Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Alex Ferguson, the working class thug with patrician airs.

By Stanley Collymore

What’s urgently and sensibly required by Alex Ferguson and others of the purported master race as regards this recurrent, pernicious and all-pervasive racism saga generally that is itself venomously compounded by the feral instincts, tribalistic and barbaric propensities, and the perverse and perverted antics and activities within football at all levels of its administrative and playing structures in particular, is a comprehensive and totally objective reality check by everyone directly involved in or who’re even remotely interested in what’s ludicrously but haughtily touted as the beautiful game. An enterprise that has long ceased to be a genuine sporting endeavour only to become another corporate milch cow, and which has as much credibility to its dishonest claim of being a sport as someone suggesting, with both risible and offensive earnestness, that Harold Shipman was an altruistic champion of euthanasia when he was nothing more than a coldblooded and sadistic killer. As I see it football is equally perfidious and deceptive in character.

No one, not even the most erudite scientists, has so far been able to satisfactorily explain why vomiting dogs perversely always go back to their puke; and it’s a fair bet too that the bewildering, irritating and highly embarrassing conundrum as to why Alex Ferguson, currently the geriatric manager of Manchester United Football Club, who repeatedly and metaphorically does just that will remain a puzzling mystery even to Alex Ferguson himself, such is the inflexible idiocy of this man, let alone any prescient-minded person who bothers that is to take any notice of this working class clown on a ludicrous patrician social-climbing, ego trip. Although in retrospect one could plausibly vouchsafe a number of possible reasons for this aberrant behaviour on Alex Ferguson’s part; not least of them a deeply ingrained and contradictory sense of class driven obsequiousness juxtaposed with a conflicting antagonism purposely directed by him at this enfeebling and poisoning debility that he’s saddled with.

An infirmity that’s quite commonplace and stubbornly entrenched among his kind, who were bred to, inescapably raised in and invariably permanent inured to working class poverty, deprivation, political marginalization, social and educational exclusion; clichéd mores; and the most debilitatingly constrictive expectations conceivable to thinking observers; in what, outside the artificially constructed and savage Medieval, Dark Ages’ structures of the Sykes-Picot Arab Bantustans of the Middle East, is undoubtedly the most pervasively class ridden entity in the entire world, namely the United Kingdom of Britain, and that unsurprisingly in the circumstances in this extremely dysfunctional and significantly socially and educationally inhibitive jungle of depressing and maliciously manipulative strictures that beset it, predictably give rise to serial, vitiated media pre-eminent, carping and utterly obnoxious self-opinionated, highly offensive, grossly inarticulate and compulsively arrogant bullies like Alex Ferguson.

Behaviour that though it might very well be admirably suited to; is customarily passively tolerated or explicitly condoned by and even warmly and effusively welcome as a rite of passage by cognitive development retards who either originate from or are still blissfully residing in traditionally sectarian-riven areas of Scotland like Govan, to anyone else with a functioning brain in his or her head would summarily be shunned by and unequivocally condemned for its intuitive thuggish predisposition as neither having any lawful place nor should it ever in the remotest sense be tolerated anywhere that even indirectly considers itself as a sanctuary of civilized conduct.

This after all, Alex Ferguson, is the 21st Century that we’re living in; and the year is 2012 to be precise and not 1812 or even 1912 and there’s no longer any empire on which those like you can arrogantly even if quite deludedly kid yourselves that the sun will never set; but guess what, it did! A century, the 21st one I’m talking about here, where indisputably some of us and I suspect many more, if they were ever given a truly honest and informed assessment of where we really stand in the world conjoined with the latter’s unambiguous and honest opinion of us while at the same time independently and impartially allowed to make their own personal decisions based on these frank evaluations, even in satrapies like the United Kingdom where they reside, would freely choose to live in, but clearly without the gratuitous interferences or pernicious harassment, particularly of the racist kind, that’s routinely inflicted, and often wantonly so, on our everyday lives by purblind thugs like you Alex Ferguson.

Just as we would preferably and unmolested like to be able to utilize our God-given and innate abilities to the fullest to make our respective lives an estimable tribute not only to ourselves but also those who’re nearest and dearest to us; have invested hugely in terms of treasure, effort, unflagging encouragement, inspiration, personal sacrifices, time and concern, often altruistically so, in our individual achievements; and furthermore who we absolutely trust and unquestioningly know to have our best interests permanently at heart.

You Alex Ferguson by means of good fortune derived from a most opportune moment in your life that was fortuitously accorded to you and which you advantageously took rather than any concerted manifestation of personal endeavour, outstanding or otherwise, or any extraordinary expertise demonstrated by you at the time physically managed to escape the indisputably inequitable sewer-like conditions of the community that you were born into, spent your childhood and early manhood years in and was ultimately and providentially through the grace of God  plucked and rescued from to become what you disingenuously now pass yourself off as.

But there’s an old and veritable saying that is every bit as relevant to you and your much vaunted success as a football manager, though I’m yet to hear even those that consistently acclaim your purported prowess in this specific area accord you with the same admiration as a human being, as it was to many others I’ve seen in similar situations and even as I’m doing here with you Alex written articles about. I’m sure that you’ve heard this aphorism before Alex even if rather obtusely you never thought to link it yourself; so let me remind you how it goes. You can quite obviously take the pig out of the sty but rarely, if ever, the sty out of the pig.

And when absolutely politically correct or, in effect, barefaced and entirely expediently conferred ennoblement shenanigans by those whose prescribed writ it is to award these sorts of things to the likes of you Alex Ferguson, and who additionally then assume that specific role to flagrantly and rather cynically kowtow to the very subjective and tribal, footballing loyalties and perceptions of those who’re directly connected to major football clubs like Manchester United, and that far from an unbiased perspective see individuals like you as iconic figures in English football in order to hopefully have some of the fan adulation lustre and star quality you supposedly exhibit rub off on them and of course their considerably tarnished sinecures as politicians or senior jobsworth civil servants and all this detestably paraded on the back of acquired fortune or fame, it understandably leaves one with a bitter taste in the mouth, and no alternative but to irresistibly acknowledge what a risible and contemptible honours award system the UK has and is entirely entangled with.

For it not only awards honours on behalf of an empire it no longer has, there are also no clearly demarcated criteria for the granting of so-called top awards like knighthoods or peerages, which might be given on a whim; are a customary part of the territory, in other words they come with the job in question irrespective of how incompetent or corrupt the individual holding that specific position is; are gifts doled out to obsequious journeymen civil servants and politicians of both genders; or else are just handed out self-servingly by a prime minister that perceptively sees and takes advantage of where the wind is blowing from and hitches his or her sails to it.

The Queen in her role as monarch also hands out these useless gongs but these usually tend to be nepotistic and perversely border on the incestuous in character, like awarding to her offspring or grandchildren hereditary titles that are completely meaningless and redundant, from my point of view, in the 21st Century; and creates a situation that merely reinforces the them and us divide in contemporary or dare I say modern Britain, where they are the undoubted privileged toffs with an incontestable right to entitlement plus the unchallengeable authority to rule over us and we are the plebs that should instinctively know our place, subjectively determined and dictated to us by them of course, and furthermore be uncomplaining about it. Seeing that unlike all other countries in the world the United Kingdom is the only one where its inhabitants aren’t categorized as citizens but are condescendingly judged to be subjects. And if you’re one of those persons who either doesn’t or pretends not to know what the word subject actually means, then I suggest that you get hold of as soon as possible an unabridged copy of the Oxford or some other good dictionary and find out for yourself.

Apart from all the above the judgement of those granting these awards leaves a lot to be desired and must surely come into disrepute, especially when they hand out these awards to the likes of Jimmy Savile and many others quite undeserving of any recognition worth its salt and who’ve actually ended up in jail for huge fraudulent or other heinous criminal activities, yet despite their convictions and incarceration while in prison and also on their release from it are still entitled to carry on holding their awards of ennoblement; like the author and House of Lords member Jeffrey Archer for example.

Which begs the question of why would any intelligent person want in the first place to associate themselves with and in the second personally wish to have one of these sullied titles? Unless, of course, they’re intentionally subscribing to the iniquitous, class-ridden and totally inequitable society Britain is. And bizarrely when you’re from an area of this Disunited Kingdom like Govan, professing to have solidarity with the common man and woman yet quite acquisitively grabbing one of these things that to me is absolutely weird and most contradictory in terms of what these awards stand for.

I’m not suggesting that Britain should not reward its genuinely outstanding citizens for personal, national or international accomplishments that truthfully set these individuals apart from the rest of us; who bring fame, prestige or global recognition and respect with their attendant benefits to our country; and individually or collectively make the country we belong to and have a strong desire to instinctively feel proud of, a more equitable and better place to live in. But frankly don’t think that the present honours system prostituted by the Queen, the Prime Minister of the day or the departing one on leaving office, or the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons, all of whom have the absolute right to make nominations for these awards that will automatically be accepted, does any credit at all to the country and just insults the intellect of the intelligent citizens in our midst. As such it must be got rid of; and the sooner the better.

So you’re absolutely welcome to your knighthood Alex Ferguson if by having it it makes you feel a better man than what you were when living in Govan, but you’ll never hear or see me address you or anyone else, for that matter, with these worthless gongs other than by your given names at birth as I attach no respect to any of them, and that also includes the hereditary ones. For the entire system is thoroughly discredited with the same useless value attached to it as the professed Nobel peace Prize, which a while back I dubbed and will forever now refer to as the Turd Prize; the name itself being quite self-explanatory.

And don’t be surprised after the Turd Prize was ludicrously awarded to an irredeemably corrupt, criminal and serial warmongering EU in 2012, which parenthetically hasn’t been able to sign off its accounts for the last 17 years because no reputable accountants would touch the EU with a barge pole or seek to cover up for it the enormous level of corruption which it has systematically been in engaged in from its very inception, that the Turd Prize committee that surreptitiously decides and sanctimoniously awards this gong and is based in Nazi Sweden and xenophobic, neo-liberal and Zionist Norway doesn’t award the 2013 Turd Prize to itself.

The glaring hypocrisies and double standards in Britain that surround racism in all walks of life in our green and pleasant land are innumerable and readily emanate from the very top of this rancid and cancerous tree. Reports that Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten Windsor, aka the Queen, illegally exceeded her constitutional remit to successfully lobby as it turned out for Abu Hamza, Barber Ahmed and two other non-white Britons to be extradited to the United States under our fawningly twisted and manifestly one-sided in the US’s favour extradition treaty has never been challenged or denied by this woman. And spare me all the disingenuous crap about her being above politics and therefore unable to do so or defend herself. Seems to me she’s more than able and capable of doing so when it suits her purposes.

More sickeningly though we saw just about a week after the extradition to the United States of these men a similar and even more longstanding US extradition warrant for Garry McKinnon rescinded by the British Home Secretary Theresa May and her Con-Dem coalition regime partners to exultant cheers by the overwhelming majority of MPs in the House of Commons, a deafeningly silent response from our courts including the ludicrously renamed but aping our US puppet masters nevertheless, Supreme Court when Britain unlike the US and many other countries globally has no Constitution at all, and the vibrantly ecstatic chest beating by our electronic media and UK rags like the Daily mail that were oh so patriotically British in the lead up to World War II. And for those of you who’re either blissfully or conveniently ignorant of the history of the Daily Mail let me rind you that this paper was a staunch support of Oswald Mosley and his British fascist thugs and, of course, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany as well.

I’ve always opposed this one-sided, obsequiously humiliating and pandering to American bullying US extradition treaty from its inception and introduction into our parliament as a bill right through to it becoming the law of the land. And I still do; quite firmly of the opinion that suspected British criminals whose alleged crimes are said to have been committed in the UK should be tried here by our courts, and if carried out abroad a prima face case should be definitively demonstrated against the accused by the country or states seeking their extradition if they’re to be extradited elsewhere.

But what we have instead is an instrument of law, not voted on my parliament that was propelled through parliament supposedly for the betterment of the sighted by a blind, in every conceivable sense of the word, Home Secretary David Blunkett in support of someone who was quite soon to become a mass murderer, children killer, purveyor of the most heinous crimes against humanity and a venal war criminal extraordinaire, Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Doubly ironic too when one considers that Tony Blair’s agent in this blatant exercise of criminal malfeasance and obsequiousness, this same David Blunkett, the supposed working class solidarity and hardened trade unionist communist, having done a 180 degree turn to morph into the raving, libertarian and neo-con Zionist he’d become, used to fly the communist red flag from the HQ flag pole of the Sheffield local council that he controlled as a local councillor then. What utterly odious and unprincipled bastards we Brits invariably end up having as our MPs; but unsurprisingly so I expect in what’s basically a totally infested, class ridden society like ours where one-upmanship headed by a self-serving and completely antiquated in the 21st Century monarchical system is not only all-pervasive but also I fear deeply ingrained in the brainwashed psyche of the vast majority of Britons.

And fully cognisant of the double standards that are consistently operated in public life within the UK and especially so in politics, I none the less even though I expected the resultant decision made by Theresa May couldn’t help but recoil in loathsome disgust not at the decision itself but the quite puerile arguments that were questionably advanced in support of it, when this utterly reprehensible woman aided and abetted by the Queen, the entire British media, plus every other rightwing nutter there is in Theresa May’s Tory Party and the House of Commons generally, all of whom are quite obdurately opposed to and derogatorily vilifying, to say the very least, of EU Human Rights laws having been incorporated within our domestic ones.

Just as they’re diametrically opposed to the EU’s Court of Human Rights having any jurisdiction whatsoever in Britain, unquestioningly attributing all our terrorist ills, real or imagined, and their perverted sense of what’s right or wrong to our lost sovereignty that they say has been spinelessly abdicated to these bodies which they further accuse of effectively preventing our parliament and judiciary system from properly dealing with. Not least among these concocted moans of theirs are these institutions complete helplessness they say in expelling or extraditing those whom we either xenophobically or prejudicially don’t desire any longer to see residing in the UK and subjectively and conveniently want to get rid of; then without batting an eyelid and poker faced with it Theresa May disclosed to an ecstatic UK parliament, the largely conned British public and our obsequious media that she was forthwith rescinding the extradition of Garry McKinnon, an asperger syndrome sufferer to the United States, as not to do so would be “incompatible with Mr McKinnon’s Human Rights.”

One couldn’t make something like that up and convincingly get anyone to believe them. For these are the same collective and reprehensible fuckers across the board that are inexorably opposed to these same human rights laws that were now being trumpeted by all of them as a saving grace for Garry Mackinnon but which normally they don’t miss an opportunity to bemoan how we can’t get people out of the UK because of them. Interestingly enough Theresa May also said to huge cheers in the House of Commons and plaudits in the British media that she would soon be establishing an independent committee to supervise and decide on the merits or demerits of future extraditions to the United States.

Too bad though for Barber Ahmed who is also widely known to be an asperger syndrome sufferer but no sympathy or medical consideration was ever given to his condition by Theresa May or her ilk who cheerfully peddled the myth that the same condition suffered by Garry McKinnon would cause him, were he to be extradited to the US, to commit suicide; an implausible and disingenuous explanation that the United States which all along had emphatically declared that Garry McKinnon was a major threat to both its internal defences and national security and through his activities had caused that country to expend vast sums of money happily went along with. Proving conclusively that on both sides of the Atlantic, I would say, while Caucasian sensibilities must permanently be scrupulously acknowledged and respected those of non-whites don’t have to be. Barber Ahmed in case you haven’t sussed it out yet is noticeably non-white and a Muslim.

But equally repulsive is the fact that the Tory party of David Cameron and Theresa May together with Nick Clegg’s Lib-Dems when in opposition had solemnly pledged to the British voters that were either of them to become the government of the United Kingdom one of their first and most pressing priorities would be to immediately repeal this very same US extradition treaty which the two parties’ leadership branded as misguided action on the part of the Labour Party that had both introduced and wholeheartedly sanctioned what they said was an iniquitous and arbitrary piece of uncontested parliamentary legislation that these now united Con-Dem charlatans also claimed at the time was inimical to the public interest and legal protection of the British people. However, as any prescient-minded person fully knows power corrupts and arrogant power corrupts absolutely.

For on assuming power the Tories and their pseudo-Conservative bedfellows and fellow travellers realizing what an excellent piece of racist and xenophobic legislation masked as a national defence imperative that they’d inherited from the regime of their Labour Party predecessors and purposely choosing not to look a gift horse in the mouth intuitively decided to do what they always do when racism, xenophobia and matters directly impacting on imperialism and colonialism raise their ugly head, welcome them on board and with convenient memories firmly put in place let bygones truly be bygones.

Consequently, both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats acted as though the United States extradition treaty had never been a problematic issue and consequently from their joint perspective they were exceedingly happy for it to remain in situ. Until, that is, the unanticipated conundrum of Garry McKinnon like a cornered and demented giant lobster intent on not being captured, snapped, bit them violently on the hand and forced these metaphorically exuberant but highly inexperienced and dreadfully incompetent Con-Dem divers, whatever hubristic spin they chose to put on it, to in effect humiliatingly let go.

In late October 2012 thousands of Britons of all races held a peaceful protest outside No. 10 Downing street to commemorate the deaths of over 4000 black Britons who in the past 20 years, 1493 since the turn of the century, that have died in police custody. Post mortems that were carried on all of these deaths scientifically and categorically concluded that the victims concerned had all be murdered or unlawfully killed, but to date, November 2, 2012, not a single police officer who was directly involved in these deaths has ever been dismissed from the respective police force, arrested, charged, prosecuted or found guilty in a court of law for these murders. And scandalous as that is and with the British public widely aware of these evil and murderous transgressions of the law one would have thought that the British media with such a massive citizens’ protest of thousands going on in our capital city, London and which was actually taking place outside the official residence of the British Prime Minister would have reported on the matter.

A quite logical assumption one would have thought but which our mainstream media that is always quick to stick its oar into the domestic affairs of other countries neither wastes any time nor given opportunities to caustically report on and even automatically give 24/7 rolling coverage on minor demonstrations relating to absolutely frivolous matters like those circus-like ones that surrounded the Pussy Riot trial in Russia because they fitted in quite well with the west’s subjective anti-Putin agenda or wherever else on Planet Earth our so-called mainstream and biased media construe that the independent and indomitable will of the local people must be interfered with and curtailed, as regularly happens in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia or Iran.

This despite the fact that the people there have and will continue by all means at their disposal to courageously and determinedly defy the insidious and pernicious march of western imperialism, colonialism and hegemony levied against them; only to observe the utterly abhorrent propaganda spewed out from the media nurds at the behest of these western entities that systematically and on a daily basis embark on the most cynical brainwashing of the overwhelming majority of their own people, line up to attack everything remotely associated with this spontaneous and justified global south fight back that then instinctively becomes the mainstay for their principal and propagandistic stories.

However no such attention is considered merited or necessary from these same media for a peaceful demonstration in London that properly and morally demands suitable answers for why so many Blacks: men as well as women; the very old and the young, have consistently died in police custody alone, yet no one with the authority to do so has either seen fit or demonstrated the will to honestly address this issue that is a decades’ old festering sore within the British black community.

Black footballers aren’t by any means impervious to this patently pernicious contagion, and even if their relatively prosperous lifestyles do somewhat cocoon them from the systematic and customary racial profiling stop and search abuses which are eight times more likely to happen to black people and especially young black men than any white person of whatever age or social background, these footballers nevertheless do have family members, close friends and others they personally know of in the communities where they came from and probably still live in whose firsthand experiences of these racial travesties of justice can’t help but negatively impact on them and justifiably colour the attitudes they subsequently espouse in relation to these specific matters.

For not to recognize this fact is identical to having, let’s say, one of your female family members whom you’re particularly close to physically and quite sadistically gang raped and you as a police officer or teacher working in the community where the rapists are untouchably as it were at large entirely due to the marked refusal by those living in that community to report them to the police, are insensitively expected by others to go out to work as normal, put this deeply traumatic episode suffered by your loved as a result of her horrible experience to one aside and simply carry on with your customary duties as if the entire incident had never occurred. You bloody well won’t that’s an absolute certainty; and would seethe with incandescent rage were anyone to suggest that you did. But guess what? When it comes to all manner of iniquities unjustly inflicted on them black people however are patronizingly expected by whites to do precisely what for a solitary second they wouldn’t even contemplate doing themselves let alone embark on.

Much in light of the current and ongoing racial storm that surrounds football in the wider European context generally and English league football in particular has in my opinion been misleadingly by some I’ve personally heard make the specious assertion that you Alex Ferguson have altruistically given footballing opportunities, at a time when this wasn’t commonplace or even considered to be necessary, to lots of black players; and among these people, obviously supporters of yours, are TV and radio commentators as well as a pretty hardcore element of self-styled and narcissistic pundits that then ridiculously leap to the far-fetched notion that you were avant garde both in your outlook and modus operandi relative to the hiring of black football players, and which in itself de facto and unquestionably significantly makes you a bona fide pioneer in the recruitment and endorsement of black footballers players in the English game.

I passionately disagree; since for me those who were genuinely and undeniably in the vanguard of this listless movement, if indeed one can honestly call it that at all, and at a time when unconcealed and unashamed racism towards black footballers was much more contemptuously, indifferently and insensibly dispensed then than it is today by football clubs and the managers they regularly appointed with this specific goal in mind, were exceedingly principled characters of the calibre of Don Revie, Ron Atkinson and the immortal Brian Clough.

For let’s not conveniently or inexcusably ignore the fact that Everton Football Club, which shares the same city and the international, Transatlantic slavery hub it was then with Liverpool Football Club, had until rather recently an official as well as a covertly English FA condoned racist policy of not employing black footballers, uniquely making Everton Football Club on the cusp of the 21st Century the sole snow-white, football outfit operating in a major English league. And along with that it mustn’t be overlooked either that most football managers in the English leagues, and at all divisions throughout them, were intrinsically and prejudicially signed up to the absolutely absurd notion, and one that the English FA never at any time saw the need to morally let alone physically challenge but instead quite cheerfully went along with.

That view of course being that black football players didn’t have the intelligence, fortitude, skills, presence of mind or the bottle to justifiably be considered eligible for, far less persuasively be capable of meaningfully demonstrating against the perceived odds and thus permanently succeed in quelling the mulish disquiet of these white racists, that they on merit alone could be worthy of as well as being outstandingly successful players at the very top of professional club football far less be trusted beyond all shadow of a doubt to be able do so in an English national team shirt. And I don’t recollect when this specific dispute was raging with its seemingly interminable intensity ever seeing or hearing the manifestly garrulous although dependably and incomprehensibly inarticulate Alex Ferguson coming out and by word or deed repudiating these innumerable and unsubstantiated slurs on black footballers, or personally tackling the attendant racist vilification that was evidently inherent in all of these remarks.

So it’s ludicrous at best, utterly stupid in between, and completely svengali-like in character at worst to even suggest that Alex Ferguson was a pioneer in or promoter of the real aspirations of black footballers, for like the vast majority of his fellow managers in the English football leagues he simply saw how the wind was blowing and therefore advantageously and self-servingly shifted his sails accordingly to make the most of it as well as the new development he was involuntarily presented with.

That black football players though reluctantly but nevertheless out of sheer necessity were picked to play for English league clubs effectively and undeniably came about because the entire ethos of English football had swiftly and quite radically changed from that of a rather moribund, backward looking, parochial and internecine squabbling activity of tribally affiliated entities called clubs into a distinctly corporate structured financial undertaking, where success was no longer determined by or measured in terms of egotistical bragging rights as to which club was locally or even nationally regarded as better than the others according to the number of domestic trophies it won, but instead was viewed clinically and dispassionately through the all important prism of the financial earnings and the healthy state or otherwise of that club’s corporate balance sheet.

Footballing success therefore rested increasingly and even primarily on wealth or the club’s own potential to generate such capital, with the acquisition of trophies per se a mere addendum to that obsessive process. No longer just a sporting amusement, leisure pursuit or communal instrument for the collective and essential escapism from the enfeebling strictures of everyday working class life, the game of football was arbitrarily and permanently transformed by those who’d hijacked it into a dog-eat-dog, modern gladiatorial spectacle where loyal but disenfranchised fans were all the same unscrupulously enticed into ever more elaborate and expensive urban coliseums to cheer on and dutifully pay collective homage to their respective performing gladiators.

But like the gladiators of ancient times these contemporary ones also had to be fit and strong and personally imbued with a single-minded streak and the propensity to survive, succeed, gain much needed plaudits for their owners, nowadays the football club owners, shareholders and managers, and for good measure garner whatever prizes, like prestigious trophies, that were in the offing that could then be rather cynically paraded before the fans who had no say, or would any be tolerated from them, into how their supposed football club was run; yet deceitfully told and persistently and fraudulently led to believe that they nonetheless are an integral part of what’s going on in the inner sanctum of their Footballing cathedral of worship.

Equally disingenuously black football players are also being exploitatively used, with their African ancestral pedigree of hundreds of years of the most exacting survival of the fittest among them that was embedded in the pertinacious obstacle their race had to engage with and discover practical and psychological ways to deal with this and successfully surmount it, being edaciously and lucratively employed by those that still see Blacks as chattel or merchandise to be self-servingly and moreover conveniently corralled, as the many millions of the ancestors of today’s black footballers routinely and forcibly were, into the economic and wealth producing service of whites.

Notwithstanding the fact however that this somewhat intransigent and highly exploitative attitude was initially occasioned through, avidly fostered from, and intransigently reinforced by the white devilish precepts of slavery, colonialism and global imperialism that were markedly compounded by the inhuman, white Caucasian concept of a master race species attributed exclusively to itself and enthusiastically supported by the totally flawed and subsequently widely discredited so-called scientific principle of eugenics, that despite its credibility thrashing was nevertheless passionately adhered to and in turn ably assisted in facilitating the brutal augmentation and fervent ushering in of such coercive elements of the systematic and barbaric white repression of black people as racial segregation, lynching, Jim Crow laws, apartheid and modern day racism.

A codification of all the salient and prerequisite ingredients which modern gladiatorial contests demand and contemporary football represents; and that genetically in the eyes of the footballing carpetbaggers and those who run football in Britain and wider Europe, black footballers have in abundance. And it’s for this specific purpose and precious little else that white managers like Alex Ferguson hire black football players in what is virtually tantamount to a perverse and premeditated ploy that’s analogous in many way to intentionally going to a whorehouse, scrupulously selecting and paying for the services of the prostitute of one’s choice to sate one’s sexual cravings but once the fuck is over, and regardless of how accomplished that whore was in satisfying the punter’s lust, that specific encounter inevitably and automatically becomes defunct, with the punter not unsurprisingly already mentally seeking pastures new.

Realistically in such circumstances no practical person would presume that that punter of whatever sexual orientation they were, for let’s not be gender biased in our analysis of this given scenario, to do anything differently, as it would be quite unrealistic to expect that individual to pledge undying love to that whore, excitedly take them home to meet their close family members or friends, or for that matter offer them marriage or a civil partnership because the punter in question had procured from his or her shag a number of mind-bogglingly and mind-blowingly explosive orgasms which were occasioned from that whore’s remarkably skilful and virtuosic ministrations. So why should white managers for whom black footballers are little more than expendable commodities like that whore was to the punter I previously described see them any differently?

Black football players who’re playing in the English and other home nations’ domestic leagues are I repeat routinely and subjectively seen in by most white managers, who’re the overwhelming sort we have managing football clubs in the British Isles, as equal to the expendable and fictional and abovementioned whore. A state of affairs which unmistakably has much to do with the patronizing and pretentious attitude of and hugely inept Cabal comprised of white supremacists that from their distinctly insulated bubble of unreality persist in deluding themselves that they’re the bee’s knees, and that British and particularly English football leagues are the best in the world.

This notwithstanding the fact that our major British clubs consistently languish in the doldrums of European competitions with the same criticism justifiably and noticeably self-evident in the case of the English national team that hasn’t won anything since 1966 when England most controversially beat Germany at home to win the world cup; with these same mavericks also firmly of the opinion that the current status quo in British football should continue as it is. While patronizingly and quite egregiously subscribing to the point of view that black football players are there to be used at will, and when arbitrarily or expediently the necessity evolves from these same managers or their clubs for them to be considered as surplus to requirement, brusquely shown the door; and indifferent of what subsequently happens to them ruthlessly and uncompromisingly dispensed with.

It’s why we don’t see any black faces in or hear of comparable candidates from within our black communities generally or former football players in particular for positions in the administrative echelons at any level that one can truthfully think of in British professional football either at club level across the various leagues, or else gracing the ivory tower of the English FA or those of the other football associations that represent the home countries of Wales and Scotland or of Northern Ireland. And despite the platitudinous hot air vouchsafed from time to time by those who can really make change happen but have no earnest wish to do so, in the meantime don’t hold your breath on this one or anticipate any meaningful transition to unfold far less to be punctiliously implemented any time soon.

Furthermore, to gratuitously and insultingly rub salt into the wounds of black aspirants who might very well be hopefully looking to fulfil personal ambitions in football management generally or as football managers or coaches in particular but irrespective of how admirably qualified they are or competent they appear to be for the posts they apply for, the perennial bigotry and entrenched, all-white fraternity mindset liberally compounded by the somewhat dismissive, deeply ingrained and unquestioning supposition by this imperious white Cabal, which from its establishment through to the present day has exclusively run English football and regards them differently; notwithstanding the redemptive and ongoing changes that in a number of cases despite the at times overwhelming odds and overbearing impediments they’ve been forced to encounter, but thankfully changes that have successfully managed in the majority of instances to overcome and significantly sustain the process of helping to shape our society into the vivacious multicultural one it has become, for all that the immutable prejudices of these footballing bigots nevertheless remain constant.

Correspondingly it doesn’t escape the notice of anyone with even a modicum of commonsense or any knowledge relating to the ugly shenanigans that are going on in the administration of English football and that of the other home FAs, that the risibly token nigger gestures made to prospective black football managers, whose consummate number one can actually count on two fingers of the same hand, were immensely flawed from the very outset of those offers being made and therefore deeply compromised long before the contracts were signed or the ink on them from the signatures put there had dried.

For the perfectly obvious and simple reason that those who’d insincerely granted those contracts to expectantly appease the known concerns of conscionable and disquieted observers of the so-called beautiful game that on the whole were uncomfortable with the stark realization that there were no indigenous, black UK managers in British football but plenty of tanned southern European ones though, in doing so personally expected these purely figurative and sacrificial black managers to fail and even fervently wished them to.

Token gestures by those making them are always engaged in with a specific and intentional desire in mind that’s undoubtedly designed to complement a predetermined outcome; and the belated and questionable beneficence of a couple of Trojan horses wheeled out to black management prospects of the English football game was just such a situation; and it worked! For having comprehensively been duped into thinking that the controversy surrounding the hiring of black football managers in the English leagues was at long last and irreversibly as well about to be satisfactorily resolved, and willing therefore to play their part and accept at face value these proffered but unknowingly covert Trojan horses that came their way, gullible Blacks soon found themselves rudely and humiliatingly hoisted on their own partially engineered petard of white dissemblance.

A cruel state of affairs at the best of times to be in and from which they savagely discovered that contrived black managerial failure, with its inbuilt and premeditated obstruction to any authentic black administrative progression in the English and other home nations structure of their football game, was intended all along by those who’d deliberately with the full surreptitious blessing and enthusiastic support of the various leagues, the club owners, their backroom staff, most managers and the governing associations involved to construct such hindrances as they deemed fit to ensure that failure, which was the sole cardinal ingredient and purpose of these token black appointments anyway, would accordingly act as an effective bulwark against any genuinely serious and, in their mutual view, misguided deviation from the cherish status quo.

Essentially giving rise to a complicit and manufactured situation that would leave football in the hands of those who considered themselves to know best, had they asserted football’s best interests at heart because they were professional and knew what they were doing and, furthermore, had an inalienable right to assume these attitudes. Thus precluding any wannabe Black English, football manager from being granted even a fraction of the time that you Alex were supportively allowed to repeatedly fail in and, most significantly, still permitted to keep your job before you finally came good, and just as you managed it likewise be given the opportunity to replicate that feat; provided of course they necessarily require the same lengthy period of time to do so.

You Alex are now regarded by some as an icon, and in footballing terms that’s arguably the case. I say arguably because in my doing so I’m fully cognisant of the old English proverb charged by and attendant with its encouraging and inspirational exhortation that if one fails to succeed at first then they should try and try again; and you more than most surely did that Alex. That said, I don’t recall there ever having been an addendum, and frankly don’t think there’s one, to that adage that asserts, that on having partially or even completely successfully scaled the dizzy heights of attainment, the climber in question is then personally or morally obligated to unwarrantedly kick down that ladder of success which they used as an instrument for their accomplishment to effectually prevent others that he or she doesn’t like, are afraid of, or subjectively consider they don’t have any affinity with from similarly taking their chances on the future and accordingly climb that ladder as well towards their own achievements. You alas in my opinion Alex have a penchant for doing just that!

Unforgivably I believe in a country where the systematic dumbing down of our educational system has become commonplace and perversely even seen as desirable especially among those that either socially or financially can ill afford to be uneducated or unskilled, and who’ll inescapably finish up as principal fodder for the mutually destructive, idiotic, physical and psychological squabbling that is the deeply inherent and actively fomented nature of an insidious and malevolent tribalism within and between football clubs; where in character with the general ethos of significant sections of the British Isles authentic and natural competition is feared, innate ability frowned upon and regarded as infra dig, while routine failure, by any reasonable definition of that word, is favourably viewed, accepted and cheerfully condoned as success.

Set against the background of these circumstances therefore it’s hardly surprising then, although absolutely dumb in its mulishness because they consider everybody has to admire the lot of them because they’re great; wrong! I don’t, that the observably unenlightened ranks of English football management, of which you’re an integral and dinosaurian part Alex, energetically rebuffs change while stubbornly clinging to what it thinks it knows best and feels most comfortable with. Which bearing in mind that football is supposedly our national sport just isn’t good enough Ferguson and Co; and pandering to the constituency of white rednecks that changing demographics, not only in the UK but also the United States, show to be a rapidly diminishing and obsolescent breed as Mitt Romney discovered to his electoral cost in this recent 2012 presidential election, is really a mug’s game, and high time too for you English football management to get real and pull your fingers out of your collective asses.

My exact and unquestionable understanding with its definitive recognition of what an iconic figure is Alex, is somebody who intuitively, voluntarily, genuinely, excitedly and enduringly inspires and commands in others an uncritical devotion, personal attachment to, and profound respect for them, and who unexploitatively of this loyalty keenly bestowed on them demands nothing in return from those who’ve generously accorded it; nor would they ever have contemplated doing so. That then, in my personal judgement of this subject Alex, emphatically rules you out of that equation.

Yes, I do have my own personal index of those whom I regard as icons but these are people who conscientiously, ethically and in every other noble respect, characteristics perceptibly alien to you Alex, are clearly light years removed from the markedly incongruous, utterly banal and dissolute reality TV and X-factor puerility that speciously purports to be the relevant criterion for, and then goes on to fashion the illogical idea and furthermore cement it in the minds of the twisted, gullible and hopelessly ill-informed within our communities that that perception alone is what an iconic status is all about.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For in reality it’s a risible thought that would normally be contemptuously dismissed out of hand as the worthless pursuit that it is, were it not for the serious approach it’s embarked upon by those who’re impenitently pushing and promoting this outlandish idea and have a lot to gain financially from doing so. Not least from among the austerity hit, cash strapped, hand to mouth existing and a growing throng of across the board feral and intellectually challenged morons with no constructive or meaningful life of their own.

Are evidently too indolent apathetic or obtuse to get off their predominantly sedentary asses and do anything positive about that consistently choosing instead to live their far-fetched fantasies through the chequered lives of contemporary, prima donna gladiators parading on football pitches, the silly narcissistic actions of their coliseum trainers that into the bargain handle them; the loquacious and frequently the far from erudite media pundits who comment on them, and of course the extensively hyped, cardboard-cut out and hollow, purported celebrities that adorn our cinematic and television screens.

In all aspects of my life, just as I shall continuously persist in doing for the remainder of it on Earth Alex, I’ve always intuitively gone for the real thing and therefore stubbornly eschew and confront anything that even remotely smacks of hypocrisy, double-standards or artificial importance; and in sport, which is a multitudinous pastime for me, the same discretion unwaveringly applies. It’s why football is way down my list of priorities as a leisure amusement; not the sport itself mark you but the way it’s incompetently governed and the tribalistic ethos that deleteriously infects it. The proud centuries old and still diligently adhered to motto of my alma mater, a school I still have close and steadfast ties with, is: “Aliis Non Sibi!”

The English translation of that Latin, still taught at my old grammar school I’m happy to say as it was from its very establishment, phrase is: “For others not ourselves!” And for the boys and girls who attended as I did, and the many who to this day still do so, this revolutionary co-educational establishment and its inspirational motto beneficially infused into our formative minds still jointly function as it did then as a positive and enduring concept that there are other people in this world apart from us and that we as evanescent inhabitants of this planet should at all times endeavour to do for them what we would expectantly want that they do for us.

To this day football has never found favour with or a place onto our school’s sports curriculum as other sports like athletics and cricket really did and still do; and I certainly don’t recall during the enlivening, outstandingly informative and exceedingly pleasurable time I was privileged to spend at my school that this deliberate omission on the part of the school’s authority was ever considered by us pupils to be an act of remissness by it. That not having football as a sporting option was ever missed or regretted by any of us; or come to that ever hearing anyone, including myself, speculate let alone question as to why it was left out from the school’s curriculum. All of us naturally knew the answer to that unasked question. For to use a revealingly significant English idiom: “It simply wasn’t cricket, old boy!” And that was physically just as it is manifestly metaphorically so!

Then as now, for example, I could securely, encouragingly and most enjoyably go to watch cricket matches at venues anywhere, apartheid South Africa quite disappointingly being the one exception to this general rule, that I chose to and at whatever level that the game of cricket was being played at. Completely assured before I left where I was or had set foot in the community that the stadium was to be found in and where the cricketing event was being held, that whether I was alone or with family members, friends, work colleagues or simply acquaintances I went along with, or even total strangers that I found myself among who either supported the same team as me or its opponents, or were neutrals relative to both sides involved in this cricketing contest but were present all the same because they were ardent cricket fans, that the spontaneous rapport and lively camaraderie between us weren’t only animated to the point of almost being tangible but was also natural in its creation.

And that this diverse set of supporters whatever their individual and preferred choice of who they wanted to win that specific cricketing competition or Test Match and, furthermore, irrespective of the seating or standing arrangements we’d all individually and freely decided on at that venue and from where we could anticipatedly and excitedly observe the outcome of the contest we’d come to see and energetically cheer on , we all of us nevertheless instinctively knew that irrespective of the multiple twists and turns in the game that accumulatively augmented our shared entertainment and enjoyment of this event we were there for, and notwithstanding our personal team loyalties, that all of us could safely and unmolested, either physically, verbally or psychologically, thoroughly enjoy the game of cricket and its impending or final result, as during and after the climax of the game we praised the superb skills and efforts of the losing side; sportingly commiserated with their fans who in turn reciprocated by good-naturedly and genuinely congratulated the winning team’s victory and the joy of its supporters.

All this confidently in the full knowledge that every one of us could thereafter return to our homes or locales without the likelihood of having to run the gauntlet of possible attacks from disgruntled opposing fans childishly angry that their team had fairly lost, or the probable exposure of having a solitary hair on our heads touched, outside of this happening as a direct response of the mutual joy experienced and now generously communicated between those involved at having been present at and consequently having had as well the immense privilege of witnessing and enjoying a sport that we all genuinely love, profoundly and emotionally care a great deal about, but significantly as well have a discerning, tremendous and crucially for the sport and all those involved with it an enduring respect and mutual admiration for all cricket fans, regardless of where they’re from or what teams they support.

An example of what I mean is exemplified in what follows. Ian Botham, the late Rverend David Shepherd, former Bishop of Liverpool, and Freddie Truman, for example and who all played Test Cricket for England, are everlasting legends in the cricketing folklore of West Indian cricket fans, young and old of both genders, of this traditionally outstanding cricket nation where women and men alike are enthusiastically and fully knowledgeable about every aspect of this fantastic game that they intuitively love and revere immensely in this English speaking region of the Caribbean, where cricket to the inhabitants there is more analogous of a religion to them than a sport.

And it’s not simply English cricketers per se that Caribbean cricket fans at home and throughout the West Indian Diaspora feel this way about, since outstanding players of other nations also get the same treatment and demonstrative affection that these aficionados and truly worthy experts of cricket justifiably think they deserve. And one such person who immediately comes to mind is the former Pakistani Test cricketer Hanif Mohammed who first played for his country at the age of 16 and came within a whisker of breaking the then and longstanding world test cricket batting record of 365 runs in a specific innings of a Test game.

Achieving this amazing feat incidentally at the world famous Kensington Oval Cricket Ground on the outskirts of Barbados’ capital Bridgetown and in front of a packed stadium of West Indian fans who were there, yours truly among them, to see this epic Test Match between Pakistan and a West Indian team at its peak and furthermore was liberally littered with internationally famed greats, the overwhelming majority of whom were Barbadians, and together comprising a team which was No. 1 in the world rankings, would stay there for decades to come, and was playing in front of a home crowd that worshipped it to the heavens, yet to a man, woman and child at this particular juncture in the game was Caribbean-style enthusiastically, encouragingly, volubly cheering for and willing on this plucky teenage Pakistani Test cricketer to break that record, and against their own team as it happened that they passionately adored, reliably celebrated and devotedly had always supported just as assuredly as they all knew they’d continue to do so.

Not that they necessarily wanted for Pakistan to win that particular Test Match or the Test Series for that matter, but all the same it didn’t prevent these West Indians from objectively recognizing true greatness when they saw it nor from openly and fervently saluting it when they encountered it whether it was within the ranks of their own team or that of their opponents. Unfortunately Hanif Mohammed fell short of his intended goal and ours by just a few runs; but when he finally got out the West Indian team players were among the very first to applaud him for his sterling effort at the crease as they’d done each time he’d surpassed the century landmark, three of them in all, during his spectacular innings on the field of play.

Additionally on his way back to the cricket pavilion, his gloves and cap removed, no helmets were worn in those days, and his bat respectfully raised in the traditional gesture of appreciation for the tremendous, spontaneous, sustained and standing ovation that he was tumultuously receiving from ever section of the assembled crowd present, and which included the sports reporters, broadcasters and cricket analysts who were just as excited, energized and emotionally involved as the rest of us, I spontaneously got a group of other school kids who like me were in an open ground stand next to the steps which led to the players’ pavilion and having told them what I wanted them to do, we all quickly left our places and made our way to the front of the players’ pavilion where we gave Hanif Mohammed an impromptu but dignified and suitable guard of honour as he exited the cricket field and just prior to his entering the players’ pavilion where he was met by a rapturous welcome from his Pakistani teammates and other colleagues.

It’s a truly unforgettable memory among many others associated with the game of cricket that are deeply etched in my mind and that I mentally and enjoyably relive from time to time with friends and family members, eternally grateful that I was physically there to witness and mentally record firsthand and forever the incidents that sparked them. But as I do so I often ask myself, and many years on after these particular incidents, what other sport apart from cricket is there where even to this day and with the brazen venality attached to most sporting activities and is itself compounded by the widespread corruption, dishonesty and cheating inherent in them, can an opposing team that through unanticipated circumstances finds itself involuntarily short of a player or two honourably borrow these from its active competitor knowing full well that the players who’re co-opted either from the ranks of the its rival’s own squad of players or their team supporters to play for it will, notwithstanding that they’re bona fide members or supporters of the team they’ve been drafted from, nevertheless fully discharge their duties to their guest team with impeccable integrity?

Cricket, whether it’s amateur or professional, is the only sport that does this and where an umpire can reliably count on an outfield player to truthfully tell him, if he’s unsure of it himself, whether or not a struck ball crossed the boundary rope or if caught by that player was lawfully held within the field of play when the catch was actually taken. Nothing of the kind would ever happen in the game of football or be expected to either in the English or European versions of it where cheating, diving, mindless violence, successfully conning idiotic referees, deceitfully trying to get opposing players unjustly red-carded and summarily sent off the field of play; and winning at all costs, ably assisted and actively encouraged by unprincipled, thuggish and self-important managers with a lot of bravado but precious little, if anything at all, in terms of intellectual acumen on top and awfully unlikely ever to acquire any, the name of the game.

A supposed sport where genuine skill and honest entertainment are nowadays rated as secondary to the bank balance of the club or more specifically the money that the owners of these football clubs can rake in for themselves. And where intelligent club supporters or neutral fans of football are put off from attending football matches even within their localities because of the vicious and barbaric tribalistic and subliminal racist mindset that prevails as prevalent features of football games across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and throughout Europe as well and that the relevant football authorities have no genuine wish to rein in far less stopping altogether as long as the cash, especially from advertising and sponsorship, keeps rolling in and they’re permitted for a variety of reasons to dishonestly carry on with their lip service to meaningful reforms while at the same time and behind closed doors steadfastly and assiduously do all they can to maintain the status quo.

And how more utterly sad, savage, sadistic and Dark Ages in mindset can one visualize a situation or ongoing state of affairs to be where in the 21st Century so-called football fans, very distinct from the highly enlightened and civilized aficionados of cricket, athletics or tennis for example, must for their own self-protection from rival supporters and even each other be penned separately like cattle in specific holding areas for the duration of the entire match at whatever stadium they’d descended on and that their teams were playing in to stop an inescapable bloodbath otherwise, by what would fundamentally be the acts of mindless morons gratuitously exacting senseless violence or revenge on their football opponents, whoever else might have gotten in their way while this was happening, or whom they’d premeditatedly or even on the spur of the moment as occurs sometimes arbitrarily decided to pick on, although the latter had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with football or the incidents their attackers had engineered.

And additionally and rather sickening to observe from the personal perspective of an avid cricket fan like myself is the stark awareness that anyone sitting among these so-called football fans who either naively as neutral members of the public or worse still as a member of that specific football tribe ever decided at one of these games to objectively applaud or comment favourably in earshot on the football skills of a player in the opposing team, or God forbid actually applauded a goal his team had scored that person would summarily run the real risk of being seriously abused, attacked, harmed or possibly even lose his or her life for what they conscionably did.

Which begs the evident question: how in an ostensibly civilized society like Britain, wider Europe, and that includes Russia as well, can behaviour like that be tolerated, condoned or excused? For to do so makes a total mockery of the word civilized in whatever language one may choose to use it. And why is it that English Cricket fans just as their West Indian counterparts do in reverse with them can laud each others’ outstanding players just as these English cricket supporters do with all-time West cricketing greats across the ages like the three Ws: Clyde Walcott, the great uncle of the Arsenal and England football player Theo Walcott, Everton Weekes and Frank Worrell.

As well as a host of others far too numerous to name them all here but who included the likes of Gary Sobers, the greatest all-rounder the world of domestic or international cricket throughout the entire history of the game right up to the present has ever seen; Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Rohan Kanhai, Conrad Hunte, Sonny Ramadhin, Alfred Valentine, Malcolm Marshall, Wesley Hall and Brian Lara who broke Gary Sobers’ world record for the most runs consecutively scored by any test cricketer in a Test Match innings, an incidentally a record he still holds in addition to another world record for consecutively scoring the most runs ever in any first-class cricket game, test or otherwise.

That then is the salient difference between the attitudes and mindset of cricket fans on the one hand and those who call themselves football supporters on the other. A situation where the former quite conspicuously go to cricket matches with the prime purpose of paying homage to the purity, ethos, sophistication and the enthralling magic that is the nature of cricket as well as to demonstrate their fidelity to its players, of whatever nationality, ethnic background or whichever team they play for, who in their inimitable way unselfishly contribute to these guiding beliefs and principles.

While in marked contrast the grotesquely overpaid, brain dead and utterly childish prima donnas of English and European football and the fans they perfectly deserve, given the precise circumstances they’re idiotically enmeshed in, have no understanding at all of such noble concepts or how to deal with them if they’re ever confronted with them. Since their comically pretentious and alleged sport of football has about it generally all the ingredients and characteristics of a medieval bear pit affray or at its best the extirpative savagery of a Roman gladiatorial duel. Not exactly the requisite culture or the rock-solid basis for civilized enlightenment, which are sorely needed if any meaningful steps are to be undertaken to rectify these deeply ingrained and evidently psychogenic deficiencies.

Which brings me forthrightly to the Mark Clattenburg Affair and the response to that incident of the instinctive encirclement around themselves of the wagons of resistance by the English FA and its trusty legion of likeminded waggoners. A state of affairs that’s quite analogous in every respect to those imperialistically-minded and unmistakably racially-driven cowboy movies of whites (who else?) heading out west into Caucasian unchartered territory and in their rather wild perceptions of what in their rather twisted minds passed for reality constantly felt themselves to be ominpresently surrounded by red-skinned savages thoroughly hell-bent not just on threatening their perceived and much deserved peace of mind and tranquillity but also and crucially for them their established way of living and even their very existence by intentionally putting their lives in jeopardy. A somewhat perverse method of reasoning by these white interlopers to say the very least who in this subjective self-analysis conveniently and self-servingly chose to overlook the real circumstances pertaining to the situation that they delusionarily believed themselves to be in.

Essentially that were it not for their rather violent and unwarranted intrusion into the lives, cultural and social stability and even the religious practices of these people that they knew little or nothing about and significantly chose to remain uninterested in, but nevertheless had quite disdainfully and barefacedly disregarded as proper members of the human race and as a result had also offhandedly dismissed as totally unsuitable to be on a par with themselves in any regard possible, life all-round and for all concerned would, of course, have been immeasurably different.

It wasn’t to be however as the white status quo obstinately and immutably had seen to that. A state of affairs which in essence, and not putting too fine a point on it, was barbarously coupled with the egregiously violent and widespread theft of these indigenous peoples homelands which in ratio and character comprised not one but two continents with an interconnecting landmass linking them and were themselves complemented by a mass of associated and neighbouring islands that collectively but additionally in the cases of North and South America are also individually considerably larger, more pristine and much wealthier in natural resources than Europe where these Caucasian robbers originated from, gives a totally different representation from the dishonest narrative they portrayed and that has become the official one which their utterly brain dead or mendacious descendants still tenaciously cling to.

This despite the facts thoroughly supported by well documented examples of Caucasian behaviour that had these cruel depredators of the Americas and the Caribbean or their white kith and kin been forced into equivalent circumstances by outsiders doing to them in Europe the same kinds of things they were habitually inflicting on these indigenous peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean and whose lives as a consequence they’d made a thorough mess of and literally got away with it, these Europeans would have instinctively responded with self-righteous indignation firmly backed up by untrammelled ferocity to repel these invaders from their homelands, restore their collective identity as white folk and their national integrity as a people, while physically doing everything possible in their power to regain what was indisputably their countries.

Which was precisely what the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean had in mind, were justifiably doing and that any other people or nation if they had even a modicum of collective responsibility or integrity among them would unhesitatingly have done and still would today, but something alas that white Caucasians explicitly see as their sole preserve and accordingly accredit it with noble intent but only when executed by them. However the second that it’s directed against them for their inhuman behaviour to others or selfish interests per se, a sudden transmutation takes effect with it becoming the barbaric activities of unsophisticated and non-Caucasian savages.

A thoroughly selfish and patently arrogant approach of course to adopt, which notwithstanding that contention had white Europeans and their sympathizers given the same consideration and even half the importance they automatically do in respect of their own interests when these are perceived by them to be in jeopardy at home or elsewhere to those of others that conversely they conventionally and rather deliberately endanger at will and anywhere they choose to, such a move would of itself have evidently obviated the requirement not only for the indigenous peoples of the so-called New World and elsewhere to be hostile against them but also eliminate at a stroke the problems whites saw and even now see fit to periodically whinge about, barbarically kill for, but either asininely or conveniently ignore the facts that it was their race that instigated these problems in the first place.

Denuded of an empire, left controversially with the Malvinas Islands, Gibraltar, the Chagos Islands and Northern Ireland as the residual legacy of it, sitting even so on massive hoards of stolen wealth and globally looted artefacts of incredible value like the priceless Nubian Diamond purloined from the African Kingdom of Nubia and now a major component of the so-called British Crown Jewels; Britain like a once successful and much feared prized fighter is now through its own fault and rapt unwillingness to adapt to changing circumstances reduced to the state of a punched drunk pugilist.

Who moreover is seemingly incapable of acknowledging that the glory days are over, pathetically kidding himself that he can stage a successful comeback while idiotically in an effort to boost this pipe-dream chooses to fawningly hang around with powerful and influential but nevertheless fair-weather friends; which in Britain’s case is most definitely the United States that is fully aware of Britain’s situation, but because of the United States own colonial past at the hands of Britain very actively encourages the latter’s fantasies to satisfy its own childish perversity.

Then of course there’re European states like France that are cooperatively drawn into the equation. Since like Britain they too are dreary colonialist has-beens endeavouring to vaingloriously live out their imperialistic fantasies, and consequently like serial drunks that can’t resist the offer of alcohol desperately require this collective but by no means trustworthy alliance which necessity has caused them to engage in together with their one-sided and subservient relationship with the United States bully on the block to accord them the sense of importance they avidly crave while at the same time enabling them to ludicrously craft the impression globally that as European countries they actually matter when as it happens they don’t, and it’s simply their obsequious association with the United States that creates that illusion.

Relatively easy to understand therefore in the light of this background why those who manage the English FA together with their fawning sycophants in football act as they do since old colonialist practices die hard and in the case of some people never at all. And I can’t envisage any less likely places for genuinely meaningful and enlightened change commensurate with the positive needs of 21st Century, multicultural Britain generally and contemporary football played inside its borders in particular to happen than the environs of the English FA, the boardrooms and management offices of most football clubs throughout the UK and especially those in England, fully complemented by the activities of the football managers and coaches at these clubs that quite slavishly implement the policies that others decide for them knowing that if they don’t carry them out and God forbid were to show any originality or initiative of their own they’d be quickly shown the door and be out of a job at that club anyway. Robots the overwhelming majority of them!

So issues like combating and eradicating racism whenever, however and wherever it raises its ugly head is manifestly a bridge too far for all these aforementioned persons who’d supply till the cows come home all the sops and lip service that they can conjure up to make themselves look good and deceitfully give the impression they’re actually doing something constructive to kick racism out of football and forever change hearts and minds for the betterment not only of those who go to watch football being played or frequently follow it but also for the general good of football itself; yet will underhandedly do absolutely nothing of a concrete nature to properly tackle and resolve the matter of racism basically because they don’t want to, while at the same time actively endeavour to sorely undermine the efforts of those and even maliciously attack anyone they have jurisdiction over who try to reform, however emolliently so, the existing status quo.

Giving a firm indication as to what the Mark Clattenburg Affair with its prevarications, deliberate deferrals, obfuscation and all the rest of it particularly on the part of the English FA was all about, leading any prescient-minded individual, with a functioning brain in his or her head, to reasonably conclude that what transpired in relation to it is basically symptomatic of what was earlier said.

I’ve worked in Academia for several years enjoying to the fullest an interesting career that span the entire range of the teaching discipline starting with secondary school level right the way through to university undergraduate and postgraduate tuition and including as well Adult and Extracurricular educational studies. Additionally, I’m a qualified youth leader and personal counsellor, which also encompasses marriage guidance counselling; so my firsthand experiences and personal knowledge of human nature which extend across a wide gamut of sociological, cultural and educational levels are quite extensive and diverse.

And one thing that I do know for sure from all of this is, that no two individuals think exactly alike and each one of us is influenced in varying degrees on how we think and subsequently react to our thoughts by factors that for a variety of reasons, some of them obvious to us others inexplicably so, impact on our conscious thinking as well as our subconscious mind, and how we individually react to any given situation or interpret what we think we heard or saw are very much affected and even acutely swayed by the involuntary or deliberate stimuli that determine our behavioural response to that specific incident.

A simple and straightforward car accident, for example, seen by a number of firsthand witnesses to it, as any investigating traffic cop will tell you, doesn’t result in a uniformed account by these eye witnesses of what actually took place before their very eyes, nor for that matter will the recounted versions by those directly involved in that accident be the same. And even an official investigation to ostensibly determine what actually happened can end up turning reality completely on its head.

Particularly so if those responsible for carrying it out either wilfully or even subconsciously allow their personal prejudices, partisanship or what rationally can be regarded as extraneous matters like race, ethnicity, class, perceived social reputation, personal popularity or even the celebrity status of those directly involved in the incident that’s under scrutiny to interfere at all in what they’re doing, and which should strictly be an objective study of the facts at hand together with all other relevant information pertaining to the matter that’s being investigated and nothing else. Not any friendship with those whose conduct is being looked into or the all-consuming fear that an honest inquiry will reveal uncomfortable or inconvenient truths that those carrying it out or who ordered it to be done don’t want to hear and would much prefer were kept hidden.

And frankly despite the gloss that’s been put on it I’m in the least convinced that the investigation carried out by the English FA or at its behest into the Mark Clattenburg Affair followed those basic guidelines. And what I get instead despite rigorous efforts on my part to be dispassionate about the English FA’s findings is a truly profound gut feeling that it was all simply a case of first reaching a conclusion and then searching for and tailoring convenient “facts” to suit that earlier decision. And in that particular sense it rather strikes me like the customary actions of a household name, national daily, British newspaper whose editorial policy is one of initially determining what any given story must be, notifying the reporters concerned about this directive from on high, then directing them to quite literally either find or create “facts” to corroborate the predetermined and dishonest narrative decided upon.

That matter however won’t be dealt with here, as a full and surgical dissection of the English FA’s report on the Mark Clattenburg Affair will be the subject of an upcoming article by me. However, it would be quite remiss of me to desist entirely from this specific subject matter without pointing out a few inconvenient and even uncomfortable home truths which could very well have a bearing on the Mark Clattenburg Affair while additionally succeed in wiping from more than simply a few faces the smiles of exultant glee of those who celebrated and still do his predictable exoneration by the English FA.

To cut to the chase Britain is a country where accumulatively 36% of its female population across the total span of social, class, educational and cultural backgrounds cuckold on a regular basis their husbands or partners, whether they live with them or not, deliberately conceiving and producing in the process children that these cuckolded men were then intentionally by their spouses and partners made to innocently father even though they hadn’t sired them. Men who then subsequently, except for extraordinary circumstances like a critical medical emergency for instance necessitating urgent medical help from a biological parent and forcing a disclosure of the truth, literally go through life never knowing they were cruelly duped and heartlessly betrayed by someone they’d willingly and confidently invested their love and trust in.

And it’s not simply the reputed fathers or the children of these relationships who’re left in the dark, caught inextricably in the tangled web of deceit and ignorance of who they really are that are alone in this pickle, as there are millions of British children that are adopted, conservative estimates put the figure as high as 45%, and who’re never told and therefore are highly unlikely to ever find out about their adoption, or that their earnestly believed and from their personal perspective of blissful ignorance their proper status within families they unquestioningly assume as biologically theirs is actually based on a life-changing lie conspiratorially and therefore deliberately kept from them.

Don’t misunderstand me; there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong from my perspective with adoption provided of course it’s done for all the right reasons, with strict safeguards for those who are adopted, and is the only course of action left open for children who would otherwise be grossly neglected, seriously ill-treated, completely abandoned, or even killed by unfeeling parents or those associated with them. Bearing in mind that the reasons for adoption are manifold, ranging from the child being a product of incest, the result of pubescent or teenage pregnancy by underage females; familial embarrassment or shame as was commonplace in 1950 and 60s Britain where unmarried females of whatever age were summarily packed off to homes for unmarried mothers during their pregnancies and invariably forced to give up their babies whether they genuinely wanted to do so or not.

Or as frequently occurred in Wales where the perceived bastard child was innovatively kept within its biological family. But this was done by way of having a close family member, usually a married sibling, literally take on the child as their own; even to the extent of making illegal declarations on its birth certificate to support this deception. Nevertheless thoroughly fraudulent and strictly illegal as this practice was one could always argue I suppose that the child in question was still ensconced in the bosom as it were of its biological relatives.

Then of course there are those women for whom pregnancy is emphatically seen as an unfortunate mishap and for the career-minded among them a serious impediment as well that must be removed at all costs, and if having an abortion for religious, purely selfish or other personal reasons prevent this possibility from happing, then adoption is frequently seen as the next best option. But without moralizing, since I’m quite firmly of the view that it’s their bodies and women must therefore have the unchallengeable right and along with that the irrefutable choice to determine what they do with them, and that relates as well to the bearing and lawful disposal of their conceived offspring, I then take that argument to its logical conclusion that what they ultimately opt to do within the bounds of the law is actually none of my business, nor would I ever seek to make it so. In the same way that I also have quite strong views on the automatic and inalienable right of all children, whether adopted or not, to know from the moment of their cognitive comprehension of important matters relating to them precisely who they are in the biological context of their individual life.

And it’s a principle that should apply equally to paupers and princes alike. Since I don’t concur nor shall I ever do so with the utterly selfish, hard-bitten or downright callous attitude that any parental responsibility there may initially have been on the part of biological parents that give their children up for adoption automatically stops the moment that adoption is finalized, and what’s more that the likely embarrassment or probable fear by such biological parents in relation to any social exclusion that may be occasioned to them from a later disclosure of this fact and whatever their current social circumstances are, unreservedly trump the authentic and rightful need of adopted children and their own offspring, who we mustn’t forget, to unconditionally know just who they biologically are.

It’s fairly safe to say that there are people who find it extremely hard if not exactly nigh impossible to believe let alone truly come to terms with the realization that someone whom they’re very close to, whether that person is a relative or a friend, is a work colleague that they spontaneously interact well with or even a virtual stranger to them that they know of simply through a generally perceived public reputation of them can really be culpable of any wrongdoing they’re accused of, irrespective of the nature of that alleged offence, and which of itself blatantly flies in the face of the wholesome image that that particular individual has created and publicly portrays of themselves.

And the customary reactions of those who’re either genuinely on the one hand or mischievously on the other fanatically imbued with this fan worship to such a charge made of their idol fall generally into the various categories of incredible disbelief, an impassioned supposition that somehow it’s all a rather dreadful mistake, right through to the feeling of utter dismay and even a blinding rage that someone they think so highly of can actually have their reputation besmirched in this way by what they regard as unwarranted attacks; for that’s exactly how they see the accusation that’s been made and consider as nothing less than a concerted attack on the integrity of the person concerned.

Analysed objectively this furious reaction is really nothing less than a defensive mechanism on the part of those involved and that centres on the subconscious and disquieting feeling that they don’t want to acknowledge to themselves and would even be more hard-pressed to accept that theirs was possibly an error of judgement in respect of that individual’s true temperament and character. And as such nothing nor anyone, not even if Jesus Christ himself were to come down from Heaven and personally say to those champions of the accused that he was actually guilty of the offence he was accused of, would make an iota of difference to their pig-headedness, unsupported incidentally by any concrete proof to substantiate their claim and contrary to all logical arguments, that he wasn’t; fixated minds, in other words, that are either unwilling or totally incapable of facing up to the truth and honestly dealing with it.

And into this identifiable category of imbeciles drop yet another group of them, those already fully laden with their personal baggage of unrequited prejudices together with their attendant agendas be they relative to race, culture, religion, nationality or what other impassioned biases that they avidly nurture and emphatically feel they must realize and therefore believe that the accused person either explicitly or covertly supports, de facto giving them the green light to pursue with renewed vigour and unwaveringly defend that individual at all cost, no matter how irrational this sort of behaviour might appear to those who aren’t such willing prisoners to this kind of subjectivity, are prepared to say so, and moreover act accordingly as their consciences sensibly dictate.

It ought to be quite apparent by now to anyone with a functioning brain in his or her skull and who isn’t otherwise a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, though I’m rather confident that there are regrettably several of the latter still to be found at all levels of the football industry, where exactly I’m heading to with this one. For my simple and quite pertinent question to all concerned goes like this. How the hell bearing in mind the circumstances I’ve previously cited and the official statistics given to support them can anyone who wasn’t physically present at the Chelsea versus Manchester United football match on the 28 October 2012 and importantly wasn’t within earshot of what took place, and couldn’t possibly have been, be so definitive that nothing untoward happened?

And that in my reckoning includes the linesmen officiating at the match, allowing for the fact that the alleged incident involving Mark Clattenburg occurred on the field of play and inside a sizeable football stadium. Furthermore, considering the usual din, deafening and cacophonous, that’s quite characteristic of football matches, and the Manchester versus Chelsea game was no different from other typical English League football matches and especially those which are played in the English Premier League, how could it then be possible for anybody in those circumstances including those sitting in the stadium, in the players’ dugouts or who were standing on the periphery of the football field and therefore collectively well away from the incident that it’s generally agreed was a strictly verbal one, to say at all far less with absolute certainty, if they couldn’t honestly have heard him at all, what Mark Clattenburg said to or about Chelsea’s Nigerian midfielder John Obi Mikel, yet still conclude that he said nothing appropriate?

Speculation or wishful thinking based on prejudice or something else other than incontestable facts isn’t evidence. Moreover, if there are those who categorically claim that they honestly heard Mark Clattenburg’s remarks to or comments about John Obi Mikel, call them what you will, through his microphone piece but then astoundingly only saw fit to state a negative in regards to them, namely that he didn’t say what it’s alleged that he did say but surprisingly suddenly became either taciturn or forgetful about everything else, surely it should naturally follow and doesn’t need a sleuth with the discerning and enquiring mind of a Sherlock Holmes or a Jessica Fletcher type figure for those doing the questioning by or on the behalf of the English FA to demand, what to any clever person would be the most rational follow up question in response to the apparently assertive affirmations of these purported firsthand witnesses: “Well, what did Mark Clattenburg actually say?”

We know what it’s claimed he didn’t say but are still firmly kept in the dark about what his actual words were, as the English FA’s professed investigation resolutely refuses to disclose this crucial piece of information on which it hinges its verdict, if indeed information of a contrary nature does actually exist and it isn’t simply a ploy or a disingenuous figment of the minds of those with vested interests to protect.

This isn’t nor should it be a Guantanamo Bay or Belmarsh scenario and the English FA isn’t either of these two notorious institutions nor is it meant to be, where so-called information relevant to the enquirer’s case, and that alone, is allowed but all other, however factual it might be or relevant to a just outcome of the matter in question, is ruled inadmissible. And that’s precisely what it looks like to me; and which candidly makes a total mockery of the English FA’s questionable contention and its attendant decision on the subject of Mark Clattenburg that, “there was no case to answer.” Very American I must say! But being English myself powerfully brings to mind the immortal words of Mandy Rice Davies at the John Profumo Trial: “Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?”

I’m a pragmatist who keeps his feet firmly on terra firma and in my time have seen and observed firsthand many enquiries and investigations, most of them ordered by our governments which set them up in the first place; and other than the brilliant McPherson Enquiry and subsequent Report must truthfully say that they were for me complete bilge for the most part. It took two goes each, several years duration and millions of Pounds Sterling in the process, not forgetting the heartache for the families concerned, to get the Bloody Sunday and the Hillsborough Enquiries respectively right, the initial ones quite patently a fraudulent whitewash as is the David Kelly one to mention just three of them.

Now these deliberately flawed enquiries were the handiwork of so-called reputable individuals that were allegedly independent of mind and objective in judgement but we know otherwise now, don’t we? And significantly as well we also know precisely who all along were pulling their sycophantic chains; and to be brutally frank it was our elected governments. So if the governments we elect can so fraudulently take to pulling fast ones like those on the electorate that voted them into office and without whom they’d be nowhere as well as the general public per se, why should anyone think in their wildest imaginings and at these very trying times of mindboggling arrogance and a perceived sense of their own privileged entitlement that elitist, unelected and therefore unaccountable bodies like the English FA wouldn’t do the same? I don’t expect anything differently from the English FA but would like even so to enlighten its members that we’re not all morons out here, and people like me who can and do think for ourselves don’t want your shit liberally shoved down our throats and told by you while you’re attempting to do this that it’s actually cheese.

But what really has me in stitches is knowing that among this throng of football reactionaries, and the statistical law of averages will bear this out, are some of the most cuckolded men in Britain. A goodly percentage of whom are firing blanks and have been throughout their sexual lives and don’t know it; azospermiacs in other words who yet proudly parade themselves as the biological fathers they aren’t because their lying and cheating spouses or partners either told or convinced them that they are but who realistically in a million light years couldn’t possibly be such. Men who’ve been metaphorically but nevertheless cavalierly taken for more rides by their wives or partners than the working donkeys affording paid rides to holidaying children or adults on the sands of Blackpool or Scarborough seafronts.

Yet these are the very men, evidently blissfully oblivious of what actually occurs right under their noses and within their marital homes who can nevertheless state with utter conviction, clarity and absolute certainty even though they weren’t parties to what took place on the 28 October 2012 and consequently if they’re honest with themselves would admit is pure conjecture or wishful thinking on their part, that Mark Clattenburg is 110% blameless of any wrongdoing. And which just goes to show that life is often a lot stranger than what fiction is supposed to be.

No sensible person would rate Britain socially as anything other than a class-ridden society. And one moreover where toffs with the active encouragement and assistance of those who wield power and influence in this country because they all come from the same privileged backgrounds and are similarly and inextricably linked by a corresponding network of bonding and friendship that centre on their old school ties, can effectively do what they like, and often do so with impunity, knowing that irrespective of how detrimental their actions are to Britain generally or their fellow Britons in particular they’ll not only get away with them but bizarrely as well have supporters coming out of the woodwork  to make mitigating excuses for them.

It’s something which one won’t ever expect to or actually see happen in support of Britain’s white working class or its ethnic minorities however deserving their causes were but who instead would most vehemently be pilloried by these same movers and shakers were they to ever foolishly get up to the same antics as their supposed betters routinely engage in. But widespread and well-known as classism is in Britain what’s less known or acknowledged by its citizenry is the equally pernicious practice of divide and rule and the effective stranglehold that it has on the country universally.

Customarily and quite derogatorily associated with the custom of controlling the natives in the ex-European empires in the global south and most notably that of the United Kingdom these particular chickens which were similarly being hatched at home have at long last and with a vengeance come home to roost. The upshot of which is that those who’re most affected by it all and ought therefore to have joined together in common solidarity to confront and eradicate this evil are instead among those that have most willingly permitted themselves to be persuasively co-opted into a system that can’t by any stretch of the imagination to be beneficial to them in their long-term interests.

However, greed and one-upmanship liberally laced with stupidity are ingredients too powerful and enticing in a society like Britain’s for some people to turn away from let alone reject outright. And to cite one glaringly obvious example of this one only has to examine Maggie Thatcher’s policy of selling off council houses, social housing to the uninitiated or those unfamiliar with this peculiarly British term, to tenants while simultaneously and resolutely banning these councils from using the money that they got from the compulsory sale of these houses to replenish their dwindling housing stock by pragmatically re-investing it in building more, better and much needed council properties, whether these were flats or housing units, for the residents in their local boroughs and who because of this legislative directive from the Tory regime of Mrs Thatcher now found themselves on bigger and much longer waiting lists; a situation that locally and nationally hasn’t changed at all since the law remains the same and the predicament for local councils is just as dire.

Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative Party regime’s intention wasn’t to empower these council tenants that rushed to buy their council homes but instead deliberately and duplicitously turn them, well the vast majority of them anyway, into unwitting and in some cases even credulous capitalists who would then as very appreciative home owners, the compulsive and quite irrational ambition of most Britons whether this goal can rationally be achieved or not to own their homes and very much unlike the stance of other nationalities across mainland Europe to do so, ally themselves electorally in their gratitude with Tory Party which took to peddling the partly dishonest argument, since there was an element of truth to it, that the Labour Party’s only interest in these people was their votes.

Further suggesting that its real objective was to keep them permanently trapped in the wasteland of outdated socialist and working class mores that stifled all efforts of genuine upward mobility based entirely on personal endeavour and one’s potential, assuming complete responsibility for one’s life and associated actions rather than ineffectually develop a dependency attitude to both of these and choosing instead to reconcile themselves to being the importunate receivers of social handouts, and so by taking an entirely new path from their current situation place themselves in the position to be completely liberated from those utterly debilitating and constraining impediments that hinder them from making genuinely informed and positive decisions relevant to themselves and their dependant children rather than permitting themselves to be disdainfully labelled as and cast into the mould of a collective and amorphous group branded as the working class.

One that wasn’t supposed to think for itself and whose real and only loyalty must always be to the Labour Party whose pledge of solidarity with them was simply a well planned and quite deceptive mechanism to impede their initiative, that through persuasive but unfulfilled promises would make sure that it kept them in the indeterminate situation they were in and securely of the belief that they were socially and even morally obligated because of the Labour Party’s established links with the working class to always support it regardless of what policies it promoted and whether or not these were relevant to their lives; a state of affairs that essentially amounted to emotional blackmail.

Arguments like that coming from a rightwing Conservative Party which rather contemptuously and quite conceitedly traditionally looked down on Britain’s working class really took the biscuit as far as I was concerned, but although they stank to high heavens among those of us that know the Tory Party well and what it’s really all about, these platitudinous inducements nevertheless worked well with that party’s target audience, causing considerable numbers of naive council tenants who were seduced by these Siren calls from the Conservative Party and that evidently hadn’t given the matter much thought other than the ephemeral one that they would be house owners to rush down to their local authorities to buy their council homes.

And with liberal deductions on offer in relation to the price of these properties based on precisely how long the applicants desirous of buying them were council tenants or had lived in that specific home prior to its purchase coupled with a 100% guaranteed mortgage loan an additional incentive to buy if the buyer required it and backed up by the force of law, the local councils were in effect compelled to be mortgage brokers as well, and could only watch powerlessly as these compulsory inducements not only proved a great hit with the council home buyers but also drastically reduced their housing stock as well.

But the devil was always going to be in the detail, and as many prescient-minded observers I know and who predicted at the time that it would eventually end in tears for many of these council home buyers, that prediction sadly proved to be spot on. For within five years of their purchases many of these buyers were forced through debt, other associated problems linked to home ownership that in their hubris they’d either not anticipated or else factored into their equations, like the simple matter of the maintenance of their homes that wasn’t any longer the responsibility of the local council and now rested solely with them, their financial incompetence, profiteering by unscrupulous companies and wealthy private individuals that saw a good thing, a brilliant opportunity to pounce on it, knew how to get their hands on it, grasp and keep it, and did precisely that; with racketeering loan sharks whom these novice home buyers had hawked themselves to the hilt to also getting in on the act.

Dire factors requiring desperate measures in a number of cases that forced these new home owners to sell up, often at a huge loss to themselves, with enormous debts hanging around their necks and no effective means of redeeming them; compelled in these circumstances to most ironically go cap in hand to the same councils that not so long ago they were quite happy to see the backs of as their landlords to put their names down on these councils’ waiting lists for houses that basically weren’t available or quite literally not there, well aware, and taking advantage of it, that under the councils’ legal obligations to house the homeless, which basically they were now classified as, in emergency accommodation such provisions had to be provided for them, with many of them irksomely ending up, as there were no other viable alternatives available, in expensive local authority funded bed and breakfast lodgings that became an unnecessary burden to the local rates and council tax payers.

Stupidity compounded by utter selfishness is how I see it by people who just can’t see or wanted to that they’d done anything at all wrong or had totally cocked up in listening to the blandishments of Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative conspirators. And among the many who I spoke to or else interviewed kept mouthing the rather tiresome and disingenuous mantra that everyone is entitled to own his or her home with no thought given to the reality of whether or not they can really afford to do so. And which has as much commonsense or validity to it, this pretty dumb argument, as saying that cars should be the entitlement of everyone who wants them, oh and by the way  we should get rid of all public transportation in the process.

Of course none of these spurious bilge arguments make any sense and wouldn’t work and Maggie Thatcher and her rightwing crew knew this well, but they were likewise familiar with the mindset of these working class dupes and had it fully sussed out what would happen to them and how they would react, very akin to the actions of drug dealers that feed a few cheap or even no-cost drugs to potential clients, steadily get them hooked on the lesser stuff and then progressively move them on to the harder ones and finally reel them in as fully-fledged drug addicts. All one needs is patience, time and persuasion, or more fittingly bribes. And this is the philosophy of the Conservative Party.

So predictably from their perspective the Tories during the crisis that these pathetic dupes of theirs found themselves in didn’t lift a finger to help them, and when questioned and deigned to speak at all about it simply and unapologetically attributed it to market forces, insisting that the principle of home ownership was right and British. And while unabashed taking the opportunity to hail the few high profile and reported successes as the fruits of their handiwork, ascribed the many failures that they were to the lacklustre approach, incompetence and uncooperative attitudes of Labour councils that never wanted their tenants’ right to buy their council homes to succeed in the first place.

The tragic, disconcerting and untimely death of prankster victim Jacintha Saldanha is a salutatory lesson as well as a timely reminder that together or individually ought to serve as a wake up call to all those resident in Britain, irrespective of their political, social or cultural affiliations, who claim to be genuinely interested in the place and have the best interests of our country at heart, to wholly acknowledge what a thoroughly sinister, pernicious, class-ridden and status-driven society Britain actually is and why it’s imperative they should act in the country’s general interests to reverse this unfortunate state of affairs. Particularly in view of the fact that so many British people credulously and therefore quite willingly permit themselves like Pavlov’s dogs to be conditioned into thinking and doing what they’re told by those they instinctively regard as their betters.

And furthermore that what they’re served up by these people isn’t only the right and proper thing to do but that they must also asininely believe that this endemically destructive class structure that they stupidly subscribe to is the epitome of British tradition which must be morally and physically protected at all costs, rather than seeing it for what it really is. Which is a thoroughly contemptible, completely outmoded and a well past its sell by date Dark Ages and Medieval system of hereditary autocratic population control that still infuses all aspects of British life and should be expeditiously terminated. And whatever is democratically permitted to replace it instituted forthwith in a manner which falls inexorably in line with the legitimate needs of the 21st Century, in which we’re actually physically living, and the veritable dignity, since it’s Britain that I’m expressly talking about here, of all, and not just some, of the British people.

At the same time that Kate Middleton-Windsor was a patient in a private London hospital, not one of our NHS ones I hasten to inform, reportedly suffering from a medical condition that isn’t unique in itself nor restricted exclusively or primarily to pregnant women in the British Royal Family, but as any midwife, GP or gynaecologist, if they choose to be honest about it, will tell you is a medical condition which is rather commonplace and hardly life-threatening to pregnant women of any age, race or cultural background. One besides that customarily provokes no panic-stricken or politically manufactured response like the Kate Middleton-Windsor one has, and characteristically because of its rather mundane nature goes unreported globally, in the same way as the average Briton having a bout of flu would.

All the same during Kate’s period of hospitalization two undeniably authentic and world renowned icons: Hugo Chavez and Nelson Mandela, who’ve done far more good for their respective country, the regions where these are located, and humanity generally that has benefitted enormously from in terms of their individual and combined efforts, eclipsing anything that Kate Middleton-Windsor or her husband in or out of their hereditary status have either jointly or individually in a similar regard affected or are ever likely to, were also in hospital.

Now let’s assume that the same two presenters, Michael Christian and Mel Grieg of the Australian radio station 2 Day FM knew of the hospitalization of Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez or more significantly two like-minded British Djs from any of our domestivcally based radio stations here in Britain aware of the same information had done exactly the same thing as happened in the case of the prank played on the King Edward VII Hospital but instead it was to the respective hospitals in Havana, Cuba where cancer patient Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, was hospitalized or the one in South Africa where that country’s former President, Nelson Mandela was and still is.

Furthermore, that these telephone calls, one in either case, had similarly resulted in the unforeseen but nevertheless precise circumstances to those which occurred in London, climaxing in the tragic situation that happened on Friday 7 December 2012, but in the case of Cuba or South Africa it had sadly resulted in the death, apparently from suicide as well, of the local receptionist at the hospital concerned who’d taken and evidently transferred what she believed to be a genuine telephone call from important family members of Hugo Chavez or Nelson Mandela respectively. Do you for one moment honestly think let alone believe that that particular story would have seen the light of day in the west; or would actually have been considered as newsworthy by the British or other western media in the same way that the London scenario was?

And even more incredible and significantly so can you imagine if the DJ prank had emanated from an identifiable British radio station based anywhere in London envisioning London’s Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard getting involved as they’ve done in the Australian scenario by phoning the top brass of Australia’s Federal Police Force and requesting they be officially permitted to speak to the two Djs involved as they’ve openly admitted to doing? Can you seriously see any such contact being made or industriously pursued with the legal or medical establishment in Havana, Caracas or Pretoria by our finest in uniform based in London?

I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one if I were you; for even if you don’t or kid yourself that you don’t know the answer to it I already do, as do lots of others au fait with these things. Any so what we’re transparently presented with in this somewhat sickening and rather unedifying situation, but tragically so for Jacintha Saldanha who needlessly lost her life, is obsequiousness extraordinaire on the part of the London Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard. Social climbers, no doubt and quite fawningly so, among those who’re running this show to self-servingly facilitate their hurried climb up the greasy pole of toadying, and industriously doing so with an eye to securing for themselves a totally inconsequential, to anyone with a functioning brain in their head that is, and defunct British Empire gong or maybe even a life peerage.

Or at the very least an invitation to the next or even subsequent Buck House does or garden parties where they and their good wives or partners can briefly rub shoulders or more like be simply in the presence of those they sycophantically look up to as their hereditary betters, while at the same time cheerfully deluding themselves in their Orwellian-style, Animal Farm world of astonishing illusion that while there are those among us who’re perceived to unreasonably and inconsiderately consider ourselves to be equal to anyone, the reality, we’re firmly reminded, is that some animals (people if you so choose to call them that) are more equal than others.

A philosophy it would seem that’s deeply embedded in the psyche of those who run Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police and which unquestionably accounted for the several cock-ups, many of them premeditated, that permeated the Stephen Lawrence murder case; and precisely why it’s therefore in marked contrast from and specifically their earnest endeavour to insulate Kate and William from any culpability or adverse publicity to them, the royal house to which they belong or the institution of monarchy, particularly in light of the feel good factor and concluding part of their grandmother’s diamond jubilee year celebration, when in point of fact no such blameworthiness or any reasonable apprehension about damaging repercussions from improbable unpleasant publicity logically exist; even so, Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police still think it’s a superb idea to spend our taxpayers’ money on investigating Michael Christian and Mel Grieg.

Characters who didn’t commit any crime as far as I can tell and certainly can’t be held responsible for the death of Jacintha Saldanha, tragic though her demise is, and regardless of what twisted spin is put on it to suit the vested interests of those with their own personal axes to grind or else protect the more likely but anonymous culprits from exposure, but whose actions in the light of that prank call and with a bloated sense of their own self-importance and the attendant harm that they thought could probably be done to it or even their reputation caused by that phone call having successfully get through, never mind the circumstances of how it managed to do so; most significantly who the call was aimed at; and the agonizing but exaggerated and incensed embarrassment caused to those higher-ups at the King Edward VII Hospital, all of whom were extremely mortified that this prank occurred where it did and on their watch. Factors I’m absolutely sure deep in my gut provided the catalyst and triggered a set of chain reactions that caused Jacintha Saldanha to take her own life.

Something however that the cowardly bastards responsible for her doing so will never admit to nor the guard dogs of their Animal Farm existence wouldn’t ever concede is the case. So the two sides with their specific but nevertheless interrelated vested interests to safeguard will do everything that they can to fraudulently divert attention and culpability away from where they rightfully belong to elsewhere, even if that involves intentionally and erroneously roping in two Djs in far off Australia whose actions constituted a practical joke with no malice aforethought; no bullying, no harassment or threats or any stalking attached to anything that they did, and quite crucially in this Wonderland of Fantasy now being created no intention to either personally commit or incite murder of any kind far less get someone that they didn’t know or hadn’t met and residing in another country to commit suicide.

I draw a clear distinction between what I honestly consider to be a practical joke and what to me is most definitely a hoax. The latter is when someone maliciously shouts fire in a darkened cinema or theatre when there’s clearly none causing a stampede of people to follow and with probable deaths or serious injuries to those present. Making emergency calls which deceitfully have the emergency services responding to them when no such emergency actually exists and these crucial services are either put at grave risk themselves by those who asininely called or their valuable time is misspent dealing needlessly with these hoaxes while possibly as well put in jeopardy elsewhere lives that do need them but are denied their services through mindboggling idiocy of unthinking morons. So by no stretch of the imagination do I consider Michael Christian and Mel Grieg as suitable candidates to be pigeonholed, unjustly in my view, into the category of hoaxers.

A great deal of quite exaggerated emphasis has been disingenuously placed I feel on the fact that it was Jacintha Saldanha working as a receptionist on that fateful day for her as it turned out who put the telephone call through to the ward where Kate Middleton-Windsor was hospitalized. However, what is being conveniently overlooked, and dishonestly so I feel, is that it wasn’t her that divulged, or that’s the alleged accusation anyway of what happened, personal information relating to Kate’s medical condition to anyone. That was another nurse who was responsible for doing that. So why then were all these persistent brickbats and accompanying vilification hurled at Jacintha Saldanha who is Indian we’re told yet we still know absolutely nothing about the other nurse who allegedly gave out the confidential information about Kate to these two Aussie pranksters?

Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you the way that this scenario has been played out, even taking into account how stupidly hierarchical private, and especially toff hospitals like King Edward VII can be? And since the whole world, or more accurately those who’re interested that is, knows the race as well as the nationality of Jacintha Saldanha shouldn’t we likewise, for even-handedness sake, be told the name, race and the nationality as well of the garrulous nurse who astonishingly despite her more evident culpability in this matter, if indeed that’s a reasonable characteristic that ought really to be morally or rightfully bandy about anyway, nevertheless it would seem had the willpower for self-preservation or manifestly wasn’t under the same level of pressure that Jacintha Saldanha was to want to take her own life? And who additionally in the aftermath of her colleague’s tragic death hasn’t bothered, as far as I know, to publicly offer her sympathy or condolences for what happened to her.

Quite in order it would seem to be loquacious to Aussie strangers about Kate Middleton-Windsor’s medical condition but unbelievably reticent when it comes down to the unfortunate death of a work colleague. So are you thinking what I’m thinking, to borrow a phrase from David Cameron. I don’t know nor will I speculate whether or not Jacintha Saldanha could, or be realistically expected to do so, what was or wasn’t an Aussie accent let alone two of them supposedly imitating the incumbent of Buckingham Palace and her eldest son. Speaking only for myself it would be totally impossible for anyone who naturally has that God-awful Aussie accent to persuade me that they were anything other than an Aussie, no matter how hard they tried to be somebody else.

I once worked as a nurse but things were completely different in those days even without the Data protection Act to guarantee medical and patient confidentiality. If someone called up asking about a patient they ere told that such information couldn’t be given over the telephone. If the caller was insistent on this matter they were invited to come down personally to the hospital where they could identify themselves, and with the patient’s consent if they were the genuine article they claimed to be the matter would be taken from there. However, if none of this satisfied the caller the recipient of the call would ask them to supply full details of themselves: address, contact telephone number and that sort of thing, and a senior hospital official if the information provided checked out would get in touch with them and discuss how the matter could be successfully and mutually resolved.

It was a system that worked efficiently as only a genuine caller would persist with the call and also give checkable details of themselves. But then the culture in the UK was different; there was no X-Factor or Reality TV crap to contend with, they simply didn’t exist; nor celebrity junkies who were also unheard of. And stating the obvious people were much more human and far removed from the automata that the sensible ones who still exist in our fractured society and know what real life is all about unfortunately nowadays find themselves outnumbered by. So the King Edward VII Hospital saga I can honestly swear would not have occurred in my day.

For the adept realization by these two Australian Djs that the lure of celebrity, status, snobbery and even a few moments in the spotlight of fame as it was ludicrously perceived most likely on the part of their compliant dupes could be successfully and beneficially honed to their advantage wasn’t an opportunity which they were going to let go begging. And since duping people is what they do and are quite successful at it, it would appear, who can honestly criticize them for trying or more to the point denounce them for the careless misconceptions of others especially when these fall on the lap of those who in other circumstances and when the discomfiture occurs elsewhere couldn’t care less but the moment its affects them are suddenly up in arms. The very people who didn’t seem to mind in the least the embarrassment suffered by those at the hands of Candid Camera.

The human mind does periodically play tricks on even the most perceptive among us causing us to behave in irrational ways that when looked at objectively in the cold light of day we quite often to our deep horror embarrassingly find it totally impossible to understand how we could have been so stupid, gullible or have allowed ourselves to be taken for a ride in such a ludicrous manner. But the stark and unavoidable reality is that it was what we wanted to believe at the time and consequently our judgement became flawed in accordance with that aberration in our head forcing our actions to follow suit. That I believe is what occurred when those two Aussie Djs phoned up with both nurses in my opinion really wanting to believe that the callers were who they claimed they were, and it’s a fair assumption to reach that nothing was ever going to change that perception of theirs.

To you and I not directly involved and looking at the matter dispassionately it’s hard to understand  that such as situation did happen and developed to the point where it culminated in the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha who initially took the telephone call and afterwards put it through to the ward where Kate was staying. My first reaction when I heard the news was: “Australians impersonating the Queen and Charles? You’ve got to be bloody well joking!”

I know that constitutionally and by reciprocal consent she’s the monarch of Australia but similarly is also the Queen of Barbados and a few other independent Caribbean countries that were formerly colonies of Britain as Australia once was. But the Queen couldn’t realistically pull off a Caribbean accent if it were to save her life anymore than an authentic, flesh and blood West Indian could pull off, or would want to I would imagine, hers or Charles’ for that matter; and much more to the point no hospital receptionist anywhere in Britain would ever allow themselves to be so willingly duped, if at all, into so risibly falling for a ludicrous gag like that with two West Indians, even if they born and brought up in Britain, pretending to be the Queen or her son. So why did two Aussies get away with it? That’s one for the psychologists I’m afraid; but I can hazard a guess as to why it was likely and have my own supposition on that one.

A lot of sanctimonious and downright dishonest crap has been said and written about the incident that took place at King Edward VII Hospital but little about the tragic circumstances that stemmed from it, that remarkably look like the paedophile cases that also hit the news a while back, quickly lost sight of the real story and deliberately degenerated into a contemptible exercise of media navel gazing. And once more we’re lumbered with a situation where it’s the peripheral issues and not the real news that are plastered centre stage and intentionally so, and for no other reason I can see than gaining brownie points for the sycophants who’re pushing and promoting them.

Kate Middleton-Windsor or her husband weren’t at anytime physically or emotionally harmed by anything which Michael Christian, Mel Greig, Jacintha Saldanha or the unnamed nursed that gave out allegedly private medical information on Kate did. Similarly at no time then or afterwards did the Djs who were involved either speak to Kate or members of her family, royal or otherwise. So why on earth, pray tell, is this pathetic story centring on those who clearly weren’t harmed in any way and being so perceptibly dismissive of the one person who actually was, she lost her life let’s not forget, and where the real story lies? Starting for instance with why she killed herself. And was the treatment she must have evidently got at the hands of the hospital in the aftermath of the phone call, which we know nothing about as no questions are being put to those in charge and predictably no one is saying, a major contributory factor to Jacintha Saldanha committing suicide?

Instead we have the usual suspects at King Edward VII Hospital, among House of Commons MPs and others of their ilk in the Lords happily mouthing off about how utterly appalling the matter of the prank was yet without a mention of Jacintha Saldanha; routinely demanding vengeance on the Djs involved as is their usual flagellated and flagitious attitude to everything they take a dislike to however bizarre their stance is, while vehemently spewing out their bile about the inviolability of the individual’s right to confidentiality, which is customarily one-sided where they are concerned, and how this was hideously violated in Kate Middleton-Windsor’s case. I told you they were very discriminatory in whose confidentiality they actually wanted protected; expediently forgetting that they were among some of the most implacable backers of Theresa May’s Snoopers Charter. This is legislation which her government has introduced in parliament to spy even more extensively on us Britons as well as infringe our rights to confidentiality, and this in a country that is the most CCTV surveillance one in the entire world.

Anyway under this new and quite intrusive piece of legislation by Theresa May who heralded it by saying that criminals, terrorists and paedophiles will be against it whereas the victims of crime and the police will be for it, sounds remarkably like George W. Bush’s “you’re either with us or you’re against us”, the police and security services without our permission being sought or even extending the long-established courtesy of telling us that this is what they’re doing will have unbridled access to all our emails, Facebook and Twitter accounts and other social networking communications that we’re engaged in, even when these are manifestly personal, meant to be private and explicitly state that this is the case; and there’s bugger all that anyone of us who’re affected by this can do about it as the entire process will effectively bypass the jurisdiction of any court. So those who’re doing the snooping will be judge, jury and the prosecutor of what we innocently and lawfully get up to in our private lives. In addition, the suppliers of these online networks will be lawfully obliged to provide the snoopers with private details they have about us in their possession or anything else they might request to facilitate their snooping.

I earlier mentioned that Scotland Yard and the London Metropolitan Police have signalled to their Australian equivalent their wish that they’d like to interview or at least speak to Michael Christian and Mel Greig. I find that rather perverse seeing that neither of them has committed a crime in this country and comes against the infuriating backdrop for me and others that both these entities were completely unable or else unwilling, and seemingly still are, to affect full justice, and consequently a long overdue closure of his murder case, for black Stephen Lawrence who was savagely killed by a gang of white youths at the time on their patch, and the partial justice that Stephen, his quite long suffering parents and family members who throughout their entire ordeal have been most dignified to say the least, has received to date took longer to achieve than Stephen actually lived; and he was 19 years old when he was barbarically murdered by unrepentant white murderers.

The same can be said about the 4000 plus black men and women that have died in police custody alone; and despite repeated verdicts by British coroners’ courts over the past couple of decades or so in which these have occurred that they were effectively unlawful killings or downright murder, no one has ever been held responsible for them although the identities and circumstances of those culpable are well known, charged, taken to court or convicted for them, effectively establishing a state of impunity where those predisposed to ill-treating and killing Blacks know that they can do so and literally get away with murder. So it actually sticks in my craw having these same London forces launching an investigation into a non-crime, doing so for completely disingenuous reasons, but can’t be bothered with real crime within their own ranks. And I don’t mind saying so!

I have an excellent sense of humour even if I say so myself and therefore appreciate similar types of humour to my own when I do come across them. And spokeswoman, Sandy Kaye of Southern Cross Austereo, the parent company of 2 Day FM where Michael Christian and his work colleague Mel Greig are employed, purportedly said this about the twosome at the middle of the prank storm. “The pair is being babysat and kept away from hostile media coverage. We’re seriously concerned about their welfare and we’re doing whatever we can to help.” Good on you Sandy; oh by the way there’s a pun in your statement. Check it out!

I genuinely believe that the activities of Michael Christian and Mel Greig stemmed from a scornful and healthy disregard for the sycophancy surrounding the class system in Britain generally and the institution of a hereditary, monarchical system here in the 21stCentury in particular and personally think that they’re quite entitled to their views, in the same way that you undeniably are to yours on this matter, and which if I’m correct in the case of Michael Christian and Mel Greig are very much in tune with my own. People like you Alex take a completely different approach I know and like to wallow in your obsequiousness in regard to such matters.

And being the fully committed advocate of democracy, freedom of expression and the inalienable right of the individual however ill-informed or plain ignorant he or she might be on such matters to form let alone articulate their opinion on them,  I also absolutely respect their right and yours Alex to have them. With the proviso however that like me or anyone else with opinions of their own that are in favour or contrary to your own and who desire to convert others to their way of thinking that they do so by persuasion and cogent argument not downright coercion or utilizing their position of influence as you frequently do as the Manager of Manchester Football Club to intimidate those you evidently have the authority over into thinking or acting as you want them to. And especially so on social, political or even racial matters which have a direct bearing on their private life for example, and absolutely nothing to do with football or you for that matter.

Dr. Martin Luther King famously said in his celebrated “I have a Dream” speech that he sincerely yearned for a United States of America where the colour of one’s skin, and I’m paraphrasing here, was completely irrelevant and what really mattered was the content of that person’s character. It is also my heartfelt dream for Britain or England, should your birth country Scotland rightfully claim its independence and chooses to abandon the union, and is a committed objective whose fulfilment I shall assiduously work towards as long as I draw breath, regardless of the hurdles that I know full well are there or what anyone with an opposing point of view thinks. That’s why I’m diametrically opposed to you and what you stand for.

As a self-confessed and arch-supporter of Tony Blair: a universally acknowledged mass murderer, perpetrator of crimes against humanity and a war criminal who walks free; someone who took our country to war on a premeditated lie despite huge opposition nationwide to him doing so, and who furthermore is the absolute embodiment of venality and evil combined, I don’t expect you Alex to comprehend let alone grasp and inculcate the finer points of life.

But I’ll say this to you none the less. Britain was built and sumptuously opulently sustained on the backs of those involuntarily confined to the eternal hell of slavery, colonialism, white imperialism and all the other associated evils that were barbarically inflicted on them by white Caucasians who held the contemptible mindset which you Alex and others like you, particularly within the football industry, still embrace and vaingloriously exult in. I’m fully aware that multiculturalism might not be your particular cup of tea but let’s not forget that your lot was over there before they came over here. And what’s more they’ve every right to be here; since Britain along with the rest of Europe’s colonialist pack is where their plundered wealth, priceless artefacts and inestimable other resources are selfishly stashed away by your ilk. And were Britain or England to be collectively or separately stripped of what they stole and still avariciously cling on to against the wishes of their legitimate owners there’d be nowt left here to call your own or worthy of taking any interest in..

It might be worth remembering that Alex when you buy your next racehorse and go through all the elaborate gestures of being a squire. By tradition the upper classes and hereditary aristocracy in our country are an awfully selfish and tremendously fickle lot especially when it comes to the nouveau riche. For to them, you see, a pig is irrefutably a pig, and while they’ll grudgingly concede that it’s distinctly possible to extract that mammal from the sty where it emanated from their staunch belief nevertheless is that it’s an absolute unachievable feat to take the sty out of the pig.

We’re not Nazi Germany or North Carolina in the United States of America yet, but clearly we’re fast moving in that direction Alex, where eugenics programmes were extensive and those thought to be inferior human beings were compulsorily sterilized to prevent them reproducing themselves or even murdered as a means of achieving this objective as routinely occurred in Nazi Europe, and individuals like Winston Churchill who was a staunch advocate of this pseudo-science wanted it to be adopted in Britain; thankfully the British voters post-war kicked him out of office and he didn’t get the chance to fulfil his obsession. All the same those who were under the cosh of eugenics were Blacks and other minorities in the United States where it was practised up until the late 1970s in no fewer than 32 states; quite legal to do so and shamelessly promoted as the optimum way to build a healthy society. No such brass though when it comes to proffering much deserved compensation to the living victims of this indescribable evil with governments in Europe and states in the US which were openly involved claiming that to grant any such compensation would open up the floodgates, their word not mine, for compensation to be also paid in respect of other white Caucasian atrocities like slavery.

Food for thought Alex Ferguson, wouldn’t you say? And accounts for why it is that thinking black football players, some of whom you personally know, as well as other members of Britain’s black community most categorically don’t want to be remotely associated with let alone get involved in the patently disingenuous crap that the English FA and managers of football clubs like yourself are cynically engaged in. And who can honestly blame them?

Luis Suarez found to be blameworthy for his racist remarks to a black football player in a Premier League match they were involved in as rivals of each other, insultingly to all racist victims not just in Britain but similarly elsewhere, takes to ludicrously though unrepentantly wearing a Kick it Out T-shirt because he had belatedly and for PR reasons been advised to do so although initially he was most adamant that he didn’t make any such racist comments and consequently intensely denied the racism charges attributable to him, nevertheless only when it became quite apparent to anyone with a working brain in his or her head that he did in fact make racist comments begrudgingly conceded his odious conduct, but in spite of everything didn’t see it as any big deal. Well he would wouldn’t he? Bearing in mind the loathsome country he emanates from and where racism is seen as a natural rite of passage.

Despite all that the management of Liverpool Football Club, located in a city that was the massive lucrative British Empire hub of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in black lives, and its equally asinine Scottish sectarian-mindset manager Kenny Dalglish since sacked from Liverpool Football Club but for his ineptitude as a manager rather than his lack of understanding of or any opposition to racism, did everything possible in their shared power to contradict, disguise and even thwart the charges of racism against Luis Suarez, even actively embarking on an arrogant and very aggressive campaign to dismiss them as beneath contempt while vulgarly shunting the blame from Luis Suarez onto his racially abused victim making the latter seem as the perpetrator and not the person wronged. Then to highlight the insolent and offensive nature of all this cynically had an evidently impenitent Luis Suarez meaninglessly wear a Kick it Out T-shirt.

The equivalent, for example, of Ian Huntley being let out of jail and encouraged to parade through the streets of Soham, his former stomping, as an integral part of a visibly dishonest campaign stunt to allegedly eliminate paedophilia in the UK generally and paedophilic murder of underage Soham schoolgirls in particular. No white person would stand for such a blatant and insensitive insult and that would categorically involve the British media which would be in the forefront of this universal and quite justifiable condemnation of such a move.

Blacks though, and especially targeted football players, their siblings, friends or other close family members who likewise are the victims of racism not only should but ought also to willingly permit unabashed as well as closet racists alike to wantonly pressurize them into doing what these people, cynically playing sops to racism as is evidently the case, suggest and want them to; and when they sensibly refuse to, take to publicly, vociferously and viciously vilifying them for having the guts to adopt a principled stance and say no to what is demanded of them..

It’s rather easy for whites generally and racist ones in particular to make such demands of Blacks, since as we all know whites alone have sensibilities that unquestioningly must be acknowledged and fully taken into consideration at all times. And none but them are so omnipotently privileged by the Almighty God as to be in such an advantageous position in this life. Sorry to disabuse you of your manifestly grandiose and longstanding fantasies on this matter bozos, but you couldn’t be more wrong! And you’d better start getting used to that uncompromising and uncomfortable fact. For not just Blacks but others too who aren’t of their race are swiftly waking up to the realization and the consequences of what you’ve been doing for much too long and just getting away with it, and in growing numbers are quite willing to challenge you on this. And all power to them I say!

John Terry who no sensible white person or any Black individual of either sex that I spoke to ever expected to be convicted of racism - that’s something which is only reserved for the black victims who throughout the passing of anti-racist legislation in the UK have for decades now been the only ones to be always and successfully prosecuted under that piece of legislation, never the white racist perpetrators of their woes - has involuntarily I’m entirely convinced of that fact, belatedly made an apology to Anton Ferdinand. What for and why now? Speaking just for me there’s no bloody way regardless of the consequences I could likely face, that I would cowardly apologize for something I knew I didn’t do and, furthermore, from the outset had said so.

But as any prescient-minded person will most readily concede this monumental and possibly even a deliberate cock-up by the referee on the pitch during John Terry’s media-hyped altercation with Anton Ferdinand; the plainly lackadaisical response by Chelsea Football Club and the English FA coupled with the unsympathetic attitude of the magistrate’s court which followed and where John Terry was comically found not guilty; and even UEFA and FIFA’s own lack of concern regarding the matter do nothing positive for football; only succeed in exacerbating already existing problems and insults the intelligence of ordinary people.

Not that I expect those that run football in England or throughout mainland Europe to understand this, since the vast majority of them would be terribly hard-pressed to collectively pass the eleven plus entrance examination to the early 18th Century established Grammar School that I went to. All the same, somewhat belatedly, and not from any sense of penitence I would imagine but obviously because he was clearly counselled to John Terry has finally apologized to Anton Ferdinand. Which prompts the understandable question: when is an apology an apology? And moreover when should it be accepted or rejected? In Anton Ferdinand’s case I’d categorically say that’s a matter solely for him, his brother Rio and their family members. But I know that if it were me I’d have rejected such an apology out of hand especially knowing that it was given under duress.

Given a four match ban and a fine by the English FA and purportedly compounded by disciplinary punishment handed out by Chelsea Football Club that is so totally committed to eradicating racism from English football that it doggedly refuses to inform either the football fraternity or the English public what that punishment is, John Terry is nevertheless allowed despite his apology to carry on wearing the captain’s armband of Chelsea Football Club. And Chelsea’s manager, himself treated quite awfully by the same Chelsea management not that long ago and subsequently sacked by the club, said on record that John Terry’s skills as captain are essential to Chelsea. That’s like saying that nothing should ever have been done against Josef Mengele the Nazi mass murderer or Harold Shipman, the serial killer, because they were both brilliant doctors.

To add to this rather perverse and pervasive insult John Terry’s domestic four match ban doesn’t apply to European competitions where he’s perfectly entitled to lead Chelsea in such competitions. And what’s furthermore we’re told he’ll be wearing a Kick it Out armband. Well bully for him and whoopee for all the racially abused victims throughout the world! For that’s like an acknowledged neo-Nazi sympathizer who was also the captain of Bayern Munich, for example, located in Munich where Dachau extermination camp was established and efficiently operated, incomprehensibly but not committedly so, as it’s just for PR purposes you see, told he should wear a T-shirt on behalf of the Jewish victims of Europe’s most sacrosanct but none the less damnable holocaust, even though throughout that totally meaningless act of self-aggrandizement he’d not be expected to do anything that might remotely indicate he had the slightest empathy whatever with those comparable victims of Europe’s holocaust who just happened to be from the Roma or Gypsy people.

Having been an academic for several years I know that if you’re banned as a teacher in the UK for offences that are overly criminal and especially of a sexual nature towards pupils whom you teach or who even attend the educational institution where you work that no matter how brilliant you are as a teacher you’ll be barred from working in any EU country; an exact situation of which will also automatically arise if you’re from any other EU county and want to teach in the UK; as both these entities carry out thorough vetting checks on all prospective applicants for teaching placements or jobs specifically dealing with children within their legal jurisdiction.

The maths teacher that with his 15 year old student, who evidently is in love with him as he is with her else they wouldn’t have risked everything as they did and who both of their own volition went off to France, knows perfectly well that his teaching days are over; and regardless of what anyone might think of this matter the bottom line is that he broke existing rules and also the law. But racist footballers, their managers, football clubs, administrative bodies and the media that pander to them can with barefaced impunity it seems all break the laws in relation to being racist, and what’s more have the sheer audacity to actually think that we’re all fools out here and can’t see or frankly don’t know what they’re up to. And as such that everyone of us will then be persuaded to be a willing or complicit part of the evidently mindbogglingly stupid, insanely feral, barbaric and tribal Bantustan entities they dare call football clubs; and therefore will agreeably, eagerly and enthusiastically take on board as well as tolerantly go along with what they do, especially so if you’re a black victim. Or like many other Blacks across the UK the recurrent victims of insidious white racism.

And it’s particularly symptomatic of the invidious indifference that the Caucasian morons that run football in Europe attach to racism that they see nothing at all wrong in their cynical orchestration of patently dishonest PR exercises like ludicrously and contemptuously having captains of football teams who’re racist themselves or else sympathetic to racism wear armbands allegedly intended to condemn racism. Or football players that are the victims of racism or whose close relatives are, as in the case of Rio Ferdinand, insultingly required or even pressurized into wearing T-Shirts which convey the transparently feckless message that those who should really be tackling racism not only in football but society generally don’t really give a damn about doing so. And in reality are just not prepared to do bugger all in concrete terms to kick racism out of football while nevertheless going through the useless motions of pretending that they genuinely wish to do something positive about eradicating this vile cancer from our society; behaviour as inherent in these nurds as swimming is to a duck, which if it could speak would be rather puzzled or even upset as to why anyone would want to question it about swimming.

A pervasive and highly poisonous cancer that’s not only liberally dispensed by the venal football authorities, clubs, their managers or players but also news presenters too. Lorna Dunkley, Sky’s News presenter, who to revamp an old saying isn’t just one but several bricks short of a full load and who in addition has form on these contentious issues - that said we must I suppose all try our very best however exasperating that is to the intelligent among us to be kind to our dumb animals as allegedly we’re a nation of animal lovers - in response to a sports report from Jacquie Beltrao, the exact opposite of everything this loathsome woman Lorna Dunkley is, on Monday 22 October 2012 disdainfully dismissed the controversy of racism in football as, “they should just get on with playing football.” No surprise at all coming as it did from Lorna Dunkley, quite obnoxious as one can get and also female it’s alleged, who in response to the 2011 English riots while supervising a segment of Sky’s Press Preview, remarked: “I can remember the Middle Class in the past bending over to include these people.”

Since these riots were widely attributed in the British media, an that includes Sky, as the work of Blacks, when all empirical data categorically debunked this twaddle, one didn’t need to have the brains of a Josef Einstein, who happens to be my German-Polish plumber in Hamburg, let alone that of Albert Einstein, intellectual acumen and commonsense which Lorna Dunkley clearly isn’t blessed with, to determine what she meant and, furthermore, where she was coming from.

Having lived and worked in Germany for as long as I have I’m very much aware of the enormous sums of money in terms of reparations that the Germans since 1945 have consistently been paying and allegedly so to Jewish survivors of Europe’s holocaust and also their relatives. I purposely use the word allegedly because detailed records in Germany as well as those that recently came to light in Israel, but everyone I know in Germany always imagined this was the case and privately said so, show that of the money German taxpayers cough up in this regard precious little of it actually goes to Jewish holocaust survivors with many of those who chose to go and live in Israel actually living well below the official poverty line there.

But against that calamitous backdrop for these people however is an even worse scenario in which Europe’s oldest citizens, the Roma people or Gypsies, and who were likewise slaughtered in their millions and similarly brought exceedingly close to complete extinction in the same Europe-wide, Nazi established extermination camps got absolutely nothing and despite them even now being the most persistently persecuted people throughout Europe other than Blacks perhaps still get nothing, either financially or in terms of sympathy, for their tremendous losses in Europe’s death camps or the traumatic experiences and humiliation they suffered and still experience.

Blacks too got nothing nor do they expect to receive anything for the multitude of equally barbaric and separate holocausts that whites have gratuitously and routinely for centuries and to the latter’s gargantuan financial benefit inflicted on them, ranging from slavery and colonialism to present day racism; and for the most part have themselves quite sensibly and pragmatically come to terms with the full realization of the state they’ve been unjustly placed in and simply wish to be allowed to get on with and manage their lives as they see fit.

Fascinatingly though despite the plethora of European Jewish organizations and the despicable avarice of individuals like Michel de Rosen, the abhorrent French Zionist with intimate ties with Mossad and the CIA, who personally owns 25% of world media transmissions and is the CEO of Eutelsat, the satellite company embroiled in the controversy surrounding and was responsible for engineering the arbitrary removal of 19 Iranian TV and radio stations from Europe’s airwaves, in addition to likeminded morons like the Koch brothers of the United States who threatened to sack employees of theirs that dared to democratically exercise their right to vote for whom they wished but chose to vote Democrat, translate that to read Barack Obama the United States’ only ever non-white President who ironically heads one of the most pro-Zionist administrations in the history of the United States, in the 2012 presidential elections and who are among those that most insatiably milk Europe’s holocaust for everything that it’s worth, none of these barbaric Zionist savages have ever found, and it’s an absolute certainty that they won’t either, any common solidarity or personal empathy with the concentration camp Gypsy inmates, or come to that those of their Jewish people, who likewise suffered in those European, Nazi death camps.

But people like my German partner, a Consultant Surgeon, who even though she and the majority of her contemporary Germans weren’t born at the time and therefore had nothing whatsoever to do with Europe’s holocaust must nevertheless farcically carry on forking out their hard earned money and at a time of austerity too to obscenely placate the conceited whims, disgusting materialism and sheer impertinence of those that self-interestingly exploit the horrors of Europe’s holocaust and the attendant largely overstated and ghoulish guilt that’s specifically set aside for this sole catastrophe, yet most insultingly so extends no such concern for the several and far more horrendous holocausts that white Caucasian Europeans have ruthlessly perpetrated globally; something which she like me and every other German that we know and have spoken to think is dishonest, unfair and downright immoral. And to disclose just three examples of these appalling disparities there was the holocaust of the Tasmanian aboriginal people or Tasman Man as they were derogatorily referred to by whites along with those of the Arawaks of the Caribbean and the Witbooi people of Namibia, all of whom were completely eradicated by Caucasians.

And I’ve not even touched in any significant way on the millions of Africans that were routinely sacrificed en route across the Atlantic to the slave plantations of the so-called New World, or the several other millions that died or were sadistically killed there over a period in excess of half of a millennium; that’s over 500 years. But these people, their suffering or their past don’t matter in the least to most Caucasians and, moreover, what happened to them was a long time ago they say, and therefore the only holocaust victims we should really concern ourselves about are the six million that ad nauseum we’re told died in Europe’s holocaust, without those involved in their sinister and venal propagandistic antics choosing not to remind us at the same time that it was their own white kith and kin that exclusively slaughtered them. So when, I’d like to ask, can we also shut up shop on these enduringly favourite victims of Europe’s holocaust and treat that bloody event like all the other holocausts that were carried out worldwide by the same race of barbaric Caucasian savages; and more to the point enable my German partner and millions more like her to stop having to pay through the nose, and involuntarily so, for something they weren’t responsible for?

For that’s precisely the same response I regularly get from present day whites whenever the subject of reparations for Blacks and the teeming multitude of other victims of European imposed slavery, colonialism and whatever else have you that the Britain, most of continental Europe and the United States among the several plundering nations that significantly raped the global south in a multitude of ways and still continue to come up with, and who’re always ready to defiantly express that they weren’t responsible for what happened. And that’s valid to a point; but in stating that disingenuous argument of theirs they quite conveniently overlook the fact that they’re the greedy beneficiaries of these evils.

So why I quickly retort don’t the lot of you after 70 years of sitting on your fat asses and watching it being copiously milked in this loathsome way similarly and summarily give Europe’s holocaust the Order of the Boot and dispatch it to the pages of history as you have with all of Europe’s other holocausts globally? Silence is customarily the response and when pressed these bloody hypocrites come up with some of the most preposterous and idiotic justifications for keeping the status quo in respect of Europe’s holocaust that one could possibly devise; a major favourite of theirs being that it’s commemorated and should continue to be because it’s special, since it was premeditatedly and brutally embarked upon.

That instantly gets my hackles up and in my mind I can hear myself thinking before I expressively launch into, what a load of fucking crap! Wasn’t slavery as well? Did white Caucasians who knew fuck all about Africa simply decide one day to go joy-sailing from Europe, the nautical equivalent of joyriding in a stolen car, randomly end up off the African coast, and on a whim having arrived there decided among themselves that it would be a jolly good idea to kidnap some niggers, convey them across the Atlantic to what these abductors self-importantly chose to rename the Americas or even more ludicrously the New World, despite civilization having existed there for far longer than it did in Europe, and having successfully carried out one foray made the historic decision to launch an entirely different form of slavery from anything which had previously existed?

The enslavement of Africans and the multiplicity of evils which attended it were premeditated acts by white Caucasians that lasted for several centuries and cost many more lives than the six million Jewish deaths that we constantly hear so much about, while nothing is ever said about the millions of Roma people and others who also had their lives prematurely and cruelly taken from them in the most horrendous of circumstances in Europe-wide death camps that allegedly symbolized the most compelling manifestation of what the purported Master Race, white supremacy and the completely pernicious creed of racism, no different in its perception from what we still observe today under its numerous guises like an illogical and pathological hatred of multiculturalism for examples, was all about.

Yet while deliberately ignoring the stark lessons of the past as they create more of the problems of yesteryear today we have the truly asinine situation of being forced to observe these same pathetic morons obsequiously permit a bunch of greedy, Zionist bastards and their Christian accomplices to carry on profusely milking Europe’s holocaust for everything it’s worth, while simultaneously and quite barefacedly ensuring through their virtual monopolistic control of the media and other forms of communication outlets like the film industry that their rather twisted version of that catastrophe stays permanently on the personal memory burners of the credulous, easily led and the dim-witted, so as to happily facilitate the extremely profitable financial racket they’re aggressively engaged in and have been since World War II ended and would like for ensuing generations of their own kind as yet unborn to inherit.

What to all intents and purposes has effectively become a favourably opportune and exceedingly advantageous milch cow from which to persistently and liberally replenish at will their ravenous greed while at the same time amply facilitate their indifference to completely disregard the real victims of Europe’s holocaust and their families. And to add insult to what is already gross injury there are laws in Germany that one could easily fall foul of, like denying Europe’s holocaust for example. This despite the fact that Germany carried out two such holocausts in Southwest Africa, now independent Namibia, but then a German colony, just a few years before the one in Europe and which objective analysts generally regard were partly a dress rehearsal for the European one, and during which the entire population of the Witbooi nation was wiped out and some 95% of the Herero also endured the same fate. But few Europeans know of or worst still aren’t taught anything at all about these equally ghastly atrocities, and furthermore it’s a safe bet that even if they were to know of these particular holocausts they can quite cheerfully and to their hearts content deny they ever happened without ever having to worry about facing imprisonment for doing so as is the case with Europe’s holocaust.

Notwithstanding all that we also know that if any government or civic organization, even after 70 plus years of Europe’s holocaust having ended, were to suggest that these exclusively European Jewish holocaust victims’ organizations should extend their remit to include the Roma people or other victims who were similarly butchered in Europe’s death camps, their survivors of these evil places or their living descendants, all hell would instantaneously break loose with those who think that it’s perfectly alright for a body that specifically began life as Kick Racism Out of Football but has now deliberately and somewhat disgracefully watered that down to the nebulous entity of Kick it Out being among the very first in the forefront of this hostile opposition while bizarrely claiming that those proponents of change regarding these European Jewish organizations were anti-Semitic in their way of thinking, even though European Jews aren’t Semites but rather are the descendants of white Europeans who in the 10th Century converted to Judaism, just as their Caucasian kith and kin at various times did the same relative to Christianity; and that the authentic biological Semites, by way, are the Palestinians and Arabs of the Middle East.

So these Zionist Jewish liars aren’t only the exclusive beneficiaries of Europe’s holocaust bonanza but are evidently also along with their Christian allies engaged in the business of identify theft big time to reinforce the already highly privileged position that I believe they’re unwarrantedly placed in. And the point I’m raising here is that even when organizations are specifically set up to address a burning Black issue like racism whites somehow seem unable to simply accept it as what it is but always expect or think that they have the right to dilute it, hijack it or just turn it into an instrument for their own twisted aims and invariably do so in a way they would never dream of allowing non-whites, and especially Blacks, to do with any organization of theirs.

To be absolutely candid Kick it Out is for me nothing more than a highly offensive sop to racism, and any intelligent person, Black or white, can easily see that. And the only reason white football managers and their clubs are getting rather hot under their collars because a few black players that recognize this reality have the guts to act courageously and are firmly refusing to back Kick it Out or wear it’s meaningless T-Shirt, is because these football officials like their general kith and kin in our society don’t want to see any true independence among Black people and would prefer to carry on controlling Blacks, which conceitedly and patronizingly they feel is their inalienable right to do, just as their barbaric Caucasian ancestors did during the eras of slavery and colonialism.

Why does anyone think that there’s a need for a Black Police Federation in England when a Police Federation was already in existence? It’s because the established one didn’t represent the interests of black police officers. And if like me you can vividly remember the then Chairman of the Police Federation, there was no black offshoot then as Blacks weren’t encouraged or permitted to join the British police at that time, physically going on television and openly saying that he saw nothing at all wrong with Blacks being called wogs or Niggers as these were just words, what self respecting black police officer much later and serving in a police force which he or she now has every right to be in but with a Police Federation very much lumbered with that odious baggage and having never offered an apology for those extremely offensive, crushing and racist remarks would honestly wish for an organization like that to represent them? Anymore than equally self-respecting Jewish police officers would willingly consent to be so represented if Jews were seen and branded by that Police Federation simply as yids?

As I see it it’s the height of insensitivity at best and downright arrogant at worst for Alex Ferguson or his ilk to expect Rio Ferdinand or any other black footballers who are either victims of racism or must routinely watch close family members treated in that way, to climb on board a quite insulting and disingenuous bandwagon that allows the likes of Luis Suarez and John Terry to openly and, in my honest view, barefacedly wear Kick it out T-shirts or armbands as if nothing had ever occurred; or importantly that what did they didn’t gratuitously or intentionally contribute to. And if you can’t see that, then you must also be pretty dense yourself not to; or else are quite content to subscribe to the ludicrous and insulting concept that only whites have sensibilities, something that Blacks don’t have or else aren’t entitled to.

And the way I see it is this, if whites truly want to kick racism out of society generally and football in particular then they must have the courage and determination to individually start doing so with family members, close friends, workmates, acquaintances or even total strangers whom they might come across and hear making manifestly racist remarks, and convey to them firmly, politely but in totally unambiguous terms that what these people are doing isn’t right, at all funny or dignified by any stretch of the imagination and isn’t endorsed in the slightest manner by the listener, instead of either remaining quiet when such situations do arise or else laughing one’s head off in unison with what’s being said and acting as if the entire thing is bloody funny or a harmless joke. It’s neither!

It can be done; believe me! Ruth First was white, South African and a quite remarkable female in every sense of the word who openly challenged apartheid when she could very easily have chosen to do nothing about it and instead live the life of Riley in that unholy apartheid cesspit. Regrettably she lost her life for embarking on the path she’d chosen, killed by BOSS: apartheid South Africa’s state killing apparatus, comparable in every respect to East Germany’s Stasi, Ukraine’s Waffen SS, whose descendants are now living in England as the risibly named English Defence League (EDL) with admirers like David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary, boy William Hague notwithstanding that they’re all Slavs and have as much Englishness about them as I personally have Eskimo in me, and I can truthfully tell you that I have absolutely none - or Pinochet’s homicidal death squads. But Ruth had conscionably made a determined stand, even though she paid the ultimate price for doing so.

No one, least of all me, is asking you to injudiciously endanger your life to fight racism, but there are several positive things you can do to help wipe it out, provided of course that you actually care and it’s not just a matter of you deliberately or somewhat misguidedly lending your support to PR stunts by football clubs or their controlling associations, or just self-servingly or rather dishonestly being on your part a willing party to a much wider and concerted acts of lip offered up as solutions by those who wish for the status quo to remain as it is. For think what you will but expect none the less that if you’re of that sort to find yourself increasingly challenged regarding this conceited and aberrant mindset; for you know what, enough is enough!

And for the overwhelming majority of present day Blacks whose race is still having after in excess of 500 years and still counting its ass consistently and gratuitously kicked by whites and others that think and act like them, they’re now resolutely determined to do something about that regardless of the lengths that racist whites might go to in order to frustrate or obstruct them. And the approach of Alex Ferguson and others like him isn’t only wrong it’s also conceited, patronizing, contemptuous, idiotic and offensive to black people.

And my forthright and undaunted advice to you Alex and other like-minded managers associated with English football where the deadly cancer of racism is absolutely all-pervading but unlike its mainland European equivalent clandestine as well, is to get a grip of yourselves; and that personal admonition applies equally to the English FA, UEFA and FIFA. For what’s going on is absolutely beyond the pale just as it’s widely known about.  It’s also not new but rather has a long and rather shameful pedigree.

None of you would ever want to find yourselves unwillingly and in addition to that unwarrantedly, unjustly and unremittingly picked on with no effective means of redress or any reliable avenues of rectification that you could usefully avail yourselves of to prevent that from happening, and then to insultingly have the perpetrators of that abuse or their secret and conspiratorial allies lecturing you on how you must respond and even insisting that you do what they say.

You wouldn’t like it one bit I know especially if the abuse levelled at you and the harassment you were forced to endure centred around matters that you had absolutely nothing at all to do with nor could have done, and even if you were stupid enough to speculate what life would be like if these matters weren’t a personal cross that you bemoaned you had to bear it still wouldn’t make an iota of difference, since there’s bugger all that you can do to physically, at any rate, change them. So why embark on what’s essentially a psychological mission impossible; and for what? In order to please or pacify people who don’t give a damn about you and never will regardless of what you do?

Matter of race, skin colour and one’s ethnicity are categorically incontrovertible facts of life that moreover are completely irreversible in the same way that who our biological parents are likewise is. Consequently we’re all logically in the same boat on this one so to speak, and to develop, foster and adopt a stance of belligerence towards or even a barbaric savagery against others primarily on the basis of genetic grounds isn’t only an insane thing to do that unsurprisingly lacks all measures of commonsense to it but is an asinine approach to life that could also and eventually boomerang with devastating consequences for those who foolishly trespass down that particular road. And to be honest that’s not exactly a clever way to behave, is it?

The whole matter of racism is now well and truly beyond the bounds of reasonableness, decency, outright commonsense and justice. In a nutshell it’s no bloody joke, if indeed it ever was! And if you idiots out there and particularly those of you in football, since it’s the latter that this article is primarily about, can’t see this then that’s your problem. And the least good thing you could do in these circumstances would be to keep your daft traps firmly shut, but preferably I would add piss off pronto out of the lucrative and quite unfortunately influential jobs that you hold, but evidently abuse, and let those who unlike yourselves can justifiably be called civilized human beings move in and responsibly take charge of your former duties and responsibilities.

People who don’t have to rely on something as asinine as their race or skin colour which they had bugger all to do with anyway or can’t mutate or influence, as no one can, and know that well. And who sensibly and pragmatically comprehend and acknowledge the irreversible realities of life and constructively work to get the very best from these for the overall good of all of us, not deceitfully seek to insulate their personal incompetency by pompously and erroneously projecting themselves as superior to those whom they dislike or hate solely on the basis of their irrational fear of them.

I have never subscribed to the Master Race idiocy fashionable among some and never will. But I do know this well, that ascending to the heights of human achievement and self-worth have fuck-all to do with where one was born, what race they belong to, or the colour of their skin. Character is the salient ingredient here and the determinant factor where that is concerned.

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