Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The toxic mix of pranksters, pillocks and the privileged.

By Stanley Collymore

The tragic, disconcerting and untimely death of prankster victim Jacintha Saldanha is a salutatory lesson as well as a timely reminder that together or individually ought to serve as a wake up call to all those resident in Britain, irrespective of their political, social or cultural affiliations, who claim to be genuinely interested in the place and have the best interests of our country at heart, to wholly acknowledge what a thoroughly sinister, pernicious, class-ridden and status-driven society Britain actually is and why it’s imperative they should act in the country’s general interests to reverse this unfortunate state of affairs. Particularly in view of the fact that so many British people credulously and therefore quite willingly permit themselves like Pavlov’s dogs to be conditioned into thinking and doing what they’re told by those they instinctively regard as their betters.

And furthermore that what they’re served up by these people isn’t only the right and proper thing to do but that they must also asininely believe that this endemically destructive class structure that they stupidly subscribe to is the epitome of British tradition which must be morally and physically protected at all costs, rather than seeing it for what it really is. Which is a thoroughly contemptible, completely outmoded and a well past its sell by date Dark Ages and Medieval system of hereditary autocratic population control that still infuses all aspects of British life and should be expeditiously terminated. And whatever is democratically permitted to replace it instituted forthwith in a manner which falls inexorably in line with the legitimate needs of the 21st Century, in which we’re actually physically living, and the veritable dignity, since it’s Britain that I’m expressly talking about here, of all, and not just some, of the British people.

At the same time that Kate Middleton-Windsor was a patient in a private London hospital, not one of our NHS ones I hasten to inform, reportedly suffering from a medical condition that isn’t unique in itself nor restricted exclusively or primarily to pregnant women in the British Royal Family, but as any midwife, GP or gynaecologist, if they choose to be honest about it, will tell you is a medical condition which is rather commonplace and hardly life-threatening to pregnant women of any age, race or cultural background. One besides that customarily provokes no panic-stricken or politically manufactured response like the Kate Middleton-Windsor one has, and characteristically because of its rather mundane nature goes unreported globally, in the same way as the average Briton having a bout of flu would.

All the same during Kate’s period of hospitalization two undeniably authentic and world renowned icons: Hugo Chavez and Nelson Mandela, who’ve done far more good for their respective country, the regions where these are located, and humanity generally that has benefitted enormously from in terms of their individual and combined efforts, eclipsing anything that Kate Middleton-Windsor or her husband in or out of their hereditary status have either jointly or individually in a similar regard affected or are ever likely to, were also in hospital.

Now let’s assume that the same two presenters, Michael Christian and Mel Grieg of the Australian radio station 2 Day FM knew of the hospitalization of Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez or more significantly two like-minded British Djs from any of our domestivcally based radio stations here in Britain aware of the same information had done exactly the same thing as happened in the case of the prank played on the King Edward VII Hospital but instead it was to the respective hospitals in Havana, Cuba where cancer patient Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, was hospitalized or the one in South Africa where that country’s former President, Nelson Mandela was and still is.

Furthermore, that these telephone calls, one in either case, had similarly resulted in the unforeseen but nevertheless precise circumstances to those which occurred in London, climaxing in the tragic situation that happened on Friday 7 December 2012, but in the case of Cuba or South Africa it had sadly resulted in the death, apparently from suicide as well, of the local receptionist at the hospital concerned who’d taken and evidently transferred what she believed to be a genuine telephone call from important family members of Hugo Chavez or Nelson Mandela respectively. Do you for one moment honestly think let alone believe that that particular story would have seen the light of day in the west; or would actually have been considered as newsworthy by the British or other western media in the same way that the London scenario was?

And even more incredible and significantly so can you imagine if the DJ prank had emanated from an identifiable British radio station based anywhere in London envisioning London’s Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard getting involved as they’ve done in the Australian scenario by phoning the top brass of Australia’s Federal Police Force and requesting they be officially permitted to speak to the two Djs involved as they’ve openly admitted to doing? Can you seriously see any such contact being made or industriously pursued with the legal or medical establishment in Havana, Caracas or Pretoria by our finest in uniform based in London?

I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one if I were you; for even if you don’t or kid yourself that you don’t know the answer to it I already do, as do lots of others au fait with these things. Any so what we’re transparently presented with in this somewhat sickening and rather unedifying situation, but tragically so for Jacintha Saldanha who needlessly lost her life, is obsequiousness extraordinaire on the part of the London Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard. Social climbers, no doubt and quite fawningly so, among those who’re running this show to self-servingly facilitate their hurried climb up the greasy pole of toadying, and industriously doing so with an eye to securing for themselves a totally inconsequential, to anyone with a functioning brain in their head that is, and defunct British Empire gong or maybe even a life peerage.

Or at the very least an invitation to the next or even subsequent Buck House does or garden parties where they and their good wives or partners can briefly rub shoulders or more like be simply in the presence of those they sycophantically look up to as their hereditary betters, while at the same time cheerfully deluding themselves in their Orwellian-style, Animal Farm world of astonishing illusion that while there are those among us who’re perceived to unreasonably and inconsiderately consider ourselves to be equal to anyone, the reality, we’re firmly reminded, is that some animals (people if you so choose to call them that) are more equal than others.

A philosophy it would seem that’s deeply embedded in the psyche of those who run Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police and which unquestionably accounted for the several cock-ups, many of them premeditated, that permeated the Stephen Lawrence murder case; and precisely why it’s therefore in marked contrast from and specifically their earnest endeavour to insulate Kate and William from any culpability or adverse publicity to them, the royal house to which they belong or the institution of monarchy, particularly in light of the feel good factor and concluding part of their grandmother’s diamond jubilee year celebration, when in point of fact no such blameworthiness or any reasonable apprehension about damaging repercussions from improbable unpleasant publicity logically exist; even so, Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police still think it’s a superb idea to spend our taxpayers’ money on investigating Michael Christian and Mel Grieg.

Characters who didn’t commit any crime as far as I can tell and certainly can’t be held responsible for the death of Jacintha Saldanha, tragic though her demise is, and regardless of what twisted spin is put on it to suit the vested interests of those with their own personal axes to grind or else protect the more likely but anonymous culprits from exposure, but whose actions in the light of that prank call and with a bloated sense of their own self-importance and the attendant harm that they thought could probably be done to it or even their reputation caused by that phone call having successfully get through, never mind the circumstances of how it managed to do so; most significantly who the call was aimed at; and the agonizing but exaggerated and incensed embarrassment caused to those higher-ups at the King Edward VII Hospital, all of whom were extremely mortified that this prank occurred where it did and on their watch. Factors I’m absolutely sure deep in my gut provided the catalyst and triggered a set of chain reactions that caused Jacintha Saldanha to take her own life.

Something however that the cowardly bastards responsible for her doing so will never admit to nor the guard dogs of their Animal Farm existence wouldn’t ever concede is the case. So the two sides with their specific but nevertheless interrelated vested interests to safeguard will do everything that they can to fraudulently divert attention and culpability away from where they rightfully belong to elsewhere, even if that involves intentionally and erroneously roping in two Djs in far off Australia whose actions constituted a practical joke with no malice aforethought; no bullying, no harassment or threats or any stalking attached to anything that they did, and quite crucially in this Wonderland of Fantasy now being created no intention to either personally commit or incite murder of any kind far less get someone that they didn’t know or hadn’t met and residing in another country to commit suicide.

I draw a clear distinction between what I honestly consider to be a practical joke and what to me is most definitely a hoax. The latter is when someone maliciously shouts fire in a darkened cinema or theatre when there’s clearly none causing a stampede of people to follow and with probable deaths or serious injuries to those present. Making emergency calls which deceitfully have the emergency services responding to them when no such emergency actually exists and these crucial services are either put at grave risk themselves by those who asininely called or their valuable time is misspent dealing needlessly with these hoaxes while possibly as well put in jeopardy elsewhere lives that do need them but are denied their services through mindboggling idiocy of unthinking morons. So by no stretch of the imagination do I consider Michael Christian and Mel Grieg as suitable candidates to be pigeonholed, unjustly in my view, into the category of hoaxers.

A great deal of quite exaggerated emphasis has been disingenuously placed I feel on the fact that it was Jacintha Saldanha working as a receptionist on that fateful day for her as it turned out who put the telephone call through to the ward where Kate Middleton-Windsor was hospitalized. However, what is being conveniently overlooked, and dishonestly so I feel, is that it wasn’t her that divulged, or that’s the alleged accusation anyway of what happened, personal information relating to Kate’s medical condition to anyone. That was another nurse who was responsible for doing that. So why then were all these persistent brickbats and accompanying vilification hurled at Jacintha Saldanha who is Indian we’re told yet we still know absolutely nothing about the other nurse who allegedly gave out the confidential information about Kate to these two Aussie pranksters?

Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you the way that this scenario has been played out, even taking into account how stupidly hierarchical private, and especially toff hospitals like King Edward VII can be? And since the whole world, or more accurately those who’re interested that is, knows the race as well as the nationality of Jacintha Saldanha shouldn’t we likewise, for even-handedness sake, be told the name, race and the nationality as well of the garrulous nurse who astonishingly despite her more evident culpability in this matter, if indeed that’s a reasonable characteristic that ought really to be morally or rightfully bandy about anyway, nevertheless it would seem had the willpower for self-preservation or manifestly wasn’t under the same level of pressure that Jacintha Saldanha was to want to take her own life? And who additionally in the aftermath of her colleague’s tragic death hasn’t bothered, as far as I know, to publicly offer her sympathy or condolences for what happened to her.

Quite in order it would seem to be loquacious to Aussie strangers about Kate Middleton-Windsor’s medical condition but unbelievably reticent when it comes down to the unfortunate death of a work colleague. So are you thinking what I’m thinking, to borrow a phrase from David Cameron. I don’t know nor will I speculate whether or not Jacintha Saldanha could, or be realistically expected to do so, what was or wasn’t an Aussie accent let alone two of them supposedly imitating the incumbent of Buckingham Palace and her eldest son. Speaking only for myself it would be totally impossible for anyone who naturally has that God-awful Aussie accent to persuade me that they were anything other than an Aussie, no matter how hard they tried to be somebody else.

I once worked as a nurse but things were completely different in those days even without the Data protection Act to guarantee medical and patient confidentiality. If someone called up asking about a patient they ere told that such information couldn’t be given over the telephone. If the caller was insistent on this matter they were invited to come down personally to the hospital where they could identify themselves, and with the patient’s consent if they were the genuine article they claimed to be the matter would be taken from there. However, if none of this satisfied the caller the recipient of the call would ask them to supply full details of themselves: address, contact telephone number and that sort of thing, and a senior hospital official if the information provided checked out would get in touch with them and discuss how the matter could be successfully and mutually resolved.

It was a system that worked efficiently as only a genuine caller would persist with the call and also give checkable details of themselves. But then the culture in the UK was different; there was no X-Factor or Reality TV crap to contend with, they simply didn’t exist; nor celebrity junkies who were also unheard of. And stating the obvious people were much more human and far removed from the automata that the sensible ones who still exist in our fractured society and know what real life is all about unfortunately nowadays find themselves outnumbered by. So the King Edward VII Hospital saga I can honestly swear would not have occurred in my day.

For the adept realization by these two Australian Djs that the lure of celebrity, status, snobbery and even a few moments in the spotlight of fame as it was ludicrously perceived most likely on the part of their compliant dupes could be successfully and beneficially honed to their advantage wasn’t an opportunity which they were going to let go begging. And since duping people is what they do and are quite successful at it, it would appear, who can honestly criticize them for trying or more to the point denounce them for the careless misconceptions of others especially when these fall on the lap of those who in other circumstances and when the discomfiture occurs elsewhere couldn’t care less but the moment its affects them are suddenly up in arms. The very people who didn’t seem to mind in the least the embarrassment suffered by those at the hands of Candid Camera.

The human mind does periodically play tricks on even the most perceptive among us causing us to behave in irrational ways that when looked at objectively in the cold light of day we quite often to our deep horror embarrassingly find it totally impossible to understand how we could have been so stupid, gullible or have allowed ourselves to be taken for a ride in such a ludicrous manner. But the stark and unavoidable reality is that it was what we wanted to believe at the time and consequently our judgement became flawed in accordance with that aberration in our head forcing our actions to follow suit. That I believe is what occurred when those two Aussie Djs phoned up with both nurses in my opinion really wanting to believe that the callers were who they claimed they were, and it’s a fair assumption to reach that nothing was ever going to change that perception of theirs.

To you and I not directly involved and looking at the matter dispassionately it’s hard to understand  that such as situation did happen and developed to the point where it culminated in the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha who initially took the telephone call and afterwards put it through to the ward where Kate was staying. My first reaction when I heard the news was: “Australians impersonating the Queen and Charles? You’ve got to be bloody well joking!”

I know that constitutionally and by reciprocal consent she’s the monarch of Australia but similarly is also the Queen of Barbados and a few other independent Caribbean countries that were formerly colonies of Britain as Australia once was. But the Queen couldn’t realistically pull off a Caribbean accent if it were to save her life anymore than an authentic, flesh and blood West Indian could pull off, or would want to I would imagine, hers or Charles’ for that matter; and much more to the point no hospital receptionist anywhere in Britain would ever allow themselves to be so willingly duped, if at all, into so risibly falling for a ludicrous gag like that with two West Indians, even if they born and brought up in Britain, pretending to be the Queen or her son. So why did two Aussies get away with it? That’s one for the psychologists I’m afraid; but I can hazard a guess as to why it was likely and have my own supposition on that one.

A lot of sanctimonious and downright dishonest crap has been said and written about the incident that took place at King Edward VII Hospital but little about the tragic circumstances that stemmed from it, that remarkably look like the paedophile cases that also hit the news a while back, quickly lost sight of the real story and deliberately degenerated into a contemptible exercise of media navel gazing. And once more we’re lumbered with a situation where it’s the peripheral issues and not the real news that are plastered centre stage and intentionally so, and for no other reason I can see than gaining brownie points for the sycophants who’re pushing and promoting them.

Kate Middleton-Windsor or her husband weren’t at anytime physically or emotionally harmed by anything which Michael Christian, Mel Greig, Jacintha Saldanha or the unnamed nursed that gave out allegedly private medical information on Kate did. Similarly at no time then or afterwards did the Djs who were involved either speak to Kate or members of her family, royal or otherwise. So why on earth, pray tell, is this pathetic story centring on those who clearly weren’t harmed in any way and being so perceptibly dismissive of the one person who actually was, she lost her life let’s not forget, and where the real story lies? Starting for instance with why she killed herself. And was the treatment she must have evidently got at the hands of the hospital in the aftermath of the phone call, which we know nothing about as no questions are being put to those in charge and predictably no one is saying, a major contributory factor to Jacintha Saldanha committing suicide?

Instead we have the usual suspects at King Edward VII Hospital, among House of Commons MPs and others of their ilk in the Lords happily mouthing off about how utterly appalling the matter of the prank was yet without a mention of Jacintha Saldanha; routinely demanding vengeance on the Djs involved as is their usual flagellated and flagitious attitude to everything they take a dislike to however bizarre their stance is, while vehemently spewing out their bile about the inviolability of the individual’s right to confidentiality, which is customarily one-sided where they are concerned, and how this was hideously violated in Kate Middleton-Windsor’s case. I told you they were very discriminatory in whose confidentiality they actually wanted protected; expediently forgetting that they were among some of the most implacable backers of Theresa May’s Snoopers Charter. This is legislation which her government has introduced in parliament to spy even more extensively on us Britons as well as infringe our rights to confidentiality, and this in a country that is the most CCTV surveillance one in the entire world.

Anyway under this new and quite intrusive piece of legislation by Theresa May who heralded it by saying that criminals, terrorists and paedophiles will be against it whereas the victims of crime and the police will be for it, sounds remarkably like George W. Bush’s “you’re either with us or you’re against us”, the police and security services without our permission being sought or even extending the long-established courtesy of telling us that this is what they’re doing will have unbridled access to all our emails, Facebook and Twitter accounts and other social networking communications that we’re engaged in, even when these are manifestly personal, meant to be private and explicitly state that this is the case; and there’s bugger all that anyone of us who’re affected by this can do about it as the entire process will effectively bypass the jurisdiction of any court. So those who’re doing the snooping will be judge, jury and the prosecutor of what we innocently and lawfully get up to in our private lives. In addition, the suppliers of these online networks will be lawfully obliged to provide the snoopers with private details they have about us in their possession or anything else they might request to facilitate their snooping.

I earlier mentioned that Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police have signalled to their Australian equivalent their wish that they’d like to interview or at least speak to Michael Christian and Mel Greig. I find that rather perverse seeing that neither of them has committed a crime in this country and comes against the infuriating backdrop for me and others that both these entities were completely unable or else unwilling, and seemingly still are, to affect full justice, and consequently a long overdue closure of his murder case, for black Stephen Lawrence who was savagely killed by a gang of white youths at the time on their patch, and the partial justice that Stephen, his quite long suffering parents and family members who throughout their entire ordeal have been most dignified to say the least, has received to date took longer to achieve than Stephen actually lived; and he was 19 years old when he was barbarically murdered by unrepentant white murderers.

The same can be said about the 4000 plus black men and women that have died in police custody alone; and despite repeated verdicts by British coroners’ courts over the past couple of decades or so in which these have occurred that they were effectively unlawful killings or downright murder, no one has ever been held responsible for them although the identities and circumstances of those culpable are well known, charged, taken to court or convicted for them, effectively establishing a state of impunity where those predisposed to ill-treating and killing Blacks know that they can do so and literally get away with murder. So it actually sticks in my craw having these same London forces launching an investigation into a non-crime, doing so for completely disingenuous reasons, but can’t be bothered with real crime within their own ranks. And I don’t mind saying so!

I have an excellent sense of humour even if I say so myself and therefore appreciate similar types of humour to my own when I do come across them. And spokeswoman, Sandy Kaye of Southern Cross Austereo, the parent company of 2 Day FM where Michael Christian and his work colleague Mel Greig are employed, purportedly said this about the twosome at the middle of the prank storm. “The pair is being babysat and kept away from hostile media coverage. We’re seriously concerned about their welfare and we’re doing whatever we can to help.” Good on you Sandy; oh by the way there’s a pun in your statement. Check it out!

I genuinely believe that the activities of Michael Christian and Mel Greig stemmed from a scornful and healthy disregard for the sycophancy surrounding the class system in Britain generally and the institution of a hereditary, monarchical system here in the 21stCentury in particular and personally think that they’re quite entitled to their views, in the same way that you undeniably are to yours on this matter, and which if I’m correct in the case of Michael Christian and Mel Greig are very much in tune with my own. Other people of course take a completely different approach I know and like to wallow in their obsequiousness in regard to such matters.

And being the fully committed advocate of democracy, freedom of expression and the inalienable right of the individual however ill-informed or plain ignorant he or she might be on such matters to form let alone articulate their opinion on them, I also absolutely respect their right to have them. With the proviso however that like me or anyone else with opinions of their own that are in favour or contrary to your own and who desire to convert others to their way of thinking that they do so by persuasion and cogent argument not downright coercion or utilizing their position of influence to realize this; and specially so on social, political or even racial matters that have a direct bearing on their private life and absolutely nothing to do with those involved in this unseemly behaviour.

Dr. Martin Luther King famously said in his celebrated “I have a Dream” speech that he sincerely yearned for a United States of America where the colour of one’s skin, and I’m paraphrasing here, was completely irrelevant and what really mattered was the content of that person’s character. It is also my heartfelt dream for Britain or England, should Scotland rightfully claim its independence and opts to abandon the union, and is a committed objective whose fulfilment I shall assiduously work towards as long as I draw breath in my body, regardless of the hurdles that I know full well are out there or what anyone with an opposing point of view thinks, as I’m implacably against any concept of a Britain or England where such aspirations are consciously thwarted and would never be achieved, and therefore am diametrically opposed to anyone who ascribes to this perspective in anyway and what they stand for.

And I’ll say this to you none the less. Britain was built and sumptuously opulently sustained on the backs of those involuntarily confined to the eternal hell of slavery, colonialism, white imperialism and all the other associated evils that were barbarically inflicted on them by white Caucasians who held the contemptible mindset that some of you still embrace and vaingloriously exult in. I’m fully aware that multiculturalism might not be your particular cup of tea but let’s not forget that your lot was over there before they came over here. And what’s more they’ve every right to be here; since Britain along with the rest of Europe’s colonialist pack is where their plundered wealth, priceless artefacts and inestimable other resources are selfishly stashed away by your ilk. And were Britain or England to be collectively or separately stripped of what they stole and still avariciously cling on to against the wishes of their legitimate owners there’d be nowt left here to call your own or worthy of taking any interest in..

It might be worth remembering that by tradition the upper classes and hereditary aristocracy in our country are an awfully selfish and tremendously fickle lot especially when it comes to the nouveau riche. For to them, you see, a pig is irrefutably a pig, and while they’ll grudgingly concede that it’s distinctly possible to extract that mammal from the sty where it emanated from their staunch belief nevertheless is that it’s an absolute unachievable feat to take the sty out of the pig.

We’re not Nazi Germany or North Carolina in the United States of America yet, but clearly we’re fast moving in that direction Alex, where eugenics programmes were extensive and those thought to be inferior human beings were compulsorily sterilized to prevent them reproducing themselves or even murdered as a means of achieving this objective as routinely occurred in Nazi Europe, and individuals like Winston Churchill who was a staunch advocate of this pseudo-science wanted it to be adopted in Britain; thankfully the British voters post-war kicked him out of office and he didn’t get the chance to fulfil his obsession.

All the same those who were under the cosh of eugenics were Blacks and other minorities in the United States where it was practised up until the late 1970s in no fewer than 32 states; quite legal to do so and shamelessly promoted as the optimum way to build a healthy society. No such brass though when it comes to proffering much deserved and long-overdue compensation to the living victims of this indescribable evil with governments in Europe and states in the United States that were openly involved and conspiratorially so with their national government now claiming that to grant any such compensation would open up the floodgates, their word not mine, for compensation to be also paid in respect of other white Caucasian atrocities like slavery.

Food for thought as the family members and friends of Jacintha Saldanha prepare to say a final and emotional goodbye to her and lay her to rest. From me I say, “May she rest in eternal peace!”

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