Friday, 7 June 2013

A purported Master Race recklessly out of touch with reality!

By Stanley Collymore

With sincerest apologies to Jane Austen I’d like to borrow a few words from her that succinctly sum up my own views. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the worst and most odious racists, xenophobes, white supremacists, colonialists, imperialists and Islamophobes in the United Kingdom, for example, are the so-called liberal left, replete in organizations which they congregationally infest like the British Labour Party, the classic champagne socialists – you know well the ones I’m referring to - most of the former’s parliamentarians, House of Lords members and the UK’s trade unions.  Self-serving individuals who have the same fascist agenda as their Conservative and other far-right counterparts but haven’t the balls to come out publicly and say so.

And who furthermore and with their persistent mendacity do their level best to con their black and other non-white victims that they are unshakably their most trustworthy friends and allies and quite naturally have only their best interests at heart. A situation which in effect is nothing more than a loathsome ploy to emotionally emasculate while at the same time permanently and politically disempowering them.

Who can ever forget the multitude of so-called working class trade unionists marching to the orchestrated drumbeat of the self-serving, rightwing Tory MP, Enoch Powell who didn’t care a fig about them following his rivers of blood speech? Ironic, even when superficially examined, since it was Enoch himself as a senior post-war Conservative government minister who went to the English-speaking Caribbean and literally begged the locals there to come to Britain and help out by assisting in the rebuilding of a bankrupt and devastated Mother Country.

Hundreds of thousands of these same people along with their black African counterparts and two million Indians had previously fought and made numerous sacrifices for Britain in its internecine war with kith and kin Germans when logically they didn’t have to, since the jackboot of British colonialism and imperialism was on their necks at the very time and in a manner not dissimilar to that which was heartlessly employed against the Gypsies, Jews and other alleged undesirables by Nazi Germany and its European continental, Axis allies, stretching across the length and breadth of Europe from Scandinavia in the extreme north to the most southerly parts of Greece and from Ukraine in the east transversally across the European continent to France in the west.

Immediately after the war these British colonials, as they were seen as and regarded by those in the so-called Mother Country, all went home. Now with some of them back in England and at the express invitation of the British government and having helped immensely to put the UK back on its feet, they were now being scapegoated not only by the person who’d asked them to be here in the first place but also by useful idiot members of the so-called British working class and the trade unions that manipulated them then and still does to this day; which unmistakeably proves that there’s no accounting for stupidity!

Then on Wednesday 5 June 2013 I saw probus Jacqui Smith – I don’t think, in view of her most squalid expenses scandal in which she wasn’t the only venal MP liberally plunging their snout into the public trough, and a guest on Sky’s Press Preview, lauding William Hague for wanting to further arm the terrorists, you know the ones who cut out and cannibalistically eat the internal organs of their victims, that the British government and our seemingly sadistic MPs on all sides of the House of Commons are quite keen on and even committed to doing so. In fact Ms Jacqui Smith even waxed lyrically about the Syrian government using Sarin and other chemical gases against innocent civilians, citing a vest-interest Francois Hollande and the French authorities as her source but not offering a shred of independent evidence to support her biased claim. Well she would wouldn’t she, seeing that she was a senior cabinet member in Tony Blair’s regime and its Gordon Brown follow up that premeditatedly and lyingly took Britain into an illegal war with and the subsequent and catastrophic occupation of Iraq on the known lie that it had weapons of mass destruction.

The consequences of which directly following the already callously orchestrated calamity of and the quite unnecessary and avoidable deaths of over a million Iraqi babies and young children as a direct consequence of our punitive sanctions levelled against Iraq, which conclusively meant that these hapless and innocent children couldn’t have the vitally needed medications they required to live but which none the less didn’t stop that callous bitch Madeleine Albright: an East European Jew and naturalized American who like her ilk never stop tugging at our heart strings in regards of Europe’s holocaust, to say it was a price worth paying, and that the likes of Jacqui Smith also weren’t in the least concerned about, but even so want, as is the case in Germany and France for instance, for Europe’s holocaust alone, never mind the several others that Caucasian Europeans and other whites have committed globally as well, to be exclusively made sacrosanct and anyone who seeks to dismiss the European one or even dares to impartially question the veracity of the revisionist and propagandistic narrative that surrounds it be summarily hauled before the courts, since it would be a crime to do so, and summarily thrown into jail.

But those Iraqi children were small fry to the over a million Iraqi civilians that were slaughtered and the in excess of five millions that were jointly externally and internally displaced because of our war against Iraq in which employing collective cabinet responsibility Jacqui Smith is every bit as culpable as Tony Blair. A culpability that extends to the wilful destruction of Iraq and that is quite evident to this day in that oil-rich country, the principal reason for Britain going there in the first place, as well as the purposely orchestrated divide and rule exploits of sectarianism and terrorism that Britain is a past master of and which her government deliberately instituted in that war ravaged country and its successor Con-Dem regime unreservedly carries on with as was also obviously the case in Libya that these odious clowns claim to have liberated.

So much so it would appear that the terrorists they fervently backed in Libya and expended vast sums of money, weaponry, training, military as well as political and diplomatic support on to get rid of Colonel Gaddafi now ironically preclude them from even having their diplomatic missions in that country. When, taking in account that it was us along with the Americans that created Al-Qaeda and assisted it in every conceivable way, and furthermore bearing in mind the blowback that has emanated from that body and which our rulers and military asininely keep telling the world is the greatest threat to human civilization, will the assholes in charge of the UK see sense, pull their heads out of their stupid asses and those of the Americans whom they sycophantically and unquestioningly follow in practically everything, but crucially and in the overall interest of ever sane and sensible Briton actually grow up and desist from what they’re doing?

The astute and indisputably iconic Noam Chomsky in a must see interview with Abby Martin on her hosted Breaking the Set programme aired on RT stated that these aforesaid people should be prime candidates for prosecution by the ICC but ruefully acknowledged, as we all know, that this court which is a nothing more than a sycophantic arm of the west only prosecutes black Africans who have exclusively been its targets to-date. However that said, even under British law the likes of Jacqui Smith ought rightly and properly to have been in the dock together with Tony Blair and all our other mass murderers, perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity under the established legal principle of joint enterprise instead of walking around freely and spewing out the total nonsense which she is so good at.

But it probably won’t happen because Jacqui Smith, her crony capitalist chums in the hierarchy of the British Labour Party and the plethora of other completely nauseating legislators, cabinet ministers, prime ministers, their advisors and senior civil servants who blatantly, arrogantly and premeditatedly abuse their power while claiming to run this country in the best interests of its people are all white and signed up members of the purported Master Race, and as such legally immune from any kind of accountability for their corrupt and criminal actions. The sort of Nazi and fascist lowlife scum with highlife expectations that altruistic individuals like my Dad, other relatives of ours and their friends voluntarily fought against when Nazi Germany was behaving this way between 1939-45.

However, the inevitability of what stems from hubris is well known to seasoned observers. It’s nemesis, or blowback as it’s colloquially called nowadays, and which ultimately comes back to bite and unrelentingly haunt its sponsors and perpetrators.

Now over to you CPS: the Crown Prosecution Service for the benefit of my foreign readers who aren’t that familiar with the grouping of these letters; MI5 and MI6, our purported “intelligence” services and the Metropolitan Police. Let us see if your rhetoric of justice being blind and should be dispensed equally and fairly to all regardless of their class, economic position, social standing, political status or their background and be done so with the exclusive and overarching purpose of truly protecting Britain, its citizens like me or those that sycophantically or stupidly prefer to see themselves as subjects, is to be taken seriously or is in fact so much hot air, because you too are enticingly sucked into the cesspit of corruption, criminality and malfeasance that sorely bedevil our country!


Anyone who is properly au fait with the English Language knows the true meaning of the word superior and how it should be used. Therefore, you are financially superior to me if you have considerably more money than I do; just as I’m superior to you in a physical sense if my health is far better in every respect than yours.

These are all things that both of us can categorically make an input to or otherwise choose not to do so. But to claim to be superior to someone because of your race - considering we are all members of the same race, the human one that is - ethnicity and particularly your skin colour, characteristics that you had no role whatsoever in determining or couldn’t have done, is just absolutely asinine and evidently shows just how intellectually and socially bankrupt you are, whoever you consider yourself to be!

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