Thursday, 27 June 2013

What a stupid, insensitive racist and hateful Zionist bitch Sky’s Anna Botting is!

By Stanley Collymore

On the 26 June 2013 Anna Botting Sky’s presenter on the 6pm news of that TV broadcasting station while interviewing Mr Michael Mansfield QC and the barrister for the Stephen Lawrence family was caustically critical of Stephen’s parents calling for a judge-led public enquiry into recent revelations which demonstrated that rather than investigating Stephen’s known racist killers as they should have done the Metropolitan Police sought instead to tarnish and smear the Lawrence family, friends and supporters with false allegations and media disinformation, and furthermore in the interim did all that they possibly could to stop Stephen’s murderers being prosecuted and justice being accorded to him and his family.

A process the police rather successfully succeeded in achieving for 19 years, far longer than the 18 years that Stephen had lived, when eventually shamed into actually doing something about this utterly disgraceful and criminal abrogation of the due process of law two of his killers were at last prosecuted by the CPS, found guilty in a court of law and accordingly but rather belatedly jailed. However the rest of the racist gang that was likewise implicated in Stephen’s murder is still at large with more concerted police inaction hindering their arrest, prosecution and likely conviction.

However Anna Botting was visibly pissed off by the suggestion that a judicial enquiry could happen to finally resolve the multiple wrongdoings surrounding the lack of any proper investigation by the police into Stephen’s racist murder that was itself brazenly compounded by the grotesque humiliation as well as the comprehensive treachery which was routinely, contemptuously and institutionally racist in all of its premeditated designs and ultimate outcome throughout those 19 years of inaction unceremoniously piled from a great height within the Metropolitan Police upon his parents, other close family members, their friends and supporters seeking to get justice for him.

And using the completely skewed and entirely disingenuous argument to support her perverse motives took to using the limp argument that Britain was in austerity so why should the country waste money on a pointless enquiry into “an incident” that happened 20 years ago?

In response Mr Mansfield politely slapped down this pernicious, stupid Zionist bitch pointing out quite cogently the real issues involved while concisely debunking her fraudulent contention about austerity in the UK, irrefutably reminding this airhead, egotistical blonde moron that austerity or not Britain has no problem finding money to fund, wage illegal wars against or even invade other peoples’ countries.

But of course Ms Botting knows all about this and avidly approves of Britain’s activities in such cases. Not least because these wars are about destabilizing and destroying independent and sovereign states that firmly refuse to kowtow to the west’s dictates in the latter’s bid to shore up her beloved Zionist, apartheid and colonialist Israel, the demented paranoia of whose leaders knows no bounds; at the same time continuously assisting that rogue entity in maintaining its upper hand in the Middle East while its odious western collaborators carry on with the loathsomely pathetic gesture 68 years on from Europe’s holocaust of assuaging collective white Caucasian guilt though noticeably not within the boundaries of Europe or the United States but those of stolen Palestine.

Anna Botting’s racism is quite noticeable as well, as I don’t recall this prized prat ever using the same sick argument relative to the Hillsborough Enquiry or the second one pertaining to the Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland where government apologies for the travesties of justice inflicted on the victims were quite forthcoming in both instances. But then the dead victims in these instances were all white, which Anna Botting is; and besides the media organization for which she works, Sky News, is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is of Irish extraction. And regarding the Hillsborough tragedy the vast majority of the casualties were from Liverpool that boasts among its populace significant numbers of Irish or Irish descended folk.

And speaking about austerity and saving money in the process as Anna Botting was, when the hell will Germans, the overwhelming majority of whom and in several cases their parents as well weren’t born when Europe’s holocaust occurred, be permanently released from the vindictive obligation of paying first billions of Deutschmarks now the corresponding amount in Euros to the murderous rogue entity of Israel, much worse in my honest opinion than the Third Reich was, for something that had nothing to do with them; happened between 1939-45, and whose end was brought about by the selfless and courageous  assistance given by hundreds of thousands of black men and women?

Among whose ranks were Jamaicans, Barbadians and other black West Indian volunteers who not only looked like Neville, Doreen and Stephen Lawrence but some of whom were also related to them; who travelled from the Caribbean at great peril from German U-Boats to Britain and subsequently fought in Europe to save the asses of repulsive and ungrateful Zionists with the mindset you have Anna Botting that evidently would otherwise have become the fuel for the Nazis’ gas ovens and likewise would have precluded you, as you quite recently did, from conceiving and bringing into the world another Zionist sprog, because quite frankly, and worst luck, you and your progeny wouldn’t have been here!

For if 20 years is too long a period of time in your fucking, twisted mind Anna Botting to have justice for Stephen Lawrence belatedly and justifiably dispensed to him and his family, and particularly so in the light of Peter Francis’ recent revelations, how about those like myself who weren’t born when your Jewish lot were being zealously and ardently exterminated by their Christian, white Caucasian kith and kin and significantly others like my enormously supportive German partner who is legally required by German law to disburse unwarranted reparations for something she wasn’t a party to and who is even younger than me, saying “fuck you!” to repellent Zionist scum like you Anna Botting?

Nerds who have no empathy with or any sympathy for anyone or anything other than your own selfish desires and, of course, copiously milking the “incident”, your word in relation to Stephen Lawrence’s racist murder, of Europe’s holocaust for all it’s financially worth 68 years after it ended; far more than three times 20 years in the fraught hunt for natural justice for Stephen Lawrence. Then the likes of you have the nerve to call Adolf Hitler a monster. Really? In which case I suggest that you Anna Botting and your fellow Zionist scumbags take a long, hard look at yourselves in the mirror.

And with regard to the consummate and natural dignity displayed all the way through the enforced and insufferable ordeal suffered by Neville and Doreen Lawrence, their family and steadfast supporters, let me additionally say to you Anna Botting that from my perspective you aren’t fit to lick the dirt off their shoes, nor is any of your sort. Zyklon B gas anyone!

I was always quite proud of the roles that my Dad and other family members, some of whom lost their lives doing so, played in liberating 20th Century Europe especially when they didn’t have to. Not any more! Europe’s contemporary internecine wars were collectively shorter than the west’s ongoing one in Afghanistan.

The reason for my sea change is Anna Botting and her equally loathsome Zionist ilk. Now I wish that the Nazis Europe-wide, and particularly in Germany, had achieved before World War II ended the same universal Final Solution that the Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania still proudly boast about and joyously celebrate!

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  1. Rupert Murdoch may be of Irish extraction on his fathers side, but his mother is Elisabeth Green. I saw a BBC News24 piece that stated Rupert was brought up by his mother as an orthodox Jew.