Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Katie Marl, intrinsically marvellous!

By Stanley Collymore

Courtesy and unbounded respect for others
come naturally to some individuals although
regrettably not so I must say to the overwhelming
majority of people nowadays, as is most unhappily the
case. And as for altruism this particular nomenclature
is like wise a notable characteristic that sadly too
one must honestly express the obvious point of
view that these purblind jobsworths would
and invariably do find it quite impossible to
recognize, logically acknowledge as the
laudable concept which it undoubtedly
is, let alone be able to personally
or in any way even remotely
empathize with anything
directly associated
with it.

But even the most seemingly barren,
speciously empty or acutely forbidding of
human deserts with their fiercely hostile
terrain of incompetence and
mediocrity are nevertheless known,
if one is sufficiently accomplished
at spotting the telltale signs amidst this
evident desolation they calculatedly
harness and sponsor, to reveal
of their own a flourishing
oasis of excellence
and consummate

And you Katie Marl with an impressive and astute
combination of shrewdness, skilled discernment,
composed discourse and unassailable commonsense
concomitantly and unassumingly overlaid with
a perceptive insight and comprehensive
understanding of the needs of others,
are in every sense: professionally
as well as individually, a
singular asset to your
employer and a
blessed gift to

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 May 2013.

Katie Marl is an employee of

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