Thursday, 31 January 2013


By Stanley Collymore

Adopting what was essentially victor’s justice although it was largely the altruistic and courageous battlefield endeavours of the volunteer armed forces of its non-white Empire, the military prowess of Russia and rather belatedly the efforts, post Pearl harbour, of the United States of America that saved its bacon in World War II, Britain nevertheless with quite breathtaking chutzpah and glaring hypocrisy, considering the disreputable and more often than not barbaric role it routinely carried out in its colonies during the control of its global empire, decided to wreak its imperial vengeance on vanquished, Nazi Germany and humiliatingly rub that country’s nose in the proverbial shit by instituting the new and expedient concept of crimes against humanity at the Nuremburg Trials, and of which collective punishment is one of them.

Crimes moreover that at Britain’s insistence have since been stringently codified into international law; comprise an integral part of the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter, and to which Britain and the majority of the real international community are signatories; and additionally have become the universal norm by which countries, their administrations and also their civic and legal establishments are globally judged.

How very ironic then that this chutzpah on the part of Britain, a word borrowed from the Yiddish language of those whom the conscionable world very selflessly and collectively saved from fascist and Nazi extermination but who now have no problem whatsoever and even sickeningly with the extensive blessing of and complete immunity from being brought to book for their numerous and odious crimes against humanity by those who once planned and administered their annihilation in Europe-wide death camps, assiduously try to do the same to the Palestinian people whose country they stole  and arrogantly occupy.

And as if that isn’t noxious enough for them have for decades now as well compulsorily or without their knowledge or consent been carrying out widespread eugenic practices on Falasha Ethiopian Jewish women, whose people ethnically and of course religiously constitute the oldest established and ongoing Jewish sect in the world, in order to prevent them from procreating and so effectively eradicate their people from the face of the earth; an exercise than has seen a 35% compulsory drop in the birth rate of Falasha women living in Israel.

The same Falashas incidentally that the European-imposed, illegitimate, apartheid and racist entity called Israel knowing of the Biblical, deep-rooted and unbroken connection that these people have with Judaism  and cynically capitalizing on this to corruptly give some credibility to the certifiable claim that European Jews are neither Semites nor do they in reality have any cultural or biological link to Palestine, and risibly aren’t the alleged lost tribe of Israel as these European interlopers and their regimes ludicrously, self-servingly and venally post 1945  and Germany’s massive reparation payouts to them: the foremost but not by any means the only reason for their well-orchestrated and successful scam, keep telling a European-holocaust and penitently guilt-ridden but nevertheless Caucasian dominated world that accedes to their every wish  that they are, spirited out of Ethiopia to dishonestly give the impression that Israel is an authentic Jewish homeland.

Something that emphatically it isn’t; but rather is nothing less than a white man’s colony implanted in the most arbitrary and cold-blooded manner in the Middle East for nefarious purposes, and with the full support of the Caucasian west and Russia that collaboratively have packed off thousands of their own Jewish citizens there whom they basically don’t want, with their track record of pogroms and the like towards these people and essentially really dislike, to live in their own countries.

Which brings me foursquare to Britain that through its Balfour Declaration gave the green light for the conception of Israel and whose contemporary Colonel Blimps with their unshakable admiration for and approval of Israel’s Nazi eugenics programme and collective punishment of its minorities are well represented throughout our legal institutions from our obsequious magistrates right up to the highest levels of our esteemed judiciary; and is a creeping cancer that must be expunged by any appropriate means from the body politic of England.


You talk often and barefacedly enough about
truth, freedom and the execution of justice
but your words are both meaningless
and cheap, as there’s no substance,
whatsoever, in what you say
as regards to any of these;
for you’re still the instinctive
and ever accommodating rubber stamps of the
Crown Prosecution Service and a crooked and
out-of-control police force whose very name
once emblazened your courts; and where,
despite the cosmetic name change, the
debased mentality and corruption
between the three of you
stay solidly the same.

Yes! You are the
shameless sycophants who,
without a scrap of honesty
or morality to even superficially
penetrate your endemic mediocrity,
masquerade as an unbiased judiciary
yet have no awareness, that can be readily
discerned by anyone, of what either of these
two concepts in reality symbolize or in effect
truly mean when everything is said and done.

Hence, no independent spirit –
provided, of course, you were ever
capable of such –
will ever be allowed to revoke your
remit decreed by others: orders to
which you clearly attach so much;
let alone deliberately undermine
what you regularly, fraudulently
and malevolently pass off
as objective scrutiny
in your hostile and
regarding those hapless men and women
whose status, and even their right to life,
you daily challenge and arrogantly see
as vastly inferior to your own.

So why, given the nature and levels of dishonesty
so all pervasive within the English magistracy,
are you so surprised that I’m not taken in
by the machinations of what I clearly see as
unelected and unaccountable charlatans:
a situation where nepotism, privilege, secrecy
and the rapidly spreading cancer of freemasonry
are entirely out of control and, quite frankly
it must be said, have permanently killed
off unhappily whatever notions still
remained of justice for everyone
in England stone cold dead?

But you don’t care do you? As everything is just
absolutely right for you, your family members,
close friends and even your work colleagues too.
For taking a leaf out of your blood-related,
Israeli-Zionists playbook, you too are on
a zealous mission to arbitrarily change
how England too ultimately looks.
Creating a country if not
exactly as white as the
driven snow is none
the less one where
the practices of
eugenics and white supremacy, ably
assisted, of course, by stitched up
and imposed criminality, would
with your obliging assistance
and public facade of legality
become wide-ranging acts
of general normalcy!

Where’s the gratitude then to those, one
can rightfully ask, without whom you
wouldn’t be here to enjoy the life
style or the privilege, which
instinctively you assume is
your lawful birthright?
Or is power, control and the
colour of your skin much more
important than justice, morality or
simply from within doing what every
conscionable person in his or her heart
knows to be the right thing? Something that
quite apparently you failed to have understood
isn’t only deleterious in the long run to everyone
but also bodes ill for England’s future good. For
when everything is said and done, humanity
and life itself encompass much more
than being white and Caucasian!

ã Stanley V. Collymore
31 January 2013.

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