Wednesday, 6 March 2013

For Me, Hugo Chavez Lives Eternally

By Stanley Collymore

Life cannot truly be said to have been worth living if during its
existence there wasn’t a solitary thing for which its recipient
wasn’t prepared to die. You Senor Comandante Hugo Chavez
embodied that concept and the true patriotic people of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and their many
likeminded friends and admirers across the
world know that and salute you for it.

Death comes finally to all of us but how we live our
individual life and the good we did while we were
here is what really matters; and in the hearts
of those that knew us, remain, and come
after we too are gone live on eternally.

In the context of that and what you accomplished for the
people of Venezuela specifically as well as those globally
who’re inspired by that but are still fighting for justice,
their dignity and equality; that committed struggle
Comandante, even though you’re no longer here
with us, goes on unremittingly, consummately
inspired by your unquestionable humanity,
honesty, sincerity in what like us you
believed in but most appreciably
and crucially in what you did!

So RIP Comandante Hugo Chavez; and while your
death pains me emotionally and it’s a bitter pill to
swallow as my tears additionally and unchecked
flow copiously, you’ll forever live on in my
memory and particularly in the knowledge
that like you so convincingly said:
Venezuela is independent, its
people free, and will never
[again] be a US colony!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 March 2013.

With heartfelt tears and commiseration to the patriotic people of Venezuela at your passing but none the less with unbounded pride in what you stood for and died. For as with Yasser Arafat’s demise we recognize immediately the murderous handiwork of the imperialist enemies. Profound condolences to my spiritual and political Venezuelan brothers and sisters and gracias for the friendship you’ve shown under the inspired leadership of Hugo Chavez not only to the people of the Americas but those of the Caribbean as well.

And to the American Empire and its fawning allies I say this: No matter how powerful you think you are everything just lasts for a time and eventually collapses in decline: the Roman Empire did, as did the British one for example; and hatred can never kill off the inspired dream of justice and equality that all fair-minded people strive for and will eventually win. And personally I’d hate to be in the shoes of your future citizens left to inherit the stench and who knows what calamities of your barbaric legacy? Viva the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and also the rest of the SANE WORLD!!

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