister and that country’s parliament, both of which had been democratically elected, voted overwhelmingly to nationalize Anglo-Iranian that company along with the British regime in London went ballistic in their reaction to this logical and perfectly legitimate move by the Iranian authorities. How dare they confiscate our oil was the response from London? It might be under Iranian soil the skewed imperialist argument went but even so it belongs to us whites! And not unsurprisingly Britain was hell-bent on doing what it always selfishly does in such indefensible cases on its part when a long-suffering victim finally and courageously stands up to it. It reacts in the most savage manner possible.

A most savage but utterly pusillanimous, puppet Shah working exclusively in the interests of the US and Britain was instantly imposed on the Iranian people following the ousting of their democratically elected Prime Minister and parliament, and the status quo ante now principally in the interests of BP, the British regime and the United States was restored. However, when the Shah was himself finally overthrown and Iran’s Islamic revolution ushered in Britain and the United States were never going to tolerate that and predictably haven’t; and that essentially is their bugbear with Iran. For let’s face facts neither Britain nor the United States despite their constant and dishonest rhetoric care tuppence about the implementation and solidification of democracy, human rights or civil society in respect of the Iranian people , for if they did they wouldn’t be voluntarily in bed with the likes of Bantu Saudi, Qatar and the other feudalistic and barbaric Persian Gulf dictatorships where none of these concepts either in theory far less practice actually exist, and whenever those wanting them deign to raise their heads above the parapet to even peacefully request them those heads are quickly chopped off.

In reality what Britain, the US and the EU actually want are pliant satrapies that unquestioningly do the west’s bidding through instinctively selling out their own people and in turn making huge profits for western corporations and the military industrial complex. Meanwhile in return for their generous Danegeld contributions these insufferably barbaric, medieval, feudalistic and completely nauseating and tyrannical entities get the western military and political protection they require and substantially pay for to stay in power at home, and the west is quite happy with this since for both sides it’s a win win situation. On the other hand though Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are grave and irritating obstacles to this western, Israeli-Zionist hegemony in the Middle East region having full sway, so the likes of David Cameron, prized morons like France’s President François Hollande and the rest of the United States bully boys, all of whom are behaving like brainless bouncers in a metropolitan disco, the axis of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah: the latter having conspicuously defeated Israel and markedly debunked its much vaunted military invincibility, must go and preferably be destroyed in the process.

What these western countries and their satrapies are doing is illegal and contravenes all international laws and conventions, and that includes the Geneva ones, as well as the Nuremberg protocols which paradoxically, given the contemporary circumstances, Britain was highly instrumental in drawing up post World War Two to try, convict and put to death Nazi Germans that the UK and US in particular were subjectively ill-disposed to; and of course the UN Charter. So David Cameron’s actions are war crimes and crimes against humanity; and bearing in mind as well that his regime premeditatedly and clandestinely planned and orchestrated the deliberate slaughter and destruction which observers have witnessed being unhappily carried out in Syria and furthermore is still pursuing this unlawful policy without a United Nations Security Council mandate, and according to UN estimates have accounted for in excess of 95,000 Syrian civilian deaths also constitutes mass murder.

Besides, one would have realistically thought that after its joint creation with the US of al-Qaida and what subsequently happened when the Russians were forced in this proxy war with the west to leave Afghanistan and both Britain and the US then summarily dumping al-Qaida as being surplus to their ongoing requirements, leading in angry response to the contemptuous conduct by these two western countries of their useful idiots who’d tirelessly worked on their masters behalf in this Central Asian country to the murky intrigues surrounding 9/11; the military attacks, subsequent wars and invasions respectively of Afghanistan and Iraq that British leaders at least would have learnt their lesson; but clearly they haven’t!

Instead, we’re dishonestly presented with an upgraded version of the Colin Powell UN anthrax spiel all over again, except that on this occasion its sarin gas, to lyingly in the absence of a United Nations Security Council authorization of intervention in Syria to have Britain, France, the United States and NATO countries together with their barbaric Arab supporters in the Persian Gulf as well as an Egypt still relying heavily on US handouts as consistently occurred under Hosni Mubarak, to illegitimately wage all out war on the sovereign and independent nation of Syria. The fraudulent excuse being that Syria’s lawful government has crossed the United States and Israel’s so-called red line and has used chemical weapons against its own people.

Anyone who is familiar with contemporary history knows of the numerous false flags used by the United States of America to unjustifiably and unlawfully attack other countries that courageously refuse to submit to its global hegemonic aspirations. It’s an identical mindset which is also deeply entrenched in the all-encompassing bullying psyche of Israel, Britain, France other EU and NATO countries. The notorious Gulf of Tonkin affair premeditatedly planned and executed by the then US regime to get itself directly involved in Vietnam and other South Asian wars was all the US’s doing; a pack of lies in other words and never happened. Israel’s calculated attack on the US Navy ship the US Liberty to intentionally drag the US into the war that it was waging with its Arab neighbours by blaming that attack on its Arab adversaries and the US’s wilful conspiracy afterwards with Israel in scandalously hushing this up on the direct orders of the President of the United States and moreover even going as far as slapping a top secret classification on the entire incident even when it became apparent that several members of the US Liberty’s crew were murdered in that dastardly assault just goes to show the level of disdain that these criminal political and military elites have for the sanctity of human life and will actually go to con the general public and cover their gangster asses.

Britain embarked on a similar false flag in relation to Angola; a false flag it had widely propagated in the so-called broadsheet newspapers at home and extensively carried in the customary dishonest news bulletins of the BBC targeted at its home as well as its oversees audiences. This time it wasn’t the Germans as was the case in its highly successful propaganda assault on the airwaves in the lead up to World War I, fraudulently describing how German soldiers were constantly raping and killing Belgian nuns, an enterprise correspondingly successful in its audacity as it happened to aggressively get the United States implicated in Britain’s internecine war with Germany which was the end result, but the Cubans.

For at the request of the Angolan government the Caribbean island of Cuba led at the time by Fidel Castro had selflessly and militarily gone to Angola’s assistance in the latter’s bid to drive out South Africa’s apartheid military machine that had unlawfully invaded its sovereign territory at the behest of Britain and other western states that were vigorous supporters of the apartheid regime ensconced at the southern end of the African continent and who didn’t want to see the system of apartheid end in South Africa or the surrounding African states enjoy genuine democracy and independence. Thus with the propitious arrival of Cuban troops immediately followed by massive reversals militarily on the part of the invading apartheid South African forces concomitant with the imminent and complete routing of these racist interlopers the British regime with the active cooperation of its compliant and accommodating media corporation the BBC unthinkingly aided and abetted by the other UK media generally went into full attack mode. And collectively revamping the old World War I ruse against the Germans and striving to provoke a similar response globally and particularly so on the African continent, the updated official British narrative now became one of Cuban soldiers based in Angola systematically raping not only Angolan women but pubescent girls as well. Quite sensibly Africans didn’t fall for this lie and the Cubans finished the job they were there for and drove South Africa’s apartheid forces out of Angola.

Anyone familiar with contemporary history knows of the numerous false flags used by the United STASI of America to brutally attack other countries unjustly and unlawfully. It’s the same situation with Britain, France and the other EU states. The Golf of Tonkin affair: a fraudulent incident to get the US openly and directly involved in Vietnam and also to wage its other South Asian wars, never happened. Israel’s brazen and premeditated attack on the US warship the US Liberty this time to get the US involved in its own war with its Arab neighbours by blaming that attack on its Arab foes; and Britain’s lying World War I claim that German soldiers were systematically raping and bayoneting Belgian nuns, other women and young children to get the US involved in its internecine war with Germany are all comparatively recent examples of false flags intentionally and abusively used by warmongering states in the west to widen conflicts which were immorally and illegally embarked upon. Ironically with the US having fallen for Britain’s World I lies and later realizing it had been taken for a ride was most adamant that nothing like that would ever happen to it again and in part accounts for why it was so reluctant to enter World War II.

However, Britain would use the same lie in Angola which it once more had widely propagated in so-called broadsheet newspapers at home and likewise extensively carried in dishonest bulletins in the BBC news both at home and abroad. This time though it wasn’t the Germans that were in the firing line but the Cubans who at the request of the Angolan government had gone to that African state to assist with the driving out from it of South Africa’s apartheid troops that at the behest of the west had invaded it as part of South Africa and the west’s committed aim to keep neighbouring Namibia which was still firmly entrenched in South Africa’s illegal social, economic and politic orbit solely where these white racists and their avid western conspirators wanted it to remain.

Then most recently and infamously of all Tony Blair lying through his teeth in parliament to the accompanying acclamatory brays of the herd of donkeys assembled there that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in his possession that he could activate in 45 minutes to the peril not only Britain but also its western partners an Arab satrapies in the Persian Gulf. It was all a lie from start to finish and a most premeditated one since Tony Blair and his ilk were well aware of the truth, but even so the parliamentary donkeys brayed their consent to what he was about to embark on and the rest as they say is history.

Now the same useful mantra, just as lying in its contextual composition and desires and dangerous in its execution is being employed by Barack Obama, David Cameron, Françoise Hollande and Angela Merkel among others in the west for their perverse identical agendas and objectives in Syria with the grand prize, of course, were they to succeed being Iran. Just ask yourself a few pertinent questions, and I’ll jog your memory on these, and see what answers you sensibly and honestly come up with when you’ve done so.

The foreign terrorists backed by Britain and the rest of its own western governmental and terroristic clique on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific come to that in Australia aren’t above using what are universally classified as banned ammunitions in their imperialistic and colonialist adventures. In the case of Iraq there’s incontrovertible evidence that the widespread usage of depleted uranium and other chemical weapons used there by the British and the Americans for example have resulted in an epidemic of cancers and birth deformities in areas like Fallujah and Nijaf. And now in its militaristic campaign against the Syrian government these same western regimes and their surrogates in the Gulf region are clandestinely equipping their terrorist proxies with similar deadly chemical weapons so as to wreak the same deadly mayhem on the Syrian people, hopefully cause them through induced fear to rise up against their legitimate government and inevitably it’s intended force that government to ultimately collapse and thus pave the way for one that is pusillanimous to the wishes of the west.

The irony of all this is that after the use of chemical weapons by these terrorists in Aleppo the Syrian government asked the UN to investigate the matter. After all the terrorists had even gone as far as to self-assuredly film themselves testing their chemical weapons on rabbits while openly bragging that the gruesome death these rabbits were seen to be experiencing would be similarly dispensed to those in the Syrian government and not least among them the President himself. This barbarity was widely dissimilated by these abhorrent savages on You Tube for the entire world to see but regrettably, and rather subjectively one must surmise, acts not savage enough either for the UN’s Secretary General or the Security Council, and particularly the permanent five members of that chamber, to decisively act against such barbarity and the threatened and unquestionably deadly assault on innocent civilian lives.

Then to corroborate the need for urgent action to be taken against these savage killers, members of the terrorist Al Nusra wing of al-Qaida were caught red-handed with chemical weapons in Turkey which is not only a conduit point for terrorist attacks from its territory on Syria but also a dynamic participant among the coterie of those that would like to violently overthrow the Assad government in that country. Graphic German reports and other reliable sources categorically assert that in Sunni controlled areas of Iraq chemical weapons are being manufactured there with the covert help of the west; weapons that would then be smuggled into Syria used against elements of its civilian public with the much western media publicized attendant blame for these barbaric massacres fraudulently laid at the door of the Syrian government followed by a premeditated and well orchestrated political and diplomatic assault on the Syrian government and calling for so-called international intervention, by which they mean NATO attacks to rid Syria of a purported brutal regime that had no concern for its own people, by the very same western regimes that planned the entire scenario in the first place.

Additionally the United Kingdom an enthusiastic supporter of these jihadist terrorists is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of chemical weapons globally from its Portadown plant in rural Wiltshire. For it was here that a multitudinous array of chemical weapons were first invented along with other things more commonly known to the public like pepper spray. So if let’s say you’re quite keen to have your friends: terrorists or otherwise, succeed in a venture that you’re most enthusiastic about and they’ve been discovered to have in their possession chemical weapons, something that you manufacture in abundance and sell quite profitably worldwide, it’s not rocket science or beyond the realms of possibility that those chemical weapons or the formula for manufacturing them came from you; i.e. in this specific case Britain. And having substituted Britain one doesn’t need to have a PhD in the aforesaid rocket science to work out where some if not exactly all of these chemical weapons in the terrorists’ arsenal came from and bearing in mind also David Cameron and William Hague’s warmongering support on behalf of the same terrorists.

However, despite all the aforementioned evidence to hand concerning the western backed terrorists’ barbaric outrage in Aleppo for example against completely innocent civilians there, there wasn’t a squeak of protest from Britain, hardly likely in the circumstances I must say, or its western allies in this loathsome perfidy; and what independent investigation there was carried out by Russia that was itself preceded by a token UN one concluded that the culprits were none other than western backed terrorists and not the Syrian government.

Predictably though Britain, the US and France and the terrorists’ other backers instantly rubbished these findings and without a shred of evidence to support their claim said that the chemical attacks were the handiwork of the Syrian authorities. Which begs the obvious question: how on earth can anyone including a state give a definitive analysis of or an explanation for something they know absolutely nothing about they assert but at the same time obdurately refused to take part in as they were requested to do. Furthermore with the Syrian Army, even by the terrorists’ account, winning the war and its foes being comprehensively routed as a result why would President Assad need to employ chemical weapons against his enemy in those circumstances?

It doesn’t make sense at all and is totally illogical; and with President Assad, who they all expected would have long gone by now, still in control of his country these extremely pernicious and odious western bastards have gone for the desperate option of last resort – weapons of mass destruction. It fraudulently worked against Saddam Hussein and even Colonel Gaddafi; so let’s use the same tactic against President Assad; lyingly conjure up the spectre of fear in the public’s mind with the able and fanatical support of a sycophantic and embedded western media; attack Syria, and keep our fingers crossed for the best they reasoned. Wishful thinking!

This public display of asinine conduct by David Cameron, Barack Obama and the rest of them quite disconcerting as it obviously is funnily enough doesn’t trouble me as much as what our legal lot are doing in turning a blind eye to it. For there’s more than enough evidence to arrest Tony Blair, David Cameron, his entire cabinet of ministers, and the Labour Party’s champagne socialists for a plethora of serious crimes that unquestionably contravene every international norm relating to human rights, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as well as our own domestic laws. But will Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police, unsurprisingly hogging the media airwaves after the Woolwich incident and in marked contrast to what she should actually be doing with respect to the aforesaid and much more serious crimes, have the balls to do it?

Please, don’t hold your breath on that one! The hierarchy of the Metropolitan Police Force in which Cressida Dick: the testosterone driven, gender-ensconced, and additionally someone who as a result of her appointment is much more concerned in frenetically essaying in that distinctively unabashed and deleterious misogynistic, male dominated world that’s so entirely characteristic of that body, to demonstrate she’s one of the boys instead of doing what she really ought to and strive to change the noxious and iniquitous system that’s not only prevalent but also wholeheartedly encouraged there is such that nothing significant, far less meaningful will ever occur or be allowed to at the Met.

To get as gist of what I mean one only has to examine the circumstances surrounding rogue cop and now torturer-in-Chief in Bahrain John Yates. This was an appointment made in the best tradition of Metropolitan Police malfeasance and predictably at the very top of that loathsome and infected dung heap. For on having been permitted to leave Scotland Yard under a ruddy, great, dirty cloud with his inflated pension intact and with a well-disposed nod of encouraging approval from No. 10 Downing Street, John Yates of the Yard was parachuted into Bahrain in the dying days of his predecessor, the notorious mass murderer and war criminal Ian Henderson, to take over from him when he died.

But John Yates’ remit was much wider than just that and involved as well keeping the very lucrative fires of British imperialist, financial and western military interests there, principally in the latter case those of the United States, at full pelt; and with the same impunity given to Ian Henderson to torture, kill and eradicate at will and by any means at his disposal all those among the hugely ostracized and marginalized Shia majority population of Bahrain who wanted no part of this savage and oppressive colonization of their country but ironically were striving to achieve the same democracy that Britain and its hypocritical western allies sanctimoniously preach so much about but in reality don’t practice themselves. And needless to say John Yates has thus far monstrously and sadistically lived up to the brutal expectations reliably required of him in his new Bahraini position and that while he was with the Metropolitan Police Force he dexterously honed and also implemented in other ways.

The entire world knows now what Ian Henderson did in colonial Kenya and how when that country eventually gained its independence from Britain he was swiftly moved to Bahrain by the then British regime in London to intentionally carry on his sadistic torturing and the like with similar impunity in that country. And even if there were those that didn’t know all the facts before the chilling testimony of those brave elderly Kenyans coming to London to sue the UK regime for the indescribable acts of bestiality, mass murder, the burning alive, serial rape and sheer brutality committed against them and upwards to one million other Kenyans, forcing the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague in 2013 to grudgingly offer these survivors of British savagery compensation, in relative terms a miserly sum for what happened to them, is a damning indictment of the barbarity which is innate within the white British psyche and especially so among the British ruling classes and their working class surrogates.

And bearing that firmly in mind why then should Cressida Dick or her ilk, whether male or female, ensconced within the Metropolitan Police or any other British police force for that matter act to give justice to the families of the million plus innocent Iraqis who were wantonly slaughtered by Britain and the US; or the multitude of others whose fate was precisely the same in Afghanistan, Libya and other areas of the Global South, and who even as I write are collectively still being subjected to the worst effects of western imperialism and neo-colonialism, because in effect these people don’t look like Cressida Dick or her ilk, and consequently aren’t worthy of the same fundamental human rights or even the identical sensitivities that these white supremacists and delusional believers that they are God’s chosen people assume are theirs automatically and exclusively?

Could it be that Cressida Dick and Co. have far more pressing issues on their minds like deliberately keeping secret from the general public their knowledge that a host of major British corporations have been constantly and criminally accessing, retrieving, sharing among themselves and flagrantly using for their corporate and financial benefit personal data of literally millions of members of the general public purloined without the knowledge of those targeted and done so in an illegal fashion from their banking and other personal records; activities that the police are perfectly well aware of; know to be criminal activities; are fully cognisant of what corporations are deeply involved in this illegality and who in them are the ringleaders, but have done absolutely nothing to apprehend far less charge those responsible. In fact the only thing the Serious Crime Squad, whose remit this is and with the explicit approval of the hierarchy of the Metropolitan Police, has done since 2008 when this criminality first surfaced was to hand copies of the files on these rogue corporations, still kept secret from the general public, to a House of Commons Select Committee on the specific orders that the said committee also kept mum about what was going on.

And would you believe it, that and subsequent House of Commons Committees have! Talk about the tail wagging the dog. For here we have elected representatives to the House of Commons fawningly doing the criminal bidding of a police force that legally is answerable to our elected parliamentarians and not the other way round. And its prompts the very obvious question, what the hell are these MPs doing in an elected chamber of our parliamentary system if as is patently obvious they can’t even be bothered to stand up for the interests of their constituents who are the victims of these conceited and highly criminal jerks that run these corporations? But far worst than that it has also emerged that no fewer than three Home Secretaries across the political spectrum were in on this scandalous cover-up!

Yet they are specifically the ones with the political portfolio for the administration of law and order in the UK. And why have the police, House of Commons Select Committee or the Home Secretaries involved done absolutely nothing about bringing these criminal corporations to justice? Collectively they felt that were these companies’ criminality to become public knowledge that intelligence would undoubtedly have an adverse effect on the companies’ share prices; and to this coterie of corrupt and venal charlatans charged with administering and upholding the law the financial wellbeing of corrupt and rogue companies steeped in criminality is far more important than safeguarding the law or even protecting the legitimate interests of the British public.

We’re talking here about so-called blue chip companies that have been extensively involved in all manner of criminality including the illegal hacking of the personal data of innocent members of the public, yet even now with this knowledge having been leaked out they are still being protected from exposure by the police and our parliamentarians in the know. The usual case of one law for the rich, powerful and the influential who can give bribes and satisfy the greed of those that can and do grant them impunity to act above and outside the law, and another altogether for ordinary members of the public. But why doesn’t any of this, shocking as it is, surprise me?
To start with when a UK prime minister can barefacedly lie through his teeth and take our country to war under premeditated and lying pretences, cause absolute havoc to this day in the country that he has attacked yet with impunity freely walk away from the mass murder and crimes against humanity that he has instigated while garner millions of Pounds Sterling into his private coffers for doing the bidding of those who wanted this war as he travels the western world on further lucrative book tours, why shouldn’t those in either in parliament as well as our supposedly law enforcement agencies not cater for their own equally corrupt financial interests?

Besides, the Metropolitan Police Force already has significant form in this matter, as those without very short attention spans, who aren’t utterly brain dead, completely prejudiced or are so obtuse that they live in a world quite different from every prescient-minded person on this planet already know. And I refer to the financial scandal surrounding British Aerospace and the Bantu Saudi regime when proven charges of bribes, corruption and a great deal more were dropped by the Serious Fraud Squad of the Metropolitan Police willingly it would seem at the behest of one Toni Blair. And quite clearly that body hasn’t learnt its lesson.

And the blunders, incompetently or premeditatedly so, of the Metropolitan Police go on unabated as was demonstrably witnessed in the case of Stephen Lawrence savagely and gratuitously murdered in London by white racists thugs, but far from vigorously pulling out all the stops to catch and bring his killers to justice the Metropolitan Police in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service did their level best to muddy the waters in that regard and deliberately thwarted Stephen’s family, friends and supporters from getting justice for him, even criminally going out of their way to gratuitously smear the Lawrence family and their supporters in these supposedly law enforcement agencies’ pathetically sick and racist attempts to get their way. With accomplished dignity however, more than can ever be said for the Metropolitan Police or the CPS, Stephen’s courageous and determined parents and quite amazingly the Daily Mail, a British rightwing newspaper, never gave up seeking justice for Stephen.

Then 19 years on, and far longer than Stephen Lawrence actually lived, two of his killers were jailed for his murder though not for life, in what essentially amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist administered to them for what they did. An insulting punishment that was compounded by the Met Police publicly announcing that they might never be able to bring the rest of Stephen’s murderers to justice because of the lack of funds available to them to do so. But no shortage of taxpayers’ money it would seem that’s readily available to the Metropolitan Police ridiculously engaged in the pursuit of its ludicrous fantasy that a certain blue-eyed and blonde haired girl was implausibly snatched not in London but Portugal, which is way out of their jurisdiction, is very much alive and just waiting to be rescued by these Sherlock Holmes at the Met who couldn’t solve the straightforward murder of a talented Black London student on their doorstep. Give me a break!

From a personal perspective Cressida Dick and her ilk, as is the case with John Yates, have nothing to say that I want to hear let alone listen to, except perhaps that some serious effort will be made by those with the responsibility and duty to do so, to clean out the proverbial Aegean Stables that very much encompass the Met Police in contemporary London; and that justice which is supposed to be blind and impartial will be objectively dispensed to everyone who inhabits this island called Britain instead of the general public having to witness the glaringly preferential treatment for some and the gratuitous and unwarranted disdain for others.

Anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head knows the causes of blowback which Woolwich was and no amount of denial or crass bombast from any source, and especially those that are putting our country at risk by their Colonel Blimp, imperialist and neo-colonialist mindset, will change that. And the most effective way to do so is for Britain and its partnership of western criminal states to stop their unwarranted interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states as well as cease the plundering of their natural resources. Bring to a halt too the unjustified murder of these countries’ nationals substantially spiced with the contemptible arrogance of these western killers of not even bothering to count who among these people or how many of them were killed or massacred. And crucially accord to other people the same dignity, honest respect, right to life and the autonomy to live their lives as they see fit in the self-same manner that westerners, and particularly those at the top of this hierarchal tree, avidly insist are inalienable rights for themselves, family members and their friends. Do this, and I’m sure that westerners will instantly see a marked change in attitudes towards them by those that they persistently delight in wronging within the Global South.

For if any of this were happening to westerners on the same regular basis, and it’s clear bearing in mind all the security precautions which your governments and so-called law enforcement agencies have put in place and are even continuing to do so covertly and illegally because they like you are shit scared of the likely repercussions from perfectly understandable blowbacks, you’ll feel exactly the same way that your victims do. For one doesn’t have to condone something in order to entirely understand the rationality behind it! And the adage that what you don’t like for yourself you should not do to others is as apt in these circumstances as it has always been.

Therefore, what we hear and see coming out of Washington, London, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv aren’t redlines but red herrings! But even closer at home if the British establishment, a media which acts as the ardent lapdogs of this same establishment rather than being the watchdogs they should be; the police, our elected regimes, parliament and even the military can’t realistically concede that what has been going on in Northern Ireland for decades is a goddam civil war in the classic sense and not as these assholes ludicrously and in a permanent state of denial keep referring to as “The Troubles”, what hope in hell is there of them honestly much less rationally resolving other peoples’ problems?
Especially so when, as in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria for example, it’s they who intentionally initiated these problems in the first place!

And what if Russia, China or other global players were vigorously fuelling the civil war in Northern Ireland; training the Provisional IRA, providing it with money, logistical services, political and also diplomatic coverage as well as arming it to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry contrary to every international law, convention and the UN Charter that forbid this? What do you think the reaction of these bloody western hypocrites and purveyors of double standards would be? Answers please as we say in England on the back of a postage stamp!