Friday, 8 March 2013

Nerds online and full of it!

By Stanley Collymore

There’s no such thing, unless you either wish or will it to
be so, as good or bad publicity; just publicity that’s all! For
the exceptionally clever and the prescient-mindedly astute
have always known its true value, and what’s more precisely
how to skilfully and deliberately use it with all its many
vagaries, especially when manifestly there’s a touch
of notoriety covertly attached to it that could be,
and very often is, beneficially or otherwise
massively advantageous to themselves.

It’s called playing Devil’s Advocate with one’s self or
labelled provocateur when used against others. Film
producers regularly use the technique and journalists do
too, particularly those of the investigative kind in order to
achieve the notoriety, and here’s that buzz word again,
along with the publicity that they’re steadfastly
after for themselves or their stories.

Ban a film, a book or a TV documentary, you know the sorts
of things I mean, and immediately that item whatever its
merit, literary content or even if there’s actually none
becomes headline news and the proscribed item, its
creator or both of them are illogically perceived
and then earmarked as must see inestimable hits.
Mission accomplished then, as the herd
instinct egged on by its own foolish perversity
and conformity in such matters predictably
and generously ensures the ingenious
architects sought after success.

A phenomenon not limited just to the cinematic,
print or electronic media industries or for that
matter the publishing one, since it’s a
tactic that’s also extensively used
online by police and social
welfare child protection officers and their
agencies misrepresenting themselves as
predatory paedophiles there, in order
most commendably to flush out
and catch the genuine scum.

Those disgustingly pretending to be undaunted
teenagers searching for novel or risqué fun,
or else curious and totally trusting but
essentially innocent pubescent
kids rather keen to embark upon networking with
knowledgeable strangers and excitingly explore
their awakening sexuality online with the
optimistic vision and even the yearned
for anticipation of
starting and progressively
developing an adventurous but
also a personal relationship
with that special one.

But for all their plausible talk whose true
intent, as it has been all along, is to
solicit, conditional on the predator’s
own perverted sexuality, underage,
diffidently naïve or emotionally
vulnerable girls or boys. Premeditated
targets of these disingenuous ploys
wielded against these selected victims, and
whose impending abusers with studied aplomb
immediately begin a thorough and lustful
programme of meticulously and single-
mindedly having them groomed.

Even laudably established and actively encouraged
social interactive dating sites, that said there
aren’t that many of them, that honestly and
straightforwardly try to elicit the best out of
those who freely join them aren’t exempt
from this sort of dishonest activity as
the plethora of unprincipled sexual predators,
of both genders, who use them as an online vehicle
either to influence or importune the naïve, gormlessly
credulous, extremely vacuous or the despairingly
desperate observably and conclusively attest.

Purposeful inducements that come with assurances of
loyalty generously given by those in these hidden acts
of chicanery, that theirs is entirely a principled and
altruistic activity whose sole aim relative to their
carefully chosen victims, for that’s effectively
what they are, is to liberally and lovingly
bestow in their chequered or misspent
lives a much needed emotional
or romantic makeover.

Reality though when it comes down to it is very
often rather different. For what these serial
sexual predators guilefully, dishonestly
and quite literally have all along
intentionally had in mind
and furthermore are
uncompromisingly, persistently, rapaciously
and single-mindedly after is nothing more
significant than a lascivious leg-over!

Expediently too the FBI and CIA in common with
other likeminded foreign security services that
do the same: the usual suspects who’re
either fawning satrapies
or allies of the USA, are also
known to make use of the same entrapment
strategy; but with them they steadfastly claim
it’s all to do with Defence and National Security.

Their well-rehearsed mantra, incessant refrain and
for the rest of us, we’re told, an undeniable and
unchallengeable situation which we must all sensibly
acknowledge and unquestioningly accept, since its
their nationalistic duty as well as their job to
protect the law-abiding citizens of their
respective nation. So going online is the very best
substitute option still, to catch those terrorists
allegedly that their predatory assassination
drones somehow didn’t manage to kill.

So when the blissfully illiterate, seriously
intellectually challenged, heavily cocaine or ganja
intoxicated inebriates whatever their purported
class or background is, the emotionally insecure,
attention span starved, the inanely vacuous, those
who hubristically shout out their stupidity in the most
deafeningly cacophonous staccato fashion, or the
self-flagellatory supplicants utterly convinced of
their own inferiority and are determined therefore
at any cost to breed out their racial origins so
as to ensure that their birth children don’t
physically resemble them but instead
look more like white Caucasians.

So when such odious persons who I classify as the
the accumulative vulgar wittingly at every likely
opportunity that’s presented them and with
the utmost vigour they can amass take to
proudly waving the flag of their
mediocrity, go online to do so; additionally,
and this is the interesting part you see,
unthinkingly at worse, subjectively at best but
either way with no concept of objectivity
believe everything that’s offered to
them there, one can only despair.

No new revelation certainly to those with
functioning brains within in their head
and stoically resigned to the fact that
large sections of the human race
are devoid of any redeeming grace
and so are irremediably lost.
Therefore, and this has to be said,
for the cultured, progressive and future
positive development of humanity to carry
on and not be irreparably imperilled by
these inveterate morons, it would in,
all probability, be the very best thing
for all concerned if this detritus
of humanity were sensibly
and humanely put down!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 March 2013.

If you suddenly find yourself with or even suspected it all along but there’s no doubt whatever from your medical examiners that you have an incurably infected gangrenous leg which will cost you your life if threat leg isn’t amputated, you don’t say I’m keeping my leg because I’ve had it from birth. For commonsense and pragmatism, if you’re not totally gaga, kick in; you accept reality and however regrettably so at the lost of that leg consent to the required amputation. Human evolution too is about improvement not daft retrogression!


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